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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Please Remember

This information is meant to to be learned through RP. Do not use it unless you have done so, or observed it directly. Do not godmod finding it out. I do my best to roll with RP at all levels. Still, it's seriously annoying when people put actions or words onto my character.

Who is Breccan Quirke?

Ask 'who be Breccan Quirke?'
I answer, "Why want ye ta know?
And shud ye spy poor Breccan,
Will ye be his friend, or foe?
"Why shud I tell his story
Ta men if If I feel wear...
An' risk tha' he shud perish
A' four'n'twenty years.
"'E's carried bow'n'dagger
A parcel'n' a pack;
Fled the land he hailed frum
An' ne'er will tarn back."


At age twenty-four, Breccan Quirke looks even younger. His unruly auburn hair and freckle dusted, fair skin do not help with this illusion. While usually he is mistaken for one in their late teens, he is sometimes assumed to be as young as sixteen. At five foot, nine inches and with a moderate build he has enough lean muscle to fill out his frame, it is his face that casts much of the youthful appearance to him: wide hazel eyes that seem to lean towards an olive green, framed with long lashes; that mess of auburn waves constantly falling into his features; and full lips that seem to so perfectly express whatever he's feeling. It's practically impossible for the man to look intimidating.


Perhaps it is because he is still in his youth, though he would love to argue otherwise, that Breccan Quirke has such a feeble grasp on where he stands in the world. As such, he would have a hard time describing for you just who he is, what he stands for, and what he is like. It is best left to the outside observer to conclude such things.
What they might see, however, is a lost young man who has difficulty determining who is trustworthy. Breccan is desprate to trust people, but at the same time he knows how easily that faith can be misplaced. Even those who seem innately dependable can betray you. They may find that this has lead him to questioning the morals of the world, because if he cannot trust people, why should he trust the ideals they have tried to instill upon him? At the same time, they will likely find that he wants to be a good person, if he can sort out what good is.
Like many young people he can be brooding, which does not help with the confusion people have over his age. He hates that people mistake him for being younger, and tries to show off his main point of confidence when he can to overcome this self-doubt. That confidence is his physique, and so he will go sleeveless or shirtless when he can. He feels he has a boy's face on a man's body.
He is often even tempered, but can become enraged in some circumstances. If one wins his true trust and betrays him, it would possibly earn his ire. By the same token, he can become like a fumbling fool at moments too. These most often involve women, as he is very self-conscious about his youthful appearance. When someone comments on his looks, the reaction can be unpredictable, depending on the circumstances of the day.

Who is Breccan Quirke You Say?

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Abbreviated History

Before Hollow

  • Born Early spring/late winter time as only child in a distant land.
  • Enrolls in his native land's Royal Archery Regiment at age twenty.
  • Faces a grave betrayal.
  • Is banned from the training academy for the Archery Regement.
  • Flees the country by ship, and disembarks at Cenril.

The First Winter

  • Unsure of how else to survive, he is looking for odd jobs in the Cenril and Kelay areas.

Trivia Bits

  • His given name is pronounced "BRIK-awn"
  • His last name is most easily pronounced "Kwark" or Coork" by those who cannot coppy the accented pronunciation of his native land. In his accent is a more lilting, rolled together pair orf syllables "KwaR-RIC" in which the R at the end of the first seems to blend with the R at the beginning of the second.
  • Breccan's Birthday is the equivelant of March 12.
  • He hates the cold, mostly because he feels like the more clothing he has on, the younger he looks.