Arc:Phoenix Rising

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A culture reborn

A year after the war for the libertation of the city of Port Rynvale , the noble Houses of Rynvale's High Born rise from the ashes of what had almost been their extermination at the hand of the Time Lord Vuryal. Political intrigue abounds, though the nobles realize that their survival as a caste and culture depends upon each other.The re-emergence of the power of the High Elf ruling class,almost certainly will send ripples through an island culture that has been left to its own devices, and those of its ingrained rogue element,for far too long.The effect of those ripples remain yet to be seen.


  1. The Proposition
  2. The Ambassador Visits
  3. The Houses Convene
  4. A Social Affair
  5. The Grey Wizard's Visit
  6. Civil Unrest...Squashed?