Duel:Karash v Rheece, Chartsend Fighting Championship

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Duelists: Karash vs. Rheece.
Duel: Traditional 3 posts each, with final defense. 15 minute posting limit.
Stakes: Autohit post. Advancement in the Chartsend Fighting Championship.
Judges: Unknown.

Training Field

Karash had been given a note or instruction, some form of written communication from the guard to go to the training field so he might participate in his first fight of the tournament. His combatant, some man named Rheece? The orc couldn't help but have a smug grin across his face as he trudged his way on through the city to the arena grounds. Once he finally made it there, his pack was placed down upon the ground, things unloaded and preparations to be made. He pulled forth a clawed weapon, strapped the thing down to his right arm, a few quick strikes through the air to test it and the orc was set on it being okay. His shield was then pulled forth, leaned against the wall and left there while he pulled out one final thing. Finally, the retiree pulled out a vial, chugged it but didn't swallow, and began to breathe through his nose. With that, Karash finally made his way into the arena where he awaited Rheece's arrival in silence.

Rheece has already arrived. Relaxed and jovial in his conversation with one of the Chartsend Guard about weaponry and other things Guardly. With the introduction of Karash Rheece turns his green eyed gaze on the orc - the faintest hint of a grimace claiming his features. Another few soft syllables to his Chartsend comrade and the man retreats to allow the Cenrillian some more space, he was prepared as he would ever be. Spears and buckler at hand and fear in his heart. With a salute to Karash events get under way.

Karash 's hulking form slowly lumbered down the field, shield upon his left arm, clawed weapon upon his right, and a passive stride all the way towards Rheece. His right hand was stuck out in a peaceful gesture of shaking for a fair match. Whether his foe took the hand or not however, mattered little to the orc as he only waited but a few seconds to judge the situation before he sprung forth with life. With hopingly little distance between the two, based upon his honorable gesture to start, the orc instantly spat forth the contents of whatever he seemingly drank right before he proceeded onto the field, the contents of his own blood, sprayed forth hopefully right into Rheece's eyes. The poisonous nature of orc blood the intention behind the attack, as Karash wanted the swordsman blind and unable to fight back. Hastily followed behind the dirty tactic was a right swing that targeted below Rheece's ribcage and upwards into the human's organs, impairing or killing him before the fight began and offering Karash an easy victory.

Rheece pounds the dirt-packed terrain of the training field already having adopted a more aggressive mien than people would associate with the happy-go-lucky Cenrilli Guard; gone are the lopsided smiles and the tentative, well-spoken mannerisms. His sharp features a thunderhead of vested and focussed malice. With Karash's first step the young Guard moves to retreat buckler raised and a stance more befitting of defence assumed, the offered hand is ignored outright and the distance between them maintained. With the expulsion of Karash's own grievous bodily fluids Rheece is certainly not expecting it but neither is he caught off-guard, lifting his buckler high the vast majority of the viscous spray meets the cured face of his Cenrilli Shield and allows only a mere mist to rain down over his face and chest - causing him only the slightest of discomforts all things considered. Continuing his movements Rheece steps forward thrusting his short-spear in a puncturing motion to meet the invading claw of Karash and waylay the weapon away from his stomach and over-extend his opponent's reach. Gifted now a fully undefended right-hand flank the young Guard's left foot snaps out to connect with Karash's shin, a painful blow to distract from the vicious secondary lunge of his spear which returns in a tight arc to pierce the aforementioned unprotected side of the orc; all of the youth's considerable strength vested in the piercing strike.

Karash didn't care that his attacks neither connected nor had effect, instead focused upon the battle ahead he thus noticed a foot that connected with his shin. The thick leathery skin of the retiree's leg did little more than distract the orc and force him to reapply his assault. As he withdrew his right arm back from his recent attack, a spear was thrust into his side, through the front of his stomach and out the side. An angered orc's blood stained teeth were shown vibrantly as he screamed loudly with his next blurred attack. His shield was swung with the left arm, whilst his right grasped for the spear shaft in his side to hold it there. The protective weapon was aimed to smash right into Rheece's hand with the side of the iron mass, hopefully shattering both weapon and digits with a single blow and leaving Rheece naught but a buckler to fight with. The orc however, didn't stop with just one swing, for as soon as his attack connected or didn't, the right followed, aimed for the human's head, following by the shield check the swordsman right in the chest, the spikes on the front of the orc's shield hoping to draw blood with the quick back to back attacks.

Rheece 's eyes alight with a tinge of horror as his spear sinks into its new fleshy residence, blood siphoning from the wound around the haft of the weapon and coating his grasping hand. Experienced beyond his years the youth does not let his concentration slip the incoming shield of Karash met with his own, much smaller, buckler which, attached to his left arm, cannot withstand the impact of the much stronger Orc. With a horrendous crunch the bones of his forearm and hand shatter with the repeated blows of his foe. Releasing his grip on his spear, frantic, filled with fear and his mind reeling with the pain from the severity of his injury Rheece turns his back and seeks to gain some distance from his opponent - amateur move. With his left arm hanging limply by his side the Guard's training begins to take control of the miasma of pain, thoughts and terror that pump adrenaline through his broad-shouldered form in a near hysteria inducing manner. Gathered now, green eyes sweep to Karash, a dangerous glint blazing within the ebon of his cornea. From their home behind the battered buckler on his left arm the second of his trio of short spears is released with a metallic cry as its twisted bonds finally give way. Hefting the spear for little more than a moment Rheece explodes forward, his right arm coming about and releasing the spear at the pinnacle of the arc to send the weapon spiralling with lethal intent for the chest of the Orc, approaching or not.

Karash 's years of experience gave him a confidence he needed as he watched the inexperienced one turn his back and begin to flee to gain distance between the two. He was about to pursue after the one who sought flight when an immediate lack of blood from the wound in his chest began to take it's toll. As the fluids leaked forth from the prior spear strike, his vision began to blur and the warrior began to feel dizzy, he needed this to be ended in one decisive strike. Unfortunately for him, he had spent to much time gathering his senses for yet another spear was on it's way at the green one giving him only enough time to deflect it in another direction with a decisive raise of his shield. Rather than protruding through the chest of the retiree, the spear went at an unward angle and knicked off a small piece of the orc's chin only to continue by sliding along his face till eventually becoming null and void in importance. The orc grasped the spear in his side, a quick yank from his side as he pulled the wooden shaft free from his form. Without any real consideration, the weapon was thrown at Rheece without a second thought as the orc hoped to distract the swordsman from the next attack. One foot placed in front of the other, the warrior began to run towards his opponent till he had come close enough to the swordsman that he leapt into the air, hiding as much of his body as he might behind his shield and hoped to smash with full force and weight into Rheece. The orc wanted little else than to crush this pest in one single, decisive blow and end this entire battle.

Rheece has some precious respite as the orc deals with his attack and sends the return volley of his own arsenal, focussing on the flight of the spear it is with a swift sideways sashay that it is avoided; the haft bouncing harmlessly somewhere over his shoulder. On rushes Karash now and Rheece already has anticipated this berserker-like assault, of course the finer points of the attack remained a mystery but the one track-mind of the Orc came as little surprise to the youth. Wounded still and lacking much of his former strength Rheece makes no movement to move other than tear his final short-spear free of its limp-armed holster. The Orc's celerity leaves little time for the Cenrillian to act as he drops, at the very last moment possible, to a knee and places the butt of the spear deep into the dirt-packed road to provide considerable resilience against the oncoming force which it is about to encounter. Low now, below the range of the Orc's shield the spear head is aimed straight for the midriff and groin of his foe, Rheece clinging to the weapon with all his one-armed might awaiting the crashing impact of Karash as he meets the business end of the Guard's spear and hopefully impales himself upon its length.

Karash was in the air, his body to sail as he had simply hoped to smash the man with such a beautiful strike and it was then that the Cenrilli had to make his life more difficult. As the swordsman dropped and raised his spear, Karash felt like a horse that was about to impact into the pikeman. . The sudden shock of being stopped by a spear protruding through his leg had brought Karash's flight to a sudden halt as he collided straight forward with either ground or man, shield before him, and uncertainty at hand.

Winner: Rheece

Rheece had anticipated this, knew it was to pass should his attack play out as hoped. Just as he dropped low at the last possible moment he continued his sinuous manoeuvre hampered only somewhat by his now useless left arm to roll away from descending form of his massive foe. With the little adroitness left to him he comes around to his feet, unsteadily admittedly, and with a brutal stomp of his heel to the head puts Karash to sleep for the foreseeable future. Exhausted, Rheece's shoulders sag and he moves off to find the medic tent.