Arc:Dark Scholarship

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Linn's a pretty bright and shiny guy, that much isn't hard to figure out between his generally friendly demeanor and mithril armor he wears. It's also pretty well known he gets into a lot of trouble. Some of that trouble came in the form of Amabella, a priestess of Vakmatharas. After serving under and dealing with her for some time, he seems to have taken well to her view of the death-god, despite the present prejudice.

With Amabella's disappearance, her influence may have vanished with her, but multiple encounters with spirits and those who have influenced them have kept that dark interest alive and set it in stone. Linn tells himself that he works in this business to protect himself and others, to give spirits and others peace when needed and to remove them from this world when they are a threat. But is it possible to adhere to principles and respect of life while learning and wielding the power of death?

Ooc note: Right now this is mostly a way to organize Linn's 'darker' RPs and his potential development in religious matters. Progress will be largely situational with a few self-driven RPs here and there, based on how he participates in arcs as they go on. They should string themselves into a semi-coherent story, hence the arc. Should.

Chapter One: Fragments of Faith

Chapter Summary: Linn gets his feet wet in the affairs of Amabella, and finds purpose of his own to serve Vakmatharas, or at least respect the death-god. He appears to wield the dark powers trapped within that crystal of his fairly proficiently, but they could have just as easily been directing themselves in a collusion of intent.

  1. Dubious Business
  2. Devil Looks Like A Lady
  3. Treatment of the Immaterial
  4. For Life and Death

Chapter Two: Cutting Through the Dark

  1. Placeholder for RP
  2. Nightmare of a Relationship
  3. Of Morals and Mortals
  4. Overlooked Consequences
  5. Seance