RP:Removing the Seed

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Elegant Bridge

Kelovath stood on the end of the bridge closest to Larket. With him, were two fellow paladin's. All three men appeared to be quite focused on something, but just by looking, it was hard to tell as to what they were focused on. They all stood there, each of them armored and armed, as Kelovath usually was. It seemed they were about to start on some sort of adventure of some kind. In reality, the three men were trying to find the evil presence only recently felt within the sewers. They were going to purge the sewers of the evil and anything else that would attempt to stop them.

Daisy absolutely loves going to Larket! It is so quiet and peaceful there. So here enters our sweet kitten. Four foot tall and frolicing. Yes - frolic! There isn't enough happy movement around here. Everyone just trudges on like some kind of puppet forced to dance on some huge stage. Oh but not Daisy. She loves to dance and this frolicey dance takes her to Larket today. Oh look, kitten. Armored men! She pauses with that sweet smile of hers and leans to the side, putting all her weight on one foot while the other lifts into the air. "Hello."

Kelovath was the first one to turn and look at Daisy. At first glance, she seemed harmless enough. A little feline girl. No worries there. Just as the paladin was about to dismiss the girl entirely, he felt something. Not quite evil, but just...Different. Without speaking, Kelovath motioned the other two paladin's toward the sewers and without question, they went. It was obvious Kelovath was the one in charge here. He stepped toward Daisy and offered a gentle smile. "Good evening, miss." With the smile still present, the armored man continued to step a bit closer to Daisy. "What brings you here? To Larket?" There really was something off about the girl.

Daisy folds her paws together in front of her with a grand smile. What a nice man this is. Is he? He dresses like someone she used to know -only sexier- but that was ages ago and he doesn't really come around so much anymore. "Oh I love Larket." This was mentioned before, but not out loud so it is quite acceptable to be mentioned again. Looking at the feline, you'd never figure anything to be amiss. Always polite. Always sweet. She lifts a paw towards the man in greeting. "I'm Daisy."

Kelovath accepted the offered paw and with his armored hand, grasped her paw and shook it gently. "Well, it is very good to meet you, Daisy." After the polite greeting, the paladin stood straight and bowed at the waist slightly. "I am Kelovath. Currently, you are speaking with the man in charge of the city you love." He chuckled softly, his amber gaze never once leaving the girl as he stood there. His eyes seeking and searching for that part of Daisy that seemed different and off. For now though, he kept silent and awaited for the feline to speak.

Daisy different-ness is buried deep inside. Keep looking, kind paladin. You won't see it outright. "Oh you are?!" The druid brightens as she moves to the very exact middle of the bridge. Heights freak her out so if she's in the middle, she can't see over. "You do a very nice job. I especially love the forests. Do you have people to keep them for you?"

Kelovath honestly thought it was an odd question. About the forests. Even still, the paladin shook his head. "No no. The forests are all natural. Although, if I recall, there was a point where Queen Jacklin had her army remove some of the more dangerous animal from within the forests. That alone has made them much more peaceful." Kelovath wasn't exactly fond of bridges. Of any kind. He stayed put and just watched the feline for now. He could feel a slight nagging coming from inside the city itself. The other paladin's were getting a bit impatient. "I am about to travel into the sewers of Larket. Fermin, among things, are currently living down there. Would you happen to know your way around down there? I'm afraid I don't." Daisy asked an odd question. His own, seemed rather odd as well. Seemed fair enough.

Daisy takes careful steps across that bridge, almost as if she is walking on a tightrope. Stay in the middle stay in the middle stay in the middle... Oh kitten, you're fine. Besides, you know how to swim. "That was nice of her to do! I enjoy finding new plantlife, but I can't always go alone since I..." Shh! He doesn't need to know you can't fight. "... get lost very easily." Her little laugh flits by. Being lost really isn't a big deal to her, but he doesn't need to know that either. Her ears flatten as she recalls the only time she went into the sewers. "Oh I've only been down there once." The feline's eyes glaze over with a kind of foggy haze while her smile turns... dreamy? "I don't really like it down there though."

Kelovath narrowed his gaze somewhat as she mentioned she had been down into the sewers. He kept still, noticing the change in her eyes. It wasn't much, of course, but it was more than enough to peak his interest. "I see. Well, it sounds like you've been in the sewers more than I have. Why don't you like the sewers? And why exactly were you there, Daisy?" His voice was extremely calm and very coaxing. He was doing his very best to pull any information he could out of her. And at the same time, he moved closer to the feline, his voice getting softer and softer as he did so.

Daisy wrinkles her nose with a twitch of her whiskers. "It smells bad down there. And everything is all... slimey." The kitten isn't spooked easily, you know. Even if she was frightened, you wouldn't be able to tell. What a nice man this is, isn't he kitten? Go on. Tell him what he wants to know. "I was planting with Pyoshia!" Her smile brightens even more when she speaks the dryad's name. "She's so wonderful and sweet."

Kelovath showed many different expressions on his face. First, he smiled, then the look of worry came over his face. Soon after, he smiled again, not wanting to scare the poor girl off. "Planting, eh? That's an odd place to be planting, don't you think?" He turned a bit then and started to walk away from Daisy. "Would you like to show me what you planted? I'd love to see it." Again, the paladin showed off his large, warming smile. "Come on, Daisy. I have others that will protect us from anything down there." Honestly though, the paladin was well aware of the inhabitants down in the sewer. But he needed the exact location of whatever it was that Pyoshia and Daisy had planted. Otherwise, it could be many, many days before finding it.

Daisy giggles as she hops of that final bit of bridge to safer ground. "Oh, we don't have to go into the sewers to see what was planted." She dances a bit towards the city square. "They're so beautiful. Come! I'll show you."

Kelovath chuckles a bit and follows the dancing Daisy.

Larket Town Square

Daisy has a way about her that really is sweet. Her little dance leaves a wake of brighter plantlife behind her. Maybe it is her druidery powers. Maybe it is her happy. Hell, maybe it is her cute. At any rate, the flora seems to perk up just a bit when she prances by. "Oh, here's one!" She bounces over to a tree that is almost as tall as she is. It has long leaves that seem to be covered in some sort of oil. "There are about fifteen to twenty of them all throughout Larket." Her arms spread wide as she beams proudly. "Planting them in the sewers was..." Why did they plant them in the sewers? "... Pyoshia's idea. She really is brilliant, don't you think?"

Kelovath followed Daisy to the town square. His fellow paladin's were also in the area, both of which were examining a nearby tree. Although it wasn't the same tree Daisy danced up to, it still looked very familiar to the one Daisy and Kelovath were looking at. He took note of the oil upon the tree. For now, he didn't touch it or even come that close to it. They didn't appear dangerous, mostly because of their size. He shifted his gaze to Daisy and shook his head slowly. "I know, Pyoshia, Daisy. Not very well, but enough to know she has taken advantage of you. Pyoshia is a pawn of Vuryal, The Time Lord. Or, as others have called him, The Leech. He is evil, young one. As is Pyoshia." He stepped toward the tree, although it looked more like a sapling than a tree, and reached out to it. He didn't touch it, but simply cast a small bit of holy magic towards it. "Look here, Daisy." As the golden aura stretched out toward the sapling, it looked as if the plant tried to move away from it. "It's dark magic, my dear. And it's coming from that tree." He sighed and stepped backwards, his gaze looking to his fellow paladin's, then back to Daisy.

Daisy 's round little face lifts up to look at the paladin. While the kitten is far from innocent, those large round eyes would have you believe otherwise. "Don't say bad things about Pyoshia. She's wonderful. Just look at these beautiful trees." The druid's gaze shifts to watch that tree bend away from Kelovath's magic. "What are you doing!?" She gasps in horror then tries to swat at that holy magic. She doesn't hear anything he says regarding the evil that is Vuryal or Pyoshia. All she knows is that his magic is hurting this tree Pyoshia planted! "Stop hurting her!"

Kelovath sighed loudly at the attempted to push his magic away from the tree. He did pull away from the small tree and stepped away from Daisy as well. "My magic only harms what is evil. That tree is evil. Created by evil. Pyoshia was given her evil magic, by Vuryal!" This latter part, he practically yelled. The child needed to understand the bigger picture. "Come here!" He ordered his fellow paladin's over to him and then motioned to the small tree. "These two men hold the same magic as I do. Holy magic. Good magic." He nodded to the men and at the same time, they both stuck their hands out and allowed the holy magic to flow directly into the tree. "The evil, probably dangerous tree's will be destroyed, Daisy, before Larket is destroyed." Almost instantly, the tree withered away into nothingness. Once the tree was no more, the two paladin's started their way toward the other tree they were previously looking at. Again, their magic began to work itself into the tree. "I'm sorry, Daisy, but it must be done. For the city you say you love." The completely armored paladin stepped toward the small feline and looked down at her. "Pyoshia has weaved her magic into you, hasn't she?" He stood there, basically towering over the girl.

Daisy 's breath hitches in her throat. "What are you..." She doesn't like it when people just kill trees for no reason. You can hold that up to the druid in her. That tree may wither away to nothingness, but the oils from those leaves still remain - coating the ground with a thick and highly flammable substance. Daisy doesn't know that it is. She only helped do what Pyoshia told her to do, that seed buried deep inside her body masking the evil dryad's true intentions. She looks up at that tower of a man, smart enough to know not to try to attack him for destroying that bit of nature. "What are you talking about?"

Kelovath continued to look down at the girl and as he did, a slight hint of holy magic started to emit from his body. "I can sense it inside of you, Daisy. I have fought Pyoshia before. Right outside of Kelay Tavern. She is evil, Daisy." Slowly, the paladin knelt down and was now pretty close to eye level with Daisy. The second tree was now withered to nothing and the two other paladin's continued their search of the area. Kelovath continued to look at Daisy as his magic attempted to wrap itself around Daisy, aiming to dig into the evil seed inside the feline. "I don't think you know how evil or even how strong, Pyoshia is, my dear." Gently, the paladin reached out to Daisy and offered a gentle smile. "Let me save you, Daisy. I'll set you free." And at the last word, if Daisy allowed it, his magic would grasp itself around the evil seed inside of the small feline. The results of such, were unknown for now.

Daisy doesn't see eye to eye with a lot of people. Literally. So when that paladin kneels down and looks at her, it is just a little intimidating. She calms herself with a slow breath, forcing her body to remain in that passive, non-revealing state she likes to keep herself in. "You're very nice. Wrong. But very nice." She smiles, placing a paw into that hand. "Pyoshia is a good dryad." And that's when the paladin's magic hits her. Her face twists in pain and she stumbles forward, using the hold on his hand to keep herself from hitting the ground. "Wh..." Silly man. Do you really think Pyoshia's magic is going to give up without a fight? Oh no. And good luck cleaning up that oil the trees are leaving behind.

Kelovath was happy to hear that she called him nice. It actually helped him handle the situation much easier. He ignored her ignorance about Pyoshia and simply helped Daisy. His hand remained firm and with little effort, he was able to keep the feline from falling over. His other hand pressed to her side, which supported the girl all the more. He could feel the dark magic of Pyoshia inside of Daisy. His eyes closed and a prayer was started. He asked for assistance from Arkhen and without question, the power was given to Kelovath. His holy magic increased drastically and since it was in fact holy magic, the evil dryad's magic didn't stand for too long. The other paladin's in the area stood there in awe as they watched the event unfold. They'd never seen something so dramatic and really, the moment didn't last very long. What they did see, was a large, golden aura pouring into Daisy and almost ripping the seed from Daisy, while at the same time, healing her wounds and doing whatever it could to heal her twisted mind. Slowly, the seed was taken from Daisy's body. The seed was now resting in Kelovath's hand and it appeared to be turned completely to stone. The stone and any life inside of it, was dead.

Daisy 's voice fills the city with a cry of pain that makes the entire area cower just a bit. That seering heat inside rips not only her flesh, but her mind as well. All the memories of Pyoshia, the orphanage in Gualon, and even the trees that were just destroyed are torn away with that seed. She leans into the paladin, sobbing with agony. There is a hole now, slowly being healed and filled with his magic, yet still empty. That happy flora from before droops a little, mourning for the druid's torture. Her body shakes and curls in on itself, in turn gravitating towards Kelovath and his pure spirit. "What did you do to me?" she whimpers softly.

Kelovath tucked the seed away for now and simply held Daisy within his arms. His magic continued to flow into the feline, the pace becoming slower now as her wound began to heal over. Hearing her whimper, the paladin simply looks down at the small child and smiles. "I have freed you, Daisy. Rest, my dear. You're safe now." Very gently and slowly, the armored paladin started to rock back and forth, cradling the small feline in his arms, hushing her to sleep.