Deluxe Hans Action-Figure

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This page describes an non-custom item available within Hollow. To see more items, go to Category:Items.

Deluxe Hans Action-Figure - Hand Armor
Bonus: +0
Sold at: The Gods Pier
Cost: 505,000 sp <br />50,000 cp <br /> gp, 00 gp <br />0 cp <br /> sp, 00 gp <br />0 sp <br /> cp

A specialized doll commemorating one of the Older Faces of Hollow. It even has little arms that and adjust to that pose that's just right for you. Get your Hans Action-Figure now with interchangeable outfits and looks. Just need to kill the Local Dragon Whelps that keep stealing them from the local merchants. No wonder ever shop it sold out, those Dragons can be a pain in the Hans.