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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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DISCLAIMER: I have not been keeping this page very up-to-date. Assume that most of the conditions that are short term have passed, but everything is still probably relevant to Feanaro's history.

Basic Information

Name: Feanaro Eledhwen [fey-uh-NAH-roe eh-LEHD-wehn]

Feanaro is a half-elf illusionist whose magics specialize in spells cast by drawing symbols with his trusty quill, an instrument which he has begun to wear behind his ear when not in use. He recently returned to Hollow from trip to his homeland to try and escape the encroaching evil surrounding Hollow; however, he decided to return for the sake of his friends, knowing that the skills he perfected while away will help greatly in the days to come. Feanaro is roughly five-foot-eleven with a mild build, short blonde hair, very little facial hair, and deep green eyes. Currently undertaking no profession for monetary gain, he resides in an old elven hut in the Sage Forest. Feanaro also has a son by the name of Auguste Beren Eledhwen. The boy is a full blooded human and was adopted by Feanaro when the man couldn't locate the birth parents. Feanaro is a very friendly guy, and he is generally quite honorable in his intentions and ways; however, his many acquaintances sometimes stretch his protective abilities a bit thin. Overall, he's a good guy to know, and a great guy to be friends with.

A few other objects of note:

  • He now wears a full set of crimson robes to better suit his spellcasting style.
  • Beneath the robes he wears a black shirt with a silver embroidered ivy vine on the left shoulder, a gift from a dear friend.
  • He wears two pendants around his neck: a tarnished one bearing his family crest, and a well-polished one containing an image of two trees that intertwine as they reach the top of the pendant, finally joining at a small inset diamond.
  • He has a pair of scars diagonally across his back from being caught in the crossfire of a tavern brawl.

Common Knowledge

  • Feanaro is a member of the Elven Council, a group of individuals who are organizing the creation of an elven village in Sage Forest.
  • Feanaro killed the man responsible for the death of the paladin Guerin, then sold his body to The Wyrm, an action he is not especially proud of.
  • Feanaro has traveled with his son back to his homeland to escape the evil that seems to be engulfing much of Hollow.
  • Recently returning from his homelands, Feanaro has honed his skills a bit more while he was away, perfecting some of his spellwork. He now believe he is suited for protecting those near and dear to him.

OOC Info

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