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Name: Hadrian Barbatius (Last name given to him by the Arena)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'1
Age: 28
Class: Warrior
Marital Status: Single, yet spoken for


Hadrian was orphaned at an early age, and grew up on the streets of Gualon. Stealing for food and clothes all his early childhood, he wound up getting himself caught as a teenager. Luckily enough, Gualon had been short on Gladiators that season, and so... The Guards that arrested him gave him a choice, either he could lose his hand for theft, or he could fight one match in the arena. If he survived, he would be wiped of all past transgressions. And so Hadrian fought. He won his first match with ease, taking to the horrid murder of another man like bird to flight. He was showered with praise and food after winning, and so he decided he would take this up as his alternative to stealing. Eventually, he became good enough to join a ludus, and train under some of the best Gualon had to offer. Hadrian became ruthless, winning decisive battles in the Arena against all odds; he painted his legacy in blood upon the sands of the Arena.

Eventually, Hadrian fought in the tournaments to become one of three Grand Champions of Gualon's Arena. The three winners would receive a piece of the set of Morality--a fabled Gladiator's garb--as their prize. Hadrian won the Helmet of Mortality, which rightfully depicts the gruesome slaughter of gods by mans hand, and men bathing victoriously in their blood. Feeling tired of the Arena's joys, Hadrian left his ludus, and enlisted as a soldier in Gualon's Legion, where he served numerous years, achieving the rank of Squad Leader. Once his time in the Legion ended, he sold his sword for hire, and fought in several wars, including the Archmosian Wars both for, and against the Archmosian Empire. It is here that he clashed blades and tested his meddle against that of the Murum Mors, and survived.

Upon the final end to the Archmosian Empire, Hadrian returned once more to Gualon, to find it in complete disarray. Since then, Hadrian has made it apparent to both the population of Gualon, and Hollow, that he is gunning for the Crown of Gualon. He has since started bringing trade and wealth into the city to help boost the economy and morality of his hopefully soon-to-be subjects.

Hadrian lost against Redovian in a duel after escaping from the Cathedral. 
His hard work to usurp the throne of Gualon is now being shouldered by Eboric, as well as the
entirety of the Aethlinga Gedriht. 
At present time, he is continuing his work in Gualon, and attempting to gain a strength great
enough to match Redovian, so that he may set right his pride, and defeat the Paladin.  
Hadrian, with the aid of Vajramirne, defeated Sasha and Rawnie in the Gualon Revival
Tournament. The two of proceed in the tournament, and are now pitted against each
other in the next match. Gualon's population continues to thrive.
Hadrian lost to Piero in the final match of the Gualon Revival Tournament. Piero has taken on 
mantel of defending his title, leaving Hadrian to pursue his goals of the Gualon-takover a bit
easier without that title hovering over his head.