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The Basics

Name: Zane Bloodsworth Ventra
Age: 264 (His birthday equates to May 10th)
Race: Sired Vampire
Sire: Lady Meliana Ventra
Class: Priest of Delisha
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Dark Green close to an Emerald color.
Hair: Flat Black and flows to the middle of his back.
Maritial Status: Single
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Vampire Family House: House Ventra
Position in House: Books Keeper


Zane stands proudly, and resolutly with his hair hanging limply behind him. His eyes give off the impression that there is always a plot going on behind his beautiful Emerald coloed eyes. Wether many would notice or not due to his robes, there is always a cermonial dagger at his waste that is dedicated to his master, the Dark Mother, with whom he spends his time trying to please. Though not muscular in size or body build, he is smart, always finding a way to turn something into profit. His physical age is that of a thirty-five year old male.


Mortal Flaws

Zane's past is a short one for a vampire, he has not lived the years that most of his kind have lived. Being only in the younger part of his life he has found that his desires have followed him from his former life. He was a wealthy merchant before the change had came. He had been fond of many women in the towns he worked in though none ever wanted him, maybe it was because of his malicious nature, or maybe even the fact he didn't have the body many young women craved. Then the night came of his change...

Three things happened that night...

  • The night was cold and He should have realized someone was following him.
  • The person following him must want his money or his life.
  • That tonight he would die, or be forever changed.

She was upon him within moments, he had no chance to move, her hand found it's way to his throat and forced him into a wall with such force that he lost his breath for a moment. Struggling to find his words he began a plea to save himself. He offered her money, his buisnesses,and his rare assortment of nobility Artifacts. It didn't help, she wouldn't speak to him, but the next moment changed his life. She bit him.

The Beginning

From this moment on his life would be changed forever, his next few weeks were a torture for him. He now had to learn to control himself as his thirst became nearly unquenchable, his strength got more impressive, he lost weight, and his sight got better, much much better, he could now see further and sharper even in the darkest of nights. It was so foreign to him that he lost it several times and murdered several people while they slept. He took thier money and valuables. They weren't going to use them anymore, might as well make use of thier wealth. It had been weeks since the change and he had cause much trouble in the village where he stayed. It wasn't until an evening two days after the murder of the villages most prominent merchant that she appeared again. He was sitting in his room, he blinked, and then there she was. She spoke to him about what had happened. He registered he was in fact dead, but it took him a while to understand what she said next. He was a Vampire, He had Family, and Most of all he was going to be given a chance to make something out of himself in his new family.

The Job

It had been several decades since the night that he had changed and the Lady had shown him the way to thier fmaily's house. Many vampires had come and gone to this house and they were having a hard time mantaining thier funds and wealth. Lady Meliana his Sire had given him oppertunity after oppertunity and he had suceeded many times, influencing many public officials, setting up protection for shops, and collecting debts. He would take thier motto, For Homeland and Prosperity, to heart and make sure his Home, and family would do well. It was during this time that Lady Meliana had fallen ill and contacted him to find out what was wrong. He had spent the greater part of a month searching when he found a Quack that could and would fix her. He had offered him protection for years, in return he would have to cure her, he agreed to the terms and signed in blood. Zane had taken him there in time to save his Sire. Finally after working for years he would finally be able to move up in the ranks. Lady Meliana had called him and another vampire in front of her one evening for council. She told Zane that he was still to young to take over the position he wanted, and that he should continue to work hard. He was furious, but nodded. It was then he found his goddess, the Dark Mother, that would show him the way. Praying to her often and making the nessecary sacrifices he found that he could gain his position, The Dark mother had granted him his wish. The Vampire who had taken the position he wanted had been found strung up and mutilated. It was a horrendous crime, and he would have been the first on the suspect list had it not been for the Priests of "The Cult of Pleasure" giving his Alabi that he had been in the Temple praying. Lady Meliana had then given him the Position of Book Keeper, he would now be responsible for all the flow of coin in and out of the House of Ventra.

The Game

It had been a century since his position had been appointed, and Lady Meliana had obviously found him suiting to the post as the house had flourished ever since his taking on the role of Book Keeper. He now had the two things he wanted..

  • He was rich, and had pull with Political Officials.
  • He had someone to believe in, The Dark mother, who would help him succeed.

Years began to pass and he had never had any problems with his dealings until the night she had found her way into the yard of House Ventra. She had came for no reason he could see, and she was rude and highly irritaing to him. She had refused him in a few ways. It was a Game to him. He had finally let her go, but it would not be the last time..... ( RP:A Night's Dealings )

It was time for a Game to begin and only he would know about it....

(More to Come Soon...)