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Admin Collector Cards

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Admin collector cards are ooc collectible items that admin give away to players who help them do a menial game or wiki maintenance task! Below is the full list of cards. Collect them all!

Current Collections

Eirik Orikahn Pilar Kelovath Kanna Grizelda Brand Rachelle Khitti Zahrani Rorin Eleanor Alvina Odhranos
Silver Cyllarus X x X
Crystalline Cyllth x
Diamond Donovan x
Emerald Eboric X
Holographic Hans X X
Hematite Hildegarde X X X X X x X X
Gemstone Jacklin X X X
Jade Josleen X X X X X X X X X X
Mithril Myrall x X X
Obsidian Orikahn
Tigers Eye Parsithius X
Rhodolite Redhale X
Ruby Ryeanna
Terrifying Tiphareth X
Turquoise Tristram X x

Current Tasks

Admin can list big tasks that need doing here. Some tasks may receive more than one card. Cards may be accompanied by gold rewards too. For the most part, small tasks will be announced on the OOC channel.

  • Illustrate the full deck of admin collectors cards and win THE WHOLE DECK! -- Josleen (talk)
  • Take any page on the wiki that's tagged as Writer Wanted and submit a draft to Josleen. 1 card + 1,000 gold.
  • Special pets: We have some cool pets for sale, and no description of what they are! Start here and read my note: https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Bakeneko Each pet page gets 200 gold and you get an admin card for every 3 pages.
  • Add Larketian Fault Lines reward items to the wiki - 2 admin cards and 1000 gold