RP:Training The Cenrilli Guard

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Congressional Way

A disheveled clerk in golden cross livery frantically ducks and bows his way down Congressional way the man he was supposed to meet may come early and to be left waiting would not sit with the banner general, high commander or anyone else for this matter. Reports from Cenrilli eyes and ears were such that this man was what he said he was a master of the sword and shield. A rare commodity these with all those suicide seeking dual wielding monkeys around the place, or so Sir. Malanx said. As a clerk his blade was the pen and it worked just fine for him. "Sir Chakor, sir Chakor!" He waved frantically, foreigners were not so common in this part of town that he wasn't easily picked out, Guardsmen watching the man warily due to the confidence of his gait. "Hello sir Chakor. I am Regin, Clerk to Edgar Malanx, we have been expecting you. How was your journey?" A quick inspection of the man took place, Regin's soft features wrinkling in concentration.

Chakor turns his head to upon hearing his name called. A human clerk was running up to him waving crazily. The sight made the elf chuckle. "Greeting Regin, the journey went well. This place is a bit warmer than Frostmaw. A nice change of scenery." Out of the corner of his eye he notices the Guard sizing him up. With a smirk he hollers at a pair standing nearby "You couldn't take me, stop trying to figure out who would best me quickest." The Guard let out an audible noise of displeasure. Turning his focus back to the clerk, "So, where are we off to?"

The guards audible displeasure is met with a chastising sigh from Regin, his eyes narrowed as he surveys the pairs faces. Regin always remembered a face, "I am glad that you enjoy the warmer climate, sir. Though we have been getting a lot of rain of late. We do not have far to go. Do you wish to get washed up or shall we go straight to the banner-general?"

Chakor thinks for a moment before answering the clerk's question "Lets head straight to the general. Best not keep him waiting. Plus, I have't swung a sword in several moments. Afraid I might get rusty."

Regin barks a laugh, he thought it was a joke anyway. Moments, ha, rusty, ha. He didn't much get warriors. With a brisk nod and one more glance toward the guards on duty he sets off, "This way so, sir, if you please." With another nod and bob Regin sets off down the street glancing over his shoulder to make sure charge is still with him. Upon reaching their destination he ushers Chakor inside and up a series of stairs to the training yard, a great structure of cement and stone. Weapon racks line the walls and two older men flow from sword attack to defense in the centre, stripped to the waist and sweating with exertion. To the keen eye it is obvious they are good. A little further off a man in a resplendent Cenrilli Guard uniform stands, three stripes on his shoulder to signify his position as banner general. "Banner-General Codein, this is the man you sought. Sir Chakor from Frostmaw." Withdrawing a distance Regin turns his attention to the fight and says no more. "Ah, good to see you friend Chakor and welcome. You are keen to get started so soon after your journey I like that! Well, lets not keep you waiting!" With his gruff voice and merry disposition the man seems at odds with his position but the way in which he carries himself most certainly says otherwise, "Gain and Herre over there will be your test subjects for the day. Have at it when you're ready." The two swordsman have stopped now, sheathing their practice swords smoothly and waiting expectantly for orders.

Chakor politely nods to the banner-general and proceeds to rolls his neck side to side to loosen up. Looking over at the two men, a mischievous smile sprawls across his face. "Toss me one of those practice swords there." the elf beckons across yard to the smaller swordsman. The man throws the swords at the elf with detest, leaning over and whispering something to his mate as he does. As he catches the play-toy, Chakor gives it a flew flicks to test the balance. Not bad, he thinks to himself silently, for a plaything that is. The two swordsmen draw their practice blades when the Elven Gladiator raises a hand. "No no, you'll use real weapons. I can assure you that no excessive harm will come to you in these brief session but I fight best when there's a chance I might be the one hurt." The two men exchange looks and grab their proper swords. They both come charging at the gladiator, who seems rather unimpressed. As they reach him one swipes high whilst the other goes low. Barely even thinking Chakor kicks the man going low as he ducks effortlessly underneath the high blade. Looking over to the general he queries "If this is how they fight, then you really do need my help."

Codein simply grunts as his men are bested, raising his voice to be heard over the din of panting men and shuffling feet as Herre and Gain regain their feet and momentum, "These men are not warriors born, Chakor, they are people dragged from their homes as urchins, gangs and thugs make light with their belongings and women. They are not here to be mocked, they are here to learn. Can you teach them is the question not whether you can beat them."

Chakor continues to evade and block the attacks from the duo as the General speaks to him. "Do not make excuses for your failing to teach these men proper technique. I was not born a warrior, I was molded into one. It started with basic sword work, something that..." He stops mid sentence to kick one of the attackers back and onto his arse. "Some that your men here clearly do not possess." He raises his hand to the swordsmen for them, motioning for them to halt. "I do not mean to be crass but your men wouldn't stand a chance against a half-witted ruffian with a dagger." He walks over to the taller of his former attackers and stands him up "Look here, he holds his blade as though he were afraid of it. Fear is the first thing that will get him killed." The elf walks back over to the banner general "Let me put this bluntly, either you want me to help mold your guards into viable combatants ready for any situation or you don't. I honestly don't care either way, I'm here because word has gotten out that your men are lax."

Codein raises an eyebrow at the gladiator's rebuttal, a deep guffaw rasping free of his lips, "You mistake common courtesy for weakness, Chakor. Yes you are good with a blade none can deny that but your slights towards these men will not be tolerated, it is as simple as that. It is a two way road between teacher and student respect must go both ways. Understand that these men are simply new to the blade and not the idiots you presume them to be and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. You will be well paid and results are sure to come. Those are the terms, do you accept?"

Chakor keeps a stone face "I respect these men perfectly well...sir. More than I respect you in fact but that is something else entirely." Looking the men over he remarks "Don't worry boys, I don't think you're idiots, That word never even came to mind for me. But.." looking back to the banner general "Clearly your general here does." With a wicked grin the elf takes a moment to think about the situation "I agree to your terms on the grounds that you accept a few of mine in return." Restlessly he paces back and forth "One, They train my way. I do not accept excuses, I do not tolerate laziness. Two, You dear general are to be else where when I'm training the men. Clearly we do not see eye to eye but I will not have you hindering my teaching. And lastly you will apologize to these men for 'accidentally' calling them idiots." The elf finishes the list with an amused smrk. "Do you accept my terms sir?"

The usually implacable general blinks at the shift in conversation and how it has suddenly come about on him. Blustering he stammers, "I meant...I meant nothing of the sort." However from the looks in the eyes of the men behind him it seems that word would spread of what had happened here, word of how the man Chakor sought to preserve their honour, that was something men would get behind and they would follow us orders with a vigorous step and whole heart. If Codein Dal'Assigne had to play the tyrant for that to happen then be would gladly do so a thousand times over. With no need to feign bitterness the banner-general nods, fingering the stubble-free length of his jaw, "Perhaps I spoke in haste, it will be as you say Quartermaster Chakor. In view of the Light and Lord let it be so. Herre and Gain here will be your personal Guard, though it is unlikely you wish it to have men of the Cenrilli Guard at your side will establish your position any who may question your authority, nobles, officers or otherwise till word gets around of your appointment." Smashing a fist to the heart of his cuirass the Banner-General dismisses himself only stopping to exchange brief words with Regin, "Make sure the Quartermaster has whatever he requires and show him to his rooms when he is ready." And with that he is gone.

Chakor lets out a hearty laugh and turns to his guards "The look on that old curmudgeon's face was priceless. All proper and surly and one little comment threw him off. This is going to be a fun time boys." He takes a deep breath and thinks for a moment. "Looks boys, I've got a date with a nice cold pint, and I intend to keep it, so how about you two knock off for the night and we'll pick this up later in the week?" The elf smiles as he shakes then hand of each guard "Till next time boys." With that the elf was off to the tavern for fine company and even finer drink.