Battle:The Fall of Ossia

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Part of the Lies Within Us Arc

Mage's Guild Lamen

How Does This Work?

Pioneered for the Surface Tension and used for the climactic final battle for Thy Kingdom Come, Lies Within Us will be using the Surface Tensions Battle System for its final act.

To learn how the battle system works, click here.

Story Stakes

The stakes listed below are for story. Although some stakes may say "and allies dies" or "and people get hurt in the crossfire" assume those are NPCs. Damage to characters is determined by the players themselves. If you want your character mortally wounded, go for it, regardless of outcome of the duel.

Format for Lies Within Us Battle System

  • The Rules in the Battle System for Arcs page linked above.
  • Traditional 3 attacks, 3 defense, with final defense format described here in Dueling 101

Duel 1

As the Spellblade Corp vanguard crashes against the Ossian Order's forward defence, Valrae and Karasu face down the first Ossian champion in order to break the stalemate.

Karasu, Valrae v (Quintessa NPC)
The Entrance Hall
Ossian Morale shatters upon seeing their champion defeated! The Spellblade Corp suffers no casualties and only minor injuries! In their flight, the Ossian troops leave behind a bizarre metal contraption, with the label "Do Not Remove from Archive 26! Highly Volatile!" Ossian Morale is boosted after their champion's triumph. They are beaten back by the MG advance, but the siege is costly for the Spellblade Corp. Five apprentices lose their lives and Steward Aumaxra sacrifices his swordarm saving a sixth from certain death!

Outcome To Be Determined!

Duel 2

As battle flows up the spiral staircase and into the Atrium, the next Ossian champion takes advantage of the vantage point to rain fiery destruction down on the Mage's triage centre. Inks and Ernest scale the treacherous vertical battlefield to spare their wounded comrades from horrific immolation.

Ernest and Iintahquohae v (Kasyr NPC)
The Atrium
(Kasyr NPC) goes down in flames! The wounded Mages can recover safely behind the frontliners, sparing many in the coming hours from mortal injuries. The triage centre is obliterated, along with most medical supplies. In the following, many apprentices succumb to untreated wounds, adding to the toll of the battle.

Outcome To Be Determined!

Duel 3

A traitor among the Order! Hounded by (Lanlan NPC), Xinliu, cryomancer prodigy and OO defector has been cornered in the Student Commons. He cries out to Khitti and Quintessa; "Please! I know where they are! Please, help me!"

Khitti and Quintessa v (Lanlan NPC)
The Student Commons
Spared from a traitor’s end by the skin of his teeth, Xinliu reveals he has been hiding the bodies of soul-taken mages in cryostasis, to be revived after the war. Thanks to his efforts, there is hope that the Ossian's rituals can be undone and many more saved from an eternity bound as living weapons. With his dying breath, Xinliu reaches out to Khitti and Quintessa. "The soul-taken, their bodies are…" He dies before he can share his secret, and the bodies of the soul-taken shall remain lost. Forever?

Outcome: Read the duel here!

Duel 4

Magik's beloved meditation centre has remained unscathed through the Ossian's occupation. However, one enterprising Ossian champion has taken it upon themselves to change that, with only Lanlan and Magik around to stop them. This could be the end of zen, once and for all?

Magik and Lanlan v Cynica
The Meditation Centre
We want none of your negative vibes up in our house of tranquility! The meditation centre is saved and Magik reclaims his former haunt. MG morale improves drastically with this victory! The meditation centre is utterly ransacked, a hard hitting blow for the apprentices that have fond memories of the safe, calming environment. MG morale takes a serious nosedive.

Outcome: Magik and Lanlan knock the sparkles out of Cynica, though this may not be the end for Xalious' most fabulous elf! (Sorry Lanlan!) Read the duel here.

Duel 5

Kasyr is alive! After his resurrection inside the Tower’s walls, Kasyr has banded together with the Ossian Order dissidents, and in the chaos of the battle they have managed to fight their way down from the upper levels, only to crash headfirst into the retreating Ossian frontline in the Mages Training Centre. Odhranos and Kasyr team up to turn the tide and unite the dissident Ossians with their Mages Guild comrades.

Kasyr and Odhranos v (Ernest NPC)
Mages Training Centre
Victory through Unity! The Ossian frontline collapses under the pincer of Guild and Dissident forces, paving the way for the Guild to establish a forward base in the Training Arena. Old friends from either side of the conflict are finally reunited and the Guild’s forces swell, ready for the final push. Haladavar suffers no traitors. The dissidents are rounded up and executed down to the last man and woman. The Guild’s forward momentum is stunted and the remaining members of the Ossian frontline escape to the upper floors, where they will undoubtedly find reinforcements.

Outcome: Kasyr and Odhranos defeat the Ossian champion and turn the tide of battle, uniting the Dissident and Mages Guild forces! Read the duel here.

Duel 6

As the Guild establishes their foothold in the lower half of the Tower, Forward Scouts Caltarok and Demeter discover Ossian saboteurs attempting to destroy the staircases that continue to the upper floors, to slow down the Mages' advance. Furthermore, the raining debris threatens some of the rarest botanical plants known to Lithrydel, some of which are the last of their species.

Caltarok and Demeter v (Valrae NPC)
The Botanical Garden
The saboteurs are defeated, the Garden is saved and the Mages’ advance is clear! Among the detritus that they leave behind, a ring of many iron keys is found. What could they possibly be for? The staircases are blown to smithereens and the Botanical Garden is wrecked beyond belief. They will have to be repaired quickly if the Guild is not to be stalled, but many of the precious alchemic plants and specimens lost in the battle may never be replaced.

Outcome To Be Determined!