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Qindrephyss, Femme Form

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Name: Qindrephyss, the best non-dragon pronunciation is Khn druh fisss, but the draconian pronunciation provides for the crack, rumbling, and steaming sound that she pronounces.
AKA: Physs (or Fis), or Qin (kin).
Age: 51 years
Race: Dragon, or, more precisely, a sea serpent or water dragon. Blue & Green Hybrid. 
Build: Lithe, graceful. 
Breath Weapon: Lightning & Chlorine Gas. Rarely shot at the same time, or used at all for that matter. She's a lover, not a fighter.
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Tempest Witch. She worships the wind and sea, and works with weather magicks. Due to dragons' intense capability with magick, she is formidable foe when unleashing her weather-based fury- but luckily, she is a peaceful sort, more interested in healing magics, protecting (and playing pranks on) sailors, and other more positive uses of her abilities.
Occupation: An adventurer, do-gooder, and collector of knowledge.
Homeland: The bottom of the sea.
Languages: Common, Draconic

Physical Variations

Draconic Appearance: this form is one saved for those most trusted, and for alone times. She may also shift into this form in times of danger or great fear.

Scales: Her back is armored in shimmering scales of a brilliant turquoise hue. The closer that these scales get to her fish-fin like ridges, they turn a deeper shade of the same color. There are occasional speckled scales over her whole body that are cerulean in Hue. Her softer belly scales are a lavender color that turns opalescent right under her chin.
Ridges: Qindrephys' ridges are mighty and tall, and help her to steer her massive form as it swims about through the deep. These fins are the same deep turquoise color as the scales at their bases, with some lavender splotching here and there.
Claws: Due to the fact that Qindrephyss is a serpent, she only sports two legs closer to the front of her body, which is built with webbing from the elbow to the armpit, and from elbow to wrist, and are much smaller than dragons that would use them for grappling. Her claws, however, are just as strong and sharp and are white and opalescent like a polished pearl. These arms are usually tucked tightly against her body, or shifted away entirely.
Wings: As a serpent, Qindrephyss does not use wings for flight, and instead lifts herself with her powerfully webbed fins in order to takeoff, flap and glide, and a special set of organs that help her to stay airborne and soar in the clouds, weaving in and out of them the same as she does the sea. Tail: Her tail could arguably be said to be an extension of the rest of her long, coiling body, which ends in a largely pointed fin; shaped somewhat like an arrowhead.
Other Identifying Features: Qindrephyss sports two long catfish-like whiskers that sprout from either side of her snout and reach to mid-body. There are a set of fins on either side of her face that assist in steering and balance underwater. Atop her head is a set of horns shaped somewhat like antlers. These horns match in color with her scales. There is a small horn at the base of her snout that tilts up towards her forehead. In a few places on her back, chunks of crystal seem to have formed, mostly in blue, green, and purple hues.

Axolotl Form: as an amphibious creature, the axolotl was fascinating to Qindrephyss when first she saw one. Since then, she has used this form as a way to sneak about (hopefully) undetected. In this form, she appears as a light teal axolotl, whose external gills are a deep shade of purple.

Humanoid Form: This form was chosen after witnessing a beautiful elven person standing on a sea cliff in Rynvale. Enamoured, Qindrephyss modeled herself a few forms off of it; one more masculine appearing, one more feminine, and one somewhere in between. You will be alerted in-roleplay which of these she is presenting. In any three, the following is true, and in any three, she wears the above imaged dress OR a cloak and tunic of the same billowing fabric and same colors.
Hair: Reaches down to the backs of their knees. Slightly wavy, dark cerulean that turns light teal at the ends. Their hair, regardless of how they have chosen to present, is always decorated with shells, pearls, and stone beads.
Eyes: Mossy green irises which turn a darker shade closer to the pupil, and a lighter green closer to the limbal ring. At times, their appearance will be more relaxed, and the pupil will be the saurian vertical slit, rather than the humanoid round. Under the visible eyelid is a second clear one, used as an extra protection against sand while swimming, for moisturization, and for cheating at staring contests. More often than not, the pupil is not visible- she tends to try to keep her draconic descent a secret from those who might try to drag her back into bottom of the sea to where her abandoned duties to her lineage lie.
Body: Always lithe, long-fingered, delicate, reedy, graceful. Stands at average elven height.
Skin: Pale, but tanned slightly by how much time they spend outdoors exploring. Always freckled across the chest, shoulders, arms, and cheeks with cerulean scales that glitter and glisten. A fool might think it some sort of very shiny paint.


  • Powerful ability with magic, due to draconic heritage and 51 years of constant practice. Her skills are specifically surrounding water, weather, and electricity (specifically lightning, which falls under weather, very technically speaking.) She is capable of bringing water up from the ground, of bringing together small clouds of rain to water plants, of shouting the skies clear, of bringing down bolts of lightning, of whipping up the winds, of breathing life into storms and danger to the seas... but for the most part, she focuses in ways to help others in small, tangible ways... such as healer's work, helping farmers water crops, and giving cats a little patch in the rain that stays dry for a time. In any case, she is still young by dragon measurements, and great feats are exhausting and potentially dangerous for her. The area of affect she can manipulate is relatively small- for instance, should she summon a storm to slow a ship, the storm would likely only reach the direct area around the ship, and no further. If she was helping a farmer, depending on the size of the fields, she may only be able to reach one area at a time. She cannot summon more than one crack of lightning per every few hours, so far.
  • Qindrephyss, along with her great pool of magic, inherited the breath weapons of both her progenitors, chlorine gas and lightning. They are very rarely used- as it is difficult to bring her to that sort of rage.
  • Shapeshifting. Qindrephyss has long taken an interest in non-dragons, and in copying their appearances and adapting them for herself to hide amongst them.
  • Capable of magic-powered flight & gliding
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Quite a talented (or lucky) fisher.


Some sailors sing songs about sea serpents- and those songs are only MOSTLY correct. It is true that Qindrephyss had big, terrible teeth. True was it that she came in storms, true was it that she had been sighted in the sky, coiling about and dipping in and out of thundery clouds in a menacing sort of fashion. Only questionably true were the tales of breath that could bring lightning cracking down from the sky upon hapless wanderers. Untrue, however, were ideas about her motives.

You see, Qindrephyss was a young thing, having only lived for 52 years so far- though she'd argue her scales felt like they'd lived much longer. No, she was just a young thing, only just in the last year or so taking steps into the adult world. Adult Dragon business (besides hoarding) did not suit her; she was instead the sort who wanted nothing to do with conquering or diplomating. She wanted to adventure! She wanted to play pranks! She wanted to collect seashells and pearls and coral bits and crystal chunks! And oh, how she had wanted to make friends.

Her sire was terribly embarrassed by her, having been a fearsome sort known from coast to coast and from landmass to landmass as a great evil plunderer and warrior. He had been a mighty blue, and a serpent, like she was. Her dam, a magnificent green called Anedooor, on the other hand, had been more keen to protect her, for she had been kind-hearted and good. She had taken the egg (which had been a lovely aquamarine color speckled in a surprising lavender hue) deep into the woods to hatch her there. Ysgrixx, her father, had, of course, found her soon after. He took the egg back and cast it down, down, down into the depths of the sea, in hopes that she would hatch as he did; in the cold deep. It was a way to guarantee a hatchling's strength, in his lineage's traditions.

But both dam and sire had grown quite old by the time the egg finally cracked, and Qindrephyss had only a short time to prove herself to them both- and did not. (Not that she would have ever WANTED to prove anything.) No, instead she was adventurous, disinterested in bloodshed, and flighty by nature. She abided by the wills and learning processes afforded her by her sire until the day he grew so old that he flew directly up into the sun. Or at least, that's what he said he'd do, and she had not followed him.

After the passing of Ysgrixx, there was little sorrow from Anedooor. The parents had never interacted much outside of the tragedy that brought Qindrephyss into the world, and outside of Ysgrixx taking the egg from her. Anedooor attempted to impart wisdom on Qindrephyss, who would meet her mother on the shores of Cenril when the mists were low and they could hide for a while. Eventually, time took Anedooor too, and Qindrephyss no longer found herself troubled by the schedules set for her by previous generations.

At first, she playfully terrorized sailors, finding the way that their faces, no matter how dark, could turn so pale so quickly quite amusing. She never ate a soul, however, no matter how much the stories insist that she had. For a while, she went adventuring on the floor of the sea, collecting the pretty treasures she'd hoarded away in her favorite cave. Eventually, she grew very tired and found the need for her first nap- and so she coiled up and rested for a very long time.

There has been a lot of noise in the world of man in the last twenty years, however, and so the dragonness has awakened, resurfacing to investigate- and to maybe find some more friends, pranks to pull, and shiny bits to collect.



Oline- A giantess from the North. Qindrephyss is fascinated by her, and thinks she is a lovely person.
Celaeno - A fellow mage; met at the Valentine's Ball. Qindrephyss is intrigued.
Caltarok - A dragon- they have similar goals.


She isn't so lucky yet to call anyone friend. One day soon, she hopes.


In this regard... quite lucky! Not a one so far.

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