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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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Full Name: Juro Jack

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral

Clan: Gisiae en Adon

Status: Engaged, but is having a hard time arranging the marriage. Is also busy with tasks in his homeland.

Who am I?

If you were to look at the human Juro, the first thing that might catch your attention would be his right shoulder. The shoulder is encased in red, spiky crystal. During a one- sided battle, the man's shoulder was crushed, embedding a Chaos Shard within it. Since then, the Chaos has unlocked odd powers within Juro.

It's a long story...

The battle wasn't the main cause of Juro's transformation, however. The first trigger to this abnormal body part began when a meteor engulfed in Chaos smashed into Cenril. Having been in a shop at the time, Juro soon found himself trapped under a huge chunk of the meteor. Had he not been rescued by his love and another kind stranger whom he has wanted to thank, Juro would be dead today. Unforunately, chunks of meteor remained in the shoulder as a result of the disaster. Even after being removed, a slight radiation still held within him. When the Shard was forced into him, it changed his body forever.

Let's see what this can do.

As for Juro's new powers, he finds it is not easy to put a crack in his shoulder. Any normal man who punches the shoulder would hurt their hand not only because of the hardness of the crystal, but also because of the spikes growing along the surface of the crystal. During a spar he also found that, with a bit of pain, the crystal could cover his entire arm, hand and all. With this hard crystal now covering his hand, shattering a rock would be no problem. Juro is currently expereminting with this Crystal Claw system.

A Fate Forged in Crystal

Ever since he escaped from his tyrannized homeland, Juro has waited for his past to catch up with him. He waits, armed and ready, to face whatever lies ahead or behind him.

So why did he lose?

Dorghan is simply too powerful to be matched with. Until Juro can perfect the powers of his Crystal Claw, the only option is to escape from the Mage Tyrant.

True Happiness

Since coming to Hollow, Juro's mission was to forget his past and find happiness. He is very much accomplishing the happiness, yet can't seem to escape his past. It constantly remains in thought of the human, but Juro knows he will soon have to go back and take care of the problem.

Homeland Recovery

Much to his surprise, Juro has found that ever since his last encounter with Dorgh'an, resistance groups have risen up against the tyrant and started striking back.