RP:The Resurrection Ball - Masquerade at The Hanging Corpse

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The Hanging Corpse has been rebuilt, is under new/old management, and a celebration is announced: A Masquerade Ball


The Hanging Corpse Tavern, scene of many a murder and drunken brawl, as well as a variety of dark magics, wars and sieges, was on this evening celebrating its second resurrection to new life, having burned to the ground twice now and rebuilt this last time only recently. The usually grim tavern is festooned with black taffeta bows and silk streamers in rich scarlets, golden fabric draping the tables over fine lace, and a large dancefloor has been cleared before a stage upon which six undead musicians in white wigs and tail-coats are playing while living waiters pass platters of food and trays of drinks about.'

Early evening: guests start arriving

Cornelius jaunts down the stairs, twirling his cane, a costly replica of a cheap imitation Redhale mask adorning his face

Rowen scampers into the inn. The rat is followed by a very cute looking duckling with yellow down. ."Come on Nasurate." Both duckling and rat are masked and Rowen is convinced that no one will be able to recognise them. She scampers up onto the bar top to whisper to Steadman.

Cornelius strolls over to where the undead band are making their dreadful attempts at tuning, guiding them in their efforts "No, no, no! What did I say?! Where are your finger picks, Basil, you'll shred your fingers otherwise, and the harp will sound atrocious." With an impatient jab of the cane at the case sitting next to 'Basil', the undead goes through the motions of putting on the finger picks, small shreds and lumps of decayed flesh oozing off as the slightly-too-small-for-bloated-fingers accoutrements are jammed on pre-jam.

Trinsa walked forward as the door was opened for her. Dressed in her finery, most of it borrowed, she took one look at the festivities and smiled. Valkrin was not so bad dolled up like this. Streamers really made the difference to her. Immediately stepping from the doorway, she shifted to the side so that others may enter while she took in the details.

Rowen orders some plates of snacks from Steadman for everyone to share.

Agoyoanye floated in letting her feet barely touch the ground. The long Celtic print dress flowed over the flower covering her bare foot. With every movement her feet made they jingled from the charm anklet that was wrapped around it. Her short hair was framing her face and falling just below her chin. The once plump doctor had now toned herself and was rather ravishing in her get up. A tiara sat imbedded in the curls on her head making the tendrils of curl hold. Two dangling diamond earring caught the flame from the candles and danced a pale glow onto her face. Across her eyes was a delicately designed mask of black and silver glitter. The swirls of perfectly designed to each edge of her eyes making the crimson tint of her eyes blaze in contrast.

Rowen scampers over to sit on Leoxander's shoulder, levitating a bottle of rum for her captain. She whispers. "Don't worry, it's only me." Nasurate the duckling is wandering about the room staring at all the odd people and things..many of the things are also people.

Cornelius, as 'Dapper Redhale', continues remonstrating with the recalcitrant band of idle bodies, somewhat glad that his mask hides the look of frustration as one of the violinists drops his fingers and the bow it was holding "Dash it all, put those fingers back on and get tuning! I swear, you are doing this on purpose. Mistress Joliette shall not be pleased. Now, give me a B minor" An ungodly screech of bows on strings sends up what is vaguely a B, possibly a minor, but most definitely a cacophonous affront to anything called taste. Dapper Redhale whirls a full 360 degrees like a spinning top before pointing his cane at the fingerless violinist "What did I say about those fingers? I swear, you must have been a bargain-bin corpse, fresh from the gutters. Alright, old stick, you're on drums. Drums, you're on violin. And you, gods no, just... don't. That is an instrument, not food. Who in the name of all that is unholy thought a wind section was going to work?" The zombies shuffle into their new positions to the grating chorus of shrieking violins as Dapper Redhale exhorts them into something resembling, if not yet competence, at least something 'band-like' until the real necromancer, Joliette, arrived.

Jolie floats down the stairs in a swathe of red exotic fabrics, her hair piled atop her head in elaborate coiffure and dainty slippers on her feet, reducing her height by a heel-less five inches. Whatever chagrin she felt at the lack wasn't showing, a broad smile on her lips and she surveyed her tavern, perfectly decorated and all the corpses in the right places. And the guests, of course.

Rowen fluffs up her own pink fluffy bunny slippers, which she thinks are far more impressive than Tenebrae's footwear. The rat is not wearing the slippers, which are both larger than she, but they are enchanted and scampering around her, and her duckling on the floor. The rodent tries to disguise her voice. "Tenebrae, dear, guess who it is behind this mask!"

Jolie studies Rowen, tugging her lower lip. "I've.. no idea, elegant stranger. But I must insist on a dance, later, if you would?"

Agoyoanye made her way to the table trying to avoid to bump anyone or anything. Settling on a table under a torch she watches the others. A hand ran over the table and a relaxing sigh came forth. It was nice that the HTC was back up and running in such a nice order. A glance is thrown at the drink section before a waiter had came forth. He was of course a corpse walking around with a tray of drinks. A bottle of tequila caught her eye as she picked it up waving off the help. Taking a long sip she smiled sitting the bottle down for a later sip.

Tirona sits in the corner quietly. He had taken the position as waiter, more to observe the event than anything else.

Dapper Redhale catches sight of the expanse of red fabrics, and twirls around to offer a slight bow "Ah, Mistress Joliette. Your band is, shall we say, ready to offend the muses?" Tipping his top hat at a jaunty angle, he wonders over to the patch of wall he prefers the most, and playfully looms at passersby

Jolie said, "Let the music begin!" And from the stair, she invoked the final spell that would rouse the lifeless musicians to pick up their instruments, each a virtuoso in life - it was the necromancer's supposition they'd continue to be so, in some way, post-mortem. The first strains sound on the violin, and the rest follow, a classical piece perfect for lifting the spirits. In the back of the stage, further figures lurked, still and in the shadows as yet. Jolie descended, waving greeting to friends and acquaintances.

Jolie shot a sharp look at Tirona. "I'm not paying you to sit about, lad. Pass some food around... something...." That said, she turned to Cornelius, "They might be dead, but they have acute hearing."

Cornelius murmurs to Jolie "Oh thank goodness. I thought they may be tone-death". Careful to enunciate to properly impart the pun, Cornelius grins behind his Redhale mask, safe from the dangerous heels she'd normally use to inflict subtle retribution. \

Jolie just... eyed Dapper Redhale.

Jolie waved to Agoyoanye. "So glad you could make it, dear!"

Agoyoanye raises her glass in a salute to Jolie "Lovely beginning my dear!"

Rowen jumps down from her friend's shoulder, back to the bartop. She orders a saucer full of rum from Steadman, and begins to lap at the dark liquor with gusto.

Tirona nods to his employer, not particularly intending to be around long enough to receive payment for his services. He was here to study, he had no intention of receiving payment for something he did normally. He picked up a tray and began to walk around the room with the drinks, his ears trained on the different conversation as he squeezed between people.

Jolie dropped 15 love potion. Jolie doesn't know how -those- got mixed in with the drinks.

Jolie took up a glass of her own - off the tray Tirona was passing around - and offered Agoyoanye salut in return. "Thanks!"

Lirithen moves swiftly to take a glass of some dark spirit from the offered tray and quickly withdraws into the milling crowd. The plain silver masque adorning his face is nothing of note, and the elf hopes this will aid in remaining unnoticed by most. The one for whom he awaits seems quite absent.

Jolie swept out onto the dance floor, and spoke a few garbled, nonsensical words that might chill the air slightly in her immediate vicinity, upon which the orchestra changed its tune, to a smooth waltz tempo.

Jolie seemed pleased with the result, and returned to the bar area, to mingle.

Rowen swipes some more rum from the tray, unbeknownst to Rowen said drink has been adulterated with a love potion. Poor little rat...or rather poor whoever she falls head over back paws in love with.

Jolie 's regular barman, Steadman, chuckles to himself, peering at Rowen.

Mayumi enters the Tavern, hoping to find a place to perhaps find a quiet place... and a drink. However, she was surprised to see so many people gathered, and even an orchestra playing. She glanced around the place, hoping to perhaps find a familiar face... but it was difficult, with so many people around. She backed up so she was against the wall, her green eyes guarded.

Jolie happened to catch sight of Mayumi, and frowned slightly. "I say, Miss... this is a Masque Ball.. have you a masque?"

Mayumi glances over at the woman who suddenly spoke to her. "Oh, uh... no... I don't. I just happened to come here by chance, so I had no idea..." She frowned a little, glancing around to the people again.

Jolie beckons Mayumi over.

Tirona watched a woman enter the bar, passing by her for a moment, holding his tray out to offer her a drink. His ears were still trained, filtering through the music and listening to the different conversations and goings on that were around the building.

Mayumi looks at the offered tray from a new person and she accepts the offered drink politely, smiling slightly.

Morana enters the Corpse, adorned in finery that was fitting for a lady of winter. With her dress made of white silk, speckled with diamonds, and the diamonds adorning her throat in a chandelier style, as well as those sewn into her hair, she reflects much like a snowflake. Her mask is made of white, swan feathers with diamonds carefully placed along the corners. Ice blue eyes scan over the occupants of the tavern before she heads for a waiter and takes up a red wine glass.

Rowen said to Mayumi, "I have 2 biscuits you can cover your eyes with should you so wish...or a honeydew melon."

Dapper Redhale, top hat at jaunty angle and ivory cane tilted in relaxed fashion, leans over to lass who has just bumped into the wall close by him - looms, even, necromancer's robes a stark contrast to the costly replica of the cheap imitation Redhale Mask adorning his face "I say there, M'dear! "Boo!" and all that horror. Would you like a spare mask?"

Mayumi carefully skirts around the people over to Jolie, being careful to not spill her drink. She glances over to Rowen, and she smiles. "I thank you for the offer, but no thanks. If nothing else, I can at least cover half of my face with scales so it looks like a mask."

Jolie said to Mayumi, "Ah, I was going to offer the same thing. Perhaps your scales will do, then."

Agoyoanye said to Mayumi, "Hello dear come over here and I will turn you face into a glitter mask across your eyes."

Jolie couldn't help but snicker at the dandy 'necromancer' and his foppish ways. "I insist on a dance later, Corny."

Jolie slapped her hand over her mouth. "I mean.. Redhale."

Dapper Redhale tilts his head at Jolie, mask hiding the grin "I'm sorry M'dear, but you have me confused for some Vailkrin fop methinks. I am Redhale, a necromancer. I... Necromance. But yes, I also dance. Necrodancer? Yesss, that has a ring to it. I shall be glad to be your necrodancer for part of the evening"

Lirithen said to Agoyoanye, "It has been a while."

Mayumi nods to Jolie, clenching her right hand, which was covered in black dragon scales and her fingers dragon claws... the scales started crawling over her skin, creeping up the woman's neck and covering the right half of her face. The darkness of her scales made her right eye look brighter than her left.

Agoyoanye said to Lirithen, "You recognize me?"

Bella makes her way slowly, not being use to `walking` in a room, the somewhat larger Bella sort of hovers at the side playing with her hair.

Korike enters the tavern behind the pixie, and after glancing around, takes a seat near Bella.

Mayumi said to Korike, "Ah... long time no see, Mister Korike."

Hanan entered wearing a somewhat fancier version of her normal attire--the same blue captain's coat, freshly cleaned and pressed, with a white silk shirt, dress trousers and freshly shined boots. Her rapier hilt had been shined too, swordbelt strapped over a burgundy silk sash, the coat worn over. She'd clipped her hair up, for once--it must have been a nice occasion. Over her face she wore a half-mask, slightly molded to feline features, striped like a tiger, with two small pointed ears. She called out as soon as she crossed the threshold. "Jolie!"

Jolie wished she had something to throw at the 'Necrodancer' but .. didn't. She wheeled toward the sound of her name, spying the captain, "Hanan!"

Rowen snorts rather offended by her kind offer of a honey dew melon mask being refused, but before the rat can worry her furry little head overmuch, the effects of the love potion kick in. She suddenly feels mortified about her scraggly fur, and tries to peer into a ...none too clean...mirror behind the bar, in an attempt to smooth down her coiffure. "Has anyone got a comb?"

Lirithen said to Agoyoanye, "Unless I have you mistaken," the elf lifts a brow, forgetting momentarily that the masque over his eyes hides them from view, "but we are here to mingle, no?" Fair lips split into a bright grin, "how do you do?"

Korike 's pointed ears prick up at hearing a familiar voice. He then turns around, grinning behind his already grinning mask. "Well hello there, Mayumi. How have you been?"

Mayumi beams, glad that she found a familiar face in the large crowd. "I've been great. Things have finally started looking up for mee this past month or so..."

Aritriel stepping into the strange Tavern arm in arm with Roytoc, dressed in a gown and a matching mask made of her own onyx feathers. She looks around and grips Roytoc tightly, and bites the bottom of her lip. The one thing to give her away are her wings.

Rowen finally decides that her fur is as presentable as it is going to get, she scampers over to Lirithen, sitting atop a table near the elf. "Liri..my dearest! Whereever have you been? I have been out of my mind with worry for you, my love."

Bella fidgets in her chair, clearly not loving being her current size, as she gazes around the room for a familiar face. Then again they would probably spot her due to her wings.

Korike smiles and nods. "I'm glad to hear it." He then tugs at his shirt a bit. A bit tight for his liking...the shadow gnome preferred his robe.

Tirona continues to walk around the room, his body practically on automatic as he stopped near various couples in an attempt to offer drinks. He was focusing on the world around him. He was good at focusing on what was going on while not focusing on what he was doing. A practice he had learned in school.

Korike turns to look at Bella. "You can shrink back down if you want to." he says to her in a friendly tone.

Lirithen 's shoulders tense suddenly, but he does not respond to the rat. His eyes remain fixed firmly ahead, in hopes the rodent shall disappear.

Mayumi said to Bella, "Miss Bella! It's been too long!"

Angelo slowly steps into the tavern, his mask appearing to change towards a view of the night sky. He quietly laughs - now the fun begins.

Agoyoanye danced her finger around the bottle's top. She knew who he was, it was not like the doctor to forget names and no matter what mask they put on a scent hadn't been changed. His bright grin made the doctor rise her head from her propped wrist. "I know who you are Lirithen… It has been awhile and my appearance has some what changed a bit." she glides her hand towards the seat across from her "So sit and lets mingle" she says with a calm voice. A fanged smiled is flashed as her eyes swirl a bit, the candlelight just played off of them at best. Her mask was staying well adjusted to her face the glitter though shifted from colors.

Roytoc looked over to Aritriel then scanned his eyes around the crowd, he could hardly discern anyone, my this was going to be fun he thought. The only factor that could give him away would be his ebony skin with gray eyes, though someone would have to look close to see the color of his eyes. Roy looked over to Ari and smiled a bit, "What now love?" He asked her smoothly. He also was wearing a mask made from Aritriel's feathers.

Bella said to Mayumi, "Hello sweetie pie"

Hanan was grinning broadly beneath the tiger's subtle nose when Jolie saw her. "Nice spread you've got. Figured you'd be wearin' a weirder outfit, though." She crossed the room, left hand riding her rapier's hilt; the brass was shined enough to be jewelry, at least. "Have you seen Mahri around?" Jolie said to Hanan, ".. weirder? When have -I- ever been weird? And no, I think she's afraid to show up in her frock."

Mayumi said to Bella, "How have you been?"

Morana decides to find a table of sorts to sit at and watch the crowd come in. As for the red wine, well she mixes in a bit of blood wine at some point, just to add an extra tang to it.

Agoyoanye whispered something to Leodarkheart.

Rowen calls to her servant Jake, who was busy getting drunk. "Please bring in my wheelbarrow full of biscuits, there are a few items therein, gifts for my beloved." The rat gazes dreamily at Lirithen, and emits a quiet sigh.

Angelo turns towards Bainwen with a chuckle, the stars on his mask seeming to move into a formation reminiscient of a smile.

Aritriel took Roytoc by the hand and lead him around, finding Bella and smiling, "Hello Bella. Look who I have brought. Now you can tell him in person what you told me." She grins and pulls Roytco close, nearly hugging him, happy to be here with him and friends.

Bainwen stepped in alongside Angelo, her date for the evening. Her gown is of a forest green to match her eyes. The elf's pale arms are bare to the elbow, where a sleeve begins, clinging close for a few inches before the sheer fabric flared. Sheer stockings are worn beneath the gown, though since the dress is floor length, one would be hard pressed to see the leggins. Her feet were trapped within green slippers. On her face was a mask crafted of delicate weavings of roses, a string of petals wrapped around the back to hold it in place. A jeweled hairclip was worn in her long ebon locks, which fell to her hips.

Dapper Redhale detaches himself from the wall, a dark robed, top-hatted and ominously debonair figure. Careful dancing steps, obscured by the long robes he wears, give him the illusion of gliding over the floor like a jaunty spectre of jovial despair. He slows his approach and whispers to Tirona "I would like a glass of virgin's tears, waiter."

Bainwen smiled at Angelo as well, unable to helo laughing softly at his antics with the mask.

Hanan said to Jolie, "Wait, what? Mahri in a frock? ...what did you do to her."

Angelo switches the mask from the starry formation to its usual rose configuration. "Better?"

Lirithen moves to take up the offered seat, twitching ears doing their best to blot out the rat's familiar squeak. So the surface world wasn't all lost friends and fond memories... The duster on his back hides the shudder that courses through his spine as he sets his glass before him, lifting his masque momentarily to wipe his brow. "Indeed, indeed, it has been some time." A hand sweeps forward in indication of the vampire's attire, "a lovely dress, I must remark. Quite enchanting."

Jolie grinned. "I took her to Gunther and Raoul. It took violence, and a LOT of taffeta. But we did it."

Bella said to Mayumi, " fine and dandy!"

Jolie said to Hanan, "So.. where's your good-looking half?"

Rowen is delighted when Jake returns with a wheelbarrow piled high with, now rather stale biscuits. The rat scampers therin, tunneling away into its depths...from time to time the biscuit crumb covered rodent will surface and try to press a gift into Lirithen's hands.

Hanan blinked blankly through the holes in her tiger half-mask. "You're... you monster. Taffeta?"

Bainwen gave a soft laugh as his mask shifted to it's rosy form, "Now we match." She said with a grin.

Jolie 's mask was a simple affair, green silk edged in tiny roses of scarlet.

Jolie nodded to the pirate. "Green taffeta. Quite fetching."

Hanan glanced briefly toward the door. "Not half. And Ace'll be along. I hope. Once whatever business is on is done."

Lirithen 's deft hands do a fine job of swatting the rat away, or altering to let the rat slip between them.

Aritriel looked over in Tirona's direction, holding a hand up, hoping he would see her so she can get a drink.

Korike starts to stand up and turns to Bella. "I think I should be on my way now."

Roytoc looked down at Bella, he had never seen her in her bigger form and truly it made him smile, she looked odd when she wasn't a perky little pixie. He remained silent though, choosing not to talk much as usual when the ranger was in huge crowds.

Rowen gave 1 Token-Of-Love to Lirithen.

Angelo nods, some of the roses shifting colors to signify a smile. "Exactly." He motions to an empty table and offers his hand.

Hanan said to Jolie, "To match your mask? How posessive of you."

Lirithen dropped 1 Token-Of-Love.

Bella twiddles her finger a moment then looks at Korike, she was trying to make a effort tonight but then again.. she was more fun when she happy" alright sweetie " with that the pixie kicks off the cursed she was wearing, reliving stripy socks stands up and was just about to shrink down then she spies Aritriel and.. giving a squeal of joy at her friend " Hello sweetie pie!" actually stinking down this time to dance around their head

Jolie gave Hanan a sere look. "She's my -sister- Hanan." Glancing about, she murmured, "No sign yet of Black."

Bainwen took hold of her date's hand, smiling in return as she allowed the human to escort her to a table.

Rowen squeaks rather pitifully. "Lirithen, my dearest...have you met another love while you were away? Don't you love me anymore?" The distraught rat wrings her paws..or rather her right paw and left stump where her other fore-paw is missing.

Mayumi notices that her friends had turned to their own little conversations. So she returned to her spot on the wall, just watching the people, trying to find a familiar face... that wasn't busy talking to other people.

Dapper Redhale coughs, and looms over the waiter, Tirona "I say, my undead throat craves the sweet succour of virgin's tears. Chop chop."

Jolie would eye 'Dapper Redhale' ... yet again. "Yes," she said, loudly, "He's cried enough of his own, poor man. Needs a refill."

Lirithen said to Rowen, "Please go away."

Hanan rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Sisters can be possessive." She caught a passing waiter and snatched herself a glass of red. "Couldn't you bring a date who's less likely to bloody the place up?"

Jolie snapped her gaze toward Hanan. "He's not my 'date'. As such."

Hanan laughed at Jolie. "Sure he isn't. He's the guy who's accompanying you."

Angelo leads her to the table and pulls out a chair for her, moving to his own seat. The mask shifts through a couple of formations (including one white one, with red lenses and a beak) before settling once again on the rose mask. "So many designs...and I have all night. Oh, this is too much fun!"

Velvet sheepishly walked into the ball. She was wearing a knne length black feathered dress, with matching mask. Both had hints of pixie dust she gathered from Bella, without harm. Soft calico spotted fur was silky smooth and free of all mining dust, she stood in the doorway for a moment, looking around, half scared to death. Taking a deep breath she quicky cantered over to an empty seat.

Angelo looks over at a waiter and then back to Bainwen. "Care for a drink?"

Bella said to Velvet, "Hello sweetie."

Aritriel said to Bella, "I told you I would bring him. And he is actually in a suit for once. Doesn't he look adorable?"

A well dressed man wearing a strange, eternally moving clockwork mask strides into the tavern. The man that has entered the room is not Ranok. It surely could not be. This man does not carry himself with the confidence of a fighter born, but the confidence of a nobleman that knows that he owns everything that he sees before him. Neither does this man wear any armor, and the only visible weapon on his person is a thin sword, a toy that Ranok would have surely sneered at. His hands, too, are clean, where Ranok's hands wore the taint of blacksmithing, forever stained black at the tips. Naught mars the hands of the man that enters, not even a a visible scar or burn, something that Ranok also carried with him. A mere glimpse can be seen of the hands, however, as soon white gloves are adopted, completely covering them. Yes, this man is as tall and broad shouldered as the man known as Ranok is, but there must be others of his size and stature. He carries a light scent of cologne about him, neatly masking any body scent that he may carry. It wafts gently away from him, there, but not overpowering. He is as clean shaven as the day he was born, as well, a strong chin and jaw exposed from under that intricate mask. Every article of clothing is neat, tidy, and well cut. It was like the suit that he wears came into existence merely to be worn by the man that has entered the doorway, and in a way, it must have. No pouches, no boots. No stiffness that may indicate plate somewhere. And no magical aura of spells that may provide shielding. He is, to all eyes, simply dressed in a well made suit. But, perhaps, the clincher in what may decide if this is simply a well groomed, cleaned up Ranok is the eyes. The eyes of this man are not the gray and shifting ones that have seen all, but electric, breathtakingly blue ones, that burn from within the confines of the mask. And to speak of the mask, the affair is an impressive affair. What seems to be merely gears glued to the mask would reveal a constantly moving affair. These gears turn constantly, forever grinding upon its brothers in a silent, well oiled dance. And it is not simply just a whirl of motion. It has intent, purpose. On this man's left ear sits a large gear, presumably the one that turns the rest. On the opposite, a small metalwork in the image of Sol resides, though not on the ear, but on the man's jaw. If one were to watch the mask and its movings carefully, they would observe the image of Sol slowly creepy along his jaw to its destination. It is a timer, of sorts. For a whole twelve hours, that sun will move towards the opposite ear. What at first may seem unbalanced as well quickly resolves itself. A metal work of Luna is on the opposite, diameterically opposed to the sun. An astrological mask of motion, it seems. When the sun rises, so too will the one on the mask.

Bainwen took the seat she was offered, smoothing her gown beneath her as she settled into place. Her forest hues focused upon Angelo as he sat, his mask shifting as he spoke, "Aye." She agreed with a smile, "And you are sure to win the contest."

Rowen bursts into tears. "Lirithen ....how can you treat me this way? Does what we had together mean nothing to you? You are the only man I have ever loved. I love you with all my heart..I will never stop loving you!"

Agoyoanye looked at the dress. It was something she had fell in-love with the moment she saw it. When he lifted his mask, Ago enjoyed seeing his eyes. "Since I have lost a lot of weight I decided to spoil myself a little." she ran her hand over the front of the dress. Slipping her ankles together let her charms jingle. Sitting forward she leaned on her elbow resting her head by the palm to chin style. Again she ran her eyes over the man, indeed it had been along time. "So what have you been doing since the last we met?" . The mouse was now drawing her attention. A smirk was now played on her lips, her banded mask of glitter switched to a burgundy with a swirl of silver.

Bella said to Aritriel, " like a bunny rabbit! "

Jolie cannot help but look at Ranok - whom she will not immediately recognise, but pause to admire his suit and fabulous mask.

Angelo flags down a waiter and whispers something to them, taking a bottle of wine and two glasses. He pours himself and Bainwen a glass, sliding it over to her. "Cheers, madonna."

Rowen gave 1 candy heart to Lirithen.

Aritriel turned to Ranok and shook her head as she moved over to him with a smile, "My Ranok, you look great tonight." She eyed him, then leans in and whispers to him.

The man turns those startlingly blue eyes onto Aritriel. When he speaks, his voice has a curious accent to it. Impossible to place, "My Lady, you seem to have gotten me confused with another man. I do apologize for the mixup."

Bainwen glanced at the waiter as Angelo asked if she would like a beverage, "Aye...let's see. 'Tis a special occation, so why not have a special drink, hmm? Wine, shall we?"

Tirona is flagged down by Angelo, nodding to him as he gives him the bottle and the glasses, barely paying attention to what he said as he focused more on the other conversations.

Aritriel whispered something to Ranok.

Velvet said to Bella, "Oh, hello miss Pretty Pixie! I finally finished my dress and mask, does it look alright?"

Roytoc can't really see how he was as adorable as a bunny rabbit whatsoever, "I'm not sure that would be my first comparison ladies, I'm not much of a cotton-tailed long-eared bunny. I would say I look rather suave at the moment," Roy said in a sophisticated manner, which contrasted with his usual personality.

Bainwen smiled and lifted her glass, holding it up in a toast to her date, "Cheers."

Bella said to Velvet, "Fabulous, what about mine?"

Mahri was late. She's always late, so when she rushes through the door to the Corpse, she is far from ready. In fact, she comes to a halt and glances up at Urghdak. She'd have said something to him, but the bouncer was too busy trying to keep track of everyone and memorize what costume or mask they wore. Cursing silently, the lycan tries to edge around the crowd and to the stairs without being seen. Now, she can only hope her own costume had not yet arrived.

Lirithen immediately regrets paying the delusional rat any heed, and the observing physician would notice the elf's eyes close as an irritated sigh fell from his lips. "Excuse me for a moment," the ranger replies, and then promptly picks the rat up by the tail, carrying her across the room to a secluded corner.

Aritriel lifted a brow at Roytoc and then started laughing. "My love, I have never laughed so hard at you like I have this evening. You are a funny one and you are adorable. Maybe not as a bunny rabbit, but still adorable.

Lirithen whispered something to Rowen.

Dapper Redhale places his cane down between Tirona's legs "Serve another man before me, and there shall be hell to pay, mortal"

Jolie eeped, and made a lunge for her sister, dragging the lycan as quickly as one can drag a pregnant woman, toward the stairs, "Not dressed! Your hair! Oh my gods, you're feral! Hurry up!"

Mahri exits up. Jolie exits up.

Agoyoanye nods her head to the guest as he excuses himself. She takes a look at the bottle and shrugs.

Mayumi looks over at the strange, broad-chested man who walked in the door. She sniffed in his direction, and she blinked. The man smelled so much like Ranok, but... the scent was cleaner... she frowned, looking over the tall man again. "Seems the desert isn't the only thing that suits you," she muttered to herself, smirking a little. She was wearing a white, sparkling dress that went down to her feet, hiding the black scales that covered most of her body. Her entire right and left arms were exposed to the world, showing off the black scales that covered her right arm. Her hair was pulled back into a single, long braid that settled around her waistline. Her 'mask' was a natural one - coming out of her skin was a mask made of black dragon scales. While the woman would've preferred a different mask, she created this one last-minute after finding the party by chance and last-minute.

Dapper Redhale looms over the waiter "I have asked three times for service, and you have ignored me"

Angelo allows his eyes to drift across the room, observing the outfits, the masks. The roses colored themselves into a faint smile. "My my, so many people..." He turns back towards Bainwen. "And now we start guessing."

Bella giggles madly ans dances about in front of them " I don't know sweetie, a you would make a fabulous chocolate one!"

Xion quickly scampered through the tavern doors, a little late, but better late then never right? Of course, anyway, Xion's form weaved in and out of tables to get through towards his destination. A slightly pale hand began to fix up the male's attire, since it really was a hasty entrance. Taking a glance around in search of his employer to no avail, shaking a silvered head, Xion grabs up a plate or whatever it is and goes about the crowd.

Bainwen sipped at her wine, her own eyes drifting about the room as she tried to figure out if she knew any of the people, "I wouldn't begin to know who to guess...I still don't know many people here."

Rowen sobs at the cruel way the man whom the love potion has convinced her is her beloved is treating her, the miserable rat wipes her eyes on one of her enchanted pink bunny slippers.

Angelo leans over and whispers something to Bainwen.

Velvet said to Bella, "Bella, you look fantastic! Such a wonderful color, I could never pull that off."

Roytoc quirked a brow, though it most likely could not be seen under the mask, "I don't see how I'm so adorable, and I wouldn't make a good bunny at all, that would be strange, I would just be a rabbit is all," He informed the two.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Lirithen is having none of it. His gaze is hard and unforgiving, and bores directly down at the rat.

Tirona gives Cornelius one of the bottles on his tray as he set down his tray, picking up more bottles and drinks to carry around the room.

The man does a small bow, to Ari and her accompaniment. Again, the voice that lacks Ranok's very distinct accent speaks, the mask not making a single slip as he bows deeply, "Some introductions are in other, I do say. My name is Serimpesh. It is a pleasure to meet you, my Lady. And may the stars guide you both." He comes up from the bow, blue eyes glittering.

Lirithen whispered something to Rowen.

Angelo chuckles softly as the mask switches to the night sky formation, the stars once again forming a smile. He lifts up his mask just enough to expose his lips and takes a sip of the wine. "Fantastic."

Jolie descended again, looking not quite so ruffled as she felt. Smoothing a hand over her hair, she cleared her throat loudly, as if to make an announcement. "AHEM!"

Aritriel twirled to face Roytoc, pressing her forhead against his and looking him in the eyes, "You are adorable to be, because I love you." She smiled and giggled, then winked to Bella and looked back to Roytoc with hand on her belly. She looked around for a drink that was best for her and her unborn child, not wanting to drink anything with alcohol in it.

Bella blows kisses in Velvet direction, if she could see it that is. " aww thank you sweetie pie!" her little cheeks turning pink under her butterfly mask " it just something I throw together and blue and silver are my favoured colours! "

Rhocielle cautiously looked around as he entered the rebuilt tavern, silver eyes roaming the interior as well as the new faces. With a bemused snort, the anthro wolf recalled wiping down a piano and haphazardly playing it. The two women he did recognize, being from the Order no less, are given a quiet wave before he approaches Urghdak. Silent brooding males, both of them, a nod was that was in needed as far as actually speaking.

Mayumi detaches herself from the wall, walking over to the tall man who had just walked in the door. "Good evening, good sir," she said, smiling at him. She came up to around his chest, being such a small woman. Not that she minded. She was lawys surrounded by big, beefy people.

Aritriel turns to Jolie with a raised brow, but still in search of the drink.

Bainwen smiled at the fact that she wasn't the only one who didn't know most of the people at the ball. His second comment, however, caused a blush to creap up her cheeks, though one wouldn't be able to see it for the mask she wore. She smiled shyly, "Aye, I suppose." Leaning over, she whispered to the human as well.

Velvet giggled as she caught the tiny pixie kisses. "Of course they are!"

Evening: the dance floor is opened for the first waltz

Jolie said, "Ladies.... and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Resurrection Ball! Please, take your partners now, for the first dance of the evening!""

Rowen lets outs a squeal of heart wrenching anguish." Lirithen...I just want you to love me the way you used to...what has happened to you..have you suffered amnesia? For some odd reason amnesia seems very common in Hollow, perhaps it can sometimes be an allergic reaction to vampires who appear forever eighteen."

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Hanan turned, glass of wine in hand, to glance up the staircase when Jolie made that noise.

Serimpesh waits for a response from Aritriel. When he sees none forthcoming, the gentleman once again bows, "It seems that I have interrupted you, my Lady. Please do accept my apologies. Enjoy your evening, lady and lord." Once he has stood up from his bow, he sets out to mingle in the crowd. Now would be the time to intercept this man, should one desire to.

Agoyoanye slips back cause the first dance was called. Twas sad really.

Lirithen said to Rowen, "You. Are. A. Rat."

Rhocielle said to Urghdak, "Don't bother. I have lead feet. And yours would obviously flatten mine."

Angelo nods at the announcement, the mask switching to the rose configuration once again. "Shall we dance, madonna?"

Bella caches Aritriel wink and grins " soooo do you know if the babies a girl?, are you to going to name her after me? "wiggling about excitedly " it a very cute name you know"

Dapper Redhale sighs loudly as he is handed a bottle, rather than a glass. He sets it down and drifts over to Jolie "M'dear, fire that waiter. He's useless. Is it time for the dance?"

Jolie dashed toward the orchestra, guttural spell-words choked over her tongue, frowning at the cellist, who appears to have lost his head. Nevertheless, he takes up his bow. A sweeping symphony of music swells from the band stage, filling the tavern with music.

Agoyoanye said to Rhocielle, "How is Lady Arien?"

Roytoc grinned at Aritriel and took her arm in his, "Would you like to dance, love?" He asked her.

Rhocielle glanced to Agoyoanye, "She is well. Home with the children at the compound, if you would like to pay her a visit afterward..."

Velvet looked down at the ground as she heard the announcement. Half smiling to herself as she stroked her tail in which she had curled around her crossed legs.

Mahri comes back down the stairs, only it's not really her. In an emerald gown embroidered in some metallic thread only a few shades lighter, slippers that whisper over the floor with barely a sound and what appears to be cloth covering her face but for a window..that didn't do much for peripheral vision.. the Lady makes her entrance. Somewhere, she had found make-up, probably her sibling’s, and applied a bit of kohl around the edges of her light-gray eyes, making them appear near colorless as they scan the crowd for something familiar. Hell, she'll have to go by scent rather than visual. At least the music was starting and she could move with some grace, despite the roundness of her belly, through the guests.

Jolie nodded to Cornelius. "Yes. But ask Mahri, first? I have a million things to see to, yet. Next one, I'm stealing for you, though."

Bainwen smiled and nodded at the invitation to dance, "Aye, I would love to dance with you."

Rhocielle said to Mahri, "..."

Aritriel bit her bottom lip once more and nodded to Roytoc, smiling. "I'm not sure how well I can dance now that I carry another with me."

Rowen said to Lirithen, "Sven! I know I'm a rat! You are the one suffering from amnesia, not me." The biscuit crumb covered rodent tilts her head to one side. "Perhaps I should take you to a brain healer. I have heard treppanning can sometimes help an amnesiac to recover....you need that like a hole in the head.""

Angelo moves out of his chair and by her side, offering his hand.

Hanan was not the type to play wallflower, but her dancing partner hadn't arrived yet and frankly she didn't see anyone around who interested her. She slipped onto a barstool, sipped her drink, and zoned out for awhile... or at least she did until Mahri made her appearance. Hanan blinked, then blinked again behind that tiger mask. "Well, hell."

Bella looks over at Velvet at the announcement and frowns, the feline rather to big to dace with. so the pixie zooms over to dance around her instead.

Rhocielle shared similar astonishment with Hanan. He said as much. ...

Bainwen took the hand and stood, blushing softly beneath her mask.

Serimpesh speaks to the lady dragoness who has come up to him, "Hello, my lady. Well met on this fine evening." He bows, taking her hand to gently kiss the back of her knuckles. Again, the mask refuses to budge. As Mayumi is close to this man, his scent may more strongly wash over her. He smells of nothing but soap, cologne, and the faint scent of oil emanating from the mask. Even the clothes carry no distinct scents. With Mayumi's hand gently in his gloved one, he speaks, "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Serimpesh. May I have the delight of knowing yours in return...?"

Mahri stops. Along a wall. It's a good place to be. Maybe no one would bother her. She snorts to herself because, really, that'd be too much to ask.

Agoyoanye said to Rhocielle, "I should. I really should."

Verthica steps through the doors in his common human. He's dressed pretty snazzy than usual so he feels good, more confident about how he looks as a human. Upon his face though a thick layer of Ice crafted into the visage of a silver dragon. Should he speak with anyone it would look like the mask's mouth parts were moving along with his speech. The ice is transparent, but it distorts his facial features for none to recognize him. He makes his way to the counter to order a drink. Making his order he turns to face the crowd and and observe, maybe dance should a lady ask him.

Velvet looked up as she caught glance of the pixie. "Aww, Bella dear. You didn't have to leave your friends for me, I'm just fine here alone. I'm rather use to it." She smiled as the pixie danced around her, and gently clapped.

Rhocielle eventually pried his unblinking and startled silver eyes from Mahri, and to the vampiress he had been speaking to. "It has been some time since I have seen you in these lands, Ago. All has been well?"

Mayumi smiles a little, her unmasked left cheek blushing brightly. "OH... my name is Mayumi. It is nice to know you, Serimpesh." She glanced over at the crowdd of people startling to dance to the music. She smiled a little, glancing back to Serimpesh. "Perhaps... would you like to dance with me?"

Dapper Redhale drifts across the floor and bows slightly to Mahri, a hint of storm-grey hair appearing beneath the back of his top hat. With a flourish, he tosses the ivory walking cane in a high arcing loop towards the bar, where Steadman plucks it out of the air before it can hit Urghdak and cause untold havoc. "Care for a dance, Mahri dear?"

Angelo leads her towards the floor and, all of a sudden brings her in close, the rose mask coloring itself to represent a smile as he begins to lead her around the floor, not doing anything over-the-top for her benefit.

Lirithen said to Rowen, "I tire of this game. I have always responded in the same way. Frankly, I'm sick of it. Leave me alone."

Mahri fidgets. Tugging the edges of her sleeves and twisting the material in her fingers. Jolie sure as hell better appreciate the sacrifices she makes.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Mahri glances up at the image of a dapper Redhale. And blinks. "Oh. I don't know how. I mean I do. But only waltz." Tilting her head, the cloth over her face lays against her cheek, "Is this a waltz?"

Serimpesh || The man straightens. An open smile is on his face, showing rows of orderly, white teeth, "It would be my honor, m'lady."

The musicians, despite being deceased, manage to make a lively job of the waltz, the one-two-three step of the dance resounding in layers of violin and cello, piano and harp, the undead orchestra, one member headless, playing on as the guests took the floor, a dazzling array of gowns and suits, costumes and masks.

Cornelius grins behind his Redhale mask "But of course. The rest of them can fall in line if need be. I see you've chosen green, and created envy. Jolly good show, old bean. Now, to battle! We've a dance floor to conquer."

Agoyoanye the dance floor was getting ready to be full. Thinking ahead she walks quickly across it to the bar. When she arrives she pulls out a stool and sits. She was going to need something strong for tonight. "Schnapps on ice. Just bring me the bottle." she slides the coinage across the bar. Her mask of glitter had changed into a somber blue with twinkling dots of silver. Her hand went back to support her head while leaning against the bar.

Bainwen followed him to the floor, blushing brighter as she was pulled in close. Gods, why did this human have the ability to fluster her? Still, she enjoyed spending time with him, and as he began to lead her around the dance floor, she followed each step with grace.

Roytoc grinned, "Do not worry, I will lead, I've had years of practice, we can count this as now our second dance," Roy said softly taking her to an area where there was room enough to actually dance. Roy put one arm on Aritriel's hip and one on her shoulder and began slowly, matching the rhythm of the orchestra's music, it was obvious he was an experienced dancer, and in truth he was, with centuries of nothing to do Roy had learned many things, one of the foremost, dancing.

Rowen sobs quietly to herself, drowning her sorrows in saucer after saucer of rum...after a while she asks Steadman if her might have a hammer and chisel she can use for an emergency treppanning of her seriously ill beloved.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Serimpesh || The man leads Mayumi onto the floor, using the hand he had kissed on the knuckles. He takes a stance for dancing, a tad too tall for easy dancing. However, he seems skilled at it, making no missteps and moving in time with the music.

Jolie made her way to the bar again, to prod Steadman into distributing a few more drinks, when she noticed the sobbing little rat.

Jolie said to Rowen, "Say... are you quite alright, dear?"

Agoyoanye said to Rhocielle, "I went away and found a wizard to make me a potion. That is how I lost my weight and changed a bit elese. I has went rather well learned a few new procedures to use in combat feilds."

Mahri glances around, perhaps hoping for rescue. But, when none comes, a nod is give and the wolf allows the disguised Cornelius to lead her out the dance floor. At least her feet remembered the steps. She hoped.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Aritriel followed Roytoc's every step with a smile, despite sensitive ears picking up the sounds of crying. She looked around as they danced and saw no one, so she pushed it to the back of her mind and focused on the one dancing with her. Her titanium lined wings were pulled tight against her back, to keep from slashing the clothes and flesh of others.

Rhocielle said to Agoyoanye, "Procedures?" He followed her along, though opting to remaining standing against the bar, "Such as?"

Rowen answers Jolie's kind words in-between sobs. "I am so worried for my beloved Lirithen. He is suffering from terrible amnesia. Can no one help him? I fear for his sanity. Have you ever carried out trepanning Tenebrae dear?"

Bainwen lofted a brow beneath her mask of roses at her whispered conversation. One hand was resting in the human's, the other upon his shoulder. The one on his shoulder moved slightly as she whispered her reply.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mayumi smiles brightly as Serimpesh started leading her in the dance. She wasn't exactly the most skilled person on the dance floor, but she beat her wings slightly, just enough to get her off the ground enough so she wouldn't step on anyone's feet. A slight breeze caught in the tavern as she did so, but not so much as to disturb anyone dancing... unless they hated even the slightest bit of wind. Then there would be a problem.

Jolie said to Rowen, "I have.. but I was not aware you were dating that stick-in-the.... elf. Are you quite sure he's amnesiac?"

Lirithen :: "The rat is delusional!" Lirithen barks defensively as he rises to his feet, "and I shall stand her no more!" With a dramatic flourish he makes his way swiftly to the exit, his face reddening beneath his silver masque.

Jolie blinked at the elf's dramatic flounce to the door. "Better off without him," she mused to her old friend. "Seems a bit histrionic.."

Rowen said to Jolie, "It is the only explanation. He remembers nothing of all the thousands of times he swore his undying love to me..I am so worried for him."

Jolie patted the little rat on the head. "Love's a useless emotion anyway, pet," she said, by way of comfort. "A biological imperative gone wrong and doomed to failure in 99 per cent of cases. I believe you're far better off simply getting drunk."

Rowen tries hard to smile as she knows Jolie is trying her best to help her. She feels completely broken hearted, and taking her old friend's advice, orders several more saucers of rum from Steadman.

Angelo chuckles once more, the roses quickly switching through a multitude of colours before he continues to whisper.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Rhocielle unconsciously tapped his muzzle with two clawed fingers. How long had it been since he had worn a mask, he wondered as he looked around the rest of those present. Obviously, the wolf had a crashed a masquerade ball of sorts.

Agoyoanye said to Rhocielle, "I learned some new procedures for stitching with a magical thread that heals automatically. I can now give a heart transplant for the right reasons. I learned a new way for a child birth that causes a cutting of the stomach much more safer. For the combat I have learned to survey the worst cases and grab them quicker to prevent the loss. A simple leg wound will only take seconds to heal with the new thread."

Bainwen smiled at his suggestion, laughing quietly before breathing her response into his rounded ear.

Bella dances around peoples heads.

Roytoc quite liked dancing, and he hadn't had time to dance in a while so it was a nice change in routine, instead of sitting in the cold and building a cabin. Every so often would make a rather fancy flourish then spin Aritriel in place holding one of her arms above her head, just to stop in time to resume the regular steps. Roy grinned as he danced past masks and dancers, what a change in activities, very fun.

Angelo takes Bainwen by the hand, spinning her off to one side with a flourish, his mask shifting through several variations of itself in the process. Laughter can be heard from beneath the mask as he brings her back in, delighting at the whole affair.

Dapper Redhale takes Mahri's hand in his right, rests his left hand on the small of her back, and whispers "And now, the assault on the dancefloor begins" as he deftly whirls them through the press of the crowd, his black robes and top hat cutting an impressive contrast to the elegant emerald of Mahri's elaborate gown. In a few moments they are on the dancefloor itself, and he notices the clockwork gentleman cutting an similarly impressive figure in the company of Mayumi. "Mahri, m'dear, we have competition. Komm, las uns tanzen!" And with that exuberant battle cry, the dance is on.

Aritriel twirled and spun, laughing and turning red in the face from the joy she was feeling. "This is fun, and a much needed break for you, Roytoc. We should try doing this a bit more before I get to where I can barely walk."

Tirona sets down his most recent tray, his head beginning to throb slightly from the massive incoming of information and noise. He closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead. "My apologies miss... but I've been here as long as I can," he said, moving towards a closet.

Jolie wondered -why- her waiter was heading for a -closet- but only shook her head, and reached for a whiskey.

Bainwen let out a peel of her own laughter as she was spun to arms length, her gown flaring about her slightly. She was truly having...well..having a ball! She twirled back in against the human, her hand landing once more upon his shoulder.

Rhocielle blinked abruptly, torn from his reminiscent memories by the woman's voice. "I apologize, you mentioned a magical thread?" He frowned slightly, trying to piece together what his ears had picked up but had failed to actually listen to. When he met with enough success to the carry on the conversation, the wolfen male then asked, "Have you spoken to the Healer's Guild of it? I am sure they would be quite interested in something that could spare a few more lives during bloodshed..."

Jolie edged toward Rhocielle. Sort of hovering about, in a completely obvious sort of way.

Verthica sways with the music, enjoying the atmosphere, and enjoying the crowd. He thinks to himself how shy he really is and just can't seem to leave the counter and ask anyone do dance. The conflict shows in his posture, even with the one person dancing.

Bainwen grinned broadly, nodding as she whispered a reply to the human.

Ranok spins Mayumi around in time with the music. He notices the Dapper Redhale moving in for the kill. Not much to be done during a waltz. Nice, slow, and methodical. But he keeps a careful eye on the Dapper Redhale all the same. This may prove to be interesting.

Agoyoanye watched the dancers on the floor twirling and enjoying their selves on the floor. Reaching for her drink she sips at it trying to be content sitting down. It was nice though that Rhocielle had joined her in keeping a conversation going. He mentioned the Healer's Guild. "I haven't been back long. This is just my second night back."

Agoyoanye notices Jolie and smiles. Her mask goes to a pleasant purple.

Roytoc smiled and nodded, "Yes that would be fun, but it's so hard to find good balls lately," He told her, spinning her out to arms length then flicking his wrist back his way so he caught her in his arms, the steps never stopping. Roy held Aritriel closer now, speeding up his pace a bit, his grin never ceasing.

Hanan 's glass of wine was gone. She was well into her second. She was quite happy with her current rate of alcohol intake. And she was watching Mahri dance, trying not to smile. A real smile and not a smirk, for once.

Rowen crawls inside a chocolate eggs, and begins nibbling at the edges thereof.

Rhocielle canted his head slightly, not only to express curiosity to Agoyoanye, but also to give himself a clear view of the oh so casually hovering Jolie that approached. "I see. I am glad you have returned safely. Things have been... relatively peaceful, but Keturah is always welcoming help whenever she can find any. Rynvale's growing, and more people means more healers to tend to them."

Bainwen blushed softly at her partner's words, her heart a flutter.

Dezerae held her position against the door frame, dragging gown pulled from the doorway. Her scarlet tresses, fallen against her back, fail in comparison with the extravagance of her gown. The emerald tint contrast with deathly pale skin, and all in all, the woman was out of place. Her mask was simple and drawn.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mayumi smiles brightly as she is twirled around. "So, Serimpesh... how long have you been in this land?" This was her typical way to begin conversation with a new person... even with the smell of soap and such coming off of this person, there was still that slight scent of Ranok. She didn't know if this was Ranok in a different form or what, but she was determined to at least talk to him tonight.

Aritriel was loving this. "Well, we can dance without a ball and music. It will be something fun to do between breaks." She smiles and when brought back into Roytoc's arms, she kisses him, before she is spun out again or twirled.

Mahri curls the fingers of her right hand around Dapper Redhale's and straightens her spine when his hand comes to rest at the small of her back. Shoulders squared, the left rests on her partner's right shoulder. All proper form and the like. She learned fast. Turning her head to follow Dapper Red's line of sight, she she can't exactly look from the corner of her eye, Mahri follows the path taken by the couple indicated. He ~would~ make this a challenge. She can not turn it down. "So we shall. So we shall." And she'll move in time and to Dapper Redhale's lead. Silently though, she's counting in her head..one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three..

Bella wolf whistles to Roytoc and Aritriel.

Jolie might let slip a soft snarl at Rhocielle's words, but it was probably drowned out by the music. Waving to Ago, she would comment on her beautiful mask, before raising an eyebrow to the wolf. "Arien not coming, then?"

Angelo gently laughs as the mask switches back to the night sky, a series of stars forming the everpresent smile before he continues to whisper.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen watched as the mask on her date's features continued to shift and transform. It really was amazing to her. Leaning against him some, she let her lips brush over his ear as she spoke.

Bella drank a hot chocolate.

Rhocielle raised his eyes to Jolie, "Coming?" He looked around the celebrations. "Honestly, I was not aware that there was something going on today, Jolie. I had heard that a bard was attempting to rebuild this, but months ago and nothing came of it. And then Mahri mentioned that she would be working here again some weeks ago." He shook his head, "I came here on a whim to see how Mahri was doing..."

Jolie nodded, "I only had notices up for a week. Perhaps she's gone blind." The necromancer's smile was stiff, "I mean. Didn't see them. Or hear about... anyway! Good to see you. Nice to know you give a ....aare.. concerned for my sister." She guzzled some whiskey, then, and smiled some more. "Don't you think she scrubs up well?"

Rhocielle said to Jolie, "Aye... she does."

Agoyoanye nodded her head to the woman for a thanks on the compliment. Taking a sip of her drink she nods to Rho. "I do agree I just haven't been around. I plan on letting Ket know as soon as she is available." she over heard Jolie's question "Yes is Arien coming tonight?"

Angelo shifts the mask towards the ancient forest formation, runes appearing to skitter across the wooden masks surface before slowing the dance down slightly, whispering once more.

Dapper Redhale grins behind his mask. His competitor danced like... well, like clockwork. But there is the waltz, and there is the -waltz-. It was not for nothing that the waltz was frowned upon by the more conservative families at the time of the dance's inception. For a ball dance, the whirling motion and intimate embrace of the dancers allowed the younger devotees a more vibrant approach to the steps - and Cornelius is nothing if not young at heart. With faith in his partner's ability to keep up, he picks up the pace, and with careful precision starts to weave the pair of them in and out of the other dancers, keeping mental time to a music of his own, interwoven into the pattern of the waltz now playing. "This rather reminds me of the time I was banned from the dancehalls, Mahri dear."

Serimpesh || The man looks down at Mayumi, moving slowly and easily. He more then makes up for any awkwardness that his dancing partner may present, "I am simply visiting Vailkrin. It is not to my taste, I am sad to say. However, I have heard tell of a splendid Ball being held here...and how could I have refused that? Even in Cenril, where I call home, it was being passed among whispers."

Rhocielle said, "Agoyoanye I am sorry, but no. That is why I mentioned if you would like to pay her a visit after this is over."

Rowen sobs loudly and scampers off into a nearby rat hole.

Agoyoanye said to Rhocielle, "Agreed. "

Bella blows kisses.

Bainwen flushed once more beneath her mask as she let her reply slip from barely parted lips against his ear.

The man known as Serimpesh has suddenly found himself without a dancing partner, the woman slipping away like a fairy tale. He does not seem terribly put off, however, and merely adjusts the frost rose sitting in his lapel. Those blue eyes under the mask observe the room as he moves to the sides so as to not obstruct the rest of the dancers. He moves among the wall flowers, seeing who he may pluck to whirl onto the floor, even if for only a single dance.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Panthium entered the tavern and made his way to the bar quietly. As he shuffled past he heard many conversations and saw many people he knew. When he got to the bar he leaned against it to ponder about what he wanted to drink.

Roytoc nodded as he continued the enthusiastic dance, "That sounds like fun dear," he said softly. Brushing his lips against hers, for the masks didn't cover their mouths or jaws. Roy grinned and pressed his lips against her ear

Agoyoanye mask was swirling a marvelous purple and silver for the display as she again reached for her drink. It was seeming a bit tense on the subject of Arien and she was not wanting to be in a ill-eased mood not tonight. Her dress she pulled at as she crossed her leg over the other making her charms jingle again. The tiara in her hair hadn't slid nor did her hair move even with the slightest movement. Again she sat playing with the rim of her drink.

Jolie stared at Rhocelle. "Are you not going to dance?"

Rhocielle stared back, "If I have a partner, I suppose I must?"

Bainwen felt her cheeks grow warm as the hidden blush continued to intensify.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mahri steps back when Dapper Redhale steps forward. Skirts swirl when he executes a turn, she's following with surprising grace and lightness of feet. Scandalously close, Mahri smiles beneath the veil, the corners of her eyes wrinkling and she laughs. Yes. Laughs. It's a bit rusty sounding but it was there. "Banned? Really?"

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

The door to the tavern creaks open to reveal a dark silhouette against the full moon glowing overhead. A veil of moonlight shines into the tavern, creating a rectangle of blue light on the floor, but only an observant patron would find this curious… after all the moon was behind the silhouette. At first glance one would find the figure to have a fairly powerful build, most likely enhanced by a formal suit of some sort, and nearly unparalleled posture. As the figure stepped into the light, the figure was revealed as a male human, he adorned rags, two large bandages were notable on his torso and leg, a fair-sized bag droops from his left side, and he looks to be armed with pitiful rusty dagger strapped to his side. The only portion of the man that doesn't look like refuse however is his masque, a simple faceless mask. It contained grooves making out two eyes and a nose and was colored black on the left and white on the right, otherwise it was not at all a decorative mask and one would wonder how the owner was able to see out of the thing for it lacked eyeholes. Despite his attire, the man makes each stride with dignity, no smell whatsoever seems to emanate from the man. It seemed apparent that these rags were a costume, symbolizing the facelessness of the unfortunate without home, money, or food… but the truth of the matter was that it was most definitely not a costume. Already the entertainment and dancing had begun, but even so Mark took care in closing the tavern door behind him so as to not make any noise. Mark stood for a few moments directly in front of the tavern door, he does not move, it wouldn't have mattered had the mask not been covering the features of his face, for his true face was almost just as blank and just as still. From the door, Mark is able to observe all with only his peripherals through the crystal eyes of his faceplate. The orchestra was playing a melody in a 3/4 time signature, a waltz, both the smell and presence of food were apparent. Patrons were either speaking with each other, dancing, or eating. Everything seemed normal… for the moment at least, no signs of fighting or struggle. Mark was not here for the 'fun', having done so would have simply been a waste of time. No, there were other reasons, one was information, after all intoxicated beings tended to have loose tongues, but first he wished to speak with a certain being. It would be a difficult, but not impossible, feat to search for a single being in a tavern wherein almost everyone was wear a masque of some sort, rather he listened. He sorted the individual voices of each and every being that spoke, remembering the sound of each voice and information it carried. 'Say... are you quite alright, dear?,' the voice he was searching for. Heel rolled to toe, Mark almost seemed to glide towards the voice, his head pointed directly where he was going, only his body shifted every once in awhile to avoid bumping into patrons or furniture, 'Better off without him. Seems a bit histrionic…' He was getting closer. Mark stepped before the person who held ownership of the voice he'd sought, 'I mean. Didn't see them. Or hear about... anyway! Good to see you. Nice to know you give a ....are concerned for my sister.' Giving a bow of respect to Jolie, Mark spoke, "Miss Jolie, I presume…?"

Jolie was a little startled by the voice, close to her ear, vaguely familiar. She wheeled about, hand slapping her thigh for a dagger that wasn't there, an instinctive reaction for a woman under stress, no matter how pleasant the source of that anxiety might be. "Oh... " Her hand relaxed. "Hullo... Mark, wasn't it? Glad you could make it." She pointed the looming figure with green skin and yellow eyes toward the rear of the building. "That's Urghdak, Chief of Security. He's the one you answer to. Job's easy, however. Throw troublemakers out. Anyone threatening a paying patron with death is fair game. Except.. well. There's Colton Black. Wears a charcoal coat, I'll explain about him later... As for pay, two hundred for this evening, and the same per week, with bonuses for fight prevention." The necromancer smiled. "Free food and drink, as well."

Bainwen smiled and nodded at his whispered comment, breathing a reply.

Jolie turned her eyes to her sister, catching that moment of laughter in her eyes, if not a mouth hidden under the gauzy veil, and a small smile of her own curled her lips. The lycaness deserved more laughter in her life. Not that Jolie was.. you know. Being emotional or anything. Ahem. She reached for another whiskey.

Serimpesh halts before the Physician in conversation with the Lycan. A dazzling smile to the lady, as he speaks in that curious and impossible to place accent. The accent sounds familiar...almost like home, "Good evening, m'Lady. How are you this fine night?" The Clockwork Masked Man looks to her companion, "Might I steal your lady, for a time or two?" Nearly before Rhocielle can answer, Ago's hand is taken and Serimpesh introduces himself once more to the lady before him. He adds on, "Might I add that is quite a lovely mask you wear this fine night?" His own mask ticks and whirls its gears, the sun slowly rising and the moon slowly sinking.

Velvet 's emerald hued orbs caught site of the bar, slowly she stood. Ajusting her black fathered and pixie dust mask she made her way over, taking a seat on a empty barstool. "One black rum, please." she asked as she looked down at the bar top.

Aritriel blushes from Roytoc's whisper, then giggles and pulls him to the bar for a drink. She ordered water, and wiped her head, needing rest after that fun dance.

Angelo spins Bainwen once more and, upon drawing her in close, quickly shifts his hands down towards her abdomen and lifts her upwards, a triumphant laugh bursting from the mask as it switched back to its rosy configuration. Bringing her back down to the ground gently, he motioned his head towards their empty table.

Rhocielle gave a smirk and farewell wave to Agoyoanye, "Enjoy your dance, doctor."

Dapper Redhale carefully brings them, whirl by whirl, closer to the centre of the floor until his fast-paced waltz clears him a path to where, with dainty pivoting fleckerls, he takes on the appearance of a dark star, with Mahri the vibrant green planet swinging in his orbit at speeds that would damage an ankle less used to the movements "Oh yes. Banned. I had this tendency, you see, to refuse to stay placidly in line. I would whirl in contrasteps to the rest of the dancers, and make merry havoc until my lungs heaved from the exertion and laughter. Well, the problem was also that I was having too much fun." When a slight gap appears, he deftly steps out to spin them into the dancefloor at large once again, letting some other dancers take the spotlight "And speaking of which, are you having fun, m'dear?"

Bainwen laughed as well as she is twirled about and pulled close. Beneath her mask her cheeks are still blush stained as his hands find her waist, and she is lifted from the ground, her long ebony hair draping about the pair like a curtain. She smiled brightly as she was settled back to the earth, and clasped the human's hand, nodding as he indicated their table, and ready to follow him there.

Angelo escorts her to the table and gets her seat for her once more, seating himself not shortly after and pouring himself and Bainwen more wine. He lets out a sigh and, looking over, switches to the starry configuration and maneuvers the stars into a smile. "Quite the dance, madonna. I hope you enjoyed it."

Agoyoanye watches the moon rise in the man's mask. "So your name is Serimpesh… Well then I must grace you with my name. I am Dr. Agoyoanye DeSange…. But tonight lets keep that to Ago." she smile as her dress falls down making the jingling of her bracelet less heard. As his compliment comes about her mask it changes again to a deep black with a silver pattern of spider webs. "I also must compliment you on your choice of attire this evening." she parts her crimson painted lips into a smile that shows her vampiric side. She heard Rhocielle and threw a hand in thanks. He was always a nice pal she really needed to do what he had asked of her. But now her attention was on Serimpesh.

Jolie said to Rhocielle, "I notice Ago hasn’t been asked," she turned back to him. "Pity.""

Bainwen smiled in that unusual shy manner, lifting the wine to sip from it, "Aye, I quite enjoyed it." Her eyes scanned the room, and it was only then that she noticed Panthium near the bar. She tensed slightly, ever so slightly. She hadn't known the fellow elf would be here, and suddenly she was quite glad for the mask she wore. The elfess knew that both her date and her elven friend had feelings for her, and hoped nothing bad would come of their being in the same place with her.

Rhocielle said to Jolie, "She is currently preoccupied." He scoffed a bit playfully, as he was not particularly in the mood to dance to start, "Aye, a pity."

Gwenilyn :: The door to the Hanging Corpse swings open to reveal a petite woman standing there. Auburn tresses are upswept into elaborate curls, the ends of which caress the creamy skin of her neck and shoulders. Tiny white rosebuds nestle amongst the curls and a clip in the shape of a dragonfly perches at her left ear. The woman wears a golden silk gown that flows with her as she steps into the Tavern. The fabric clings to her form, emphasizing her slim curves nicely, trailing away behind her. At the woman's face is a mask, as part of the prescribed attire for the evening. Delicate ribbons of rainbow hues festoon the covering, as do sprigs of lavender and more rosebuds. From the slits in the mask reserved for the eyes peer startling sapphire orbs full of lively curiosity as she searches the crowed room before her. The tips of her shoes which peep from underneath the silk hem are full of tiny gems that catch the light and sparkle merrily. The woman's favorite lavender scent clings to her, not overmuch, but enough to lend to the perfumed air already within the confines of the Tavern. A soft smile appears upon rouged lips at sight of the magnificently dressed assemblage.

Mahri hadn't danced like this since..well. A long time now. She found it easy, actually, to keep up with Dapper Redhale. When his hand pressed to side, or his body moved in a particular direction, Mahri followed the cue and adjusted her steps accordingly. As they wove in and out of the crowd, Mahri began to find herself actually trying to catch her breath while her waltz-partner seemed not the least bit winded. Slipping between two couples, one cursing in a distinctively male voice and the other not noticing at all, the lycan chuckles at the story and wonders if it were true. Then again, who cared? "Yes, I guess I'm having fun. I just don't much care for large crowds. This is a good distraction so far."

Angelo cocks his head as she tenses slightly, the stars forming into a question mark. "Something wrong, madonna?"

Jolie nodded to Rhocielle, noticing that the waltz was coming to an end. "Excuse me...." she once more dashed toward the stage, uttering the spell that would revive the dead musicians for a little longer. The next dance was secured, however -- a tango. But for now, the waltz played on.

Rhocielle nodded to Jolie, a courteous dip of his muzzle to the woman, "Of course."

Serimpesh straightens from his bow, though he keeps a gentle hold on Ago's hand in his own gloved one, "Then Ago it shall be, m'lady. You may call me what you wish, I care little. If you press me, however, I would bid you to call me Pesh. Now, my lady...would you care to dance or converse? Each sits equally well with me." His smile grows slightly wider. The gears click and whir, only to be heard so close to the man's face. The clockwork of the mask is otherwise silent and tireless.

Morana is still watching people dance from her table, her ware still dazzling with the diamonds and white silk. Her mask, white swan feathers, is brushed against for a moment as she debates over another drink.

Bainwen blinked and looked back to her date, laughing slightly at the trick with the stars. At least it helped to relieve the tension she was feeling. Still...she hoped Panthium wouldn't recognize her behind her mask of roses, "No...nothings wrong, Angelo."

Verthica frowns from behind his mask, his mask's icy surface making the same expression. He turns back to the counter, ordering another drink, then downing both his untouched drink and the new. His belch goes unnoticed, against the louder volume of the happy goers. "Ah Life. Hectic and calm all at once but the scales can flip without warning on you."

Angelo ho-hums slightly under his mask, noticing the tension. He raises his hands over the table, marionnette strings appearing from his fingers with small, shadowy puppets attached to the end. He recreates the dance they just shared, the starry mask re-arranging to resemble a laughing face.

Xiang makes his way into the tavern in stride, obsidian cane leading the way as sea green eyes dart to and fro in search of something. The monk is pristine from head to toe, perfectly pressed black suit, with red pinstripes, is his attire. Black leather boots, of a formal make, shine in the light of the Corpse, and damn well should after costing the man fifteen silver for that lad to shine. On each hand is a ring or flawless make, one a silver band with a ruby gem inlaid within, the other a platinum band, with a black diamond inlaid. Each glows with hidden power, each holding its own mysteries. With a swagger not his own, does Xiang move about the crowd, and be it his new suave demeanour or the love potion floating in the drinks, he seems to hold a charm he has never possessed before. Within moments he is at the bar, scanning, looking... smirking devilishly.

Colton arrived. He treads beneath the tavern's archway steadily, ignoring what would otherwise be described as reverie for his usual place along the bar. The cyclops tender meets him with a bottle there, an empty glass haloed on its neck. While he pays no mind to the masked ball or those attending, he himself has embraced a macabre masquerade. A red-leather mask conceals the wolfish lines with his face and has been accented by a horrendous vision. A real face, the face of some poor unfortunate, has been stitched to its surface. The skin is still soft and fresh, deeming the kill very recent, though the conjurer wears no blood upon his spotless, ennobled attire.

Agoyoanye smiles at his calm and gently ways. "I would be appeased with dancing… That is if you would as well"

Bainwen blinked at the sudden appearance of the puppets, a laugh sounding from her, faint though the noise was as she lifted her wine to take a sip, "Very clever."

Bella getting a bit on the board side and having expected it to be for fun. Flutters off towards the boor and home with a rather lager pout on her little face.

Hanan noted that shift in the music, sitting at the bar with her third glass of wine just beginning. A goddamn tango. She loved tango music... not that she considered herself capable of a decent dance not involving swords but she sure liked the music. Dark eyes gazed through the tiger-striped half mask to the door. Her date still wasn't here. Dammit.

Panthium saw bella heading towards the door and decided to run after her and stop her.

Angelo nods, the starry mask forming a smile. "And, if I may say so, cheeky." The dancing puppets begin to act out a mock fistfight, with much overexaggeration of punches...and much slapstick.

Hanan glanced sidelong to Colton, and her gulp had nothing to do with wine. Perhaps it was good Ace had yet to arrive. She lifted her glass to him slightly. "Lovely. That designer?"

It didn't take sight for the elven woman to know who had just walked through the door, but it would be a lie if she didn't admit that his demeanor was odd. So with curious, light steps, she rises from her table and makes her way over to the bar. "Evening." Her chilly voice purrs, as the lighting of the tavern catches in the array of diamonds around her throat and sewn into her white locks. "You look quite dashing." A fanged grin tracing over pale lips as a cold hand is placed upon the sleeve of the monk.

Rhocielle , now alone, allowed himself to simply watch the Lycaness dance without dual responsibility of needing to pay attention to conversation. She did... 'scrub' up well, as Jolie put it. He had never seen her before in a dress. Like Hanan before him, he smiled gently at Mahri's appearance.

Bainwen watched the puppets fight, and suddenly became nervous again, glancing toward Panthium as she spotted him heading for the door. Not realizing he was just trying to stop Bella, she sighed softly in relief at the thought that he was leaving, then turned her focus back to the human, smiling brightly, "Very good. Not only an illusionist, but a master puppeteer as well.

The costly replica of a cheap imitation Redhale mask disguises his raised eyebrow neatly beneath his top hat. Robes still whirling he leads Mahri in a spin to the outer edges of the dancefloor where there was a bit more space for risky maneouvres "Oh, you guess, do you? Let's see if we can make that a little bit more enthusiastic for the next time I ask" And with a slight chuckle and a quick step Cornelius unravels her from his left arm and lowers himself into a bow as both their arms reach full extension "Allow me, Mademoiselle". Standing tall again, he steps in, drawing her back into the starting embrace, and mixes up the waltz with some foxtrot flair, and the orchestra be damned (as they likely were, being undead and all)

Angelo shrugs, two brights stars simulating a bit of a blush on his cheeks. "Sleight of hand was a necessity where I come from. Plus, it may have helped that someone needed to entertain my baby brother."

Xiang allows his gaze to sweep across the tavern, stopping momentarily on Jolie, then onwards, until it stops dead on Morana. Something stirs within the monk, the haze lifts for a moment. His eyes flash from sea green to pale blue, and the foul taste of liquor makes his pallid features twist into a scowl. He remembered walking here, he had a date. That subject was another thing he was still shaken up about, but, as soon as his gaze resettled upon Morana, his mind cleared. Once again he was himself, and with that creepy manner that was all his own, the monk inclines his head to the vampire, the demonic looking mask that he wears hiding the smile he has upon those thin lips as he says. " You look amazing." Her aura, that frigid cold that forever surrounds her, enthrals the monk's senses. She was almost death incarnate, and the monk fancied that. " I think I look absolutely silly, I don't even know why I got this suit." He holds up the cane, with the grinning skull that tops it looking at him, and shrugs. " I wonder were Eira has gotten to?"

Mark was silent for a few moments as he comprehended the information Jolie was giving him, 'I suppose I would not mind joining your staff perhaps security…,' ah yes, Mark had agreed to offer his services as security to her, "As you wish…". When Jolie dashes to the stage, Mark follows in pursuit casually. Catching up with her a few moments later, he continues forwards, as if to walk past, but halts directly beside her to whisper a few words to her before relocating himself to a corner of the Tavern where he would be able to see and hear all. In the darkened corner of the Tavern, Mark stood silently, completely motionless. It would be difficult for others to spot him and should they, they could very well mistake him a piece of decoration, a mannequin or a statue. He could gather a superfluous amount of information here, but now he also listened for two particular voices. 'Evening. You look quite dashing.,' That was one, ' I wonder where Eira has gotten to?,' and there was the other…

Bainwen let out a soft laugh at the simulated flush upon his mask. Then, upon hearing his statement, she smiled brightly, "You have a brother?"

Angelo nods, snapping both his fingers and ending the puppet show. The mask turns to the rosy configuration as he looks over to her. "Three. Four, if you wish to get technical. Not really related, but...shall we say, 'adopted'."

The waltz comes to an end, and the Tango begins

Jolie did not miss the conjurer's entrance, though would not immediately step toward the man. Rather, she mingled, saying her hellos to this guest and that, prodding the waiters to get a move on with drinks, generally fussing her way in Colton's general direction. Her gown was a confection of red silks and velvet, her hair piled atop her head in a smooth coiffure and held in place by jewelled pins. Her own mask was green, edged in scarlet roses. Finally, she wafted close enough to murmur, "Oh, you do show up." And slide him a sideways glance as she tried to steal his bottle for a sip. Meanwhile, the tango had begun, a stirring and passionate tune that spoke of sleazy dives and illicit lovers, not ironic at all.

Serimpesh || The man nods with a smile, and gently leads Ago out onto the dance floor, "Then a dance is shall be. Tell me, my lady, can you dance or shall I lead us both?"

Panthium stopped and turned back around to head back to the bar to get that drink. He was unsuccessful in catching Bella. As he got back to the bar to get his drink he turned around and scanned the room to see who all he knew here in the tavern,

Ranok whispered something to Agoyoanye.

Morana laughs with a odd, jovial manner. "He doesn't like being places where there are too many people. Besides," Smirking, she pats his sleeve, "He trusts you well enough to be sure I don't get into too much trouble." Her ever perceptive gaze had noticed the change, but as to not ruin the evening, she didn't pose the question of what had happened. "Besides, if need be I get into trouble, I only see it as an addition to the evening."

Hanan glanced at Morana appraisingly over the edge of her glass, perhaps for slightly too long. Damn it, where was her date? But she knew the woman anyway, at least by her voice. The captain in the tiger mask made a small murmuring sound before gulping, then raised her voice to the woman in diamonds. "Careful with that one. He'll get your dress all red." She didn't feel a need to warn Jolie, just smirked knowingly as their hostess slid up to the bar. "I'm noticing, Jolie, that you haven't danced yet. Pity."

Jolie gave Hanan a look that might have cracked glass, if her power had extended that far. "Neither have you."

Hanan shrugged nonchalantly. "Haven't seen anyone I've wanted to dance with yet. And my date's not here."

Bainwen nodded in understanding of his words, "I see. I...I don't know if I have any siblings." She sounded a little sad behind that mask of roses he had created for her, "I was sent away when I was still young...well...young for an elf. And when I returned..." She left the sentence unfinished.

Bainwen caught Panthium returning, and shifted uneasily in her seat, deliberately avoiding looking at the paladin in hopes that he would not recognize her through her rose covered mask.

Agoyoanye laughed gently as the man whispered in her ear. Was that a bit of a challenge or tease? What ever it was she was ready to begin this dance. After her hand slid into his she nodded "Do you want to lead us out?"

Angelo reaches out and takes her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I understand, madonna. Perhaps, one day, I shall help you search." The roses on the mask turn black for a moment as he adds, "But 'twould be best to wrap up business at home before I went travelling, lest I be falsely accused...again." Upon saying 'again', the mask once again shifts to its cheerful red tone.

Panthium didnt notice to many people left in the tavern. He thought he recognized some of the voices behind the masks but he wasnt to sure yet. He then thought to himself that maybe he should ask someone to dance. Perhaps he should get a closer look at the people who were here and possibly see if any female were intrested in dancing with him.

Xiang was lost within the company of the huntress, ignoring the ignorant woman from days before with ease. The woman in the tiger mask was alone, Xiang had perhaps the most beautiful woman at the ball on his arm. It was better than socking that annoying woman in the jaw. But, forgetting her, Morana is once again the center of attention, as Xiang says. " I have earned the trust of your companion? I am truly honored." Again, a smile, this is a recurring theme when she is about. " I shall not disappoint him then." With this said, the monk reaches out and takes the hand Morana has upon his sleeve, and says. " Shall we dance?" With a bow thrown in for good measure.

Serimpesh || The man grins in return. It was both. He takes the lady out onto the dance floor and and begins the dance. He acts like he is putting a dog through its paces, and in a sense, he is. He wished to see if Ago could keep up with his tall frame and smooth grace. His pace is not hard at first, and he seems more curious to see if Ago can tango in the dress she wears. If Ago does prove capable, he will increase the speed at which they move.

Bainwen blinked as her hand was taken, flushing softly beneath her mask and looking up at her date, "Thank you." She said, genuinely meaning it. Her face shifted into a half smile, and she sighed softly, trying to pull her scattered thoughts together. "And maybe I can help with whatever it is going on in your home land..." She was beginning to relax again, thinking perhaps Panthium wouldn't recognise her afterall.

Angelo shakes his head. "No! Absolutely not. I wouldn't...I couldn't take you there, madonna. 'tis complicated, but..." He mutters something to himself, then leans in to whisper something to her.

Paying his only mind to Tenebrae was not difficult. She'd catch Colton's eye, the little saunter in her stride and that hostess glide that took her from table to table and crowd to crowd. All ruby, like a whore's lips or some precious stone, maybe blood when it was still running hot along fair skin. These were reds he'd known to be just as dangerous. The mask, green, did nothing to take from the peridot of her eyes and he met them last. He took the bottle back from her, strong fingers closing on it to measure a stiff serving in the crystal of his tumbler, words coming even as he moved to sate his thirst. The bustle was certainly not his style. "My date got hung up out front, greeting everyone." The reference was not cleverly veiled. He was not witty. The unfortunate soul whose face adorned his mask had been hung from the sign of the Hanging Corpse, recently dead, with its skeletal grin mocking those that entered and the pale coils of its guts hanging, festooned, beside the portal.

Hanan didn't know monks went on dates. She thought that negated the whole monk part. But she didn't know anything about Xiang except that Winter was apparently with him, now... which drew a smirk from her. Didn't make a bad couple at all, aesthetically.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen blinked at his emphatic objection to her offer of help. She listened closely to his whisper, then tilted her head as she observed him. After a moment she leaned back in, letting her lips brush over his ears as she murmured a reply.

Morana glances for a moment over to Hanan, and offers a chilling grin, "Ah, but red is a color I love just as much." Happily, she took up the offered hand and slid from her stool with the innate, feline grace. "We shall." As it was with him, it was with her, a small smile tugged at the corner of those pale lips. "It has been awhile, I must admit." She adds, as she places her other hand upon his shoulder, "So excuse me if I happen to mess up the steps."

Agoyoanye dress was not that hard to do the basic steps of the dance. Her legs followed his pace and even managed to pull a few wraps and spins as the beat played. "Please pick up the pace" she whispers kindly to the man. "I love to dance and this now is not much of a pace for this type of song." His tall frame helped from when the doctor learned how to dance. Before she found the potion that helped her loose her weight. Her mask had changed to a solid black shimmer as she looked at the man.

Hanan would lift her glass of wine and attempt to catch Mahri's eye if she twirled in the sailor's general direction, a silent toast. "So when are the interesting people stoppin' in, Jolie? Is there going to be a fight? I thought all the decent Vailkrin parties had fights, such as they are."

Angelo shakes his head again, the two stars on his cheeks brightening before continuing to whisper.

Panthium started walking around the dance floor wandering who he should ask. He spotted a lady across the tavern. He decided to go over to her and ask her to dance. as he got closer he noticed she was a vampire but at this point did not care for he just wanted to have fun. When ha finally got to her he put out his hand and bowed to her" Hello my lady. Would ou like to dance?"

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen did not hesitate this time before answering in hushed tone.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Beata slips in the door hearing the music ..alooking around she sees several she thinks she knows..The music makes her foot tap.

Xiang takes control right off the bat, swinging the lithe woman about ever so gently, and with such poise and technique it is almost shocking. Once again those pale blue eyes flash ever so quickly to sea green, and then back to that alluring blue. Once Morana twirls out to an arms length, Xiang brings her back close to him, the two now face to face, moving ever so flawlessly in sync. " Its the strangest thing..." The monk says, slightly laughing at himself. " I don't remember learning to dance, yet.." Again the monk twirls the vampire about with an adept display of dexterity and rythem. The two move so well together with the music. " But I find myself quite able." He adds.

Angelo looks, for a moment, incredibly flustered the stars brightening even more before the mask shifts back to its rosy configuration, continuing his whispered conversation.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Mahri dips a curtsey without much thought to it when the Dapper wraith bends elegantly at the waist. Laughter rings out though, when she's drawn into yet another dance. The steps quicker but the music doesn't seem to go with the foot work or the tempo needed for it. "What kind of music is that?" she'll ask soon as they're close enough. Glancing about her gaze wanders lighting first on Hanan and nodding her way then to Rhocielle. And there it stops. Oh hell. Stiffening, and not because of the need for proper form. And, if this Dapper version of Redhale noticed, Mahri'll smile slightly beneath the veil and shake her head. "I think I need a rest instead." Which is partially true. Her back was aching again and she swore her feet were swelling in those slippers. Plus, she had a gift to drink, hidden behind the bar. Where, she hoped, neither Steadman or Jolie would find it.

Angelo silently lowers his head, the roses turning to a deep violet, looking humbled.

Cornelius-as-Redhale bows "A rest may be wise indeed, M'dear, for that music signifies the Tango."

Bainwen blinked at his whispered words, unsure of the meaning of that last part. Her features glowed a bright scarlet beneath her mask, and she swallowed nervously, heart fluttering madly as she lean in, placing a hand upon his shoulder as she whispered her reply.

Serimpesh grins now completely and fully, "Aha! Some spice, then. Very well." The man releases Ago for a moment. But only to do three things. He first takes off his jacket, revealing a white, pressed shirt and blood red vest. The tie around his neck is attached to the vest via pin, and the vest. His waist is devoid of any hangings, not even a knife, further distancing him from the man they would call Ranok. The coat is hung up nicely on a coatrack. The jacket does not look it, but it's enchanted to give anyone who touches it a numb arm should they seem to rifle the pockets. The sword comes off as well, removing another obstruction to the dancing. It's hung over the coat. The blade carries no such enchantment as the coat, however. The third, and final item to be taken is the frost-fire rose from his lapel, revealing a long stem. Almost like he was waiting for this moment. The man is now much lighter in his upper body. He strikes a starting position, "Now, my Lady..." a hand is extended to her, "...we dance." Should Ago take his hand, he will pull her into a whirlwind of motion, movement, and dancing, his pace much faster then it was before. But one gets the feeling he's holding back, just a little. Almost like he was waiting for something. The rose is tucked into a pocket on the vest, stem and all and not making a budge.

Hanan was a short enough woman that her feet did not solidly reach the ground as she sat on that barstool. She was grounded instead by her bootheels, hooked over the lower rung of her seat as she sat casually at the bar. Panthium towered a bit over her as he put out his hand, at least until he bowed. She didn't take it. Instead she took a slow sip of her red wine, eyes flaring over the top of that glass, before she lowered it and growled. That suited the tiger mask, didn't it? Happy accident. "I'm not your lady, stranger."

Colton speaks sidelong to Hanan, then. "You're no lady at all, really."

Morana was glad for his skill with dancing, because it allowed to flow so seamlessly into the steps, picking up on the light footed steps of the dance. Had it been so long since her last social event? Winter could not help but grin, laughing as jovial as her chilly tones could. "Well, do not wish ill luck on such skills, they are a rare commodity to be had." She answers, as she sweeps into his arms so smoothly. "Made it easier for me to remember the steps, since it has been so long since last I danced." There were other dances she knew, but none that would not cause fear in certain hearts. "I also see you found fitting colors as well, and me," Quickly gesturing to the snowflake like attire, "It is easy to tell who I might possibly be."

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mahri would have given Cornelius a grateful smile, if he could have seen it. Instead she nods, "Thank you for the dance." And she'll move off, slipping past tables and guests to find a seat near or at the bar. She'll probably be a few seats down from Hanan. She also tried to avoid getting too close to Rhocielle. After their last talk, she could only guess at why he might be here. Tonight. Of all g'damn nights.

Xiang laughs aloud and says to Colton. " Agreed."

Angelo shakes his head again, the roses remaining that deep violet, before continuing to whisper.

Colton cuts his eyes to Xiang. He is unsmiling. "Piss off, twinkle toes."

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Hanan rolled her eyes, but there was a smirk on her lips now at Colton's comment--if not Xiang's reaction to it. "If bein' a lady means hangin' off the arm of any of the gentlemen I see before me, I renounce all ladydom."

Bainwen sighed at the whispered words that were being exchanged between she and her date, her hand squeezing at his shoulder a little as she gave her hushed response.

Colton slides his glance back to Hanan then and measures himself another glass. "The hairy legs disqualified you long before you could resign, sailor."

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mahri says to Steadman, "Is there a cloth wrapped bottle back there?..no..over there," she points. "Yes, that one. A glass to of course." Hanan's gift , unwrapped and unopened, is set before her with a glass. And that only because it was a social occasion.

Panthium slowly took his hand back and raised up. Looking at her a little confused since he didnt think he did anything wrong he just smiled and turned to walk away. After being turned down he felt a little sad. The one lady not dancing didnt even want to dance with him. The one women he had feelings for has not spoke to him since the day he had told her. How he missed Bainwen. But he guessed it was not meant to be. He then strolled out the door slowly. with the walk of a lonely man. He decided to head back to kelay. Maybe there he could find some one to talk to at least. So with one last glance around the tavern he decided to leave.

Hanan 's smirked deepened at Colton's last comment to Xiang. Maybe the horrible hammer murderer who could somehow tolerate Jolie wasn't a complete monster. "You've never seen my legs. I wear pants so the shiny smoothness doesn't blind you all."

Angelo lets a sigh escape from his mask, before once again whispering slowly to Bainwen, the mask switching between randomized variations.

Rhocielle watched Mahri as she moved away from the dance floor, wolfen head unmoving but silver eyes tracking the movements of her own. As she seemed to be enjoying herself, the wolfen male found no reason to disturb the female Lycan. With that, he stood and began making his way out the door. He could always tell her the reason for his presence another time.

Agoyoanye smiles and waits as the man gets ready to actually dance. His attire was very appropriate for the dance. As she takes his hand she notes the rose with a sweet grin. He starts to dance and her feet keep up appropriately. When he decides to dip she leans deep down trusting his arms to support her and make her lines in her body appropriate. Slight looks of tension is given by the woman to set the spicy ways of the dance. As the song picks certain tempos her hips follow it giving the dance a tingling heat. Her mask was now burning almost as much as her crimson hues were. "Lovely dancer, I must say" with a bit of honey coated tendencies.

Hanan said to Mahri, "You look beautiful. Despite whatever Jolie did to you." She raised her glass to the wolf again. "Dress up more often."

Xiang returns to the dance, his eyes once again finding those icy-orbs of Morana's as he takes her hand into his, and wraps the other about her waist. To her comment he says. " It was not your attire that gave you away.." The smile under his mask broadens, and due to the close proximity of the two, Winter could perhaps tell he was smiling. " It was the cold that drew me to you, like death's embrace." Yes, not the most romantic words ever spoken to a lady, telling her she reminded him of death. But it was something the two shared in common, a connection if you would. They pass a table, and with those preternatural reflexes he possesses, the monk reaches out and takes a single red rose from a table as they twirl by, and presents it to the huntress. " So you like red do you?" He says in a coy manner. " Then perhaps this is a fitting addition to your attire?" He says, as he slips the rose behind her ear, ever so mindful of the thorns that he breaks off with his thumb. A small prick occurs upon the appendage, and the monk sighs as he says. " Well damn.." A small droplet of blood now upon the top of his thumb.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Colton quipped quietly to Hanan, though to most the words would seem utterly flat. The inflection, perhaps, caught only by the sailor if by any at all and accompanied by the way he gently allowed the folds of his great coat to lay open. Revealed within, bound in a complex harness burdened with a myriad of tools, is a battered handsaw with a rusty blade caked in dried blood. "An easier solution would be to remove them entirely, wouldn't it?"

Angelo shakes his head, a dark chuckle emanating from the mask before he continues.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen blinked and looked at him with confusion as he began his whispered tale. Leaning in she spoke in a similar fashion, too caught up in her conversation to notice the other elf being rejected and walking toward the door.

Mahri was unwrapping the virgine absinthe...or whatever Hanan had called it. It was better than water. Slanting a look the captains way, eventually glancing beyond to Colton, before answering Hanan, "You have any idea how hard it is to run in a damn dress? Holdin' up the hem so's ya don't trip on it is a pain in the arse." Especially if you're chasing someone.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Mahri will watch Rhocielle leave but she won't feel relief. It only means he'll be back another time. Good thing she wore a veil. Her grinding teeth would be hidden.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Dapper Redhale drifts from the dancefloor, the ominous top-hatted figure appearing to glide unnaturally, care of Cornelius' precise footwork beneath those dark robes. An elegant emissary of the eldritch, he drifts his way to the next pretty lady in need of a dance: Urghdak, the half-orc/half-troll head of security "I say there, Urghdak old bean. You look lonely. Positively pining away for the fjords. Would you like to tango?"

Hanan snickered, to both of those speaking to her. To Colton she glanced sidelong again, knocked back another sip of wine red as blood, and shrugged simply. Maybe the alcohol made her less disturbed by his particular pastime than usual. She could smell the blood, but it didn't smell bad. Hell. "Does Jolie know you're into amputees, Black? Might be worth bringin' up at some point." She inclined her head slightly toward Mahri, that smirk still rendering her jaw a bit lopsided beneath the tiger mask. "Which is why I don't wear one. Still suits you."

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Angelo sighs again, the roses turning a red similar to blood before whispering once more.

Morana allows him to pull her in closer, even finding her normal resistance to anyone touching her, tucking itself away. For now, she was calm to the closeness of another and even at some points, even allowing the thought of liking being so close slip into her mind. The red rose as well as the words had been the attraction of her attention, but as the smell of blood reached her, she could not help but reach out and gently take up his hand. Her movements remained slow, leaving the option of pulling away, as she brought his thumb to her lips. If he allowed,she would draw the blood over her bottom lip as icy orbs locked in on his, the sounds of the room disappearing in a rush of the huntress craving a taste, and the sudden chill of winter singing it sweet melody.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Masked Gentleman is more then willing to follow the heat, providing his own, holding her tight up against his body where appropriate, gloved hands indeed holding her body easily as he dips and turns her. He increases the pace, faster and faster. The man dips Ago almost to the floor, effortlessly holding the woman, "And as are you, my lady." He pulls her up and then flicks her out, to make Ago's dress twirl, then pull her in tight. As the dance warms up, both physically and metaphorically, the clockwork on the man's mask ticks slightly faster. The mask is powered by body heat, and his efforts are not winding him, but they are warming him up. The jacket would have made the tango unbearable. As the gentleman spins Ago away to clap his hands in time with the beat, waiting for her stalk back to him and he will do the same. Once, and only once, does the Clockwork Gentleman's eyes leave Ago's own for more then it took to spin, dip, or move. His piercing gaze sought the Dapper Redhale's own. The message was clear: Challenge accepted.

Bainwen sighed as well. It was her turn to place her hand over his, and give a gentle, reassuring squeeze as she leaned in to give a reply.

Colton looked back to the hostess, then, after finishing the amber sloshing in his glass. The cut of his eyes remains on her softly-featured face while his hands once more make their steady, generous pour.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Mahri is just going to ignore Hanan now, intent on pouring herself a non-alcoholic drink that wasn't juice. Or water. As she raises the glass, the problem of the thick cloth hiding her face is made known and she, irritably, raises the bottom of it with one hand and knocks back the pirate's gift. She'd have slouched if the dress allowed for it.

Angelo lowers his head, a soft sigh barely able to be heard from beneath the mask before he once again whispers to her.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Jolie just stood by blankly while conjurer and pirate bickered, impassively watching the back and forth, though she'd smirk a little 'hairy legs' and Hanan's ensuing bluster. While the band played, the tango winding down into a slow dance, one of the undead took up a trumpet, a plaintive blast sounding from it before a four-beat, sultry number drifted across the room that in another time and place would be called jazz, but here was just a slow dance, and the necromancer said nothing but held her hand out to Colton, in his mask of flesh.

Bainwen smiled sadly at him, and in an effort to comfort him, moved to embrace him gently, pressing her cheek to his as she whispered a reply.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Hanan failed to stifle her laugh at Mahri's attempt to drink. Not that she had tried very hard. At least it was relatively quiet, for her.

Xiang locked eyes with winter herself, the two twirling about in tune with the other in such a manner it almost seemed natural. As the vampire brings his thumb to her lips, the monk does not stop her. He knows well of her nature, of the curse that she has made her own. And thus, admist the dancing she gets but a drop of his blood upon her lips, before the monk's mind once again recognizes the fact of a crowd being present. A smirk finds its way to his lips, as he says. " Perhaps now is a good time for a drink?" The monk twirls the woman about once more, and upon bringing her back in, he dips her low, for a moment, the two still staring into each other's eyes before Xiang brings her up, awaiting an answer.

Angelo shifts the mask to the starry configuration, the twin stars coming up in a blush almost instantly by her proximity. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem, but this elf...'twas entirely different.

Mahri said to Hanan, "Laugh it up, Captain Fancy Coat. A few months and I'll be kickin' your ass again."

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Colton abandoned his bottle; he left it there amidst that place that had in so many ways become his own. The woman they called Jolie was a slip of a thing, a tiny wisp of a girl veiled in sultry reds and passionate greens. It suited her in a way to dress so loud when she was, by stature, so entirely small. This contrast would become more clean as his large hand gathered her own, embraced her slender fingers, and he rose to his full height to accompany her through the shifting bodies. There were no words. This was not atypical. Instead, without apology or hesitation, the conjurer laid his palm at the delicate small of Tenebrae's back and pulled her against him until her rounded hip lay secured in the grasp of his opposite hand. She'd find his step educated, without flair, capable in keeping time and in securing her soft shape against the masculine warmth of his own.

Agoyoanye as she twirled out the woman finally took a breath that the man had stolen. The way he was dancing made the vamipress intrigued. As her dress twirled she waved her finger to her partner and gave him a look of pure lust. This was a serious dance and anyone who didn't know any better would have thought the two was angry lovers dancing the heat out. A dip between his legs brought the lady back on the other side twisting her hip daringly. It was of course all in good taste though. As she hold his hand she notes how the fluidity of his touch was daring and so light. If he danced like this now she couldn't wait to see how he does on a foxtrot or of something slower. Her mask now was reflecting that of almost a pink dusk color. Another dip brings the woman slowly rising her upper body against his back up. Winding about before they break back into basic steps.

Bainwen smiled and pulled out of the embrace, looking at him. She could see the blushing stars, and it made her flush beneath her mask as well. Her hand settled back upon his, and she planned to let it linger there until he was in a better mood.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Angelo looks back up towards Bainwen, a smile forming on the starry expression. It silently mouths the words 'thank you'. before he lifts it for a moment to take another sip of wine, moving back to whisper to her.

Cornelius sighs beneath his Redhale mask. It seems Jolly-girl's orders to Urghdak still held the oversized lummox in check. As Dapper Redhale he drifts barwards to join Mahri and company, looming at them as only a faux-necromancer can loom: badly.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Morana only ever felt warm when there was either fire involved, or blood. With blood woven with the the essence of a god of death, it was but ambrosia to the vampire as she allowed for the small amount to slip past her pale lips and touch the tip of her tongue. It rang through her senses for the briefest of moments, but it was like sipping on the very soul of death itself--if death had a soul. Even as the blood caught her own aflame, she never removed her icy gaze from his, even if the shade of blue seem to sharpen. It took a moment to register her words, but her composure remained calmingly cold, as she nodded. "A drink sounds good. Water for you then?" She adds in jest, an effort to break the moment.

Hanan said to Mahri, "You've never been kickin' my ass, wolf. Never."

Hanan canted her head slightly to the side, like a bird who's just found something shiny in the dirt, when she watches Colton take Jolie away. Damn it, the murderer could dance. Dance! It was more than passing strange, it was strange and remaining so. Hanan glanced at the door again. Where was Ace?

Jolie was the more flamboyant of the two, this was obvious in her dress, her speech, her manner - excluding the penchant for wearing and hanging corpses, one must suppose - and so her steps were deft and alive with flair, heelless slippers almost gliding on air as she was swung and brought close again in the arms of the murderer for that first few steps, before the slow sway of the song settled on them, a hypnotic treble of trumpet and thump of bass perfect for close dances, and the quiet talk those allowed. He was tall, and broad of shoulder, and so she'd have to curl in close to make sure she was heard, "I'm not sure I like your floozies hanging around..." It was a continuation of his joke, and her grin would show it. "Nice mask, by the way. I thought you might not come at all."

Bainwen smiled and nodded as the stars formed a moving smile that thanked her. As he sipped from his wine, she lifted her glass as well, sipping slowly. She nearly choked on the wine at his whispered words, or at least the last word her uttered. A bright blush lit her cheeks beneath her mask as she stares at him a few moments. What did one say to a comment like that? When at last she had decided on a response, a shy smile lit her features and she leaned in to whisper once more.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Xiang releases her hand, and feels somehow at odds for doing so, but quickly procures a table nearby, taking out a seat for the lady as he makes his way to the bar to fetch some drinks. " Yes, water will do me well just now." He replies, before asking. " Bloodwine then? With whisky... or?" Something about her seemingly held the monk in thrall, that frigid aura that would turn most men away drew him in like a siren's song. Her flawless beauty, which trapped many men, and women, wasn't lost upon him, but it was her nature that he found more appealing to behold. A killer at the core, and a capable one whom embodied death in every aspect. Such a woman was indeed hard to find, and yet, here she was. And with him. This indeed was a most cherished gift, this kindred spirit. The monk awaist her answer, before he would venture to the bar.

Angelo chuckles, the stars lowering and the smile becoming wider.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen smiled softly, laughing along with him, draining the rest of her wine glass.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

The man known as Black betrayed his first smile of the evening. A tiny thing that crept briefly at his wolfish features without truly softening him. His manner was suddenly and abruptly indulgent, words offered down into the delicate shell of her ear as the reply began a muted conversation. Their movements were timed. She was their highlight. Like a drum, setting their cadence, he allowed the flair of her gown and the delicate and easy grace of her feet to be the trademark to their exchange. "I had a difficult time finding a suitable face." Tongue in cheek, crudely so. He could not see Tenebrae's face. He did not need to.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Mahri just snorts at Hanan. She won't make the cliche comment that there's a first time for everything. From what she can see, Colton and Jolie have gone off to dance. As other couples have gone to do, the crush on the dance floor waning and waxing as others left for refreshment. All in all, from what Mahri could tell, the Ball was a success.

Dapper Redhale looms a bit more before realising it wasn't working for him. He just didn't have the real Redhale's cold and tainted aura of malice to fall back on. Instead, he adjusts his top hat to a more jaunty angle and addresses Steadman "A drink, old bean, and my cane if you'd be so kind." Steadman looks at the disguised dandy, and without a glimmer of emotion hands him a glass of what smells like a very potent alcohol, and the cane.

Bainwen flushed softly at his whispered words, and gave a nod.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman slows down the dance, as the music shifts. Almost leisurely, from flinging her away, up, and around, the man pulls Ago in close, his back and legs stiffening to the slightly more ridged posture of the slow dance. Only the hectic ticking of the mask he wears belays any sort of exertion on his part. His chest takes in breaths of air, deep and slow, and he takes the opportunity to lean down to speak to Ago, "I must say, my lady...I have not had such a dance in some time. You move like fluid." Arms hold her close, though not in the possessive way a lover might. A hand on the middle back instead of lower. Such a change from the frenzied pace and dance of fire that had only moments before dominated his movements and placements.

Mahri said to Cornelius, "Sit. Or something. You're making me nervous just standin' there like that."

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen smiled and leaned in close to whisper back.

Angelo whispered something to Bainwen.

Bainwen blushed at his words, and smiled at him.

Morana never was one to deny her true identity, be it death or the embodiment of the season in which death traveled alongside, for it brought her clearer visions of those about her. Death always saw the truth, and as such she sensed it. A slight grin draws across pale lips, as she nods, "Both, together would be greatly appreciated." Such lips were soon pursed as she cleaned her bottom lip of the remaining blood before he came back, not wanting to see even more so primal than her already cold aura gave off.

Bainwen whispered something to Angelo.

Angelo raises himself from his seat, offering his hand to Bainwen. "Shall we?"

Hanan said to Mahri, "He makes me nervous just being."

Agoyoanye smiled and pushed a curl back behind her ear. Her mask had now displayed a calming silver hue though her crimson eyes burned bright red. Her hands gracefully lock around the mans neck as she slowly sways the way he goes. "I must say it has been a moment since I would have ever done that." she snickers which causes her nose to wrinkle a bit. "So my dear, I haven't seen you around Hollow a lot"

Bainwen rose as well, taking her date's hand and smiling at him, her features still tinted pink beneath her mask of roses, "Aye, let's."

Angelo gently leads her out of the tavern, switching to his starry mask so that the bouncer would recognize him, casting one last glance at the ball behind him.

Bainwen walked alongside Angelo as they exited the tavern, her hear a flutter.

Mahri said to Hanan, "Yeah? He's a sweetheart really. Battles goats for the entertainment of women and children."

Jolie said to Colton "I saved the first dance for you. I hope you're duly stricken with what an honour that is." His palm was firm on her hip as he guided her into a quick-step change, a brief break in the temp of the music to contrast with the long, slow wail of the trumpet to follow as the tune reached its bridge, and she'd cant her face up to study his, or what she could see of it under the red, faintly glistening surface of his mask. Through her own, her eyes stood starkly pale against darker green silk. "I have something to tell you, later. Not here." Her tone dropped to a murmur, her cheek coming to rest on his chest, briefly, as the dance demanded they draw close. "Upstairs, perhaps. I think it'll please you." And then she did not speak again for time, allowing her thoughts to be subsumed by music, and for a short time the music and Colton Black's arms and the dance was all there was to her world.

Hanan said to Mahri, "Is that in the bare-knuckle ring? I've heard good things about that place. I wonder how many goats it takes to bring him down."

Dapper Redhale seats himself as ominiously as he can manage, which isn't particularly ominous, as even robes of the most evil aspect, when seated, tend to look on the outer edge of ridiculous. He rests the cane against the chair, glass in hand, and ponders the logistics of drinking it while masked. He can't go through his usual rigorous tests against poison due to his gloved and masked costume, which, in hindsight was quite the bother - but surely -this- time Jolie wouldn't be poisoning all the guests.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman moves leisurely, feet light and never obstructing, despite their size, "I should think not, m'lady. This mask was made specially for this night only. I fear it may not survive its removal, though only time will tell. Tell me a little about yourself, if you would be so kind? I see that your hands carry grace and steadiness, even through all things. Allow me to guess. Hm. Perhaps...you are a seamstress, a master of her trade?"

Xiang makes his way back through the tavern with that unearthly grace he posseses, and within moments he is at the bar, coins in hand. " Bloodwine, whisky mixed in." A quick nod to the lady in white is given, and Steadmen nods. " And water, chilled if you can." Steadmen still eyes the monk like he is crazy. What grown man doesn't drink liquor of some sort? But, he has a tall glass filled with water ready, and finishes up the bloodwine and whisky with due haste. Xiang lays down a few golden coins, before taking the drinks and making his way back to Morana at thier table. His head had cleared up a bit, but once that frigid aura surrounds him once more, a smile returns to his lips. He lays the ladies drink down before her, and takes up a seat, looking as the rose he tuckd behind her ear stands out in such stark contrast to her attire, and smooth silky skin. " I hope that shall suffice." He says, before taking a sip of his water.

Agoyoanye said to Ranok, "Close I sew things back together when it comes to skin. *a chuckle* I am a Doctor. "

Mahri sips at her drink, wanting to make it last. Pouring a refill, she slides the bottle back for Steadman to put away. Where it won't be touched. He's good about that when properly motivated and a pregnant, hormonal and moody wolf was not something he wanted to deal with when in a bad mood. He puts it away. After all this the lycan quite literally turns in her seat so she can fully see Hanan and answer. "Oh no. That's different. That's for his own fun." She's only guessing here. If she were to catch sight of Jolie and Colton dancing, well..it's a good thing she's got something covering her face. Envy is the color of her gown, and just maybe she'd have felt that as well..if she had seen how well paired up Colton and her sister were.

Colton made no reply, no interruption. This, their second dance, stretched longer than the first as his strong hand tightened its hold on the gentle, feminine round of her hip. She'd find the broad stretch of his chest hers to claim and the charcoal wool soft beneath her cheek. As the music trailed off and it ended, the man known as Black paid a rare affection. His hand lifted to brush dark hair from its place atop her mask, tucking it quietly behind her small ear before he began to abandon her there. Soon, she'd have his back and the words he spoke over his broad shoulder. The stairs thudding gently with each of his boots landing. "I've something for you as well."

Hanan leaned an elbow on the bar and slouched thoroughly. "Odd idea of fun. Poor little rutters." The goats, not Cornelius..es. Hanan's eyes turned toward the door again, the ghost of what may have been a pout--she'd not admit to it--begining to form over her lips. "Damn it. If I knew I'd been comin' alone I would've dragged someone else along."

Dapper Redhale discards protocol, and tips his mask up, temporarily placing it beneath his top hat, revealing Cornelius' relatively unlined face - unlined save for knife-and-claw scars on his right cheek. He downs the glass, blinking at the strength of the alcohol. "Peaches? What in the blazes was that beverage?" He catches the gist of Mahri and Hanan's conversation, and looks across to Hanan "Oh no, damn goat was up in Xalious Mountains, and can I just say, M'dear, how utterly enchanting your eyes are?" He blinks again, a mental double-take at the words which just sprang unbidden from his mouth. They may have been uncharacteristic, and yet they felt so right!

Morana gratefully takes the glass and stirs it with a single, pale digit. Her other hand idly draws it's fingertips over the soft, red petals, crystallizing the edges of the flower before returning it to the blood red coloring. "It is more than sufficient." Hopefully the taste of the drink would subside the desire to once more sip the ambrosia of which she had only been briefly gifted with. It was not a sip, but more a long drink of the glass that she finally had, and it did place her mind somewhat back into it's rightful state. Always with a drink was the need for one of her cigarettes, so she fishes out the silver case and draws one out and places betwixt her lips. A match is quickly enough found and used as well as a deep draw of the sweet, tang of the tobacco is as well. When she removes it from her lips, her gaze almost instantly falls upon his once more, "Enjoying yourself more than you thought?" She jests, trying to break the silence, but finding she only wanted to bask in it--it allowed her to just take him in and nothing else.

Mahri looks from Hanan to Cornelius--now unmasked-- and back. Had he? ..he had. Lips twitch beneath the veil and silvery eyes glitter with amusement. "Would you two like to be alone..?"

Cornelius drank a love potion.

Krystal flits through the doors, and stops in her tracks, "Oh my, I feel out of place now. Oh how I wish I had something much better to wear." She pulls her hood down lower so none could tell who she was. The Pixie flies over to the counter, "Is this placed closed for a private party?" she asks, hoping her little voice was heard.

Serimpesh || A smile can be seen from Ago's partner, the sun and move making their dance across the line of the mask, "Ah, an impressive thing. A task of blood and gristle. And from such a lovely lady as yourself. Your nerve must be as strong as Ramston Steel indeed." He holds Ago, loosely. Not close as one would a lover, but nor is he holding her at arm's length like something foul. Should Ago move in just a bit closer, the Clockwork Gentleman would not resist. And, on the reverse, would she pull away, that too, he would not resist and would adapt accordingly.

Mahri takes her time and looks around. Perhaps to find some open table or secluded bench somewhere to sit at. While a romance blossomed here at the bar.

Jolie 's cheeks, visible under the edges of her mask, were near as scarlet as the fabric she wore, and she'd simply stare after the man who'd left her standing there with a tavern full of guests and things to do, and drinks to refill and... She offered his back a lame little wave, cleared her throat and became abruptly busy with.. something.. clearing bottles, though the waiters were hovering to do just that thing and staring at her. "What?" she said, sharply, to one, who blanched and wheeled away like a startled, underfed penguin.

Hanan snapped her head so quickly toward Cornelius that she should have gotten whiplash. What did he just say? "What did you just say?" She lifted her brow to Mahri. "Gods damn..." Back to Cornelius. "They aren't enchanting. They're normal. Very normal. Leave me alone."

Agoyoanye nods allowing her steps to come closer with his. Still they was a respectable distance between the pair. Shaking her head in agreeing that her job came with some grotesque sights. "I have been doing it for 300 years." his steps was lovely since they were not landing on her own. At first the night had started up rough but now the night seemed worth the while. Taking a breath the mask changed to a lilac color. The celtic dress floated around her ankles making her charms rustle beneath it.

Mahri says, "I'll just..go..over there," she waves a hand in some random direction. Leaving her glass where it is, the lycan slip/drops from her chair and, one hand raising a corner of the gown's skirt so she doesn't tread on it, makes her way to the skewed sitting area by the goblin-mawed hearth. The seats are at least comfortable and she can kick off the slippers. And maybe remove the veil. For just a little while.

Cornelius grins at Mahri "Ever so perceptive! Yes, let me be alone with this Belle Tigre Formidable, for her eyes speak volumes which may take the entire night to unravel" His gaze, warm with passion locks onto the eyes which glare out at him so tantalisingly beneath the tiger's mask Hanan wears "Ma cherie, do not flee from this moment of destiny" With a stage-magician's flourish a red rose appears in Corenlius' hand "Let this rose be the first step to a long and beautiful romance. My dear, let us unravel the threads of destiny together!" It seems that the beverage Steadman had given him was potent indeed, but he felt too liberated to worry about the state of his presumed inebriation. After all, the barman wouldn't have slipped him a love potion instead of alcohol as vengeance for all those attempts to provoke Urghdak. Surely not.

Agoyoanye said to Jolie, "This has been a wonderful ball darling."

Xiang seems to follow in suit with the huntress, as he takes a longer "sip" than he intended, almost draining the entire glass in one go. At her jest, the monk replies. " I am finding myself enjoying many things more than I thought tonite.." A fairly easy to track play on words, the meaning poorly hidden. But once thier eyes meet once more, the monk disregards formality, and says. " I can see why he desires you, that Red fellow." A smirk, as the monk removes his own mask, seeing as so many others are lost within their own ongoings and dealings to care. His features, pallid, fine. His eyes, a pale blue like the sky right before the afternoon, look deep into hers as he says. " But I think he can never quite understand you like I can. Appreciate you for everything you are." The monk's lips twist into a small grin, as he says. " You incarnate the beauty of death, something that only few can ever truley appreciate." The monk then catches himself, and tosses out a silly comment, to try and recover his slip of the tongue. " Damn barkeep, think he slipped vodka in here instead of water!" Xiang clears his throat, feeling quite silly about his actions now, thinking Morana may view him like the others who fall at her feet. Another long "sip" is taken.

Jolie said to Agoyoanye, "Thank you, I'm so pleased you had a good time."

Jolie found her sister's retreat to the hearth a perfect excuse for avoiding any raised brows or whispers, and so scuffed over there in her new slippers, sitting on the arm of Mahri’s chair. "How's the belly?" she asked, changing a topic that had not been raised yet.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman tilts his head, looking down on the woman his hand and body leads, "Three hundred years? Ah. That would explain the fangs." A white smile creeps from under the mask, "I am glad you do not bite, m'lady. At least, not hard. I would imagine those fangs are not for show, though." The man's electric blue eyes seem to blaze as he speaks.

Hanan glanced almost pleadingly after Mahri as she left and Cornelius continued, she leaning away from the bar as dark eyes fixed upon him through the eyeholes of that tiger mask. Not tantilizingly. She was trying to will him away. "Your... cherie? That's--gods damn it, you learned that flower trick from Fuan, didn't you?" She clucked her tongue, took one last gulp of her wine before setting the empty glas down. "Get the hell away from me, smarmyassed goatkicker."

In his dark corner, Mark listened intently as he observed them all at once with his peripherals. They were all unwittingly relinquishing information to him. Every name they gave, every word they spoke, and every action they made, Mark took in to account. 'To kill a Dragon, first you kill its mate… then you destroy its eggs... Afterwards, it'll be like simply slaughtering a bull.,' Each person here was a potential target one day and when that day came, he'd be ready. Mark never understood love, for it seemed like a waste of time. In every way it was a weakness, another limb to chop off, another back to be stabbed. Even as these thoughts crossed his mind, a hole seemed to gape within his chest. It was not the same emptiness he felt as when he was on the hunt, that emptiness was cold, this was hot… and it seemed to burn him from the inside out. Images came to mind, the silhouette of a woman, luscious lips, the sound of soft music. There was a feeling of both longing and disdain, like sating the addiction of a drug while knowing full well the dangers of doing so. Complete faith and loyalty for nothing, what person would not want it? It was free, it was absolute, but it was nearly impossible. He hated not the concept of love, rather the fact that he would want something that was so improbable. Pushing those thoughts away, Mark returned his full attention back to the ball. Everything continued normally, no fights, no violence, nothing to even imply that such a thing would occur, just a few verbal bouts here and there. Was it because of the presence of the Orc that headed security, or perhaps the woman who headed the establishment? On the subject of the owner, Mark wondered about the identity of the male with whom Jolie had just been speaking with. Their words, their actions, it indicated attraction between the two… a spike of annoyance ran through his mind…

Mahri rolls her head against the back of her chair to raise her eyes to Jolie. Under the hem of her skirt, toes work at kicking off the first slipper, "Big. Getting bigger. This kid is ~never~ coming out. My feet are swollen, back hurts and I swear to the Gods if I don't go hunting soon I'll rip out someone's throat with my bare hands." Jolie just ~might~ understand the sentiment.

Cornelius, ever a thief of hearts, makes an attempt to draw Hanan in to steal a passionate kiss from his newly beloved. "Fear not, dearest of my heart, I let the goat live, so as not to hurt the heart and dreams of a small child. Romantic, no?"

Jolie , as though picking up on that mental focus the new hired man was spiking her way, would beckon Mark over to where she and her sister were warming before the goblin-head. The hearth itself was behaving beautifully, possibly due to a short talk the necromancer had had with it whilst holding a sledgehammer on the evening prior.

Eilyo - Better late than never, right? At least, these were the woman's thoughts as she opens the doors to the newly resurrected Corpse. This woman was one none had seen around these parts before. Her long, thick, platinum hair was piled onto her head in elaborate and deliberately messy buns, pinned in place with black-diamond, butterfly shaped clips. She wore a long bustle gown, pitch black in color, the sleeves starting below her shoulders, the cut of the dress making it so the top of her bosom could be seen, but nothing drastic. Her nails and her full, pouty lips were painted blood red, the only spark of color on the pale woman. On her face, covering only her eyes, and resting on her nose, was a masquerade mask in the shape of a butterfly, black in color with a few lines of green matching her eyes. Her scent, having been altered from who she truly was, was something similar to lavenders, as opposed to the normal scent closer to roses. She was going all out to mask herself, it seemed. She takes a few graceful steps into the room, the movement almost like she was gliding. She stands off to the side a moment, carefully glancing around the room, studying the others there.

Agoyoanye smile had brightened. "Actually these are no good for biting just a more attractive smile. Since I work in the field I do I normally just take vials of blood and feed throughout the day." she giggles. If the mask had not been on her face, the man would have noticed her freckles. "Instead of carrying a water bottle I carry a blood bottle." slightly she leaned a bit closer into the dance.

Morana raises a snowy brow at the sudden change of words, from poetically jesting to a stumbling of words to cover the secrets revealed in a moment's slip up. If only she could remain as chilly as her nature spoke, but a smile, one of greater magnitude than she had ever held, found a home for a brief moment, for she would catch it and toss it away, crosses over those pale lips over hers. As the removal of masks continues, she slips her thumb under the white feathers and draws the thing away from her sharply cut features. Her elven heritage was plain to see, but the huntress that had evolved from her turning had etched its own designs into the cut of her facial structure, and the sharp line of her eyes. "I care little for those others desires, they are not palatable." Her cool voice purrs as she presses a now bare cheek into an open palm. "Death's honey wine is but the only thing I so desire..." It was not in her nature to allow such sentimental things slip without thought, process and decision, but those very words and in a voice that was anything but chilly would reveal deeper truths than any words could.

Jolie understood alright. "Patience, dear sister. Oh - speaking of that, there's somebody I'd rather like you to meet. New security man. He's that pale fellow, over there," she pointed, ".. met him in Kelay. Odd.. but that's never a drawback around here."

The music continues to the accompaniment of love's conflict

Hanan wasn't even thinking of Ace when she reacted to Cornelius's advance. It was pride that drove her shoulder back, her elbow out, and her fist rocketing up toward the underside of Cornelius's jaw. "Shove off, Rapey, and leave me be!" She'd be out of her stool quickly afterward, if that blow struck home.

Mahri eyes Jolie. Given the last time she'd wanted Mahri to 'meet someone'. "Uhhu.." Still, she'll glance Mark's way with a scowl.

Jolie tapped her sister on the head. "No anacondas, promise." Whatever that meant.

Mahri 'll ignore the heat of a flush creeping over her cheeks and turn that look on her sister. "Speakin' of, where is he?"

Jolie 's eyes were shifting toward the butterfly-girl who'd entered, when she caught the captain's uppercut in her periphery. Rather than show alarm, she murmured, "About time.. things were going too swimmingly." There might be a very wry tone to the words.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman makes an appreciative noise, speaking in a voice that rings with a curious accent, "Ha! That is amusing, m'lady. As for me, I shall stick with a waterskein, I think. Blood does not suit me, lacking fangs as I do." His hands have not moved much as they simply dance, slowly and fluidly. He's simply adjusted as Ago has moved closer, hands repositioning lower to compensate.

Eilyo arches a thin brow, though it was hidden by the top of her mask. She glides towards the bar, ordering herself a glass of blood-wine. Glass in her slender hand, the woman turns, leaning against a stool so she could watch the various party goers, none so far catching her attention.

Mark easily spotted Jolie's beckon from his corner, as he did everything else as well, but he remained motionless for a few moments more. Finally the lifeless statue in the corner came to life. Again, heel, toe, heel, toe. He seemed to almost be a specter weaving effortlessly through the crowd. When Mark reached his destination, he offered Jolie a respectful bow of the head, "Yes, Miss Jolie?" 'Jolie… sister…' He'd spoken her names a few times now, but only then did a few others come to mind, possibly connected. He would not speak of them now, especially now in the midst of a crowd, but perhaps he would be able to speak with her about it later.

Jolie was drawn back to the company at hand with the sound her name. "Mark." His name was a greeting, "I'd like you to meet Mahri," her hand wafted toward the pregnant lycaness seated in the chair, on the arm of which Jolie was perched. "My sister and manager of the bar here. Mahri, this is the fellow I spoke of."

Cornelius weaves his head sideways, swiftly departing the stool as the uppercut instead knocks the top hat and mask off right off the top of his head. Cornelius uses his lateral, weaving movement to steal a quick kiss to the woman's neck. As he takes a step back he exclaims with broad smile "Ahh, you play hard to get! Mah cherie, the passion within you, its fire draws me to you as a moth to flame! Let me burn in your inferno, dear hotness!" He collects his cane and presents the flower, the very picture of a devoted man presenting his beloved a gift - necromancer's robes notwithstanding.

Xiang was caught off guard by the reply given by Lady Winter, and seems at a loss for words. Did she just admit to feeling the same? Was this a trick, caused by the spiking of tonight's drinks by the sin-eater? The monk was somehow more afraid the woman felt the same. Kindred spirits. Xiang was a veteran fighter, a trained killer who worships the death god. The monk has trained for years in knowing every aspect of death, to revel in it. And yet, in an odd twist of fate, the most perfect incarnation of the thing he worships, just happens to be the woman he is falling for. Yes, chaos indeed followed the monk like his shadow, as this was going to turn his entire life upside down. Another sip, and his glass is empty, leaving words left to pour from his lips. " I find myself wondering..." Back to business it was, though a smile found a home upon his lips now. " When did you wish me to accompany you on your voyage?" Damn, was it the lighting? Or now that she admitted, in her own way, her own feelings, did she look even more beautiful..

Hanan had never been called "dear hotness" before and might have simply laughed if the "BASTARD!" hadn't stolen a kiss just before. He'd danced away to quickly for her to land an elbow in the face--she'd tried that--and now she was stuck glaring at him, dumbstruck, as the presumptuous twit held a flower out to her. She didn't take it. Instead she dropped her right hand to her belt beneath her long blue captain's coat, drew her rapier in a single gleaming arc, snapped it down to her side, and pointed at him with an accusing left finger. "Back off, rutter. Just Back. Off. I'd rather not get blood on my coat." At some point she'd forgotten that she was wearing a tiger mask. Which stayed put the entire time, as she made a good attempt at being menacing. Hellcat indeed.

Mark makes no action to indicate he'd noticed Mahri, he could see her fine through his peripherals. His only action was yet another bow of the head in respect towards the other, "An honor, Miss Mahri." It was then however that his ears turned his attention elsewhere, not a voice, simply sound. Air parting as a fist was swung, the gentle sound of a cloth object being struck, sounds a normal human should not hear… He made no movement to be involved however. Jolie wished his presence here, she was most in a position to see the fight, she would give the order if she wished it to be stopped.

Mahri looks over Mark as she is introduced. A commotion draws her attention and she does her best to stretch and peer over the back of her chair, or past Jolie's back, to see Cornelius in ardent pursuit of Hanan. Oh. This was rich. Grand even and she'll have to remember to bring it up to the Dandy at every given opportunity. Smirking, she gives her attention back to Mark and Jolie.

Mahri said to Mark, "Mahri. Just Mahri ain't a Miss in my name at all."

Eilyo glances towards the scuffle beginning between Hanan and Cornelius. A coy grin curls the corners of her full lips, a slender hand coming up to rest against them gingerly as she holds back a chuckle.

Xiang shoots Eilyo a deadly glare.

Mark said to Mahri, "As you wish... Mahri..."

Agoyoanye nods her head. "So what do you think about having a drink now then. I was drinking schnapps before I came on the floor.. Care to join me?"

Eilyo blinks a few times as she's glared at, her eyes growing wide as she looks around herself almost comically. She mumbles to herself, the accent French and thick, though no exact words can be made out.

Cornelius looks forlornly at the rose head which, severed from its stem by the rapier's arc, flutters to the floor like the blood from a broken heart. But no! Romance was never meant to be easy! With another flourish, a white rose is produced "Dear heart of mine, your wit is as sharp as the blade you carry, and it pierces my very soul with adoration! Let this white rose be my peace offering as we make amends for this little lovers' tiff. Here, my dear, allow me to plant it between your lips with a kiss!" As Cornelius ardently presses suit, his cane surreptitiously knocks the rapier blade offline as he attempts a second kiss, placing the rose between his teeth.

Mahri huffs a breath through her nose. "Agreeable fellow, eh?" She looks up again at Jolie and speaks as though the raggedly dressed male wasn't there. "What's wrong with 'im."

Jolie said to Mark, "I'd like us to have a meeting," she inclined her head toward her sister, to include her in the invitation, "In my office, tomorrow or the next day, if possible. I feel it's necessary that you explain your.. situation. And that I discuss an idea with you."

Jolie grinned at Mahri. "Nothing. These are the Dark Lands, sister. Nothing is strange."

Mahri shrugs, the second slipper pushed off with her one bare foot. 'Meetin'? Why not now. I won't be sleeping tonight anyway." Her back hurt too much.

Mark spoke, a familiar silence before each piece of speech that came from him, "As you wish, Miss Jolie." The sound of metal being struck behind him, weapons had been drawn. Yet still he did nothing, awaiting the word from Jolie.

Morana couldn't help but chuckle at the sudden change of topics, how such things caused hopes of hiding away what was before the sights. As for the question of business, she shrugs in a bored manner, not really too worried about it. "Whenever the captain Kae deems it time. I have yet to meet him, and as such I will not give my safe passage so willingly over to someone I have not met." Part of the reason she had requested his presence, if things did go sour, she would an extra set of eyes and hands to fight off said issues, but now there seemed to be more to why she so urged him on to come along. "Such topics though are killjoys to such an evening, diminishers of the wonder that is the night." Her voice takes on once more that chilly purr, as she reaches for her almost empty drink and removes the rest of its contents in a quick manner. Best to drown words before they arose again.

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman, of course, nods, "If it pleases you, m'lady. Though, I'm afraid that I shall stick to water." A smile, as dashing as can be. He releases Ago, taking a step back and giving her a formal bow, "I thank you deeply for the dances, m'lady. It is an experience I shall not forget for some time."

Hanan had no idea how Cornelius expected to give her a decent kiss with a rose in his teeth but she didn't think long on it. Rapier pushed aside, the sailor--a fencer by training, or at least she had been before the fangs set in and she left these shores for a few years, which had apparently been an excellent idea--slid back easily on nimble feet, left hand darting to her side to grab her barstool by the seat and brandish it toward his legs, blade still held fast in her right. A tiger attempting to tame a showman, how's that for reversals? "Jolie! Tell his randy bastard to back off before I poke him a couple new holes to lust after, please."

Agoyoanye said to Ranok, "Believe me I shall not be forgetting them either"

Jolie said to Mahri, "Because we've a Ball on?"

The band, who were looking slightly worse for wear, having been dug up and reanimated rather too quickly for any lasting re-existence, were meant to break into a lively foxtrot next, but instead began playing something very odd, a heavy beat, a staccato rhythm, like a heart going crazy under its chest with sheer adrenaline, and the cellist groped about for his head. Snapping it back on via his dry spinal column, he began to sing a raunchy tune about fast carriages and faster woman, and highways, and endless horizons. Jolie blinked.

Jolie glanced around to Hanan. "You want... me to save... you. From a dandy."

Mahri would blink herself as the music changed and she'll jab an elbow towards Jolie's hip. It was close. "Best do somethin' 'bout that."

Eilyo shifts her attention over towards the band and simply can't help but grin. She takes a sip from her wine, enjoying the crimson liquid as she continues to watch. All seemed involved in their own little thing, no where for the woman to join in, and no one alone for the woman to socialize with. Perhaps she -should've- arrived earlier...

Jolie said to Mahri, "I really.. kind of like it." Her toes were tapping.

Mahri 's lip curls. There's no accounting for taste.

Tiphareth slinks into the rebuild establishment, dressed in his finest duds with face shrouded by a finely crafted spider silk veil. His gaze spreads evenly across all of those present before gliding into an available seat.

Hanan growled. "I want you to save a dandy from me."

Xiang once again raises his gaze to meet hers, the two shades of blue locking together as her words are spoken. The monk hates pirates, and yet he had agreed to tag along on a moments notice. Indeed, there had to be underlining reasons to such action, right? That chilly purr of her voice makes the monk smirk once more, as he says. " The night is indeed a wonder.." He falls silent, lost as he glances upon Morana fully. But then the comotion caused by Cornelius and Hanan can no longer be ignored, and the man looks over to see what is happening, saying. " Damn fool..." In regards to Cornelius. It takes the man only a moment to return his attention to Winter, and he says. " Very well, no more talk of business!" He smiles to the vampire, and says. " What is it you wish to do?"

Mahri said to Jolie, "She did say please..."

Cornelius executes a courtly bow to his beloved, low and deep, and then fetches a strong crescent kick to the chair as his cane again slaps her rapier offline, held in what any fencer would recognise as the left-handed guard of sixte, hand supinated as if in supplication, but cane perfectly poised for a cross to quarte if needed. His right hand takes control of the white rose once more "You wound me, dearly beloved, but I accept your harsh words with the fortitude of a mountain, rush past them with the cooling passion of the greatest river - no hyperbole can match the heights of exultation the mere glimpse of your eyes gives" He takes a step forward "Let us not fear the condemnation of our unworthy peers! True love cannot be overcome!"

Jolie said to Mark, "Please, invite that cranky pirate to dance with you. Do not kill the dandy, he is important to me. The pirate not so, but she's amusing. If she won't dance, just... try to steer the fop in the robes toward.. I don't know. Some thing else. And I promise, there'll be a lot more violence than this on a regular day.""

Jolie offered Tiphareth a welcoming nod, from her chair (or arm-of-chair) by the fire, and rose to her feet. "Sister, I think I ought to mingle a bit."

Mahri waves Jolie away. She needed some time alone. Maybe.."I think I might see if the ferry is crossing to Rynvale tonight."

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman leads Ago to a place to sit. If he was suffering from the long time on his feet and in those shoes, he's making no indication of it. To Steadman the man goes, ordering the requested Schapps and his own chilled water. The water is given great scrutiny as it was poured. The drinks are accepted with a nod of the head and a payment of coin, the well dressed gentleman returning to the lady that has his attention for the moment. He gives the schapps to Ago, setting the water aside. He turns his back to reclaim his jacket from where it hung, and the sword as well. The fight with Not-Redhale and Hanan is ignored. The security must be terrible, to let such a ruckus go on so long without soothing. This feeling is punctuated with a glance to Mar. His attention was, of course, diverted from the table and his water as this occurs.

Morana glances up at the sounds of the commotion and deftly decides upon what she wanted to do. "The evening is quite lovely, care for a quiet walk?" Nodding towards the noise still going on over near the bar, and not wanting to get pulled into such nonsense, not when the night seemed so perfect. Without hesitation she rises, her mask in one hand while her glass is parted from the other, "Coming?" She purrs, her newly open hand extended to the monk in an oddly close gesture for the elven woman.

Jolie glanced down to Mahri, "Mhm..." Alone, her pert heinie. "Don't you overdo it, hear?"

Mahri gets slowly to her feet and again waves away Jolie's concern. "I'm gonna go change first. Seems things're windin' down so..I'll be back in a couple days or so."

Jolie pursed her lips, watching Mahri go. "Might come out, myself.."

Tiphareth raises from his seated position, browsing about the various refreshments, a few of the drinks are examined, the wine and rum both raised to his nose for a moment to take in their bouquet; finding nothing of subterranean origin he makes his way through the crowd, eyes lingering on the more interesting masks for a moment before continuing on to examine the bar's new construction.

"Well, I'm lookin' at you, you prick." Hanan was a fencer, but not a fancy one. Hers was a style born in backalley brawls, the fights between petty retainers rather than nobles. Swords flashing in the dark, a combatantjust as likely to encounter a bludgeon to the nape as a main-gauche to the gut. "You exaulted yet?" She had one of those, by the way. Not on her. She thoroughly missed its use, now. "I warned you, didn't I?" Her hand would have to do, it was only a cane after all. She took a half step back, then lunged deep, the point of her blade aimed at his left shoulder--his weapon-bearing limb. She'd attempt to deflect with her forearm if he brought that cane back into play. Damned lefties.

Mahri heard Jolie, but she's going to ignore it. For now. Good mood has gone and in its place is that cranky and overly moody wolf.

Jolie eyes the drow narrowly, unimpressed with his ignoring her like that.

Dezerae was here for sometime and felt she should prepare to take her leave. Mask is removed from her face and placed on the nearest table top. Her dress is picked up from the ground and she makes a desperate shuffle toward the exit.

Xiang rises from the table, leaving a few gold coins behind for the barmaids, or Mahri, or whatever shady folk decided to pick it up, and takes the woman's offered hand. A quick glance to the ongoings with the love stuck fop and the tigress. " Lead the way." Is his reply, the monk following suit, that smile still upon his lips.

Tiphareth offers a nod of acknowledgment toward Jolie, admiring the fine silk within her mask, a fabric much to his liking.

Cornelius exclaims "Beloved! Must it always be like this? Mah cherie, have a heart!" even as he steps in a precise compass-step to her outside line, the rapier plunging through the fabric of his robes, even as the cane in his hand pushes forward to lever the blade away from his body as he steps forward to kiss her shoulder "Belle dame, let us make love, not war!"

Morana offers him a silent smile as she wraps her cool digits around his, not even sparing a glance to the commotion as she weaved her way towards and then out of the tavern.

Jolie , slightly mollified, drifts toward the dark elf, quite pleased he'd deigned to attend. "Good evening, Tiphareth." Masked or no, there was no mistaking his stoic countenance. "This is no time to speak of business. But I should like to, very soon."

Agoyoanye sat crossing her legs beneath her. She loved the dresses length cause she could sit comfortably in it. As her attention followed her dance partner to the bar, he had remembered her order which was nice of him. As he neared the table supporting the drink Ago smiled. The mask on her eyes was shear now and the candle made its glow the glitters reflection. "So Pesh, You have heard of me… Can you tell me a little about yer'self?" she said gesturing her hand towards him. Her other had had taken the glass and brought it to her deep crimson lips.

Tiphareth grins from behind his veil, there would be no fooling the necromancer tonight, "Evening Lady, I trust your gathering has gone well?"

A silence, notably longer than his others, sustained before Mark responded to Jolie's reply, "... As you wish, Miss Jolie..." With that Mark turned about in the direction of the voice belonging to the 'pirate' and began his approach. He took but three steps forward before the lethargic movement of the man cause by the exaggeration of his dignity was broken. He leapt atop a nearby table and became a blur as he dashed from table to table in complete silence, he reached his destination between the 'pirate' and the 'dandy' within a moment, successfully blocking the male's attempt to kiss the pirate's shoulder, a moment long enough for him to have mapped out the entire human body in his mind, its organs, muscles, bones, and arteries and their functions as well as what would occur should they be destroyed. Behind him, nothing atop the tables were disturbed. A show of his dexterity and precision. Mark turned towards the female pirate, the empty stare of his mask reflecting his own expression. he spoke bluntly to the pirate, "Good evening, Miss Jolie has requested that I offer you a dance…"

Jolie inclined her head, "Very well indeed," though she'd eye Cornelius briefly. "A most wonderful Ball, to celebrate our return. I trust you've been well, Tiphareth? I hear great things of the mage's guild... ah, but here I almost fall into talk of business. Let it be a compliment, for now."

Hanan was for once happy he stole another kiss; it gave her an opening. As soon as she felt his lips on her shoulder she let go of her blade and launched her right elbow straight at his jaw. Whether or not it connected she spun with the movement, catching her falling hilt in her left hand and yanking it free of his robe as she took two steps back. That gave her just enough room to showily toss the rapier back into her right grip. "War's more fun. I don't see your cane goin' limp anytime soon, can't say much for the alternative."

Hanan managed to twirl no matter what... Mark did to Corny, back there. She glares at the man. "My answer's no. Go away, goony." Rapey. Goony. It was one of those nights.

Eilyo was watching the scuffle between the pirate, the dandy, and the...odd one. She sips on her blood wine, slowly walking about the room, inspecting the tavern. This was a ball for it's resurrection, was it not? What if someone wanted an opinion of the place? She wanted to be prepared to answer. A blond curl slips down from a bun, laying gently against her cheek, and for the moment the woman makes no move to brush it away.

Cornelius is glad that Hanan's elbow catches the security guard instead of him, as he had so obligingly placed himself in its way. Cornelius knows that love must overcome mountains and security guards too. Something dark and dangerous enters his stance as his mind slips into the dark, cold place of his training, his eyes snapping onto Mark, the obstacle to his love.

Tiphareth shrugs slightly, "I've been well enough I suppose, and the Guild has been progressing quite well, though our numbers are still lower than I'd like... alas, there are few truly skilled arcane practitioners within the lands, as I'm sure you are aware. Though as you've said, it is not the time for business speak, however; when time for business comes along I too have things I'd like to discuss."

Serimpesh || Serimpesh sits down across the table from Ago. His leg folds over, sitting as a man would, heel on knee. The mask he wears ticks slowly, by now having cooled down and returning to its normal clicking. A hand flicks, too, "I have not heard of you, m'lady. I am sorry to say." With his eyes hidden as they are, one cannot see if he is truly apologetic or not. But he sounds sincere, "I am merely an observationalist. That is all. You do have lovely hands, that is clear to see. As for myself, I am a merchant who operates the silk trade out of Cenril. Perhaps you have heard of me?"

Jolie 's turn to smile, her own mouth unadorned, sharp little canines showing briefly. She managed to stop herself jiggling, however, and said, "I should rather like that." Negotiations were a thing she enjoyed immensely, especially where gold might be a factor, and.. she stopped herself there, and waved a hand toward the bar. "Might I offer you a drink? I have a few fine liquors not for public consumption."

Agoyoanye shook her head no. "I have been away from these lands for a while. I have only been back 2 nights." she smiles and takes another sip of her drink, "But you work in silk? That is probably where my seamstress got this fabric from."

Tiphareth makes his way to her side at the bar, propping an elbow upon its surface as he leans in toward her. "As you may or may not know, I don't drink surface spirits... do you happen to have any beverages of dark elven origin?"

Mark had the unfortunate fate of timing his landing just as she brought he elbow up to defend herself against the dandy. Mark was little more than annoyed by being struck in the jaw by the pirate, his first thought was to kill woman on sight, but he figured that Jolie wouldn't appreciate a death on her establishment especially during an event such as this. His blunt offer was rejected and he thought it to be humorous if he simply left well enough alone and allow the dandy and pirate sort things out between themselves, but he turned to the dandy as per Jolie's instructions. "Sir… Miss Jolie has requested you leave the 'pirate' alone… You're causing an unneeded commotion in the tavern…" His voice was gentle and warm as always, but the tone of his voice was still monotone, yet at this particular moment there seemed to be a small hint of hostility…

Jolie only smiled, and ducked under the counter, rummaged about a bit, and resurfaced, holding a very dusty bottle. "Wine. Produced by your own family lineage, I believe, almost a century ago. I hear it doesn't last long in the light, so... would you do the honour of opening it?" The bottle was handed to him reverently. "As to where I got it..." She gave him a rather guilty look. "Black market. Quite a find." . Jolie ducked again, not so low this time and from a shelf produced two very ornate wine glasses and a small tin. Placing the glasses on the counter, she tapped the tin. "This I stole, myself."

Hanan called out over Mark's shoulder. "That's also where she buys all her underwear." To Mark, she gave a small glare. Not that she could be utterly angry at the gentleman, he'd been sent after her request. "You should've yelled, or somethin'," she told him, fingers tensing and relaxing on her sword.

Jolie added, "From a trader, west of here. Cheeky fellow. Had some nasty scars."

Serimpesh nods, "Yes, there is a very good chance of that. I can not say for sure, however." A smile emerges, "I do sell quite a bit of silk." The story, of course, was a complete fabrication. But only digging after the fact would surface this to light. By then, the man known as Serimpesh will have dissolved into the night, to return to whoever, or, perhaps, whatever it was before he entered the Hanging Corpse that night. A gloved hand twirls, once, "I do apologize if my admittance of not knowing you takes some wind from your sails, m'lady. I came over because you looked like you were in dire need of social rescue. If I shall ever see a lady as bored as you were then...why, it would simply break my heart." A little flattery, a little boasting, and a little stamping down of the competition, all true noble behavior.

Cornelius looks at Mark with a cold and level gaze and calls out to Jolie, voice devoid of emotion "Jolly-girl, this man gets out of my face now, or there shall be blood." The white rose flutters from his hand as he steps back and twists the cane's head with his right hand, allowing the casing to drop away from the rapier within even as, with a twist of the wrist and clicking sound, a silvered dagger appears in his left hand. Stepping back into the classic upright guard of the Old Vailkrin School of fence, Cornelius' dark mind becomes awash with circles and vectors, his awareness of space expanding to encompass the room and yet contracting to focus on Mark.

Jolie said to Hanan, "But I don't wear underwear."

Jolie was not a shrinking violet, that way.

Hanan swore. Loudly. She'd seen the goings on. "Of course it's a ruttin' canesword... You, Goony, get out of his way." She lowered a bit on her knees, brought the brassy swept hilt of her rapier back before her, and growled in frustration. "Where. The hell. Is my godsdamned date."

Jolie said to Tiphareth, "Do pardon me, a moment." She sighed and called to Mark, "Let the dandy continue to harass the pirate. Come and have a drink with us, you've earned it for the tedium.""

Hanan said to Jolie, "I always wondered why those stray dogs followed you around."

Tiphareth accepts the vintage offered by Jolie, examining the bottle for a moment before turning to the process of opening the bizarre bottle. The Eldermage approaches a nearby candle, extending the bottles neck over the flame as he rotates it slowly, the unique underdark wax which seals its contents melting away bit by bit through exposure to the heat. "This is the traditional method for breaking the seal, our plant based waxes in the underdark are much stronger and less brittle than your bee wax used on the surface, this process also heats the spirit slightly which unleashes it's true aroma, giving a depth and life to its flavor which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Jolie said to Cornelius, "She really is playing hard to get. Why, when you're not looking, she positively eats you with her eyes."

Agoyoanye smiled and leaned against her back of the chair. "Well my knight in disguised thanks for rescuing me from the terrible bore some state I was in." she gives him a smirk as her glitter reflects like a veil of black glitz. Her hand held the glass close to her lips as she turned her face to drink from it. "I must say your movement on the dance floor is quite exotic"

Hanan said to Cornelius, "I'm taken, you idiot. Thoroughly. Repeatedly. Taken. Not by you. Leave me be!"

Jolie grinned wickedly, and turned back to Tiphareth, listening intently. "I hadn't dared open it before, afraid to ruin it. I'm glad I get to share with you." She slid the glasses his way. "Do you smoke?"

Nemisis walks into the Hanging Corpse and just stands there scratching his head. Ruby red eyes scan each and every person before uttering, "Now this is more like it...."

Ariella entered the tavern dramatically. She had her best boots on, the shiny black ones imported from... well, I'm not allowed to say from where. It's a secret, and if I were to tell, then I would have to kill, for where this woman got her shoes was her business, damnit. She flung those doors open, entering with her hair way more poofy than usual, her lips painted bright pink, and her hips swaying just right. Her curves were kickin'. She was wearing her favorite formal gown, her floor-length princess dress of jet black. It appeared to be encrusted with diamonds. On her face was a thin luna mask. The crescent moon covered the left side of her face, the other side open for viewing. She sure was nice to look at, she thought to herself as she passed a mirror. She looked around the room. She recognized a few people, and laughed to herself. Would she cause mischief or play nice tonight? It was up to time to tell. One thing was for sure. She was going to flirt til the break of dawn.

Nemisis frowns before turning around. Inside his head Intelligence mutters, "I forgot this is a masquerade ball...Honor this is more of your thing.." Honor raised a brow, "Hmm....? Gonna watch from the sidelines...?" Intelligence simply nodded before Nemisis left the establishment

Simultaneously as his adversary drew his weapon, Mark drew his own. In comparison, Mark's rusty dagger seemed useless to the immaculate silver of the dandy's, but this was a fact Mark seemed willing to ignore. It was already too late to stop the engagement, Mark did not take well to threats… Mark took two steps to the left, and then the bending of the knees indicated the preparation for a leap. Rather than dash forwards towards the dandy however, Mark launched himself back, behind the pirate, grabbing the hand that brandished a rapier with his left hand and placing his weapon to the pirate's neck, "Tell me… of what use is it to remove me should the person you care about most dies in the process…?" Mark made sure to grip the pirate's arm firmly, but not to harm her. Gently, he whispered words into her ears as he watched to see what his opponent would do next.

Tiphareth returns to the bar, elongated digits grasping the dense mushroom plug planted firmly into the bottles neck, a slight twist and pull release the cork to allow it's contents a chance to breathe, a single hand reaches into his robe, retrieving the long stemmed pipe from within and placing the ensorcelled implement upon the bar. "Indeed I smoke, and that blend appears to be one developed by Keter long ago, luckily I was able to recreate its blend rather closely for my personal consumption; do you also partake?"

A glass of water, beaded in sweat from the warmth of the room, is raised in a semi mocking toast, "Call it the result of a misspent youth, shall we? I've picked up a thing or two, in my moving amongst the fellow merchants and upperclass of Cenril, my good doctor." While attention had been paid attention to his own water, not much had been to the schnapps. If Steadman was indeed ordered to spike the drinks, or if he merely took a strong dislike to Cornelius (both are possible), the results would lie in the schnapps. Whether or not love potion had been spiked in the beverages remains to be seen. Serimpesh then drinks from the water, draining most of it. The only sign that the night's hectic dancing had taxed him any, it seems.

Jolie said to Tiphareth, "My apologies, once more, Eldermage.. Do help yourself to the tobacco there." She smiled. "And indeed I do.. just a moment, however."

Jolie said to Mark, "Desist, please. These two.. well, the dandy is one of my people. This will only give him conniptions. Do come and have a drink. Hanan.. I might have something for you, too?" She gave the pirate a pointed look."

Hanan was only taken by surprise because nobody in their right mind would have thought to do what Mark just did. Grabbing the person he was meant to be protecting and sticking a blade to her throat. Hanan gulped--not because of a fear of death, for the vampire presumed she would not be meeting such tonight--but for the damned indignity of it all. She'd been bodily snookered. Snookered by a goon. "What... the hell... are you doin'?" And that was after he whispered.

Jolie turned back to the drow, "I'm afraid I left my pipe in Ryn... er. Elsewhere. But if you'd not mind letting me share a puff of yours..."

Tiphareth places a hand upon the bottle, feeling if the temperature has lowered to the appropriate warmth for serving, a quick sniff of is bouquet signaling that the fine spirit is indeed at peak serving temperature. The wine is decanted slowly into the provided vessels. "I appreciate your offer, though my pipe remains loaded with the mixture, its particular enchantment allows the contents to last an inordinately long time. The wine is ready to be enjoyed now, it also should compliment the tobacco quite well."

Cornelius is lost within the mystery of the Circle and the Sword, Mark's voice barely registering. Still, the effect of the potion has the dandy respond coldly "Then after disposing of you, like the murderous and disobediant dog you are, I shall join her forever in the afterlife." Slowly, and deliberately, he shifts his position to the outer edge of the circle of conflict, feet placed along the unseen line Vailkrin Fencers called Eternity. With gravitas Cornelius approaches the two, each step soft and silent like death's sure tread. Again, Cornelius' voice echoes coldly, as if from a distance "You have one more chance to obey Mistress Joliette, stranger, or you shall then be responsible for all that transpires after your refusal"

Jolie eagerly waited for him to finish pouring, and took up her glass, pausing for the mage to do the same while she inhaled the bouquet of the wine, rich and heady. "Exquisite," she murmured.

Amadriecllya stepped into the tavern with a smile on her face. Her mask was as strange as she herself was. It was a full face mask; one of those ornamental masks with the small, pretty mouths, and the gold leaf painting all over it. She wasn't good at disguising herself, apparently, because those tell-tell wings were there. She had forgotten to put them back. But they were more shiny than usual, perhaps it was her joyful mood. She was at her small height of 5'1 today, signifying slight confidence. She was in a good mood. And- shock and awe, she had decided to come -without- her bodyguard. Which was a risk for her, coming into Vampire territory, she thought to herself. But what the hell. It was a grand ball, and she was ready to party. She was ready to let go of the fact that there were children sleeping by a campfire somewhere in the forest. Those darn children had been taking up all of her time as of late. As much as she loved each one of the children of her village, she had to take a break from worrying. And what better way than to dress up in her best flower petals, and dance the night away with random people! Another tell-tell sign that this was probably Amadriecllya were the flowers that grew wherever her bare feet touched the ground. Anyone who knew her would know right away why she was barefoot. She hated shoes. With a passion. Her gown was fashioned of lily-petals, soft, and flowy, like a pretty little cloud, or perhaps a fluff of dandelion. Whichever was prettier to you. Her long hair was curled just right. Ribbons graced her arms and legs, for the parts that could be seen. She was happy tonight, a change in mood for what she had been feeling for a long time. Come one, come all, for this mood may not last.

Tiphareth takes up the glass, swirling the contents slightly before taking a small sip.

Tiphareth swishes his beverage for a moment in his cheeks before swallowing the liquid with a satisfying sigh. "Indeed..." The pipe is then raised to his lips, a brief puff sending the embers alight as he draws deeply upon the D'Artes blend. A large aromatic plume is then released into the tavern air, quickly dispersing from the many tiny currents of air.

Nemisis walks back into the tavern dressed in according to the event. Shifting in his golden lined suit and his demonic shifting mask hidden slightly under the top hat, he looked quite dapper yet strange none the less. Honor's usual mannerisms were slightly hidden and altered, hands resting upon the fire poker and facial features hidden. Looking about, he simply weaved through the crowd and took a seat.

Eilyo -The butterfly girl, as Jolie put it, had zoned out while she sat at her table alone, watching those gathered. With a sigh she comes out of her reverie, brushing that platinum lock back from her face before finishing her glass of wine. The question now was whether to stay, go, or order another glass of wine...

Serimpesh|| The Clockwork Gentleman known to be called Serimpesh gives his departing partner a nod as she leaves him with a farewell. The man returns the same. The glass he had been drinking from is set down, and the man folds his gloved hands in his lap. He is currently devoid of partner, and he seems to be contemplating venturing back out onto the floor. He is silent as he does this, the mask he wears whiring and clicking so gently that even he can barely hear.

Jolie offered Nemisis a wave. The event was winding down, after a fabulous evening with little to no bloodshed - inside, anyway - and while the band played on, a more mellow tune now, most people were simply conversing.

Jolie took a sip of the wine once the mage had done so, and her small murmur of appreciation was followed by a question, "Say, I always wanted to ask.. is there is a repellent for those spiders that wander about your lands? We get quite a lot in our cellar."

Eilyo glanced over towards Serimpesh, studying his mask with a grin. She stands, gliding over in his direction before heading towards her ultimate goal; blood wine. She leans close to him as she passes, her voice low as she speaks, that accent thick. "Nice mask..." She flashes him a charming smile before continuing on her way to the bar.

Nemisis actually got up and walked over to Jolie and dipped his hat, "Evening....How are you on this eve....?" Inside his head Honor asked to Intelligence, "Are we supposed to conceal the identities of everyone or is this just for fun....?" Intelligence turned the bolt in his head and said, "Not sure. There are masks. It would only be logical to not say names." Honor simply shrugged and continued to focus back outside. The draconian would reach into his pocket his personal cigarette and place it in his mouth. Without any visible flame, it lights on its own.

Jolie studied the self-lighting cigarette. "I'm well, Nemi. You?" She was soon sipping at her wine again, which only grew better with each small mouthful.

Tiphareth ponders the necromancer's question for a moment as he enjoys another sip followed by a draw from his churchwarden. "There are a number of methods that may work... specifically there is an oil that has been developed which is so slick that spiders can not get their silk to stick to it, if you brush the concoction upon the walls and ceiling in the area you wish for them to avoid, they'll usually vacate the location once they figure out they can't build a web there. There are also some simple incantations which work wonderfully, I could impart them to you if you so desire."

Mark eyes his adversary carefully, noting the change in the dandy's mannerisms. In this case it would yield better results to desist as Jolie had requested, but his instincts told him to fight, to kill… Mark's vision began to blur, everything turned first a neon green, then a fiery red, leaving only the outlines of objects and beings to be deciphered from one another. A dim red glowed from beneath the eye sockets of Mark's masque. He was already planning his attack, where and how to maim his opponent then how to finish the job. But then it felt as though something invaded his mind, the glow of red ceased, everything turned black and he could hear a distinct female voice, '…ark… 't… op…ve you,' Colors returned, but he no longer felt the need to fight. He relinquished the pirate and sheathed his dagger. He offered words of apology to the pirate, "Apologies Miss, I hope you are unharmed," offering a small bow of the head to her before leaving the pirate and dandy behind, Mark returned to Jolie's side, contemplating what had just happened. The voice that he'd just heard echoing in his head, who did it belong to and why did he stop? A threat had been issued, it was foolish to have turned his back and walk away…

Nemisis simply blinked and Honor commented inside, "Guess not..." Back on the outside he said to Jolie, "We're okay Jolie.....Looking mostly for entertainment....." There was music playing and they were just standing there. Almost impulsively he asked, "Care for a dance....?" Though he wore a mask, one might able to feel the grin and confidence oozing off of him. Honor is the most prideful.

Jolie nodded eagerly to the mage's suggestions. "I brought in the chitterling - a sandwyrm larva - to help keep the numbers down but that was..." A complete disaster. "Less effective than I hoped. I believe the ventilation shafts must lead directly to some space below that connects with your own land." Of course, she wouldn't mention Darian and Kasyr's 'exploration' of the vents. "Ought we, perhaps make a time for a meeting?" She took a very small sip, and continued. "Where we might have that, and other discussions?"

As Mark removes himself as an obstacle to true love, Cornelius palms the silver dagger and brushes his left hand through his storm-grey hair, eyes brightening and smile returning even as the dagger is surreptitiously returned to its place. With a step back and a deft movement of the foot the swordcane's ivory casing is flipped up and swiftly eased over the blade so that, with a click, it is a cane once more. With a despairing look at the white rose he unthinkingly trod on just moments before, Cornelius produces a black rose with a flourish "Ma Cherie, I understand that you have room in your heart for more than one man. This is one of the many beautiful things about you which I admire so. Let this black rose represent the mournful feeling within me that you had to witness such unpleasantness!" He presents it to her, cane and rose held in much the same way he had presented the white rose earlier "If our love must be war, then I shall surrender myself up unto you, dearest of my heart!"

Tiphareth nods toward Tene, "Indeed, such a meeting would be beneficial. When would you like to schedule this meeting?"

Serimpesh || The Clockwork Gentleman looks up, his electric blue eyes peering through the eternally moving mask, "Why thank you, madame. I am most flattered. Might I extend the same compliments to you...? The butterfly quite fits your pretty face, if I do say so myself." The man's head inclines a slight bit, his voice with a strange accent that's hard to pin down. It seems both familiar and strange at the same time, "Oh, where are my manners? The night must wear on me so." He stands, to his full height of perhaps the upper six feet, seven at the most. And then he etches an elaborate bow, "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Serimpesh, the self labeled Clockwork Gentleman. A pleasure to meet you, madame."

Jolie hardly broke stride in her ongoing conversation, but spoke the name "Hanan" in a breathy tone, waggling a small vial drawn from a shelf behind her. To Mark, she said "Thankyou. What liquor do you prefer?"

Hanan was mostly unharmed. Her hair was now a damned mess, the butterfly clip all askew. And she did not realize until Mark touched it that she was still. Wearing. A Tiger. Mask. Which made her growl again. "Gods... damn it all." She attempted to turn away from Cornelius and toward the bar. "I need a damn drink." Of course this is when he decided to start presenting her a rose. A. Rose. Hanan turned back and glared at him and his damn flower. Her eyes narrowed. "...fine. Okay." She snatched the black rose from his hand. "Okay. Just leave me alone for the rest of the night, right? Don't talk to me. You can try again some other time." Without waiting for his answer she made her way directly for the bar. "Get me a whiskey," she asked the tender.

Jolie smiled at the Eldermage, "A your own convenience, Tiphareth, please. I am often here, and have staff to take my duties. Do just send a messenger, whenever suits you."

Cornelius bows deeply "As you wish!" For with those words, what Cornelius really meant, was 'I love you'

Late evening: the event winds down

Jolie gave 1 love potion-antidote to Hanan.

Jolie tossed the vial to the pirate. "Slip him this. The funny is over."

Mark stood beside Jolie, he stared straight ahead as he contemplated familiar sounds. 'S' 'i' 'Si' 'Sin?' No, but close. The name seemed to linger on the tip of his tongue, yet he was still unable to define it. At the offer of liquor, Mark replied to Jolie promptly this time, "Apologies for the disregard of orders, Miss Jolie… and I do not drink alcohol without good reason to do so…" Alcohol, it disrupts a person's ability to think, something he wished upon his enemies, not himself. 'Significance?' no 'symmetry?' closer…

Eilyo stops on her way to the bar, turning to better face the man. She smiles, a slight sparkle in her green eyes. "Ah, well, zank you for ze compliment. I must I do have a zing for butterflies..." A soft chuckle, almost musical in sound and then she curtsies in response to the bow. "Ze pleasure is all mine. My name is Angelique. Forgive me for not having...a more elaborate title to give you."

Hanan caught the vial easily in her hand. She glanced at it a moment, then growled to the bitchy witch variant. "You had this the whole time?"

Hanan gave 1 love potion-antidote to Cornelius.

Tiphareth finishes his beverage, leaning in once more to the necromancer, "Thank you Tenebrae for your hospitality, I'll let you get back to your other guests now. We'll have our meeting soon and get to some business discussion."

Hanan said to Cornelius, "Hey, you." She tosses him the vial. "Drink this if you love me."

Cornelius bows and says "With pleasure, dearest of feisty angels!" So saying, he downs it in a single manly draw.

Jolie said to Tiphareth, "I look forward to it, Eldermage." A dip of head in parting offered the drow, she then gave Hanan a warm, fuzzy kind of smile. "Yes."

Serimpesh || A wave of his gloved hand is all the much bothered by this the Clockwork Gentleman is, "It is no problem, madame. Or, perhaps, I ought to say mademoiselle? That accent sounds strangely familiar." The man gestures to the seat across from him, "Please, do sit. It seems that the music has wound down to a close, but I think there is still time for some chatting."

Tiphareth makes his exit as unassumingly as his entrance.

Jolie has more opportunity then to study Mark. "Quite alright. Most of our bouncers get carried away, a little, in the course of thier duties.. Let me say though, that you acted quite impeccably when called on to do so. I fear I am a little weary this eve, and now is no time to speak of business, but do see me tomorrow? I think you'll quite like the topic I have in mind."

Eilyo - Another chuckle and she takes the offered seat. "Zank you, and oui, mademoiselle would be a tad but more appropriate." She glances around the room with a sigh, shaking her head, that loose strand of blond falling against her cheek again. "It's a shame, really, zat I had to come so late...I didn't even get a dance..." The woman settles her gaze back on the man. "A Ball is not a Ball until you dance, non?"

The moment the antidote begins working through his system in a very distinctive fashion, Cornelius clenches his stomach, a look of rage flicking to his face before being replaced with a blank smiling mask. He turns to Jolie, with very careful motions, and states "This is revenge for the time I showed up to my own funeral isn't it." It definitely wasn't a question "You recall it well, I imagine. Right after the time I pretended to have succumbed to that rather unique toxin you'd blended to humble me for setting your wardrobe on fire." He coughs as the antidote continues its work. "Well played, Jolly-Girl, well played." He offers a slight bow to Hanan "My humble apologies, M'dear. You do, however, have gorgeous eyes. That part was at least truth." With injured pride and dignity Cornelius stalks towards the tavern door

Jolie called after Cornelius, "Yes!"

Mark was motionless as ever when he replied, "...As you wish, Miss Jolie..."

Nemisis simply just walks away from Jolie who seems quite busy to take up his offer. Pulling on his cigarette, he exhales and leaves a trail of smoke, he plops back down in his chair and rests it back on its hind legs.....Wait, he's supposed to be formal right now....He sits back and crosses his fingers, fiddling with his thumbs and being....polite.

Amadriecllya sat down alone in a corner, for a courier had brought her devastating news. One of the children had passed. The dandelion-fluff dressed woman removed her mask in silence, and stood. The usually blushing cheeks were pale, perhaps even gaunt looking. The flowers that grew at her feet withered into black weeds, her wings drooping behind her with melancholy. She said nothing. A single tear escaped her eye as she ordered a rum. She shot it down all at once, and then left the tavern, her heart broken. She had failed as a healer, it seemed. And a child's blood was on her hands because of it.

Frustration, it didn't show in his voice nor his body, but it was there. A single word, a single name, and yet he could not remember. He could most likely recall the majority of the words spoken at the ball and match each voice with each word and that to the voice it was intended for and yet this single little name…

Serimpesh || A sly smile from under the mask can be seen, "On that, I can agree. It is simply not the same. Perhaps our good host can kick up the band again, if it has not decayed too much." A glance to the band. They did look a bit droopy. The man returns his head to Angelique, "Mayhaps you might get lucky, mademoiselle."

Jolie beckoned to Nemisis, taking a last gulp of that marvellous D'Artes wine. "I'm sorry, Nemi. Chaos wins, you know? But if you'd still like that dance..."

Eilyo winks, coy grin on those full, red lips. "Let us hope, oui?" She too glances towards the band, studying them a moment.

Nemisis was actually beginning to enjoy the music. It was relaxing. From the cigarette, the demi began to paint a small picture. First a few rings of smoke would exit his mouth and drift ever so slowly into the air. Before any had a chance to fade away, a flare of the cigarette would come to life in the form of two sea serpents, breaking free from the stick and swim in the air. They danced together while twirling through the rings spinning and teasing each other all the same.

Hanan grumbled back to Cornelius, pushing her tiger mask back up on her brow and heaving a tired brow. "Sure, sure... thanks. Where's my damn drink?"

Nemisis eyes trailed over to Jolie after his little feat. A lazy grin pulled across his face as he said, "Yes, chaos always wins...." Whether she was just smooth with words or just damn lucky, that line worked well. Staning up, he extended a hand to her, ready to take the lead on the dance.

Cornelius exits the tavern in what can only be described as a huff. Damn brat of a girl. The ball was back in his court for the next act of a history of oneupmanship in the ancient art of petty vengeance.

Jolie thrust her own small hand into Nemisis' and allowed him to draw her onto the dance floor.

Serimpesh || Electric blue eyes sweep to the dance floor. The band was starting up, then. Serimpesh stands, "Mademoiselle, would you be so kind as to accompany me on this dance?"

Eilyo stands with a grin, eyes sparkling. "It would be my pleasure."

Nemisis moved Jolie into a smooth and easy stride, riding the melody on the dance floor. The mask he wore was beginning to annoy him, causing him to twitch his nose. Still he followed the rules of the night and kept it on, "So what made you come up with this little idea....?"

Serimpesh || The woman's hand is taken into his own gloved one, and he leads her onto the dance floor, pulling her around into his arms for the slow dance that he presumes is beginning to play. The man's movements are graceful, slow, and well placed. His feet are in no danger of trodding his partner's in the least, unless she possessed two left feet. The man holds her at mid distance, as he had held Ago earlier, though she had moved closer both times. Once by necessity, and once by want, seemingly. He does not hold his partner like a leper, at arm's distance, nor close, like a lover, but the perfect in between, like two good friends that have taken for a dance.

Jolie grinned, both at the comment and the twitching. "It just sort of popped into my head. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. And tomorrow, when I've rested a bit, I'll announce the winners of the Lord and Lady of the Masque." She'd be light as a feather in his arms, as he turned her around the floor. "Great to see the old place kicking again, no?"

Nemisis smiled under his mask and responded to his old friend, "Yes it is.....We miss this place quite dearly....It contains the chaos and excitement the Kelay Tavern once held in the older days...." He would give her a small twirl before a thought came to mind, "Speaking of the old days.....What did you ever do with those body pieces we collected from hell...?"

Eilyo - The woman was by no means possessed by two left feet. There was that gliding grace to her movements and it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing on the dance floor. She accepted the distance he placed her, deciding that perhaps dancing to close to a stranger could give the wrong impression. Had this not been a masked Ball, and had she known who the man really was...but this was and she didn't, and so she was merely enjoying herself. She smiles up at him, that sparkle still in those soft eyes. "You are very good at zis, non?"

Jolie smiles fondly at the memories Nemisis' words invoked. "Indeed." But to his latter question, she blinked. "I believe you've met the result. My familiar’s new body... the gaunt... no face? You wanted to stick a needle in him.."

Serimpesh || Blue eyes meet his partner's own soft ones, "I would like to think that I am, mademoiselle. My father attempted to beat the lessons into me often enough." A smile, and he twirls her, "With practice comes perfection, as they say my lady."

Nemisis rose his head in compliance to Jolie's reference, "Ah.....That thing....." His entire attitude towards the gaunt was the exact opposite to when he first saw it. Honor cared not for such things. Those eyes of his head that were trailing everywhere looked into Jolie's just briefly asking, "So when's the next adventure to take place....? Or at least the next rennovation here.....? Then again...the two are almost the same....." A brief thought flashed through Honor's head, wondering if she caught on to Nemisis' current state. He could never figure her out after all. One of the only four women.

Eilyo feigns a look of horror a moment, even going so far as to gasp softly. "Zat is horrible." She then grins, holding back a snicker. "Zinking zat joke would be funny..." Then she nods, the skirt of her gown billowing around her feet slightly as she spins. "Oui, zere is no-zing zat you cannot accomplish wiz-out practice."

Jolie suddenly canted her head up, as if she'd heard something from the upper floor, and then glanced back to Nemisis. "I'm afraid I'll have to cut our dance short, Nemi. I'll save you one, for the next. And I wanted to talk to you about..." Again, she looked up. "But not now. I must go." She pulled away, and with a hasty wave to all, and a "Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful night!" took to the stairs and was soon out of sight.

Serimpesh pulls her a bit closer then he had a few moments before, "Oh, it is not so horrible. The dance instructors may have been old, but there were many a pretty lady to be found in the classes." A smile, the mask he wears creeping closer and closer to the sun cresting and the moon setting, "It was not so horrible, sometimes. The girls liked to smile at the boys to distract us. Pleasant times indeed." His hand does not move, however, from her upper lower middle back, though a little jimmying might nudge his hand into the position lower.

Nemisis released his small hold on his companion, "Of course.....You know where to find us.....We can talk later.... Goodnight..."

Eilyo chuckles softly, glancing briefly towards the stairs, watching Jolie leave. Inwardly the woman loses that ball of tension that had been sitting in her chest, while outwardly her soft gaze flickers back to Serimpesh. "Ah, of course. A pretty woman can always makes zings better, non?" A coy grin is offered as she gracefully, and slyly, moves herself in such a way as to nudge his hand ever so slightly lower. A glance around the room, and she sighs. "Seems everyzing is winding down...And I've only got to dance with one handsome stranger." She offers him a wink. "Usually my number is higher at ze end of a Ball..."

Serimpesh makes no protest as his hand is indeed moved down. More twirling, then the song ends. He steps back from Angelique, offering her a bow. And a shameless grin, "My count was a tad higher. Fourth, to include you. I was quite the lucky man tonight."

Eilyo brushes that pesky strand of blonde back from her face, grinning. "I bet you were." She glances towards the band with a sad look. "I really wish I could've come sooner, but non...I could not..." A sigh and a shrug of those slender, bare shoulders in defeat, and the woman's soft gaze was upon him once more. "I feel all at a loss wiz ze Ball ending like zis..."

Hanan knocked back one last whiskey, growled, and turned toward the door. "Ruttin'... where is she? I'd better go make sure she's alright." That she was obviously not Jolie, as Hanan was heading surlily out the front door.

Serimpesh || The masked man chuckles, a rich and hearty thing, "Now, I could not be called a true gentleman if I were to leave such a pretty girl in such a state." The man who calls himself Serimpesh steps close to the woman who would name herself Angelique, close enough to kiss. And indeed, that is his intention. He does not go for the kiss himself, but comes close enough to offer. But, like any true gentleman, he allows the lady to choose whether or not to rebuff him. Should she choose to accept the offer, she will find herself given a kiss that seems all at once familiar and strange at the same time. The man's arms, too, would wrap around the woman, holding her close. For a minute, no longer. Then, the contact would be broken, the spell dispelled, and the man's eyes still their electric blue and not the gray that she might have expected.

Eilyo wasn't one to pass up a kiss, and so when he came close enough to offer she did not deny him. Her eyes close for that minute, and for that minute she enjoys herself, and feels a painful tug at her heart. With her hands pressed against his chest, she stares up at him, thin brows furrowed together in confusion. She didn't seem to understand why they were blue, and in that moment, if the man was paying attention, he would recognize that look in her soft eyes. Then slowly reality set back in and she remembered where they were. She grins coyly, though it doesn't reach her now sad eyes. "You're good at that too..."