RP:Returning to the Council

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Summary: Kelovath updates the council on his progress.

Council Meeting Room

The council room had quite a few people residing inside of it. They were all members of the council, which included: Andurla Caula, Freiah Blasco, Justahl Gibar, Aldaren Palpuer, and Vi Laracal. Loudly, the five of them were ‘discussing’ the Fermin issue. There didn’t seem to be an end to the Fermin, no matter what the troops of Larket did. And ideas for the growing problem had become almost nonexistent. It felt like Larket was running out of solutions to their problem. They all knew that they could keep the Fermin at bay. That wasn’t the problem at all. But removing the problem seemed impossible. The council members within the room were all yelling about it. But not a real answer between the lot of them. It appeared Larket was approaching a state of Chaos, should nothing be done soon.

Kelovath entered the chamber like he’d done many, many times before. He knew this room about as well as any member of the council. He also knew of many secrets that have taken place in this very room. The thought almost made the paladin smile, but after the couple of nights he’s had lately, the smile would not come. He bowed once the council spotted him, with Andurla being the first to speak, “Ah, Sir Kelovath. Welcome back to Larket. Have you returned with good news?” The other members of the council nodded, all of them wanting to hear at least some positive news. Readjusting his stance, Kelovath replied. “Good and bad, Councilwoman Andurla.” He moved closed to the group before speaking yet again. “Queen Hildegarde of Frostmaw is currently fighting a war. She can spare no help to Larket.” He waited a bit, wondering what response he would get.

The members of the council did not take the news well. Although they didn’t exactly go right into bashing Hildegarde, it was clear on their faces they wanted to speak out against her. Andurla seemed to be the only one who understood. She simply nodded her head a couple of times and replied, “As expected. Anything else, Sir Kelovath?”

Kelovath could see the negative looks upon most of the council. Thankfully, he did actually have some good news. As well as a serious request. “There is more, yes. Even though Hildegarde could not give any help, she did request that a small company of high elves be sent to Larket. Their leader, Jesen, may have sent them here. I was unable to find this Jesen, but should they show up, they are to be accepted. They may have a resolution to the Fermin. And even if they don’t, their support could benefit Larket greatly.” Nonetheless of the imaginable looks upon their faces or any words vocalized, the paladin of Arkhen continued, “As I’m sure many of you know, the wood elves from Sage have been struggling the past couple of years. They were able to defeat the Drow, but The Lich Tiphareth has cured their forest. Their home is dying…” He paused there, allowing the news to truly sink into the council members. “Lady Gilwen, their current leader, has asked for refuge for her people. In the Eternal Forest. Now, we all know that the Fermin have become a large problem. With the possible aid from the high elves, along with the wood elves, then the Fermin could quite possibly slow down their attacks. Any aid Larket can receive, helps us and her people.”

Strangely enough, it seemed the members of the council all agreed on the matter. The more allies that Larket is able to gather, the stronger she becomes. The members stepped away from the paladin and had a rather quick discussion on the matter. After about ten minutes, it was Andurla who stepped forward and smiled to Kelovath. “Good and bad news is what you’ve brought us. We agree that the good outweighs the bad. The elves are all welcome to Larket. I am sure you told them of the dangers, so if they are willing to come here and need our assistance, they will have it.” As Andurla informed Kelovath of their decision, the other members started making their way out of the room. Once they were gone, Andurla lowered her voice. “You have brought us many allies, Kelovath. The council recognizes that. Again and again, you have proven useful to Larket and her people. Queen Jacklin and King Parsithius would be proud.”

Kelovath waited as the council made their decision, his eyes casually scanning the room like he had done in the past. He hated leaving Larket, but there were still a couple more stops that the paladin needed to make. There was still the matter of finding Jesen. Letting Gilwen know her people have a safe-haven within Larket. Going to Gaulon and speaking to Tristram about their previous alliance. And of course, the trip to Trist’oth to speak to Tiphareth. Maybe Enchantment, although the lack of seeing or reading anything about the pixie homeland worried the man. Snapping out of his train of thought, his attention was brought back to Andurla and listened to her words. Even then, the paladin could not bring a smile to his face. He nodded, then wondered why the other members of the council were leaving. On their way out, it was Aldaren who looked back and gave Kelovath a quick wink. All Kelo could do was cant his head to the side, unsure as to what that meant. Sure, he and Aldaren got along wonderfully a few years back, but even that was odd for the man. Looking to Andurla again, he replied. “Thank you, Councilwoman Andurla. I am glad to be serving Larket yet again. She has been missed. Unfortunately, there is more traveling that must be done, before I am able to call my stay here permanent.”

Andurla gave a look of disappointment at the mention of more traveling for the paladin. There was definitely something she wanted to speak to the paladin about in private, or else the other members wouldn’t have left like they did. As much as she wanted to continue their conversation, she could feel that it wasn’t the proper time as of yet. “I look forward to your return, Kelovath. Always remember that Larket and her people will welcome you back.” She turned and followed her fellow members out of the back of the room.

Kelovath didn’t quite understand what she meant by her last sentence. “Welcome me back…” He whispered, wishing he could have asked the woman about her meaning. There was something more within those words. Maybe he’d find them out on his next return to Larket.