RP:So it Begins

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                                ==Dead Earth==

At this location even the hardy yellow scrubby plants you have become accustomed to seeing have given up. The sun beats down almost like an encroaching wall of heat and fire making walking slowly and deliberate, the earth is scorched so it is almost like sand, reddened like the fiery orb in the sky that causes all but the hardiest traveller to sweat profusely. Large and steep bluffs block any route northwards; to the east the ground appears to get rockier.

Mythayus finally was setting his personal plans in motion. He had spent most of his spare time searching uncivilized, dragons to make his targets. He finally found one. He pulled out his mother's scroll, surely this is infact what she meant. His eyes widened as he realized he had forgotten the most important piece activating the amulet. He pulled it from his pocket and removed his right gauntlet and made a small cut on his hand, with on of the spikes on his left gauntlet. He let his blood fall on to the amulet. A blast of white light burst from the amulet. the amulet was not longer inhis hand but loosely around his neck.

Alareik had gotten the message earlier in the weak and with a cruel smirk sat upon the bluff overlooking the resting places of several dragons. What was taking the sheriff so long to arrive? Finally the stink of the sheriff filled hia nostrils and the lycan slowly stood and made his way down to the man. It took a few minutes of ducking climbing and more then a few swear words. Finally Alareik burst from the underbruah and stared myth down. " So...I guess you got my message? Or happy coincidink we showed up after the same dragon tonight?" The lycan removed his over shirt after no reason to destroy a perfectly good shirt. " So ...Ready for this?" Ideally the lycan could pick up the sound of...eating? Stretching? Something that just sent a shiver down his spine. Dragons where tough enough but fighting one on its home turf and during its perfedt hunting time? That was as close to suicide as the lycan was willing to get.

Istvan || There were, interestingly enough, no such sounds. No crunching, no bone-wrecking. This particular area had a peculiar sort of miasma in the air--it was like a fog, and yet it was somehow less tangible. The light here was just... dimmer, in general. Everything had a bizarre reddish tint and the air temperature was unstable from place to place. Nothing in the badlands made a sound other than a faint whispering of a strange wind, similar to the noise you hear when you cup your hands over your ears to listen to the blood flowing through your skull. Even the stars seemed to be less numerous than usual.

Mythayus looked around, "well this is interresting..."He whispered, "This is the right place, isnt it, Ala?" He glance over to the lycan, "Do we need to start searching?" he remained quiet waiting for the lycan to respond

Alareik gave the cockiest smirk he could manage before giving the slight head nod as if to say follow me. " I was here ealier... Saw tracks. The stink about the area...Come on sheriff don't play stupid on the field... " Turning slowly the lycan gave a small sigh before he pulled his bastard sword from his back. This was going to be an interesting hunt. It wouldn't take too terrible long to pierce the miasma and start to hunt for the dragon. " So myth... Does javier know your hunting with a convicted felon?" Even as he spoke the lycan's muscles where tensed and his magic was itching to be unleashed at his foe...Maybe even myth if thr sheriiff was here to take him back to jail.

Istvan || The strange dimness didn't get darker the deeper they got into it--it got redder, and it grew harder to see for a different reason: contrasts began to blur together, making it difficult to distinguish angles--everything was beginning to look flat and two-dimensional, as though they were about to walk into a wall, or some massive mural. This may have made it disorienting and difficult to find proper footing and direction. The faint wind changed direction--and then changed direction again--and then a third time, and then a fourth. Something flitted for just the moment on the edge of vision, something that moved and rippled... something -big-. But it was only there for a moment, and should they turn to look, all they would see is a deepening field of red, dimming rapidly to black. Something powerful was happening right there, evidently--maybe a dragon?

Mythayus would follow that Lycan, he had been doing that alot following a lycan around lately. Myth to ala's nose would smell of ginger, mint, jasmine and desparrow. "What Javier doesnt know wont hurt him or me. Well this is going to be fun," he whispered as they continued and the winds continued to change. Myth unclipped his shield off his back and drew his bastard sword at the sight of the red turning black.

Alareik had long since stopped relying on his eyes for anything. As the footing underneath became worse and worse the lycan gave a thought to using a bit of magic but decided to save his strength for later. The sudden color turning never phased the self blinded lycan as he trusted his other heightened sences to keep him alive. The constantly changing winds started to upset the lycan so many scents wafted on the air...Prey and predator alike danced through his nose as he continued on. " Good thinking myth...Dont blindly follow. " Finally the lycan opened his eyes to witness the large area left from the coloring. So with nothing better in mind he'd walk towards it sniffing close to the ground to avoid the winds flighty patterns.

Istvan || The field of black eventually dissipated, back to red, and then back to simple background redness--and inside the field was indeed a dragon--though what a dragon it was. Matte black scales jutted out at skewy, unhealthy-looking angles. Motheaten wings flared lightly--small, ragged holes were chewed in the membranes of its wings, though they were large enough relative to the beast that its ability to fly was undoubtedly uncompromised. Its teeth were old and yellowed, its eyes bloodshot. Its mouth and nose dripped a putrid black substance--though this wasn't the worst part about the monstrosity. Its stomach and chest were hideously bloated, to the point where its limbs almost weren't long enough to keep it from dragging. It was around sixty feet long and snarled at them, shifting its weight, preparing itself for attack.

Mythayus smiled, as he had readied himself to fight the beast. He studied the creature, looking for weak points. his eyes started to glow a light blueish color. Seemly for no reason. He'd watch as he could feel his secret excitement build within oh how he couldnt wait.

Alareik 's reaction was quite different then mythayus's. As his eyes fell upon such a massive and disgusting dragon only one thoughy ran through his mind. s***. Not waisting time the lycan rushed forward the magic in his body gathering in his core then being forced into his legs. With the visual que of lightning crackling off his legs the lycan seemed to vanish from sight but not from smell. Instead the lycan had cruelly forced his legs to movr faster and faster u til he seemed to * Flash step* To the back of thr massive creature. To hell with staying near that mouth full of god knows what or who.

Istvan || A strange thing happened as the lycan approached the monster. It wasn't as though the air was getting denser, but all the same it seemed to take more and more energy to accomplish the same results--as though whatever power he was putting into his flashstepping was wicked away and dissipated just from being in proximity to the dragon. Which would likely result in a slowing down. The dragon, for all its bulk, seemed to have no issue with its tail, and lashed sideways with it, intending to impale the lycan with the various spikes on the end. The dragon then planted its feet and pointed its jaws at Mythayus and its entire body convulsed--and a spray of tiny, pitch-black particles were expelled from the monster with a violent force, swarming and spiraling towards him--as they grew closer, he'd see it was a swarm of tiny dragonfly-like insects, clustered so close together so as to blot out the light, and in such a mass of numbers that they would strike with the force of a solid object should they hit--but then, as is the norm with clouds of insects, they wouldn't stop with just ramming him. They'd try to get into his armor, under his clothing, to his delicious flesh below. The expulsion of the "shadow breath" significantly reduced the amount of bloating of the dragon, but it was still fairly rotund--it still had more inside, apparently.

Mythayus smiled, he knew just the trick for such an attack. He pointed his sword towards the swarm. Lightning cracked from it forming into a spiraling ballista bolt. Smashing into the first few, the the lightning would arc from one dragonfly thing to the next in a magnificent view of what would look like dancing lights. The arcing wouldnt stop until the swarm was all either paralyzed or dead. Myth would then charge and An electrical storm start to fire lightning bolts down from the sky aim loosely at the dragon.

Alareik gave another swear as his magic leeched from his core by what he could only assume was some terrible magical effect. Hearing, more then seeing, the spiked tail of painful impalation the warblade took two hard steps then brought the blade down with all his considerable might. As the blade arced down roaring white flames erupted along the length of the blade. Either he stopped the tail or the tail demolished him like a frat boy does a beer.

Istvan || The electrical storm would encounter many of the same issues Alareik had--when the energy got close to the dragon, it was dissipated--dispersed into nearly-harmless static. However, the air temperature around the beast was beginning to skyrocket now and the red glow formed around it--and the blade came down on the tail, and not only stopped it--some of the more fragile spines of the monster were broken off entirely. The dragon let out a polyphonic hellshriek of pain and snapped sideways with a sudden explosion of speed, despite whatever bloatedness it had, attempting to hipcheck the lycan and knock him away, a blow followed up by a sweep from one of its wings--this one attempted to get underneath Alareik and the lift up, intending to fling him into the air and catapult him away. The monster's other wing spread open and it pumped both of them backwards, launching itself forward like a rocket at Mythayus now, jaws wide open, the smell of putrid flesh oozing almost visibly from its mouth as it attempted to grab him with its jaws--should it be successful, its next move would be to clamp down hard and shake him like a dog shakes a chewtoy.

Mythayus would use his own flash step to move him self as close as he could to the beasts front right leg. He'd continue his charge, sending an electricfying blow with his bastard sword into the legt of the dragon.

Alareik gave a primal roar of pleasure as his blade slammed through the dragon's tail. Only to find himself first hipchecked then thrown bodily into the air by the wing of this disgusting dragon. Mid air the lycan calmed himself as he mentally catalogued the injuries of bruised ribs and a suddenly devoloping fear...Not of heights but of landings. With a groan the lycan pulled the flaming bastard sword into his hands then launched the blade spinning, and still on fire, towards the neck of the beast. Regardless of where it landed it was honestly his only hope as he prayed it would land someplace half way decent. As soon as the blade left his hands the lycan started to build and charge his magic he knew he'd need more then usual thanks to the distance and the power draining effects of the dragon of darkness.

Istvan || The two incoming forces collided--Mythayus and dragon, coming together like some kind of head-on-collision test, only neither of them was a crash test dummy and one was significantly heavier than the other. Therefore, I can with reasonable assumption say that Myth's direction was changed instantly as the dragon hit him with all the stopping power of a locomotive. Internal organs aren't exactly made for reversals of momentum like that and it's very likely that there was massive internal trauma from such a blow--not to mention the subsequent dirt-eating as the dragon shifted slightly and attempted to deposit its entire considerable bulk on top of the little man, trying to crush him utterly. It took the monster a good long time to stop--there were gashes in the dirt where its claws dragged, and if Myth happened to be underneath he might have left a mark on the ground, too. Serendipitously, the dragon's shifting of its weight to try to crush Mythayus brought its neck out of the way of the sword--that and its speed--and the thrown weapon sailed harmlessly overhead.

Mythayus starts coughing blood at impact. Though he quickly flash steps once more, not to far away, just enough to be out of the way of the falling dragon. Deciding he just took way to much damage. He starts to distort, his bone quickly snaping an poppong in to place as he transformed into his own dragon form. Throwing his wings out he'd use there massive power to be moving towards the falling dragon. The blues maw aimed for the other dragons neck, with claws ready to fight back.

Alareik continued to fall through the air. As he fell a relative calm over came him as he saw the blade miss its mark. A small nod of his head before the magin in his body rolls and twists inside him. With a sickening thud his body slams into the ground. A small hole marks his impact zone as the small bit of dust clears it reveals a broken body. As the two dragons clashed eyes suddenly snap open...though no longer bright blue. They became a burning yellow as the broken bones broke further mucles started the thicken and grow. Hair erupted over his body before his lycan from took control of his body. The beast inside finally visable for the world to see. The primal mind of the beast didnt understand verbal components to magic it didnt understand the use of hands to control and guide the magic. Instead the beast unleashed its raw rage and pain into a single howl. The magic coiled inside its body reacted giving the sound waves an audible wave through the air. Turning his hunting cry into an attack for the beasts flank. Hopefully giving myth the needed distraction before the beast slumped forward and laid its form upon the ground...spent and injured.

Istvan || Things seemed to happen all at once for the dragon--first, the little prey it was going to lick out of the dirt had pounced aside and was rapidly growing into a dragon of equal size to itself--longer, perhaps, but not heavier. It was just about to pounce on him mid-transformation when the pulse of sound smashed into its side--the reverberating magic inside kept it from dissipating against the dragon's field--still, it was something of an impact and the monster was wrong-footed, just long enough for Mythayus to finish his transformation and descend onto the beast. Its neck was clamped down on, its wings and tail thrashed in pain as diseased pools of some sort of black slime which probably sufficed for blood began forming on the ground. But the two monsters were of similar size, and the shadow dragon was not to be dispatched so easily. Its forelimb twisted and swung upwards, intending to rake its talons across Myth's underbelly. It leaned into the other dragon as well and twisted, lifting up and back, attempting to flip Mythayus onto his back and pin him down, and use the leverage to free its neck from his grip.

Mythayus's maw would only clamp tighter on the others neck as his underbelly was raked, small pools of blood started to form under the blue. Myth's breathing was starting tobecome heavy, but he refused to release his hold on the neck on the dragon. He violent threw head from side to side, for two reasons. One to try to break the others neck, and two to get it to stop, it from trying to flipp him.

Alareik :: Slowly the beast lifted its head from the ground to watch the winged serpents play with each other. A small cruel smile splits its lupine face before it first sat up. Then sat on its haunches to watch the show. Its healing factor dueing wonders to repair his damaged body. A little more time and he may even be able to help the blue dragon. Of course that was if he didnt get lucky and the two dragons killed each other off.

Istvan || The only possible defense against the head-thrashing was to lunge--again, attempting to hurl itself into Mythayus with that slight twist of its body, tilting its head and attempting to jam his eye with one of its horns, trying to use the weight of its body to gain some kind of leverage, forelimbs still raking against his body--but such maneuvers would be costly, as the dragon's throat was already bleeding--breaking away could possibly widen the wound.

Mythayus would stay attached growling as the other rip at his under belly yet again. The other would not get the blues eye, but just under, causing yet another growl. Myth would bring his own forelimbs up place them on each of the other's wings and tried to dismember them from the others body. Growling and once more his breathing becoming even more labored.

Alareik Slowly stood as the beast retreated back into his mind leaving the human to stand tall and proud. Slowly the man started to chant. The chant was low almost more of a constant rumble then anything else. Magic started to pool inside the lycan as he prepared his final spell for the day. Louder and louder the chanting becomes until his voice starts to crack from the strain. Then blessed silence as the lycan released his spell. First the lycam had learned direct magic had a horrible draining effect. So his chant directed the ground itself to rise up in multiple large spiked protrusions aimed for the darks dragons underside. The next part of the spell would take effect should those spikes pierce the dragon. The pillars would explode out with a massive concussive force. When the last spell in effect the lycan passed back out in his hole.

Istvan || However old and diseased the shadow dragon might be, it was still a dragon and as such very solidly built. The wings are the part most firmly attached to any dragon--the angle was wrong for Myth's forelimbs to have the kind of leverage they'd need to rip them off--really, all it did was make it appear as though Myth was trying to have some sort of violent dance. The real killer were the jaws slashing at its throat--by this point, even if it was to pull away, it would probably bleed out. It twisted and shoved itself at Myth, trying to rake its lower jaw against the blue's throat just like it was slashing with its claws--yeah, it was bleeding, but by golly so was this other dragon, if it was the last thing it could do. So focused was it on trying to at least inflict the same amount of bleed-out damage that it didn't hear the chanting--even if it had, it wouldn't have understood it. The spikes blasted up into the monster's belly and burst, hurling chunks of putrid flesh and stone everywhere, all resistance from the monster collapsing--though its final push before its death may have rendered Mythayus more vulnerable to the explosion as well as possibly infected him with whatever decaying diseases had run rampant through its body.

Mythayus's throat would receive several scratches but nothing life threatening. In myth weakening state, the blast caused myth's jaws to finally release the other, and push him backwards. As he fell the amulet now around his neck would glow and a faint white mist would appear in the air. It would the shoot in the amulet. As it did Myth would revert back into his human form. Crashing into the ground breaking his right shoulder blade and a few ribs. The knight would fall unconscious and bleeding.

Alareik :: It took many long minutes thay rolled into an hour before the lycan twitched again. Slowly he'd stand and survey the area. Striding over to the downed mythayus he'd ensure he was alive. Then move on to grab the massive shadow dragon's head. A few more minutes to pick through the scales and finally he was ready to depart. With a foot he nudged the knight." Get up its not safe here... And id rather not get eaten."

Maythayus slowly began to stir. Using every ounce of strength he had he'd pick up his sword ans shield and for himself to transform back into his dragon form and without asking, he was far to spent to care at this point, grabs ala and his skull, and flies towards kelay, leaving a small trail of blood, behind him. Myth had dropped Ala off, he didnt want to go to Larket. His mind was in a daze, he was losing his battle to find a safe place to land. He was still losing blood his right shoulder broken from his previous fall from heights. There it was something his brain recognized something he had good memory of and a happy one at that. His battle with blood loss taking its toll on the spent dragon. The amulet glew a faint blue, as turn was making his decent to the back yard, it'd be big enough for him to land, everything went black for the dragon he wasnt strong enough to fight what little power it had. In his consciousness he reverted once more in to his human form. The already broken right should was now shattered, His ribs broken, all of them is some way shape or form, and he now has a concussion.