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Chatnu Gratki

Of the Rynvale Fermin Gratki Pack.

Chantnu is a Gambian Pouch Fermin of 2 human years ( which is equivalent to about 24 fermin years) who is a theif by trade that can manipulate what she calls theif magic. This deals in lesser magics of all types to aid in her profession and are mostly of conceilment, stealth and defense. She also possess a unique ability her pack calls Memory magic. It allows her to see the history of any object she touches. The female fermin is three feet tall when standing on hind legs and weighs thirty pounds without armor or cloths. Her dark red eyes are not so good at seeing (and only slightly better at night) and everything is a blur unless a few feet away. However, Chatnu has hearing that rivals the best felines and a nose that would make a lycan jealous, plus her whiskers help navigate small dark places and can pick up vibrations at fifty yards away. A black inky fur covers all but her four paws and tail which are a tree bark brown. Under the dark steel muzzle (in which she is rarely seen not wearing) is a patch of white fur in the shape of a flame.

Though quick and agile as her race is, Chatnu still cannot run unless on all four paws though walking or a slow jog is not a problem with only her hind legs. The fore paws are dexterious like a humans and long fingers help when pickpocketing or using picks on a lock. This fermin is a superb climber that can scurry across small ledges, tree branches or ropes (so long as they can hold her weight). Also, she can jump up to four feet in distance with a running start. If Chatnu can fit her head through an opening, she can squeeze her whole body through (without wearing cloths or armor). A thing to note about this fermin's tail is that it is prehensile and can grasp or hold onto things. Other than being great for balance, Chantu has been known to use it on occasion as a whip. When this fermin is happy (usually after a sucsessful job) her tail wags looking much like a slithering snake. If she is mad, angry or upset it is easy to know since the sound of grinding teeth is clear warning. And what sharp teeth she has! A chomp from them and they sink to the bone, add to that her sharp claws on all four paws and this fermin female has natural lethal weapons. If that wasn't enough, Chatnu has spent much time learning from the elder black coats in her pack on stealth, trickery, how to throw daggers, shot a crossbow and dual weild daggers for when close combat is needed.


Hiss: basilisk - Chitnu's familiar. Two feet long with coal black scales and mercury colored eyes. Has a white flame mark between its eyes just like Chitnu who can allows hear and see through the serpent. When its eyes become illuminous, anything looking at them will become paralysed and when mature turned to stone. Since Hiss is so young, his stunning gaze only lasts five to ten minutes before wearing off.

Fermin Mercenary's

Torru: Gray coat female General. Loyal backer to the current Grand Pack Master.

Ganyu: Gray coat male Lieutenant. Loyal backer to Chatnu's rise to Grand Pack Master.

Nashur: Black coat male Elder. Chatnu's father. Loyal backer to Chatnu's rise to Grand Pack Master.

Shudu: White coat High female Mage. Chatnu's mother. Swaying towards Chatnu's rise to Grand Pack Master.

Bligu: Brown coat Lord. Outspoken backer to the current Grand Pack Master.

Maglu: Brown coat female Misstress. Silent backer to Chatnu's rise to Grand Pack Master.

Skills / Abilities

Memory Magic

Not to be confused with telemancy or psionic magic. This deals strictly with the memories of time that surround any physical object (including people and pets) that are recorded on the strands of time. Only gods have the power to 'mask' or 'block' these memories surrounding something. Currently, Chatnu can only see images, but the more she uses this gift, the stronger it gets. How strong? That has yet to be seen. It is mentaly taxing on the fermin though and extended use without sleep could put her in a coma. Chatnu has not figured out yet ICly that it seems to not work on high level chronomancers.

-Tracker: In the early stages of learning. This allows Chatnu to 'mark' something physical to track with her memory magic. From then this fermin can either find it by a 'feeling' she gets telling her which direction it is (closer it is the stronger the feeling), or she can 'link' to it without touch and use her current level of mastery of her Memory Magic to glean information.