RP:Vladimire Swears Loyalty to Slit

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

Vladimire Moves towards a nearby boulder, slowly taking a seat and removing his helmet and facemask. Long white tendrils cascade down his shoulder though he quickly tucks them behind his pallid ears, "It seems like a lifetime ago, but I could swear you are the one in the same, even your blood smells the same. You remind me of a man I once pledged my allegiance to.....He and I fought together during the great Chaos War."

Slit looks up the face on the man before him and studies it with a stern face,"hmm, you do look somewhat familiar to me also, and yes I did fight in the Chaos war as well as the Shadow War." Slit then wondered for a moment about what he could possibly ask that would verify his suspicion, then it came to him "then tell me if you are who you seem, where was my tower during the ancient days?"

Vladimire said to you, "Well, I'm still here if that accounts for anything, though my existance has been plagued with heart-ache. What of yourself? Last I knew you were exiled after the Shadow War by the Forsaken Knights."

Slit said to Vladimire, "yes Kaizer and Solaris torturered me for days before casting me out of hollow to die, after the betrayal at larket the wounds of the land ran deep, but in my old age I have returned home to live my remaining days, but upon my return I have seen that my people are suffering so I have decided to take up the mantle of leadership once more and rebuild my empire to bring stability to the land."

Vladimire Stands upon hearing the mans words and draws his sword from its resting place by his side. With great ease he buries the point into the rocky earth at his feet before falling to one knee, "There was a time when I called you brother and pledged my life to you. As a man of honor I shall keep that word until my dying breath, should you will it."

Slit placed his hand on Vladimire should and then chanted a magical phrase "teneatur et debeat sacramentum est dignius honorandus est sanguinis qui centum verbo suo voto acies." then lifting his hand from Vladimire he said "my brother, I am honored that you would keep your vow to me and I shall give you the highest honor and make you my General"

Vladimire slowly stands, pulling his sword from the earth and placing it back within its' sheathe, "It would be an honor, sire. What my father did to you robbed this land of a great leader. I feel it's high time things were set right and this land is restored to its' former glory."

Slit said "we must go out and gather any rebels who are in the land and unite them in our cause as they are most prone to agreed with our ideal"

Vladimire bows before Slit, "Consider it done. Please forgive me but we must part ways for now. I find myself growing hungry and must search for sustinance. Farewell, Slit."