Admin Collector Cards

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Admin collector cards are OOC collectible items that admin give away to players who help them do a menial game or wiki maintenance task! Cards can be equipped as a hand armor item, and collections can redeemed for in-game rewards.

Current Collections

Series 1:

  • Silver Cyllarus
  • Crystalline Cyllth
  • Mithril Myrall
  • Diamond Donovan
  • Jasper Jacklin

Series 2:

  • Ruby Ryeanna
  • Feldspar Vgfh
  • Tigers Eye Parsithius
  • Shiny Fertangle
  • Holographic Hans

Series 3:

  • Agate Morvious
  • Terrifying Tiphareth
  • Emerald Eboric
  • Rhodolite Redhale

Series 4:

  • Turquoise Tristram:
  • Hematite Hildegarde
  • Jade Josleen
  • Obsidian Orikahn
  • Opal Odhranos

Series 5:

  • Moonstone Meri
  • Variscite Valrae
  • Kunzite Khitti
  • Kinoite Kanna

Redemption Rewards

  • Any completed series can be redeemed for 75,000 gold.
  • All five series' completion can be redeemed at once for a +50 custom!

Current Tasks

Admin can list big tasks that need doing here. Some tasks may receive more than one card. Cards may be accompanied by gold rewards too. For the most part, small tasks will be announced on the OOC channel.

Writer Wanted

Take any page on the wiki that's tagged as Writer Wanted and submit a draft to Administration via hmail.

    • Monster Description Payouts = 250-1000 gold per write up, depending on how elaborate the write up. Multiple submissions will be required to earn an admin card.
    • Area Description Payouts = 1,000-5,000 gold, depending on how elaborate the write up.
  • Pets: We have some cool pets for sale, and no description of what they are!
    • An example of what is wanted can be found here. Again, submit your drafts to Administration via hmail.
    • Each pet page gets 200-500 gold, depending on depth of content. You get an admin card for every 3 pages.

Research Tasks

As new lore is workshopped, developed, and refined this also creates a need to introduce these changes into the game organically. That is where you, the players, come in, to contribute to the game without needing a whole arc! Develop any idea marked with the “Research Tasks” tag, or pages with a "Researchers Needed" link.

See more:

Completion of a Research Task will be worth 1 - 3 cards depending on how elaborate the research.

The Library Project

So many libraries, so little to read through! Players that write up a book to be added into the game's interface will receive 1 - 3 cards depending on how elaborate the write-up. Topics can vary from anything from Hollow folklore and mythology to in-character research. All we ask is that the piece does not overly glorify other player characters unless they are dead or retired.