Arc:The Dawn of a New Era

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This Arc is currently underway, and being spearheaded by Brynhild. If you would like to take part in the story, please OOCLY or ICLY contact her or any dragon who is actively participating. They can all point you in her direction.

The Saurian Empire which stood thousands of years ago, has been annihilated and cast into oblivion. Fallen to pieces due to the absence of Dragons, 21,870 years ago. Those dragons from a time when the empire still ruled the world found themselves being picked off or falling into hibernation. The few who have survived have not all awakened, even to this day. However, recent events are unfolding. Dragons are shifting in their slumber. Waking up to the current world. Some irritated. Others not so. One thing is for certain, a red Dragon, choosing to go by a humanoid name, called Brynhild, has risen from her own form of slumber. A sleep, forced upon her eons ago, before she could even transform into a great wyrm. This Dragon stalks the lands anew. She has found that her beloved empire is a relic of the past. She seeks to gather those of like mind. Dragons, draconians or otherwise, to build a new empire, based upon the old - but with new laws and standards. One which each race can call their own.

Will the Saurian Empire rise once more or fall into obscurity?

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Hollow Timeline

Chapter 1

Brynhild awakens to find that things have changed. Not all of these things are for the better. She meets a dragon named Neferet, and learns about the fate of the old Saurian empire. Which she does not like. Eventually Neferet is recruited and they head off to better equip themselves. She meets a peculiar elf named Lanara, who tells her about two more dragons. Scandal and Hildegarde. Scandal agrees to offer her help. He also, summons Dyraxdiin, a gray of some renown. The two discuss a few personal matters, but Dyraxdiin agrees to become her Arbiter. After Scandal, and Dyradiin have their own discussions with a dragon named Xiembantointh, Brynhild finally meets him. After a discussion, he agrees to join their cause, in hopes for a better future.

  1. Fire Finds Ice
  2. Opposites Attract
  3. Equipped to Defend
  4. A Dragon and Kelvarian
  5. Meeting a Mixed Dragon
  6. Human Observation
  7. A Reunion of Dragons
  8. Dragons Out of Time
  9. Talk of a Brood
  10. A New Tomorrow
  11. Red and Silver
  12. A Heated Hunt

Chapter 2

Now that a few allies have gathered it's time to hold a meeting and discuss what is to come of their union. Three of the five brood members show and a plan is hatched. They will venture to Venturil and help it's people in order to guide them to a new way. Dyraxdiin believes its the best place for them as it once belonged to Dragons. Let us hope that his thoughts are correct.

  1. A Dragons Meeting