The Great Turkey Hunt

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Pinned to the Kelay bulletin board, as well as all tavern and guild boards around Lithrydel and Rynvale Island, you find an extremely heated Wanted poster written by none other than Mesthak himself, owner of the Kelay Tavern.


The Details!

In several regions across Lithrydel and Rynvale, 3 different kinds of turkey mobs have been scattered for statters to get their hands on! Each drops something different, most of which can be sold to the Kelay Tavern for gold. You'll find them in Kelay, Enchantment, Gualon, Xalious, and Vhys!

Each mob are designed to be different levels, for the various levels of statters we have in the game! Make sure to be nice to your fellow statters and share the mobs! The turkeys are as follows:

  • Poult
    • Just a bunch of little guys. A nobody. Why would you want to kill them? They only drop their legs.
  • Wild Turkey
    • These ones are your normal, every day turkeys. The ones that will look great next to a side of mashed potatoes and gravy after you slaughter them. These drop legs, wishbones, and eggs.
  • Great Gigaturkey
    • No one knows how these unholy abominations got so big. Toxic waste? Dark magic? The Moth-Elf? They're sure to feed an entire family and then some, if you want to risk it. Imagine if you found one of their Great Gigaturkey eggs.

The Items

While the Great Gigaturkey Egg is listed here, if you manage to get one, you will receive a +50 custom in exchange! Should you receive one amongst your turkey massacring, please send Customs your request for said +50, including the usual details of the custom name and item slot!

Item Gold Silver Copper
Turkey Leg 250 0 0
Turkey Wishbone 500 0 0
Turkey Egg 10000 0 0
Great Gigaturkey Egg 0 0 0