RP:Why Men Don't Ask Directions

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To the south, the horizon is blocked by a veritable wall of vines and jungle trees, broken by a fresh opening cleared away by blades. To the east and west stretches a large meadow. The sun is shining, illuminating the long grasses that move even on the calmest days, giving warning of the beasts that stalk therein.

Alareik was once more I the wilds of cenril. Sword put away and lofty long strides quickly carried him through the forest. Though the Lycan wasn't being very quite once more on the hunt for a raptor. He could once more hear his stomach rumbling ohh the curses he would lay upon thy damned feline. With all the skill of a half starved man he burst from the jungle onto a rather well walked path. Quickly the human appearing man looked left and right. His nostrils flailing as he tried to find a hint of raptor scent.

Sabrina was just laying there, emerald gaze fixed on the bright sky which was now and again impaled by the spear of a wavering blade of grass. It was unclear if she was dead or stupid but the heave of a grey beasty’s scaled chest not far from her lent on she was probably fashioning a nap of some sort. Heavily spiked boots cross neatly at the ankle causing them to look distinctly out of place and leading one to wonder if they really did come in such a small size- regardless they looked out of place, neatly propped in that feminine fashion. The palest of hands rest delicately, fingers woven into one another and stark against the black corseted top. A sea of ink exploded around her dome, hair stretching half her body’s length and then some outwardly searching for shelter against the warming sun. A book lay not far from her person, for once her face was not buried in it. Elven ears twitch as debris crunches under foot, the noise a gross intrusion of her silence. She grumbles, irritated, and sits up, pulling the ebon trusses fluidly with her form. She reaches for the book, which after sensing danger had began whisking itself away leaving her fingers to grasp imprudently in the air. Rohk rights himself abruptly, his form much too large to hide no matter how hunched he put himself in the grasses. Blackened ears swish this way and that, honing in on the approaching noise.

Alareik quickly turned his head off to the side... That dog was back...With a small snort thr lycan turned to walk towards the dog. Slowly the lycan wondered if would be fun to wrestle with the rather large hell hound. He'd pull up short of the pair as his nose picked out another scent. Ahh so the quite woman was here as well...with a mental shrug he informed the beast to be on its best behavior. Cautiously he began to wave to grab attention. " Well met ." Once more his stomach growled showing signs of hunger.

Sabrina stood, lips pursed and without rush. Her heels came together properly, though it appeared that from boots to waist she had been walking through corpses all morning. The wind picks up the explicit smell of metal and oil akin to the lizard persuasion, the kind of smell that leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. Rohk simply looked upon the male like he was a toy being introduced and he had no intention of playing with it. Dull scales flutter at the shoulders as well as the hackles, turning them ever-so-slightly amber just at the crevices between them. Sabrina offers a slight bow, more like an extended nod from the neck up. Her thin fingers lift noticeably before splaying outward in a dusting-off motion. The natural elements that clung to her from the ground separated from her form and landed faster than gravity would tell it to at her feet. She looked at the Lycan as if he was expected to give her some sort of excuse as to why he felt the need to disturb her calm.

Alareik cocked his head to the side and looked at the beast beside the woman. This his nose flaired and he took in thr glorious smell...Kinda like the meat the feline gave him. Without thought the man fell to all four and stalked a wide circle around the duo. As if trying to find the hint of that smell lingering in the air. Alas no... The smell seemed to come from only her. A small growl of frustration came from him. " Where are the raptors... You smell like them.."

Sabrina took a wild kick toward the hungry man sniffing a circle around her in a crazed feral fashion. She ‘eeped’ audibly and her Hero came barreling down, his maw so close as to allow steam from his hot breath to fill the senses of the stranger. Rohk’s hackles were alight, sprung up from his spine like flaming arrows; similar pieces come from elbows, heels, shoulders, and ankles- more importantly his twin daggered tails which were circling their way around toward Alareik’s face.

Alareik didnt pay much attention to her words or even her pet’s actions. Though when he turned to look at them and noticed twin dagger like tails he shifted to the side letting them just move past him. He had no want to play right now...He was hungry. " Big lizards...where?" Even if he seemed riveted on sabrina the lycams other scences where locked upon the angry hell hound.

Sabrina’s brows furrowed, an expression not generally associated with the female. She regains her composure and thumbs toward the East. An audible chatter echoes from Rohk’s gullet. His front half crouched down; pacing the ground with every step Alareik took, just waiting for this dog-smelling human to invade Sabrina’s bubble. Sabrina had begun chanting an incantation that would infect Alareik’s taste buds to taste only mud from anything he put in his mouth. The incantation was only notable through a trained eye keen enough to recognize the tiniest of movements from her lips and the faintest magical glimmer deep in her eyes. He would need to break contact before she finished in order for it to work.

Alareik sadly turned his head towards thr beast as it seemed to want to talk. His eyes flittered back to sabrina a moment before the rune on his back started to burn. Magic! And not the kind he could steal for his own. One heart beat....Two heart beats... The man on all fours bones snapped on the third heart beat. At heart beat four fur erupted across his body...heart beat number five a massive werewolf stood upon all fours. He didnt want a fight... He just wanted something to eat. At heart beat six the lycan had pounced. At his full height he was 9feet of pissed off rage muscle and nicotine.

Sabrina had not expected this reaction from one small incantation, at most she wanted him to go away. She screams aloud telling Rohk to stand down and pulling her arms up to shield her from the oncoming pounce. A wall of dirt snaps up from the earth in the place where the Lycan’s chin would land. Rohk wasn’t going anywhere and so he lunged after the male, his whole body blazing in full force and the heat emanating from him causing visual distortions in his wake. The completion of the incantation was at a draw- it may or may not have taken depending on the amount of magic within the other to prevent it. This wasn’t her first Lycan; regrettably the Hollow-bound bipedials was all she had experience with. She hadn’t seen one go Feral- nor seen one so complete in human form. She had a wicked smile dancing across her lips. She more than ever wanted to take this one apart and see what made him tick.

Alareik gave a sudden grunt as his body impacted the earthen wall...Why did it always come to attacking...ohh that was his fault... Quickly claws dug in as he quiclly moved his bulk up and to the other side of the earthen wall. Just in time to avoid the hell hoind. He didnt with to harm any one just wanted information. As the spell tried to settle on him the magic in his core answered none to kindly. If she was fast she'd catch a glimpse of the runes decorating his back oddly enough they seemed to spell something. Now the lycan turned his gaze to see if the earth wall as merely one sided or if he'd need to get creative.

Sabrina didn’t read runes. She always viewed them as being a Dwarven art and decided to leave it at that a long time ago. Rohk made his way around the wall, as going over it seemed a great unnecessary expense of energy. He huffed thin plumes of smoke ground ward and Sabrina slides her hand beneath his hackles seemingly unharmed by his flame. She pulls herself astride him, the flames licking up to her shoulders but not touching her. It wasn’t too often she was attacked by an adversary who didn’t share the idea of her being harmless so today was going to go down as an interesting day for her. The wall was in fact only chin high, twice the width of the Lycan’s own body, and sloped like a wave with the dead drop facing the Lycan’s original position. Having clamored over the wall he had opted to have his back against the slope- of which Sabrina immediately commanded back from whence it came. She had already given him directions to his food source, what else he could possibly want is what Sabrina could only figure was altercation, else he’d have gone by now.

Alareik caught wind of the scent of raptors. Oh glorious day. With that the wolf seemed to saunter off towards the smell. He was being truthful... merely wanted directions but she hadn't said anything merely pointed... She has a rather large and angry puppy with her... Its very difficult to pay attention to both.

Sabrina’s and Rohk’s survival depended on t’other being a distraction to enemies. Rohk was quick to temper, true enough; this made it easier for Sabrina to utilize the time he bought to complete some of the most complex druidic charms she could muster. The fun was seeing how far one could go and under what duress the concentration could do to keep up. It was all very much a game for them. This Lycan wandered about, acting suspicious enough to whisk the book away and send shivers through Rohk’s hackles, despite his upmost belief one could never be too prepared. She was convinced there was nothing trustworthy or innocent about this fool whose nose was tickling the breezes that swept by it. He was headed toward his meal ticket, and they would wait until he was gone before they turned their backs on his presence.