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Name: Fuan Azazel
Alias: Feline of the Crimson Mask
Race: Pure-Blooded Feline
Age: 24
Eye color: Changes dependent on his mood
Height: 6' 2"
Skin: Pale
Hair: Ebony
Feline parts: Ears, claws and three tails(at all times)
Born: Outside the lands of hollow in the realm of Kaeleer
Home: Assumes to lay claim to the Serene Glade
Class: Assassin
Sub-Class: Alchemist
Guild(s): Un-guilded.
Clan: Now part of The Row
Rank/Title Given: The Joker
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Once, he had been allowed the honor of being a normal kitten. He stalked and pounced, played and laughed. This pleasant life progressed as any other would, up until the day he began to show his true powers. Laughs turned to screams as his mind was flooded by the dark energy, haunting echos seeping into the night. Many moons passed before he finally overcame the pain, coming to terms and taking control of the power flowing through his young body.

Sensing his change, the Elders of his clan put him to training, no longer allowed to be the kitten he was. In his clan, the difficulty of the training completely depended on the strength of those being taught. His training had been the harshest anyone in his clan had ever seen. Overseen by his father, Fuan had bled each and every day, collapsing many times throughout each session, only to be healed and revived by his mother, allowing the pain to start again anew. Hia pain and rage filled screams could be heard throughout the large village, no quarter being granted to the child. The kitten of no more than ten years of age trained on and on, seeing horrors none had seen before...or after.

At the age of sixteen, he had grown truly skilled under the tutelage of his parents, learning the many ways of his people. During a simple thieving mission, he crossed paths with an odd man. This eerie male had asked something of the young feline... he asked for the head of the home owner he was to burgle. Unknowing as to why, Fuan accepted the task. He snuck into the house with ease, claiming both the item desired by his clan as well as the head. He returned the head and received a rather large sum for the deed. Without realizing it, he had chosen his true profession. Returning home, he received the honor of passing all his training...that is until the village Elders heard about what he had done.

He was strictly punished for what had transpired, though nothing could now change his ways. Soon after, Fuan left the village in search of excitement. Finding none right away, he began experimenting with Alchemy and Shamanism, creating many tonics and toxins, as well as a great number of runes to cause different effects. He traveled in solitude for many years, becoming more adept at both his chosen crafts. He traveled from land to land, realm to realm, finally coming to claim a certain glade as home within the realm known as Hollow. Many events have since come to pass, though their stories would come only from his lips, should he be asked...


Master with Dual-wielding Daggers
Can summon Coldfire on a whim
Has some Psionic powers, though does not have complete control over them as of yet
Uses shadows to travel and fight
Self-trained Alchemist. Can create truly powerful Tonics and Toxins
His blood is potent enough to cause physical changes to those that consume it
Has studied Shamanistic runes for a time

Events, current and past

After waking from a hazy stupor, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. All he could remember of the night before was the pleasant, though drunken company of a friend. This friend was Lady Talisia, of whom he had spent quite a while conversing with. Some time later, it was brought to his attention that the Lady was pregnant and baring twins. It was obvious whom fathered the children, as the female cub looked just like him where-as the boy-child featured his mothers' image. He remembered not the act of mating and denied it vehemently, even though the evidence was not in his favor.

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