Arc:A Line Drawn in the Sand

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An ancient kraken has risen from his aeons-long hermitude in the deep, to find the world he knew has changed... and the castle where he met his long-dead love under siege by the forces of evil, channeled through the drow matriarch, Gevurah. He vows to destroy those that ruined the idyllic site, and to restore the castle to its former glory.

Chapter 1

  • During a confrontation with Mcracken, Gevurah attempts to blame her rival Laezila for the curse, but Mac detects the lie. While the kraken never sees her face he forces from Gevurah the name "D'Artes". Already debilitated, Mac is then stabbed by a death-cursed blade and loses the ability to revert to kraken-form.
  • Mac meets the tropical mermaid Momipo, and learns that not all of the Mers are on board for the destruction of Cenril.
  • Dismayed by the havoc the curse wreaks on local sea-life, Mac has a fortuitous meeting with the leader of the Healer's Guild, who offers aid to the victims.
  • Finding that the curse is probably unholy rather than merely magical, Mac also goes in search for clues as to the identity of both "D'Artes" and the god responsible for this atrocity. He learns that Laezila may have valuable information on this matter.
  • Sykule is enlisted to aid in this effort by using his illusory magic to infiltrated the Underdark. While Sykule is off on this mission Mac learns Gevurah's full name from Laezila. Sykule discovers that Liana is being held captive in the Dead Caves.
  • Coming into possession of The Star of the Sea, one of six holy gems, Mac finds a prayer answered and his powers to shift returning - albeit in a minor way. He and Moire plot to free Lysander and the other Seaborn help captive on the Nautilus.
  • Meanwhile, healers from the Healers Guild along with Momipo the mermaid and Lady Pilar do their best to aid those creatures stricken by the curse and those in turn injured by the maddened afflicted. Accursed, Marra goes on a crazed murder spree and is put down.
  • Gevurah hires Xzavior to spy on Mcracken.

  1. Kreekitaka and the Gorgon's Song
  2. How Gevurah Broke The Kraken
  3. Holy Diver
  4. A Timely Meeting
  5. An Uncanny Interlude
  6. Loose Lips
  7. The Illusionist
  8. Heart Song
  9. Priceless
  10. Accursed Fallout: Marra's Demise
  11. Three Boons He Will Ask, Part 1
  12. Information for Gold
  13. Drow Stalking, Bad For Your Health

Chapter Two

  • Xzavior trails Mcracken to the Kelay-Cenril bridge, where he overhears the kraken negotiatiing an alliance with Kelovath.
  • Having learned both the names of Gevurah the drow matron, and Vakmatharas, the dark god she worships, Mcracken hires Kreekitaka and his Uyeer to build a stone wall around the perimeter of the curse, using a very specific type of stone.
  • Mcracken enlists Emilia to build a temporary ice wall around the curse, and learns that she is responsible for raising and plundering the Seaborn temple. Unable to let this simply slide, but unwilling for several reasons to wreak vengeance on her, Mac negotiates with Emilia a period of voluntary and humane captivity, as well as the return of an important holy gem. Before the ice wall is finished, however, Gevurah snatches Emilia and carries her off.
  • Sykule returns to Mcracken with news from the Underdark, informing Mac about an elf held captive by Gevurah in the Deep Caves.
  • Mac seeks out Pilar, whom he believes is familiar with Emilia, in order to discover where Emilia lives. While he is speaking to her in Larket's stables, Xzavior learns of the Ice Genasi's kidnap.
  • Xzavior encounters the kraken again. Mac negotiates for Xzavior's help in aiding Emilia's rescue.

  1. What The Naga Spied
  2. Of Crabmen and Contracts‎‎
  3. Parlay or Parsley?‎‎
  4. Queen Takes Pawn
  5. Filling in the crack(en)
  6. Ripples Reach Larket
  7. The Double Agent
  8. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, along the briny beach
  9. Gevurah Gets the Cold Shoulder
  10. Half Truths
  11. Snatch

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