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This page describes a character who is permanently dead.

Demelza's Statistics

Name: Demelza "Pawprint" Sanquine
 Age: 23
Birth Date: December 19th
Gender: Female
Race: Fermin
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 54 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Fur Color: Black with a White Spot
Class: Assassin/Thug
Specialty: Close Combat
Occupations: Thug, Thief, Con Artist, Assassin, Ninja
Clan: None
Guild(s): Assassin Guild Member
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Origin: Hidden
Home: Underneath a Table
Status: Alone

Physical Description

Demelza is really really mean. She is a racist (Against Humans and Felines), a trained killer, a thug, and slightly unstable mentally. She isn't crazy, per se, but she will occasionally lash out at those near her for no reason what so ever .Raised in the sewers and caves of the underdark, she participated in rigorous training with various weapons.

She is short, lean, and carries multiple scars hidden beneath oil black fur. Of course, here and there are nicks missing out of her once full ears from where a sword, shuriken, or some kind of sharp and pointy object removed pieces of flesh and tissue. Leather tunic and leggings are runed, but the meaning behind the runes have long been forgotten by Demelza herself since she never stitched together the armor. She stole it. From a person she no longer cares to remember.


She's Mean

People of Importance

  • Saiyuri: Her Mealticket.
  • Jelko: Assassin's Guild Leader, Demelza's Boss.
  • Pyde: Fellow Fermin, in charge of her corpse upon Death.
  • Splag: Fellow Fermin.
  • Kaidyn: Demelza's Student, Future Ninja.

Current Employers

  • Saiyuri- Often dropping shinies and knick knacks for the rodent, she has earned a contract of protection in which Demelza will see to it that nobody will harm the woman without some harm coming to their person. And by some, she means a lot.

Noteworthy Items & Short History Lessons

  • Tooth and Tail: The Kusarigama of choice for the rodent, the kama and weight both able to detach from the chain proper to be used on their own or keep the rodent from being tethered to an enemy. The blade can be poisoned, but often it is not. Be careful, it has a rough range of about four meters (Twelve feet roughly), but some say that it has the ability to extend, or even slide across floor like a snake.
  • Rat Fang: What she calls her kunai. She usually keeps around six strapped to each thigh, but she often kept a good number of them hidden here and there. Sometimes poisoned, sometimes not, but more often then not you may find a spellcard attached to its hilt. Be careful with that.
  • Spellcards: Strips of paper with enchantment runes upon them, they carry anything from very mild healing spells to electrocution spells.
  • Whiskershkinks: Garrote wire that often finds its place in the fingers of the rodent, it can be tied to weapons or used on its own to slowly saw through flesh or armor with some effort. It is thin, strong, and will cut unaided hands and tenderer flesh without some kind of protection.
  • Sword Breakers: Specially made Tonfa with slots to accommodate blades of various length, their goal is sheer defense and keeping the rat hide intact. Yes, it has been known to catch regularly crafted swords and with the heavy strike of its twin... break swords in half. Yay for Shoddy craftsmanship.
  • Whizzers: Shuriken, plain and simple. Five pronged, spinny hurty shurikeny things.
  • Blade of Midnight: A Wakazashi, roughly a meter and a half in length and slightly curved, as black as a storm in the black of night. It's always poisoned, a psychotropic venom from some sewer snake that leaves the user facing temporary blindness and auditory hallucinations in some cases. It wasn't fun... it really wasn't.
  • Cloud Puffs: Goose eggs, painted black and hollowed out. Inside their semi-fragile shell is a mixture of rather mean ingredients. Ash, pepper, rust, and other eye irritants can be expelled in a puff of powder meant to irritate the eyes, nose, and throat.

Updates & Recent Events

  • Has returned to Hollow

Beaten, Killed, or Maimed

  • Hector(Name Unknown to Demelza): Draconian, picked a fight and lost.