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Judith's Description

Name: Judith Callista Johnson.

Alias: "Judi", "Miss Judi", "Jude", "Lady Judith", "The Miss Judith". These names are all from different people who has met Judith.

Birthday: January 24th.

Age: Appears to be "19" in human years.

Gender: Female.

Height: 5'6".

Weight: 118 pounds, she's gaining more muscle.

Body: A petite; slender shape.

Race: Half-elf; half-human.

Class: Ice illusionist.

Occupations: Falconer, yet she's looking for another job, however she's slightly busy with training at the moment with a few teachers.

Eye Color: Her eyes are a dullish-grey, sometimes they are mixed with a dark blue, sort of like a stormish-color.

Hair Color: A very lightish-blonde, it's thick, and it barely runs past her upper-back, it's usually wavy or in curls.

Skin Color: A very light skin color, it looks very bluish-pale in the moonlight. Though, it's just because she never gets kissed by the sun. She just never tans, she just burns and then it goes back to a palish color.

Clan: A member of the Shadow Heart. Sshh...

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Origin: A place far away from Hollow, a small village where regular Elves roamed, however she lived in a deep part of the forest, hiding with her family so they wouldn't get caught by the other Elves, since Judi's family were halflings, except her mother.

Home: She's currently living at Argeneau Manor with Eian, he offered his protection for the young woman.

Love Interest: Currently Eian, he's been very sweet to this half-elf, she's very lucky to have him around.


When you first notice Judith, the first thing you'll see is her top hat, it's the first thing that everyone notices, it's the thing that makes her different from the other women around the land. The hat is made out of silky black material, sometimes she wraps colored ribbon around it to match her outfit, yet sometimes she just won't. People will never see Judith without her hat, it'll be either by her side, or on her head. She rarely takes it off, so if she does, you're a lucky person. Without her hat, she has thick, lightish-blonde, curls that run just barely past her upper-back, she has bangs that part to one side of her face, sometimes covering over her left dullish-grey eye.

Once you hit her facial features, you notice that she's already irritated by your presence, unless your a child, she has weaknesses for children. Her eyes are a dullish-grey color with small flecks of dark blue to make them rather like a stormish-color, they either look very tired or they look very intense with irritation, meaning maybe you should keep a distance from the young woman. Also, if she looks at you rather oddly, it's the fact that "she is color blind" also, so it makes it difficult to actually focus for her. The color changes almost all the time and it makes her squint her eyes and squirm around a lot. Her lips a a palish-pink and they look very soft, her lips are never painted with any other color, they are always a palish-pink, you're lucky if she smiles. Though, if she does smile, all there is, is pearly white teeth. Her skin is a rather light color, her skin is not sun-kissed, it's just a normal white skinned color, yet when she's in the moonlight, it usually turns a bluish-pale. Her eyebrows are a dark blonde color and they are the perfect shape, she's honestly quite attractive, though she never likes to show it, she hides under that hat and she hides under her expressions. Yet, once you get to know Judith, she's not all that bad, I promise.

Once she stands upon her two feet, you recognize how tall she is, she stands at five foot six inches, a very normal size for a human woman, it seems she takes her father's side, since he was a humanoid. The girl looks very petite and slender, she curves somewhat around her hips, yet that's definitely normal for a young woman. She looks very mature, not a childish bone her body, well when you look at her, yet she does have childish bones, you just have to get to know her. She usually wears a strapless, dark blue, knee-high dress that laces up in the back. The young woman has a few scars on the back of her upper leg, neck, and lower back, however you cannot see the burn scars on her lower back and upper leg, they're covered by her dress, of course. However, you can see the burn scars on the back of her neck, yet usually she covers it up with her lightish-blonde locks. Around the dress is a black ribbon that wraps around her stomach and is shown as a bow in the front of her body. She did that herself, it was her style. When you look at her fingers, you see a bone ring, secrets are hidden. Underneath Judith's hat, is a dark blue bandana that matches the dress and hat, it shows just barely underneath the hat, it's her style, of course. She thinks it's nothing special at all. Just something different from the crowd. On her feet are just plain black knitted slippers that she made herself. Simple as that.

Sometimes her clothing changes, she goes from a simple cute knee-high dress to tight black leather pants and a white vest with a white long sleeved shirt underneath it all. With that outfit she wears black heeled boots. Sometimes you may catch her in armour, nothing but black steel that's rather heavy. The woman can be strong at times, sometimes she's not. There are many outfits this woman wears, she adds details herself, just to keep it all different. Sometimes she wears different colors of everything, she's a very different girl. There is a scar that is the most noticed on her body. It's the round scar between her arm-pit and shoulder, where she got hit with an arrow from when she was a child. A small inncident she had back then. Okay, maybe a rather big inncident that she will not talk about.


Uneasy and somewhat awkward to be around, Judith is not a bad young woman after all. When she looks at someone, she looks at each person differently, yet she'll always have a hint of annoyness in her dull-grey eyes, it's just who she is. The girl always enjoys eavesdropping on other random patrons, just to figure out what's going on in life without actually speaking to anyone. She's the quiet type, but if you get to know her, she's very, very talkative, she can jabber your ear right off. However, she does have her awkward moments, very awkward, usually if she does, she'll fall silent or just simply give no eye contact and turn a very bright pinkish color in her cheeks. Judith is very sheepish of everything when it comes down to liking someone to actually training with a teacher. There's a certain nerve that triggers her in her training that makes her too frustrated to continue, making her throw a fit, throwing weapons, punching things, and stubbornly marching off on her own.

Coming down to decisions, Judith always wins... If she wants to do something and someone refuses to let her, she finishes the task either way. She's too stubborn to let anyone else rule over her life, she could do what she wants, she thinks, yet that's not all true. Once in a while, she'll agree with someone to make a certain decision and she'll follow what they say, since she doesn't know the lands very well, so maybe it's best to listen to someone more experienced.

Judith also has a low self-esteem, if someone calls her something positive, she automatically thinks downly on herself. It's an automatic reaction. Causes of this, were from her old land, no one respected to young woman at all, since she was different from all the other Elven creatures. She thinks no one is special, she thinks everyone is absolutely normal, and the same. Sure they may have different personalities, yet that doesn't mean they're super special from anyone else. She usually snickers at things like that, she has a definate rude side to her personality and it always shows.

What the girl most of all loves, is to mock people and tease people. It makes her feel better inside and sometimes she just doesn't care about anyone elses feelings, she feels people should feel as low as eachother. So if she's feeling down, others have to feel down too. She needs help on her attitudes, hopefully this will all work out. Judi also loves to drink, that's the only reason why she ends up in the tavern, though she's not someone who gets drunk all the time. She just has a few drinks a day, nothing big at all. It's usually wine anyway...