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Rowen was at the time a none too sane human teenager being raised by the evil dwarf Dergious. Ulaphel, also a dwarf and Derg's fiancee considers Rowen to be her stepdaughter. She is quite fond of her 'Crazy little cup cake.'

This was rped in Sept '09

Rowen is messed up physically as well as her normally messed up mind

Rowen is a mess, her face is all swollen up, and she is covered in nasty purple bruises. "May I sit with you please Mom?" She asks the dwarf Ulaphel, "Nigel gets scared when there is noone to protect us." Ulaphel lifts her glass to her face, swirling it around idly as she stares into Raver's optics. "I wouldn't know anything about brandy, beside how to drink it." Which she then does.

You said to Raver, "Hi Raver"

Raver said to you, "My dear Rowen , this lovely lady is your stepmother ?" Hameirak laugths at the man jokingly "It is indeed. Now you said I was a drinker. Take a swig of this" He shook his bottle. "I am not liable for you dieing though" He laugths but he was not joking.

Ulaphel rolls her eyes to Shaelus. "Yes, yes, you keep repeating that." Her eyes light up as Rowen appears, calling the girl to join her at her table. "My crazy little cupcake."

Raver said to Hameirak, "That stuff will kill most with its potency , perhaps the fellow with the cold will try it ..."

Rowen said to Raver, "Yes, she is even crazier that what I am, she is planning to marry old Dregs!"

You sits down beside Ulaphel and props Nigel up on a chair of his own.

Raver said to you, "She , will marry him , now that should be indeed a fun wedding ... well It was indeed "

Rver gave Rowen a steak."To help with the bruising."

You said to Raver, "Thanks my friend, but I am still not really up to eating solid food after Rikailin decides to use me as her punchbag."

Raver said to you, "I told you she would , and that you might choose the path in that direction .... "

You puts the steak over both her eyes. "Hey! Where did you all go?"

Ulaphel wrapps Rowen in her arms, placing the girl in a protective embrace. Ulaphel now appears saddened, saddened at the fact she can't keep her daughter safer. Looking upon Rowen, the deathknight becomes overwhelmed with mixed emotions, seeing new wound pile on to her daughter body and face.

You returns Ula's hug gently. "Thanks, I needed that." She moves the staek a bit so she can see once more.

Raver said to Anureh, "No doubt my father and uncle have made their way through , often Qengho gets the good name , and Red the worse * chuckles * Raver just got branded a menace , in my earlier days "

Rowen looks for the words 'A menace' branded into Raver, but decides the scars must be covered by his clothes.

The girl explains the last few days have been quiet.

Ulaphel said to you, "I trust you have been keeping yourself out of trouble." You said to Ulaphel, "Yeah, not bin in trouble at all, I have a quiet last few days, just got beat up by an insanely violent vampire and went to jail, nothing out of the ordinary."

Ulaphel said to you, "I will have a talk with that woman... before I bash her brians in." You said to Ulaphel, "Thanks mom, only Nigel has been having nightmares. He is scared Rikailin is going to come beat us up again."

Rowen ooc Rowen is scared. But she will insit that it is Nigel who is the one who is frightened! She won't admit that she is frightened.

Rowen said to Ulaphel, "I am glad you are here, mom, so are the chickens of the sea."

You said to Ulaphel, "Can a get you a bottle or two of rum mom? " Ulaphel said to you, "If you wish to my child. Though I wish you could make your father magiclly appear." Raver said to Anureh, "In three days time I see a small skirmish , you will do your upper arc backswing move and tear the muscle . " You gave 2 rum to Ulaphel. You begins a chant designed to try to summon Dergious. The child believes completely that it will work, though there is no power in the words whatever. Raver said to Hameirak, "I know I could best you my friend, but who needs to try * laughs * "

Ulaphel reaches to her glass of rum, letting the brandy sit out upon her table as she stairs to Rowen. Ula drop her head, sighing at her daughter as she pat the shoulder of the taller girl. "I love my crazy little cupcake."

Raver said to Ulaphel, "I trained her well didn't I .. "

Tristram did not make as an elaborate and showy an appearance in the tavern as one might be led to believe, given his love of all things flashy. The saurian consul of Gualon simply stepped over the threshold and wove his way towards the public for any missives of interest. You said to Ulaphel, "I love you too mom." Ulaphel said to Raver, "You did something that's for sure." You said to Raver, "You just be careful my mom don't tear you apart."

Ulaphel said to you, "Thank you sweetness." You said, "These delicacies were served at the wedding of Emperor Vuryal, indeed I believe your sister Ryeanna may have provided them Raver." Raver said to Hameirak, "I have bested you before , as you have me , and that is enough to know that if challenged we could back up each other " Tristram mumbled something that sounded like a cross between a curse and a compliment and stalked away from the board. The tall draconic male settled onto a bar stool and casually withdrew a pinch of aromatic spices and leaves from his pocket, as well as a scrap of paper. While waiting on Nancy to sashay by to take his order, he painstakingly started rolling his favorite cigarette.

Hameirak ||Maisiar begings to remeber all the times him and Raver were fighting across the moments of ages. He sat and smiled as he looked at his half empty bottle.

Raver said to Morvious, "Indeed and it was glorious ,,, many attended and we had the reception at the Red Ogre , I am sorry that you were not there old friend , but in spirit you were ,,,, I just , well lets say you have been in the glade before and since, I just tapped a wee bit of energy "

Morvious decides that this is an excellent time to crack a bottle of his favorite wine.

Morvious drank a château-Drakenheart-vintage-red. Raver said to Hameirak, "* chuckles * do you remember when we both slipped into the Vibrance River , took my uncle three weeks to patch up those acid burns " . Morvious gave 1 Elixir-of-Ethereal-Form to Raver. Terra had went towards the board after Tristram left, curious as to what could have brought the reaction. Finding nothing of interest despite having a few responses to write, the empath shrugged and followed after the saurian. His poison of choice is met with a sudden breath let out of two puffed cheeks, satisfied only when flakes and leaves went sailing through the tavern's breeze. A grin is left on her face, a picture of faux-innocence, as she settled on the stool near his. "Hello."

Raver said to Morvious, "I would like to thank you for your gift , the wine went over well with my stepfather King Vyrick Drakenheart ... he begs me to ask how you improved on it .."

You ate a small towel.

Rowen said to Terra, "Hello princees Terra, come meet Ulaphel, your grandmother."

Raver nods his head to morvious " The Elixir , I see you have finally found it "

Terra grinned towards Rowen, which was probably a sign of encouragement that couldn't be considered helpful. "Hello..." towards Ulaphel she'd look a moment later, then provide a wave.

Morvious chortles at Raver's comment. Ulaphel blinks to Terra softly whispering. Nemisis vanished before your eyes, perhaps never to be seen again.

Hameirak ||Maisiar laugth "Or when we took on that orc patrol with just the two of us. I still killed more than you."

Mahri wanders into the tavern, squinting into the poor lighting (even though she can see just fine) and makes her way to the board. After a slow perusal, and finding nothing of great interest aside from the thrashing of Rowen, which she supposed the girl'd probably brought upon herself, the lycan eventually finds an empty -if none too clean- table at which to seat herself. Dusty boots are propped upon the opposite chair and silver-grey eyes scan the crowd for familiar faces.

You gave Raver half an apricot.

Ulaphel said to Terra, "Figured. Hello all the same." " Raver said to Hameirak, "Only because you torched that wagon , and all those women inside Hammy , we could have had them all before they we ,,, of no use . "

Raver said to you, "Thank you Rowen " Raver munches away on the fruit Morvious appears from the south.

Tristram was just about to roll the paper holding his favorite blend of spices when those spices were scattered to the four corners of the tavern. He sighed, only a touch melodramatically, and condescended to give Terra a disapproving stare, like a father might to a rambunctious child. "Was that absolutely necessary? I just had that particular blend imported from ... elsewhere." The saurian pursed bow lips, then took out another handful of the spice and sprinkled it atop the yellowed parchment perched on his thigh. "And hello."

Morvious used salmon. Hameirak ||Maisiar laugth "Orc women? Get some taste my friend." Natalie said OOC, "I wanna open a kissing booth..."

A difference of opinion about Scorpions

Rowen gave Raver a fried scorpion.

Raver said to Hameirak, "When I was younger , when we were both younger , our drives drove us , besides * winks * thats what the burlap sacks were for , but you didn't ask me did you * scolds than laughs his head off * "

Morvious shutters at the sight of a scorpion. The elder mutters softly "Vile Creatures they are." Raver eats the scorpion a bit at a time " mm very nice Rowen " You said to Morvious, "It is alright, it is dead." Raver said to Morvious, "Not so bad with a little melted butter , I thought you shuddered at the thought of orc women " You said to Morvious, "Raver here appreciates my gifts." Morvious said to you, "I know, I still hate those things. *shutters again*"

You gave Morvious a bale of hay.

Hameirak ||Maisiar smiles "Now dont get me wrong but the Dwarf women were more my thing back then. The only sentient beings that could keep up with my drinking." He smiles and takes another swig of rum.

Terra is only temporarily distracted by the conversations that carry on. There were people to congratulate on weddings, delerious children to be set straight, men to scold over their antics and possibly homicidal tendancies, but when the question was posed to her while those obsidian-fleck eyes silently scolded she forgot about social roots and simply grinned. Tempted to remove him of the remainder of the spices, lips pursed and cheeks puffed, but his greeting appeased her so she'd show mercy by glancing away and sparing the mixture. "Not here, please. I want you to talk to me instead." Cora walks into the tavern and looks around at the people. A good amount of people at this time of day as usual. She then went over to the counter and hops onto a seat then orders a drink. It was tiresome playing melodies all day.

Morvious said to Raver, "The orcs get a bad wrap. I have fought along side them once. Brave creatures they are."

Terra was not entirely oblivious or that far lost in the charm of the dragon that she's not able to spy Mahri through the hazy humdrum and offer a quick wink and grin.

Ulaphel said to Hameirak, "It that all dwarf woman could do for you, provide a drunken state?"

Mahri lofts a hand the vampiress' way, arching a brow at Terra's companion in question. She knew for certain that wasn't ..well, it just wasn't who she thought it should have been. When Nancy comes by, Mahri shakes her head at the offer of a drink. Strange, given the lycan's bent for rum these days.

Raver said to Hameirak, "Maisiar Thats why I wanted them for me , but alas we had to settle for my fathers palace maidens , a much better trade off , so let me see :Maisiar 237 and raver 236 ... I am only one behind you know "

Mahri said to Raver, "And they call women whores for doing what you're bragging about."

Morvious said to Rowen, "I'll feed my horse this bale. Thank you. *smirking*"

Mahri really can't seem to hold her tongue.

Raver said to Morvious, "You have known me for millenia Morvious , I was ,, impetuous back then , anything in a skirt , Do you remember when we went to the Ilse of Mann Skirts , that was shocking , to say the least ( baaaad pun lol ) "

Hameirak ||Maisiar smiles a wide grin as he heard the voice of a dwarven female. He replies in his calm smooth voice "Not just that no." His smile becomes almost cheeky.

Morvious errupts into a roar of laughter. Ulaphel said to Hameirak, "Like dwarven women. That is surprising actually."

Morvious buys a round

Morvious said, "Anyone here thristy? I'll buy."

You said to Mahri, "Hello, yah stinking old wolf." Mahri said to you, "Brat."

Raver said to Mahri, "I have been called worse in my time * winks * "

Mahri snorts and rolls her eyes. Maybe she'll have that rum after all. Signalling Nancy, she places her order and waits. You said to Morvious, "Can you buy me a Beauty Potion please?" Raver said to Morvious, "Hey now , we both made that mistake my friend, how were we to know those men shaved their legs (LOL) "

Morvious said to Raver, "What you been doing all these years. You fell of the face of the world. At least it seems in my eyes."

Raver said to Mahri, "you really must get that cold looked after * snorts himself , then sneezes * "

Hameirak ||Maisiar smiles "There is alot of things suprising about me." He downs the last dregs of the bottle and throws it at Methak for another.

Morvious told you, "Sure... Whatca doing with a beauty potion anyways?"

Mahri mutters, "I never get sick," just before Nancy shows up with the alpha's drink. Dropping a few coins for the harried woman, Mahri simply stares at the glass on the table. Mahri bought 1 rum.

Raver said to Morvious, "I was doing some training with father and uncle, I also did some Dune Patrol for the Empire of The Inland Sea. and .... I had to fix the whole roof of the palace , all 490 rooms worth , I mean who knew that stone could wash away like that "

Cora takes a drink once her order arrives. Guess nothing interesting was going to happen. The hobbit then pulled her lyre off of her back then started to inspect it to see how good of shape the strings were in

Morvious said to Raver, " *Becoming more serious now* How far in the past can you go?" Ulaphel whispered something to Hameirak.

You told Morvious, "I needs to get my perfect looks back after Rikailin beat me to a pulp (ooc I was only kidding no need to give me one)"

Raver said to Morvious, "Well let me put it this way , I can tell you the Sylvan Empire always wore gold fleece Undergarments " Morvious gave 1 love potion to you.

Tristram smashed his lips against Terra's before she could blow, if only to save his remaining spices for his much-cherished ciggy. When convinced no further harm would come to his f*g, he pulled back (if she hadn't already) and replaced her pout with the cigarette. The saurian lit it with a flick of his finger and then crossed his arms behind his head. "Well. You've got me. Who else am I talking to?"

Morvious said to Raver, "Can you go back to when my people lived?"

Morvious said to you, "Here's your beauty potion. Use it wisely. *smirking deviously.*"

Morvious gave Rowen 1 love potion.

Rowen drinks the potion, then turns to gaze lovingly at Morvious "Have I ever told you how much I love you my dearest?"

Ulaphel said to you, "Movng too fast there sweetness..." Sillabare appears from the south.

Mahri had just started to take a drink of the rum, only to find it spraying across her table. She'd turned away from the manwhores just in time to see that mashing of lips. Amusement lit up her eyes and, ignoring the cursing from Mesthak and the hurried cleaning by Nancy, she leans back in her chair and folds her arms. This..is just about to get interesting.

You said to Ulaphel, "But he is so gorgeous, so young, so handsome. "

Raver said to Morvious, "I have been waiting for you to ask me , not this day but soon , I know you have a question in your heart , and no I won';'t guide us to the Isle of Mann again "

Cyllarus said OOC, "Howdy y'all. Everybody behaving?"

Morvious Laughs at Rowen.

Sillabare enters and heads to a table in an empty corner and, dropping into the seat , pulls out a Tome bound in white with silver runes across the cover and begins to read

Rowen said OOC, "I'm not behaving Cyll. Morvious just gave me a love potion, so Row drank it and fell in love with him!"

Ally said OOC, "Yes, sir~!"

Morvious nods respectful to Rowen.As a single tear beads down his aged cheek. Hameirak whispered something to Ulaphel.

Cyllarus said OOC, "That's one way to handle the competition in the Guild, Morv. ;)"

Ulaphel said to you, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. But I think you should wait until you find someone less likely to suffur a heart attack on the wedding night."

Cora smiled after seeing her lyre was in perfect shape. She then grabbed a nearby chair and went over to the tavern wall. She sat on the chair and put a tip bag beside her on the floor. Cora then started playing a sweet melody. Let's see how much gold she would make today.

Mahri also wipes rum from her chin and orders another.

You said OOC, "Just be careful he doesm't give you one too Cyll."

Ulaphel whispered something to Hameirak.

You said to Ulaphel, "There ain't nothing wrong with my heart."

Hameirak ||Maisiar say to Raver "I was on about you friend. I was on about our young Paladin here." He takes another swig from his bottle. You looked at Raver.

Seriie said to Reinhardh, "Well, for example, when we last spoke two hundred years ago, he didn't have wings..."

Ryeanna disappears in a cloud accompanied by lightning and thunder. Morvious said to you, "Thank you my friend." Ulaphel drank a rum.

You gave 1 expensive canapé to Raver. You gave 1 expensive canapé to Ulaphel. Terra appears from the south.

Ulaphel said to you, "Thank you sweetness." You said, "These delicacies were served at the wedding of Emperor Vuryal, indeed I believe your sister Ryeanna may have provided them Raver."

Cyllarus said OOC, "I was just about to warn him that if he tried, he might live, and he would definitely regret it. ;) If you go back to Greek myths, centaurs were not exactly kind or gentle to those they 'fell in love with'."

Ulaphel said to Tiphareth, "Well, hello elder drow."

Sillabare said OOC, "If you go back to Greek all but one were drunken barbarians"

You said OOC, "Row in in the Tavern, Nat, she just drank a love potion and fell in love with geriatric Morv."

Morvious whispered to you, "Not yet. ooc I will get at you in the future about this. I want to see If I can get someone else to play a titan."

Cyllarus said OOC, "Pfft. Details, details. ;) You'll also notice that the history books weren't written by centaurs." You told Morvious, "ooc Fun! *hugs*" Natalie said OOC, "Eep!"

Mahri tosses some coins the lyrist's way. You gave Morvious a golden token of love.

Hameirak ||Maisiar said to Raver, "I pray, make it sooner. I cant keep going on like this." He takes another drink off Mesthak and takes another large gulp.

Rowen showers her beloved with gifts

You gave Morvious a heart shaped scorpion.

You gave Morvious a beautiful engagement ring.

Mahri told you, "ooc Haha! Row's got a crush?"

You gave Morvious a soppy love poem.

Morvious rolls is eyes as he observes Rowen. "Oi Vay! You weren't supposed to fall in love with me.

You told Mahri, "ooc She drank a love potion *grins*"

Terra seemed to be as startled as Mahri was (minus the rum spraying from facial cavities) and jumped back a moment later. Mouth opened to protest the intrusion on her personal space but instinct had lips clamping down after he popped in the butt of the damned self-rolled creation of blended spice and flame. As expected it's plucked out and tossed over shoulder, flame extinguished by the foot of a random patron that didn't care enough to step over it. Turning on stool, she'd deliver a well-timed kick to Tristram's shin and sulked, the sneaky saurian eyed. "You can't just do that!" It's uncertain to what she referred to; the kiss, the cig, or both.

Terra said to Mahri, "I owe you a drink..." You said to Morvious, "But, how can I avoid falling in love with you, you are the finest man who ever lived." Ulaphel said to Morvious, "Don't you dare break her heart."

Sillabare snaps his book shut and rises to his feet, glances around a slight smile on his face before exiting

Mahri said to Terra, "Among other things."

You said to Ulaphel, "I am the happiest woman alive!"

Rowen gave Morvious a half decomposed shark.

Morvious said to Ulaphel, "Heh, I won't."

Ulaphel said to you, "*is speakless*"

Morvious winks playfully at Rowen.

Terra said to Mahri, "Oh? Such as ... ?"

Rowen heads over to Morvious and gazes lovingly into his eyes.

Mahri juts her chin in Tristram's direction, "An explination maybe. And some shopping."

Morvious just realizes that is a Scorpion. *shutters*

And two dozen oysters. Moving too fast?

Rowen gave Morvious 24 oysters.

Hameirak ||Maisiar looks around the room. His bold blue orb like eyes picking up every detail and movement. He rises from his seat and takes a small walk over to Ulaphels table, taking a seat oppisite her.

Morvious said to you, "Wow! way to be forward. Oysters? Here I made this for you my sweet."

Morvious gave 1 sleeping potion to you.

Rowen drank a sleeping potion.

Rowen is soon fast asleep with her head on the table next to Ulaphel.

Morvious sighes in relief. . You ooc Thanks for the rp Morv, Ula That was fun!

Ulaphel lifts her brow as Maisiar sits across from her. "Nice of you to join me."

Tristram winked at Mahri over Terra's shoulder, then winced when her foot connected with his shin. The loss of his cigarette really pained him, moreso than any bump that he technically considered foreplay would, anyway. He was irritated by the elfess' gall and was momentarily debating putting her over his knee when she interjected before he had a chance. "Really." HIs tone was flat, but his eyes sparkled with mischief and the thrill of a challenge. "Can't do what?" He stroked his hand through her hair, then let it tangle at the back so he could jerk her head toward him. "Get me another, or so help me, I'll do it again and I won't stop until you do." He spoke in a deep baritone, one that he lowered to make his threat more threatening and less ... jovial.

Morvious said to you, "ooc heh heh. Thank you."