RP:Weeding Out the Infiltrators

From HollowWiki

The sound of cheering erupted in the hall, extra rations had been given, by donation from the Whaler's Bar, to prepare for the coming battle. At the end of the hall stood Alice, clad in her armor, grinning, and motioning for the barrels of ale and additional rations to be rolled in. It had been required that every single member of the Guard arrive to this meeting. Had any not arrived; a secret patrol had been sent to interrogate, and if found to be an enemy, were eliminated. This was all done in secret. Even those guards on duty were included, given a single drink from a barrel wheeled around the city on a cart. As the barrels in the guards' hall were cracked open, each Guard was made to get a glassfull, and take a drink. The celebrating would continue, but every now and then, someone would look ill. The plan was working.

"Ye've all been good sports. Now, ye know tha' we're expectin' attack on the morrow, so I'd like ye all to do a perimeter sweep. No mercy, y'hear? We can't afford no lives. It's bad enough as it is." She nodded. "Get to it."

She motioned, and one by one the Guardsmen left, off to do their duty. Unbeknownst to them; Alice had learned a thing or two. Before bringing the barrels of ale to the pre-battle celebration, the ale had been spiked with a potent silver powder; and a small dose of truth serum, straight from a friend's stash. As each infected guard fell ill from the silver poisoning, they were escorted to their barracks, their companions given the excuse that they had had a bit too much to drink. Not a one of them ever made it to their beds, however, but instead were taken into custody by the grim warriors that accompanied Alice.

The vast majority of the traitors... had been weeded out... there wouldn't be time for more infiltrators. Alice herself now stood guard at the Barracks, along with a few of the allied men from both her clan's warband, and a few from the Murum Mors, the old gladiators of Gualon.