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Name: Sykule (has no surname)

Gender: Male

Race: Feathered Dragon

Class: Illusionist

Age: About 18 years old, maybe younger.

Height: 5' 5" tall, in human form. About 20ft from head to tail, in dragon form

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Pale Gray

Alignment: Neutral Good


In his human form, Sykule looks like a young boy with white hair, which is wrapped behind him in a short ponytail. His pale gray eyes are usually concealed under a simplistic wizard-style hat that looks a little too large to fit him. He usually wears a worn gray travel cloak concealing his clothing, a simple vest over a long sleeved shirt and pants, but no shoes. Underneath his clothes, he holds a necklace with small charm, carved from solid oak with magic, though he has never shown it to anyone ever since he received it. He also carries around a Staff apparently made of ice which he can summon at will, adorned with twin dragon wings on one point and a discreet bladed edge on the other.

When in his dragon form, he is a feathered dragon, with snow-white feathers covering his face and wings, which become slightly darker as they near his torso and claws, and slightly opaque pale-gray scales covering his chest underneath the feathers. He has two pairs of short gray horns, two long feather tufts on the top of his head and ivory-white sharp claws and teeth. He also Possesses a rather lithe and slim physique, for a dragon.


Witty and Curious, maybe a little too much for his own good. Sykule is inexperienced and did not have much contact with society, which makes him eager to learn about anything, specially about any form of magic. He is rather suspicious of those he doesn't know well, but trusts deeply in his friends and won't forget a good deed, or a bad one. He also dislikes being highlighted or treated as a stranger (or a freak) so he usually keeps to his human form around big groups of people, and sometimes uses his illusions to blend in better. While in his dragon form, Sykule tends to be more impulsive and rash than usual.


Sykule is a skillful, though untrained, Illusionist, able to deceive and distract most threats through mind-tricks and optical illusions. His illusion skills consist in light manipulation, which allow him to create and manipulate images. He can duplicate, modify and distort images, though the illusions he creates are not physical and will do no harm in most cases, he can also create and manipulate forms of pure light, which could be harmful.

He is also able to use mind-tricks to manipulate his targets more directly through a sort of hypnosys, influencing their thoughts, memories and emotions, and even magically bending their will to some degree.

While in his dragon form, his feathers and sly build allow him to fly both silently and stealthily, blending himself in the clouds or snow. He is also very skilled in flying, and sometimes enjoys bragging about it.

Recent Events

After wandering the lands of Hollow for about a month, Sykule decided to join The Eyrie, in hopes of finding a place where he would belong.

He managed to reach the city of Frostmaw, only to find it in turmoil, torn apart by a bloody civil war.

Contacted Hildegarde's forces and joined them, as a recruit of The Eyrie, and is currently assisting them in reclaiming the city.



Sykule's earliest memories are of a snowy boreal forest and a small cave on the foot of a hill he called home. He spent most of his time hunting small game before the cold winter would come and plunge the whole forest into a deep slumber, forcing him to hibernate in wait for the radiant return of spring. It was a simple life which he enjoyed for countless years, until one day, he managed to track a small pack of wolves hunting for prey closeby his own home, just before the beginning of winter. Upon a closer inspection, it turned out the wolves' prey was no less than a foxkin, a young little girl who had lost her way through the forest. The young dragon killed the wolves, for no other reason than to defend his territory, and saved the terrified little creature. He was not unfamiliar with any civilized creature, every once in a while he encountered small groups of travelers or hunters passing through the forest or fishing in a nearby lake, but he was wise enough to know not to hassle with them and assumed they shared his wisdom, or maybe were just too afraid of him to try. But the little girl was not afraid of him, she stood up with her face still covered in tears and stuttered with a broken voice "Th-Thank you!" The dragon was astonished, the girl's voice did not came only from her, it also echoed inside his head as she spoke directly to his mind, he could feel the raw magic emanating from her as she made her message as clear as she could, allowing him to understand the meaning of her words. The girl was a natural mage, with a few other tricks up her sleeve as he found out while they tried to find a way back to her village.

The girl seemed to be no older than 10, she introduced herself as Kayle, and as the dragon had no name, she gave him one, Sykule, a dragon from an old tale her grandmother used to tell. They traveled together for days, and by the time they were able to reach her village they had become friends. However, she was sure a dragon on a village so small would cause a great commotion and Sykule still did not know how to shapeshift into a human form. So, she promised to visit him on the first day of spring and tell him more her, the village and tales of magic. And so it was, she came on the first day of spring and told him all she could about her village, her tales and her dream to study and become a powerful mage. They practiced their magic together everyday until the young dragon was able to take a human form and visit her in her village. On that day, Kayle presented him with a necklace, adorned with a small dragon carved from wood using her magic. "It'll bring you good luck, so you should always wear it." The dragon...No, Sykule promised to always carry the necklace with him. He kept visiting the foxkin village whenever he could, learning about magic, his own powers and hearing tales of distant cities and legendary dragons from other lands.