RP:The Humble Slit

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

Slit walks into the room looking around at all the guards that are watching him he slowly walks towards the throne and notices a man sitting upon it. Slit falls to his knees and bows before Eboric with his hands on the floor. He says nothing as he knows he is in the realm of Eboric and waits to be acknowledged before speaking.

Eboric 's guards allow Slit to approach, all heavily armed and well-seasoned warriors. They are big men, but seem small when compared to the man in the carved throne. He is truly huge, his frame made greater by the armor, golden arm rings, and black bearskin cloak that he wears. His head is banded with a circlet of gold, and it flashes in the firelight as he leans forward to look down at the prostrate man before him. He does not give the man permission to rise. "What do you want?" The question is asked in an irritated tone, the voice of a battle-commander echoing through the stony halls.

Slit stays on the floor his body totally submissive and attempting to sound as humble as possible, he speaks in a meek voice "I have come as a representative of the Cateran people, who wish to establish peaceful relations with you great king." He remains on steady on the floor giving no reason for the guards to suspect that he may try to rise up. His long gray hair drapes the sides of his head covering all his facial features that otherwise would show the true age of the elder elf.

Eboric 's lips twitch upward into a mocking smile, and he speaks to one of the men seated at the high table. "Some men have no honor, nor pride." Grins break out among the warriors, with no attempt at subtlety as Eboric addresses Slit once more. "I have not heard of these...Cateran people, aside from words on the board that claim an empire. So tell me, wretched one, why I should allow you to leave here today."

Slit listens to the mockery being thrown at him, but yields to these insults as he knows it would be foolish to attempt anything here where he is outnumbered by the king and his guard. "Oh great king of Venturil, the Cateran people are a humble people from an ancient fallen empire, we travel the world and help the poor by providing food and clothing to all the down trodden who need it. We only seek peaceful intentions with you great King."

Eboric sighs, as if the meeting is disappointingly boring to him. "You are either without fear, little man, or without sense, and I believe it's the latter. Perhaps you think that I am a fool, is that it? Well, I assure you, it is not the case. You may leave Venturil now, and if you remain here after sundown, and if you are seen here again, you will die. If you try to restore this dead empire of yours, you will die. I only warn but once, old man, so you would be well served to take heed."

Slit remains silent at the king's warning and then slowly crawls backwards out of the throne room as to not show his face to the king, once he has crawled out of the throne room he stands and begins walking towards the gates of Venturil leaving the King and his guards to their own matters whatever they may be.