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Savian Raev is a human turned vampire. While he might look every bit of 37, he is much older. His flesh is pale and deathly cold, like many other vampires. His eyes are a maroon red; much deeper than blood red and almost hypnotically so. His hair, from his eyebrows to his beard, is all white with age. Often seen in a rather lovely leather suit, he is a very private man, prone to never leaving the safety of any library he has access to.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Savian Raev
Race: Vampiric Human
Human Age: 37
Vampiric Age: Unknown
Class: Illusionist (dabbles in Conjuration)

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Maroon
Hair: White
Scent: Smoked Leather
Alignment: Good/Peaceful
Deity: None

Likes: Mortal women, wine, books, experimenting, blood (drinking), telling stories.

Dislikes: Rudeness, violence, stealing.


  • Vampiric Strength
  • Excellent Nightvision
  • Excellent Dancer
  • Excellent Learner
  • Vampiric Hearing


  • Coward
  • Vampiric Thirst (Bloodlust)
  • Lack of Social Skills
  • Sunlight
  • Holy/Light Magicks


~In the works~

Savian's Magic

Dreamscape: (Illusion) Mostly used as an escape tactic, victims of this spell come to no physical harm as it is a trance-type illusion. First, if the spell is successful, the victim will be put into a temporary trance where they dream of what they desire most at the time. Sometimes, Savian has a particular dream in mind for them. If he is escaping, the victim might dream that they're still chasing Savian down and eventually catch him only to find that he's gone when they wake.

Ghost Sound: (Illusion) Savian is capable of making a sound in any corner of the room he is in. And the sound could be anything. From his own voice to an ogre battlecry.

Mirror Image: (Illusion) Mirror Image is a very simple illusion spell that allows Savian to replicate a mirror image of anything he sees. From an apple to a person, he can create it like a hologram. On top of this, he can manipulate it as much as he sees fit. For example, he can give the mirror image of someone a new outfit and style.

Create Small Object: (Conjuration) Savian can create any small object that he's seen before. From roses to food. However, conjured food tastes like the off-brand product of the real thing, and isn't quite as filling.

Mirror Clone: (Conjuration) Unlike Mirror Image, this spell is specifically for Savian and Savian alone. This spell conjures an exact replica of Savian and there can only be a total of one clone in existance. However, the "clone" is exactly that. The replica speaks, smells, feels, and even behaves exactly as Savian would. The only draw back is that it is no where near as powerful as the original. All the things Savian has as a vampire, the clone lacks. Not to mention, it doesn't have Savian's magical prowess. In addition, the clone does not suffer adverse effects under sunlight, but is destroyed if so much as a wound is inflicted.

Ozymandias, the Imp

Ozymandias is Savian's imp familiar and companion. This particular breed of imp looks more like a shaven spider monkey with bat-like ears and wings instead of a tail. His flesh is blackish grey, and his eyes resemble large opals. He is often used to store a good deal of magic for Savian's spells. Sort of like an immediate mana source to tap into.

It should be well known that Ozymandias is prone to spouts of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and will quite frequently hurl whatever is handy in a random direction. Though, sometimes his random throwing of objects do have targets. Of course, being an imp, Ozy has little choice in the matter of causing a good deal of mischief and mayhem. It's his very nature as an imp.

Full Name: Ozymandias
Race: Cavern Imp
Age: ???
Class: Familiar

Height: 2'1"
Weight: 25 lbs.
Skin: Blackish Grey
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Scent: Moist Dirt
Alignment: Mischief and Mayhem
Deity: None