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The man fancies himself an elite.

It was not always so. Somewhere, in the depths of his memory, rests the innocent young elf he was born into. On a rare occasion, that boy can be found surging to life, dictating the carrying out of an unexpected, perhaps even heroic action. By and large, though, the vampire is driven by his own self interest - molded by years of experiences that would propel many not only to the brink of, but straight into the depths of insanity. He does not seek out conflict; rather, he lets conflict thrust itself unto him, if only as a means of stimulation. A high from which to escape the bitter monotony of his circadian routine. He has no cause to champion; no ends to pursue; no haunts to exorcise. In his mind, he has nothing to prove.

He is not arrogant. He simply thinks he is better than you.

Character Overview

Name: Vexar Qu’isto
Age: Perhaps in his thirties
Race: Elder Vampire (originally an elf)
Class: Necromancer (as an elf and fledgeling, he was highly trained in the illusionary arts)
Eyes: Shockingly green; emeralds floating in a sea of white.  However, when he taps into his 
      power as an ascended vampire, they are overcome with a smoky black haze
Hair: Originally snowy white, shoulder length hair has been tainted with a hint of grunge
Skin: In contrast to the typical pallor of a vampire, his skin is oddly dark, though not quite ebon to
      the extent that marks the Drow
Physical: Neither towering nor stout, he is simply average in height.  Though he still cuts an 
      impressive silhouette in terms of muscular structure, the strength gifted to him by his vampirism 
      seems to have leant itself to a bit of laziness as he now stands a modicum more lean than muscle-bound
Alignment: Chaotic
Family: None to speak of.  His brother, Hawkeye (Mesdoram) has been missing
       for quite some time.  Vexar’s past is scarred with the repeating torment of a complex love affair 
       involving the pixie, Thea, and the Lyastri, Azalea.  As with his brother, though, they
       have both disappeared to an unknown fate.  The vampire is on his own; a dangerous proposition.


  • work in progress, check back soon!


  • work in progress, check back soon!

Items of Note

  • Nyx
    • Perhaps now paramount amongst all Chaos weapons, the glaive known as ‘Nyx’ was recently created at Vexar’s request by the master Warsmith, Nikola. The weapon is a fusion of a chaos warblade and a runic staff of chaos. Chaotic energy, all but lost to Hollow, is trapped within the implement. The wielder, be they of like chaotic mind, is benefactor to a well of power the depth of which has yet to be discovered.
    • Buried within the hilt of Nyx is a small, hidden tanto. Crafted from the enchanted remnants of weapons destroyed in the forging of Nyx, this blade is not only useful as an emergency dagger. It has an explosively deadly secret that even its creator is unsure of.
  • Ivory Wand
    • A seemingly simple wand with supreme power offered only to Vexar. Akin to a powerful steed tamed by a sole rider, or a leather glove shaped to one hand through years of work. Vexar and the wand have been together since the beginning of his magical career. It is as though part of the vampire’s very soul has leeched into the bone of the wand, bringing it to life. The two understand each other, and communicate so fluently that even the arcane respects their relationship enough to bestow upon the pair astonishing command of the magics that Vexar has practiced over the years.
  • Forsaken Flamberge
    • A grotesque and monstrous sword. The blade is sinister…jagged, curved, with no apparent logic or reason. Its very sight is wince inducing. The type of weapon that could only be created by darkness and evil. In appearance, it would seem it should take a behemothic, two handed effort just to lift the atrocity, much less utilize it effectively. Vexar hates the implement. It was the treasured and favored brand of Lejiath, the archfiend whom Vexar used to escape hell and is now seemingly forever bound to. To wield the flamberge would bestow immeasurable strength to the holder; however, possessing such an item would concede a share of control to Lejiath. Such a risk would not be considered except under the most dire of circumstances…and even then, it may only be considered.
  • Demon Bone Armor
    • A collection of skeletal remnants from the myriad hellions that Vexar and Lejiath slew during their escape. Generally opting to forego traditional armor in battle, as it weighs him down, the necromancer instead manipulates a volley of bones which orbit around him as though contorted moons drawn to a celestial body. The bones are compelled to congregate at the moment of impact, ideally to absorb most or all of a blow’s potential. Though hardly more effective than ordinary armor, the advantage of agility cannot be understated.
  • Dragonskull Helmet
    • A unique helmet, usually donned as nothing more than a fashion statement or tool to implement fear. Its true value is in the rest of the skeleton that it belongs to; a dracolich that Vexar is now able to, because of extensive contributions from his brother, summon via an intensely magically demanding ritual. Because of the draining nature of the summoning, it is generally not practical to use the undead dragon in actual battle as it leaves the necromancer alarmingly vulnerable. However, at a size slightly larger than a typical draught horse, it is incredibly useful for travel, emergency egress, and as alluded, to instill fear and doubt in enemies. Also fire