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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

"If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

~Willy S.

Clare's Stats

Name: Clarice Vaeda.
Nickname: "Clare".
Gender: Female.
Race: Undead Half-Elf.
Class: Illusionist.
Sub-Class: Unknown.
Birthday: December 28th.
Age: Appearance of a 19 year old, but she's really 83 years old.
Height: 5'7".
Weight: 118 pounds.
Build: Slenderish-petite.
Hair Color: Auburn brown.
Eye Color: Islamic green.
Skin Color: Light pale skin.
Clan: None at the moment.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Marital Status: No interest at the moment.
Sexual Preference: Males.
Home: Behind the Graveyard over by Vailkrin, she feels comfortable there mostly, since, she's close 
to others that have past on also.
Origin: A place far from Hollow, enough said.


Appearance without the illusion:

When you first look at Clare without the illusion, a shiver runs down your spine at the sight. The slender shaped young woman looks rather deadly--dark pits for eyes, no iris, no white, just pupil. A purplish-tint circles around her eyes, making her eyes look rather ill--zombie-like. There are no scars on her visage, only peeling skin, dark pits, and a palish-green tint for her skin color. Your eyes hesitate to look down more at her appearance. Around her torso, her stomach starts to stain her clothes in blood, her scarred wound reopening, well, it's already opened up, it's just in your mind. The baby pink rose that was in her auburn brown hair, is now brownish-gold, turned into a dead crisp. Her hair seems to be falling out in bunches, it's rather sad mostly. A foul stench starts to leak off of her body, wafting into the air surrounding the last bit of freshness that surrounded you. The smell is rather sour, the smell of sour milk and rotting flesh. Her skin around her arms and legs are peeling also, showing a small amount of bone in various places, for example, her elbows and knees. This zombie-like girl stands at about five foot, seven inches, rather small, yet she looks terrifying, maybe one should step back from this one.

Appearance with the illusion:

When Clare places the illusion around herself, the first thing you would probably notice is that she looks around her early twenties, late teens. She's about five foot, seven inches, and rather slender and petite looking. The girl looks rather innocent, yet very sophisticated, though she really isn't too much, she just looks very mature mostly. Her visage is light-toned and pale--white, but very smooth, baby soft. The girl's eyes are an islamic green color, they swirl with amusement, they're bright--lively. Her hair is usually tangled in a messy bun, pinned by various clips, or it's usually down in auburn brown locks. A baby pink rose is usually rested on the other side of her parted; wavy bangs. Her lips are a very pale pink color, never painted, always a pale smooth pink. The girl is usually dressed in a knee-high white dress, a small baby pink ribbon, or any other various color, wrapped around the middle of her torso tied into a bow in the back. The girl is usually wearing a pair of slippers or something. Around her finger is a plain ring, just for looks mostly. On the other hand, around her neck rests a pendant, secrets are definitely hidden in that one.


Careless, sometimes.
- Flowers.
- Pink and white.
- Brains, secretly.
- People, dependingly.
- Dancing music.
- Graveyards.
- Bones.
- Acting normal.
- Windows.
- Being noticed.
- Freaking people out.
- Being who she is^.
- Being judged^.
- Rudeness.
- Pretending to breathe.
- Sweets.
- Any type of food^.
- Drinking, yet she does it to act like the others.





None at the moment.


Also none at the moment.

OOC Stuff

OOC Description

A brown haired, green eyed female in high school. I've played Hollow for about four years now, I think I know what I'm doing. I've played several charries, guess 'em if you want, I don't care. I'm a friendly RPer, yada, yada. I'll RP with almost everyone. :]

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  • Teira.
  • Ymheshphilun/Taikahn.
  • Christian.
  • Juliette.
  • Korike.

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