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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Artificer & Scientist
Hired gadgeteer for The Runner

Name: Alaine.
Won't give out this title. Only two men know her true name; one of them is now dead.

Aliases: Fox, The Arctic.
Takes these titles during '"business affairs".

Race: Elf.
Doesn't fit the elven stereotype too much.

Class: Artificer, Thief, Former-Assassin.
Is now taking requests.

Status: Free.
Her chains have been broken.

Physical Description: Being a former-assassin and a current thief, Alaine obviously has a very lithe and agile frame, but some may classify it as more athletic due to the strength she possesses. Height isn't impressive, standing a mere 5'5", and apparently "mouse like" (Sigh...). Hair is an ebon with hints of dark scarlet, giving locks a gentle crimson shine in sunlight. Skin should be pale, as most elves have, but because of her years in the sun, skin has tanned just slightly, making her not quite pale, but still fairly lighter than most. Eyes are deep pools of molten silver, often veiled in some parts by the choppy locks that hang freely over her face, past her chin, and barely reaching down to her shoulders. She is rarely seen without her beloved leather duster coat and goggles that are worn as a headband of sorts. As a companion, a miniature mechanical dragon name Morridian (Morrie) is carried in her pocket, the true-steel wonder often allowed to roam free at whatever establishment his owner finds herself in.