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Name: Victor Devain

Title: Wolf-bane

Race: Human

Age: 20

Relationship: Battle is his Mistress

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Scars: - Burns marks on left side of his face, a mark of pride. -Marks where hot candle wax has burnt him on his chest, a reminder that emotions can be used against you.

Class: Savant/Spellblade

Birthplace: Larket

Current home: Frostmaw

Equipment so far:

-Bottomless Satchel -Winter-Wolf-fur-inlined hood and cloak. -Many scrolls and books. -Winter-Wolf-fur-inlined rusty half-plate and helm -Enchanted-metal round shield -Rune inscribed wristbands(Helps tune the element on his war axe; useless without war axe) -Elemental-war axe(Cannot-change element without the wristbands) -ice-wyvern hatchling -His faithful rune inscibed gladius

Things learnt so far: -Sword/war axe and shield combat. -Minor fire and wind magics(Arrows and balls, few other minor things) -Never to give up, no matter the cost. -Brawling. -Some stories of legends. -Suvival and travel magics meaning as in light for dark areas and slow burning fires for example. -Trading and leading a caravan. -Enchanting using runes and glyph's.

Things looking to learn at the moment: -Ice magic, wishes to change the path of his magic. -Stuff about Satoshi, Kasyr and The Eyrie. -Wants to seek out the warriors guild but has had no success.

Victor's Biography: Bio:

The human came from a wealthy family and new little of the troubles of the world outside his manor and compound, his mother always had him studying in his room until the day he found out about mages and warriors. After that day he found ways to sneak out and learn more eventually leading him to the point of being brave enough to ask his mother and father about them, he found out his mum studied at the mages guild when she was younger and his father was an ex-Sergeant so he pleaded to learn. They agreed on the condition he helped his father with the caravans as they were a merchant family and studied hard so he did, after many years he had learned some magic but mostly battle but had never really experience really battle and this he did not like. Everything changed on his 18 birthday when he was in a good mood and gave a beggar some gold just to find out he was a Savant, seeker of knowledge and lore. He used what he learned from his father about the merchant trade and struck a bargain for him to become his mentor all he had to do was provide shelter, he did just that and snuck him in the manors basement to live there while he taught Victor. However it was cut short when his dad found the old man and had him killed after only two years, in anger Victor left home and his own story began. He would be as great as the legends he read about, he wanted to learn everything there was about battle and history so he sought out all he could. He came to Kelay and that is where it all began with a battle with a deadly Arctic Kitsune under a tall oak in a misty forest, he met firewing his now rival but even stranger Victor seen this man as his friend that needed teaching that letting others battle for you was cowardly.

Victor had a lot to learn including the point that not everyone was like him or try not to kill him, his journeys have already took him far and taught him a lot. He has battled a Winter wolf alpha when exiled frost giants attack frostmaw and stood victorious, he has beat Rilla of Rynvale in friendly combat that left him with burn marks on his face. His battles have been many already and he still lives and stands with his head held high, he now seeks a mentor to teach him more plus also to guide him as he has turned reckless. He also kidnapped Inasa, servant of Firewing to lure the dragon out but grew feelings for her only to realize it was a trick when she disappeared and now has a hatred for any woman that wants to try to get close to him or seduce him. The young Savant has finally fulfilled his oath and took the path of the Savant in memory of his old mentor, he majors in battle, history and he hopes soon artifacts as he wants to build his own for use in battle. So far he has made a wooden round shield be able to channel his magic to reinforce it along with a few other things, a gladius with the ability to become empowered easily with magic, it's his armor he wants to work on but for now he made a strange armor that was much like a barbarian that involves his old leather armor and bits of rusty plate in certain areas that will not slow him down too much but add to defense but his most proudest thing is the in-lining and adding the fur from the mighty alpha he had slain in frostmaw. He now looks like a barbarian and is proud of it and even though he loves larket and will aid it if the city needs it he has sworn his blade to Frostmaw and Satoshi, he believes he needs to make his own legend before returning home. Little does he know that his father has passed and the little silver flask on his side belong with the line of kings of Larket, his life is getting more interesting as he trudges on with battle after battle and his now formed transporting business what will come next is all he asks but he will soon find out. Lost his first battle to Xzarren and after the duel Victor was shown utter disrespect, he felt humiliated then his foe bragged about the Savants defeat on the kelay board which pushed him to break his own honor and a want to hunt to kill. Victor set out to do just that but upon receiving a letter from the Lady Frostmaw and a talk with Wolfhound he swallowed his pride and left it at that, Victor is not happy but he swore his blade to Satoshi so what she says goes... If Xzarren steps out of line or at any chance he can Victor will be there to end him, for now Wolf-bane holds his tongue and his blade. Maybe it is a important lesson for the young Savant, a much needed one.

After returning from his absence he felt lost discovering that his father had passed, he still not has accepted but is beginning to come to terms. Then without her realizing it Artia; the witch of the woods has helped him remind him who he was and even developed a little crush. So he has taken out his Fur-inlined rusty half plate, brought a new shield and a war axe then strapped up. His gladius, his axe, his shield... Battles will come, there is prices to pay, he has planned be they good or ill he only knows one thing, only frostmaw and Artia has been there for him so maybe there needs to be some change in his home city larket, maybe in the world.

While travelling in frostmaw the young spellblade came across a ice-wyvern hatchling by its self, he thought to leave it but heard battle and soon realized its mother had been slain for whatever reason, so he grabbed the thing and has kept it safe ever since but he knows not how to raise but does know that this will be his mount once its big enough... If it don't agree then there is always other ways to make it listen.