RP:Rowen Nemisis Twelve Geese and a Xylophone

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Empress Rowen is holding court in Kelay Tavern surrounded by her adoring subjects.

4 Sept 2011

The empress makes an entirely reasonable request of little Bella

Rowen said to Nemisis, "It is a great honour for you to be in my presence"

Rowen said to Bella, "Fetch me twelve geese and a xylophone. At once young lady!"

Bella said to you, "no"

Rowen shakes her little rat head sadly at Bella "Such rudeness! Did no one ever teach you any manners. You didn't even make any attempt to apologise for your wretched and abject failure to serve your beloved empress." She then turns back to Nemisis and speaks kindly, gently thinking the poor man to be tongue-tied and overawed in her magnificent presence. "It's alright my dear, you have my permission to approach and pay your respects to the empress you adore."

Rowen said to Calcifier, "You certainly are fortunate sir, being graced with the presence of the supreme empress of the known universe. Something to tell your grandchildren about eh?"

Rowen said to Mark, "Fetch me twelve geese and a xylophone. At once young man!"

Nemisis blinked and there was a moment of silence before he bursted out laughing at the rat. Holding his stomach and pointing he said, "Ha! You're just a rat with mental issues! Pay our respects our ass!" Ironically enough, he was the one talking about mental issues. None the less Brawl shook his toosh and said, "Oh magnificent empress, make us pay you some type of respect!"

Calcifier said to you, "I have no idea what your talking about sir. None what so ever."

The benevolent empress is most concerned for Nemisis' health and general wellbeing

Rowen cleans her whiskers regarding Nemisis sadly. "Are you feeling quite well, sir? Should I try to get you a doctor? An artichoke? Declared insane? Poked with a nice sharp stick? All of the above?"

Mark exits south.

Rowen shouted, "Make sure they are the finest geese money can buy."

Nemisis tilts his head at Rowen saying, "Better than you are uh.....thing." Inside his head, Intelligence is turning the bolt in his head saying to Brawl, "You do know you are arguing with a rat right...?" Brawl turns around and says, "Your point? Someone has to bring it to reality." Intelligence responds, "But she has mental issues and you are definitely not equipped for such feats of curing." Brawl then responds with a scoff, "So what? I'm still gonna try!" Intelligence just shrugged and shakes his head.

All about the latest cures for insanity, drinking mercury etc

Rowen will scamper over to Nemisis and attempt to lay a reassuring fore paw on his boot. "There there, my dear fellow. I know it must be very confusing to be so completely insane you don't even recognise your empress. Fear not. I shall send for the royal physician. He knows all about the latest cures for insanity, drinking mercury, locking away in a small cupboard forever, full lobotomy, having all your teeth pulled out without anesthetic and a nice glass of warm milk. Nothing is too good for such a loyal and valued subject as yourself dear chap."

Nemisis goes to pick up Rowen like one would a small kitten in attempt stare and probably stare at the rat for some odd reason, "Are you even clean?"

Rowen the three legged rat stars back calmy at the one who has just picked her up. I have a bath quite regualarly sir. Dear Mesthak brings me a nice bowl of warm water and soap and I get to swim around in it, but please do not be concerned for my well-being. I after all have a whole universe full of devoted subjects to look after me. Worry about your own tenuous grip on reality my dear fellow, are you even really a pixie at all? Why is that sugar cube upside down?Why has that invisible poodle just run off with two thirds of your bottle of aftershave. What in the entire -blessed by my wise rule -universe do you want twelve geese and a xylophone for anyhow. Are you completely mad?"

Nemisis nose flared as his two ruby red eyes inspected the rat quite briefly, "You seem clean. We are still waiting for you to make us bow and respect thee oh rat named Rowen. Do you even have powers anyway? Why would Vuryal want to torture you?"

The empress explains she is no Tyrant

Rowen the rat sighs sadly. "I am no tyrant. I do not -force- my dear subjects to bow and respect me. They do so from genuine affection for myself, and respect for my wise and benevolent rule. As for why Vuryal wanted to torture me, before he saw sense and removed the empress of the entire universe from his list? I guess the poor inadequate fellow just feels jealous of all my impressive accomplishments, the way I am adored by every sentient being in the universe. The fact that I am several times more intelligent -and- more beautiful than anyone else who has ever lived. My unrivalled skill in carving toy yellow ducks etc etc etc."

Nemisis raised his brow again and shook Rowen so that she would swing slowly like a pendulum in his grip, "Beautfiul than anyone who had ever lived....Talk about arrogance?" Inside his head Intelligence just facepalmed himself. Back on the outside Brawl continues, "Is there a mister......crazy rat thing? And what happened to your paw?"

Of a possible bridegroom from a parallel universe

Rowen seems to be quite enjoying swinging from side to side "Wheeee!" She cries out, then politely tries to answer his questions. "No I am not married. You see I have so many worthy suitors, it just seems unfair to choose one above the rest. Also I may at some point need to make a political marriage with the ruler of a parallel universe. As for my paw, well back when a was a young girl, and much smal...er much bigger than I am now, my dearly beloved friend Tenebrae chopped of my little finger as thanks for my help with Arysel. Then my loyal subject and great friend Karsiac, the gold dragon chopped my whole hand off with his sword." She scratches behind her ear thinking. "Except he didn't chop the little finger off cos Tenebrae had already chopped that off. Any way it was an incredibly kind gesture. It brought tears to my eyes."

Nemisis stretched out his arm, inadvertanly pulling Rowen a bit further away from his face. A wheeing rat zoomed in just was not his cup of tea. The demi managed to crack his hand without the use of the other before saying, "Hmmm aren't you Dergious' daughter? And didn't you ever wanted to become a girl again rather than a tiny ass rat? Like you have to fight off cats and raindrops. Also you're prone to bad decisions." Brawl was a somewhat of a troublemaker at times. No where as bad as Mischief, but if it would get him a fight, he may just do it.

The empress makes everything clear

Rowen responds to her loyal subject's comments in reverse order, methodically counting them off on the claws of her single remaining forepaw. "I can't be all that prone to bad decisions, or I wouldn't have been chosen to be empress of the entire universe now would I?. Do you really think the electorate are fools? I never have to fight off cats, one of my best friends, Mitsuko is a cat, he throws me up in his velvet paws and catches me. The only problem I have with felines is when they break the law, refuse to wear rear view mirrors and knock me over with their tails. I has a nice pink umbrella to catch raindrops. I refuse to allow anyone to return me to my previous wretched human form, since it would be most disrespectful to the goddess Daedria who blessed me with this fine rodent body. And yeah, I'm Dreg's kid."

Nemisis just looks up and takes a deep breath, about to say something but just stops and goes, "You know what...." He just releases his grip upon the rat and walks away. Brawl officially has had enough.