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I've been RPing in Gualon for about seven years now. Like Tristram, I've got great love for it. So I figured I'd use this page to talk about things people would like to see in Gualon, as well as my own thoughts about additions to the city. Feel free to add your ideas and thoughts here, too.

i. RP currently underway

  • construction of a 'secret' bank (If you are interested in this RP, hmail me for more information.)
  • renovation of the Grogshop

ii. Ideas for the future

  • creation of a mine

iii. Completed

  • an orc encampment has been added to the city
  • turning an existing castle into rentable suites

Things to avoid
  • In the past, a lot of people approached me about invasions and destruction of buildings, and that sort of thing. I was always very open to it, as I believe destruction is integral to character and city growth, and it helped people with their own RPs. But destruction RP after destruction RP tends to breed boredom. Right now, Gualon is in a cycle of rebuilding, so if you approach me about something you'd like to destroy, I will probably turn you down. No offense.
Your thoughts

Go here, with your name, hopefully.