RP:Rats and Rafters - Empress Rowen's Levitation Lager

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Rowen Stronghammer, rat and Empress of the Entire Known Universe, grants her loyal subjects a taste of her private stock of levitation lager.

The beer tasted strongly of shenanigans.


Kelay Tavern, home to grumpy dwarven barkeeps, bewildered locals, and the regular drinking crowd.

Not necessarily known as a place where the laws of physics are enforced, but often packed to the rafters - sometimes more so than others.

The Empress Arrives

Rowen the injured rat is carried in on a now dishevelled, lush, imperial purple, silk pillow by her servant Jake, She is licking at the splint on one of her rear legs which is itching somewhat. Realising that She is the presence of her adoring public, the rat bows respectfully to Awne."Greetings loyal follower of the great Daedria. The rat gives her loyal friends Cornelius and Ranok a friendly wave.

Roytoc smiled at the woman's enthusiasm, and looked to Ranok, "You found an odd one, though her joy is pleasant," He said going back to his journal. After a few more minutes he closed it with a thud then set it aside, "That's enough work until evening I would have to say," Roytoc remarked uncorking his bottle of whiskey, the ranger almost always smelled of faint whiskey scented with pines, and some cold scent, likely related with Frostmaw. He waved good-bye to Awne then took a swig of alcohol.

Cornelius raises his silver tumbler in salute to Rowen, and takes a sip. He is seated at a table off to one side

Rowen said to Tysinni, "I believe the for feline was rather overwhelm by the presence of a great one such as I." The rat scratches behind her ear to dislodge a flea. "Sadly many people are."

Rowen bows her head imperiously to acknowledge Cornelius' respectful salute, which She after all considers to be only her due. "May Daedria bless you, my loyal servant Cornelius."

Ranok grunts, "Hy vould vorry, if Hy vere hyu. Makink friends vith pipple vo trow tinks at hyu. Dat's beyond chust veird. But, schpeakink uf veird...meet Rowen. Our resident Empress uf de Known Oniverse." He gestures at Rowen, the rat.

Cornelius smiles "I may well need all the blessings I can get, dear Imperatrix"

Rowen the 'supreme empress of the known universe.' beams, basking in the adoration of her loyal subjects."Who is it you wish to present to my great self dear Ranok?" She the turns to Cornelius. "Have you got yourself in trouble again my dear Corny? How many times must your beloved empress save your skin?"

Tysinni curiously watches the rat being carried inside the tavern, having decided that such unusual sights were well within the norm of this place. She raises an eyebrow, her gaze becoming intent upon Rowen as She is introduced to the royal personage. "Empress? Are you quite rich than?" She idly scratches her right hand, assessing eyes taking everything in while still speaking to Ranok. "If you don't make friends with the ones who throw things, who are you supposed to make friends with?"

Tysinni said to Roytoc, "Whatcha workin' on?"

Cornelius grins "As many times as you want to, my magnanimous liegelady and most magnificent monarch"

Rowen said to Tysinni, "I am very rich in material possessions, yes. However, I value far more highly the love and loyalty of my devoted subjects."

Tysinni said to Rowen, "Do you keep much wealth on your person?"

Rowen grins at Cornelius. "Your beloved empress will of course always strive to protect the life of her devoted servant Cornelius. However I may not always be there to save you dear one. Being supreme empress of the known universe may keep me busy protecting my subjects elsewhere. So please do look after yourself. I would weep royal tears were anything to happen to you."

Roytoc glanced at Tysinni in-between drinks and smiled, "Well being First Ranger takes a lot of work, a lot more than getting the position and some more drab than others, though I sometimes revel in the short peace, it is my Ranger's journal, so to speak. I write new findings in it, my scouting patrols, beasts I may come upon, or prints that are unusual, even things I find in the higher parts of Xalious are to be written down, when I recall something I just notch it off in here, there's a lot I don't put in here," Roytoc explained to the woman as he nodded to the green-leather journal.

Cornelius inclines his head "Naturally, I shall make every endeavour to ensure I do not shuffle off this mortal coil of mine, dear Rowen. Why, death would be so deucedly inconvenient to this leisurely life I lead"

Rowen said to Tysinni, "Of Course not, I am a small rat. How much gold coin do you think a small rat is able to lift. But as long as my people continue to love and adore me, I have all the riches I need."

Rowen said to Roytoc, "How can you claim to be the first ranger. I am fairly sure that is logically impossible. After all were there not famous rangers long long ago, before you must have been born?"

Ranok said to Tysinni, "De pipple dat don't trow tinks?"

Rowen the empress magnanimously offers a gift of a bottle of lager to her loyal dandy. Jake presents it to him. Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Cornelius.

Roytoc bowed to Rowen and smiled, "I apologize, I mean I am the highest ranking Ranger in Frostmaw, not -the- first one, I should have explained further, forgive me for not explaining thoroughly," Roy said kindly, brushing a hand through his thick hair.

Tysinni watches the Empress-rat with a slight smile. It was a good thing She had decided to accept such strangeness, otherwise She might be slightly perturbed by this point. Following Roytoc's gaze to the colourful leather journal She eyes it for a moment before meeting his gaze again. "If what you say is true....you must know a great deal about this area." She gives him a large smile, clearly a plot beginning to hatch in her mind. "That is quite....fortuitous."

Tysinni said to Ranok, "Now, Dezro...what fun would that be? I imagine people who don't throw things must be exceedingly boring."

Tysinni said to Rowen, "I've never met an Empress before. My name is Tysinni."

Rowen nods her head to Roytoc. "Your empress graciously forgives you sir. After all I appreciate that other beings are no so incredibly, vastly intelligent as I.

Cornelius looks at his brandy, then looks at the lager. Ale. Egads, the dandy thought to himself, the things one has to do for Royalty. Hiding his grimace at the flavour of the ale, which was not one of his favoured liquors, he nonetheless imbibes a healthy mouthful.

Rowen bows her head to Tysinni. "It is a great honour for you to meet me. I am Rowen Stronghammer. Supreme empress of the known universe. I have many thousands of other titles, but I shall mention only two to save time...High priestess of the goddess Daedria and Chief rat catcher of Rynvale."

Cornelius contemplates the difference between feeling lightheaded and simply feeling... light. The chair didn't seem to press against him, and the table seemed to be resting a bit too hard on his knees. Unbeknownst to the dandy, there was about an inch of clearance between himself and the seat

Roytoc shook his head at Tysinni and slid the journal closer to himself, "No, as I said 'Ranger of Frostmaw' not of Kelay. I know a great deal about Xalious and Frostmaw, for that is my jurisdiction, though I had lived in Sage forest for about a century before moving to Frostmaw, I was a ranger of my own here, so I do know quite a lot about this area," Roytoc corrected the woman, though he didn't like the look in her eyes. Roy then turned to Rowen and nodded, "Thank you for your forgiveness."

Rowen basks in the worship of her loyal subjects. She assumes that Cornelius is delighted with her royal gift of ale, and has Jake present the poor floating fellow with several more bottles.

Rowen gave 8 Levitation Lager to Cornelius.

Rowen the generous empress then has her servant hand round bottles of the magical ale to all her subjects in the tavern.

Tysinni hops to her feet, offering the Empress a bow, that was only slightly awkward. "A rat that catches rats? Isn't that a bit....defeatist?" Ty quirks her lips in a grin as Roytoc moves the journal way from her. "So....you don't know much about Cenril?" Her interest lay more with the information than with the book, so She dismissed it from her thoughts.

Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Ranok. Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Roytoc. Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Tysinni.

Rowen elevates her lackeys to great heights without actually promoting them

Cornelius has had a few more mouthfuls of the lager when Jake approaches. He tries to stand to accept the further gifts - a mistake. Shunned by gravity on account of enchanted ale, Cornelius finds himself drifting to the ceiling. "Oh, I say. This is unexpected. Umm. Rowen. Rowen M'dear... what in the blazes am I drinking?" Despite this, the versatile dandy has not spilled a drop of the ale, changing his grip on it as he spins gently up to the wooden rafters.

Ranok said to Tysinni, "No, but Hy do."

Cornelius calls down to Tysinni "Cenril, you say? Nice place. I've been there a few times. Mind your wallet though, and bring a guard, I always say"

Rowen explains to Tysinni "As I explained to my loyal subject Queen Jacklin of Larket when offering to help rid her fine city of vermin. No one else understands rats the way I do. One should set a rat to catch a rate. Besides ordinary rats are not blessed with a stupendous degree of intelligence a wisdom, as I am. They are mere beasts even less intelligent than humans, worry not for them.

Roytoc , who enjoyed alcohol of almost any kind accepted the bottle with a smile and nod, "Thank you, that was very gracious!" Roytoc exclaimed, Roy put his journal into one of his magically deep pockets and uncorked the new ale beside him. He looked to Ty and tilted his head to the side, "Of course I know of Cenril, I had to stop a public execution going on there once. I had to plan out the location of myself and distance between them and I, it was very complex and I almost failed," Roy explained to her.

Ranok inwardly groans. This wasn't looking good.

Rowen said to Cornelius, ""It is called Levitation Lager, my loyal servant, Now stop messing about up there, You look silly. Remember that as a personal servant of the empress you must act with dignity at all times.""

Rowen adds "It is brewed by those clever pixie folks in Enchantment. They presented their beloved empress with several crates of the stuff as a gift,"

Tysinni is quite losing control of the conversation as She notices the other patron of Kelay tavern beginning to float. "Well, now. That's a little more than weird." Blinking up at Cornelius, She bemusedly accepts the bottle handed to her, paying it little attention. "A lot of thieves in Cenril, are there?" She was smiling, unphased by such a pronouncement. Poking Ranok in the arm, She points upward. "Well, what do you make of that?"

Ranok sighs and uncoils a grappling hook from his belt. This is tossed up to Cornelius so he can be yanked back to earth. Harder then was strictly necessary, perhaps. To Tysinni, he says, "Velcome to Kelay Tavern. Enjoy you schtay. If it's not a fight, it's shenanigans."

Roytoc thought he would save the bottle for later and put the cork back on.

Tysinni claps her hands gleefully, attention turning once more to Roytoc. "I may need to pick your brain in the near future. I have need of much information on Cenril."

Tysinni said to Rowen, "I thank you, milady. It is a kind gift."

Rowen the empress nods to acknowledge Tysinni's gratitude. She then instructs Jake to give her another gift. "Something to help you pick people's brains, my loyal subject." Rowen gave 1 pick axe to Tysinni.

Cornelius pondered that gem of wisdom from his beloved liege. "Dignity. Yes. Indeed. I'll get right on that." The first difficulty, the dandy decided, was the satchel, which in due civil obedience to the law of gravity, was presently hanging around his neck like a reverse noose, where Cornelius was the noose, and the satchel the poor bastard what got hanged. Carefully disentangling it from him, still careful not to spill a drop, he lets the satchel fall to the seat he had departed from in such unusual fashion, even as Ranok's grapple flies by, ignored by the dandy. "Dignity. Of course. I think I left it in my pocket somewhere." Curling his legs, the momentum sends the dandy spinning, and it takes all his effort to keep the ale in its bottle. Fortune is with him, though, as he latches onto a rafter with his legs and takes another sip of the ale, his body righting itself with the ale's assistance. "Ah! See, my liege? I am an upright citizen once more!"

Rowen scratches at another flea with her unbroken hind leg. "Your empress is proud of you my loyal servant, Cornelius. Do please strive in future to comport yourself with the same dignity comes so naturally to my royal self. "The rat burps.

Tysinni hefts her new pick to one shoulder and then winces as it throws her off balance and lands on the floor. She quickly grabs the table to steady herself before offering Rowen a genuine smile. "Thank you once again." Her attention caught by Dezro throwing his grappling hook at the floating man, She tries not to laugh. "I do so love shenanigans. Er....is he drunk and -high-?" Snorting with amusement, She tries not to miss anything.

Ranok reels the grappling hook back. And then throws it out at Cornelius again. He was fishing for the dandy, not trying to help him down. "Den hyu vill absolutely luv Taikhen."

Rowen politely laughs at Tysinni's joke. "Most amusing my dear. Perhaps I could arrange for you to be offered a place as an apprentice of my court jester. If you think you might enjoy such a career. I realise you might find it too overwhelming having to spend so much time in my great imperial presence however. Worry not, I shall take no offence if you decide to decline my offer."

Cornelius smiles blithely "Care to join your servant in a thimbleful of this ever so fine beverage, my dear Imperatrix?" Diverting his attention a moment, he mentally catches up with another conversation and calls down to Tysinni "Ah, yes, Pick-Girl, Thieves and Cenril! I've got it covered." Another sip "Have two coin purses - an obvious one filled with copper, a hidden one filled with gold. Melt the silver into daggers, you'll need 'em in Rynvale. Oh, and don't fall for the shell game, and the children are adorable but will rob you of anything and everything." Cornelius lets himself swing down and around the rafter as the grapple flies past his shoulder, the lager bringing him back upright "Oh my, that was fun!"

Roytoc just sat back and enjoyed the festivities around him, he nodded at his dandy friend's words, for they were true and he knew them from a bit of experience. He took another swig of his whiskey then placed one leg over the other as he sat back a bit.

Rowen beams at the dandy. "Very well, my beloved Cornelius. Your empress will condescend to have a drink with you on this occasion. Do not make a habit of such familiarity, however, remember your place. As you human you are as far beneath my imperial self as a flea is beneath a dragon..in fact a thousand times more so."

Ranok pales. Just slightly, but it happened. Rowen floating up there...not wise. He instantly shoots a withering glare at Jake, Rowen's servant. He puts all of the sauce into that one. Enough to peel paint; his very best glower that he'd spent a lifetime perfecting. Every little bit was in place and perfect. The mouth, the eyes, even the whiskers of his beard, perfectly in place for that glower.

Rowen :: Jake pauses from swigging at his every present bottle of rum. He finds it easier to be Rowen's servant if he stays drunk all the time. He is startled by Ranok's terrible glower. "Er..what'd I do?"

Cornelius chuckles at Ranok "I've guessed it! Badger impression! Was I right?"

Tysinni watches as Ranok attempts, unsuccessfully to fish Cornelius down from the rafters. "Your aim is a bit off, Dezro." Dragging her gaze away from the spectacle long enough to address Rowen, She offers another bow. "A most gracious offer, Liege, but I'm afraid I must decline. My humour comes and goes, you see. It is not mine to command." Grinning, She turns back to the floating man and watches his antics for another moment. "I have no fear of the pickpockets and sly thieves of Cenril. Don't you worry about me."

Tysinni said to Ranok, "That's quite the glower you have going on there."

Rowen nods graciously to Tysinni. "May Daedria bless you in all your undertakings, young lady."

Cornelius grins and starts singing an old tavern song from his youth. For all his many talents, Cornelius is a rough tenor, and would never be hired by a choir "There is an inn in old Vailkrin, where the maids will serve all night - but if you take them to your room, you'll get a nasty fright!" He pauses to take a sip of ale where the violin accompaniment would normally pick up. "Oh sing for the women of Vailkrin my men, the heavenly angels of night - and avoid their sweet smiles and tales of heaven, for you'll get such a hideous bite!"

Ranok grumbles some incoherent words. In another language, no less. He reels the grappling hook back. When he throws it, it's at Corny's legs this time instead of his torso.

Rowen said to Cornelius, "A fine song my loyal friend, but best not to sing it near the league against the defamation of vampires."

Roytoc grins up at Cornelius and pulls his flute out from his cloak's pocket, he wet his lips a bit and put the flute to his lips, "I'm sure I've heard that one before," Roytoc muttered as he began to play in a rough tempo of the song, he thought he had the right tune, for he had spent many nights in Vailkrin lately and in his past. He was rather well at playing flute too, if he was playing the right tune.

Tysinni chuckles softly, inclining her head towards Rowen, accepting the blessing with no hint of the irony She felt, "Thank you." Observing Ranok's failure at fishing Cornelius down, She stands and moves to his side. "You need some help there, Buddy?" Ty hums along with the music, quite entertained by all the craziness.

Cornelius has, fortuitously, just finished off that bottle, and avoids Ranok's latest attempt by the simple expedience of letting go of the rafter, tossing his bottle down towards Ranok for him to catch - or get hit by - the dandy was far too gone to be bothered by trivial details. Upside down now, Corny starts pacing the ceiling and tries to remember another song from his youth "Well it's a marvellous night for a wolf bite, 'neath the glow of a full moon's delight - a spectacular night to go roaming on a four-legged furred kind of flight - and all the people of Vailkrin are fleeing for the fleas hop and scratch at them so - and you kind of think it's amusing, for with the Lycans the fleas always show"

Cornelius stops, trying to remember the next refrain, and calls down to those below "Toss me up another bottle, would someone?" He replies to Rowen's earlier comment "Those parasitic neckmunchers can go drink dragon's blood. I'll sing the song whether their kind are present or not."

Rowen sings along with the song about Lycans. The comments. "As Alpha rat of the Rynvale wolf pack, I thank you for your musical tribute to our greatness. I shall inform the alpha wolf, my loyal servant Leoxander that you have gained favour with me. My fleas also liked you singing about them."

Rowen :: Jake throws Corny another bottle of levitation ale.

Cornelius grins at the thought of Leoxander hearing that song "Please do sing it for him my liege. Only your divine voice could do it the proper justice"

Svilfon apparently sucks at sleeping.

Roytoc smiled as the song changed yet again, he took off his adamantite gauntlets, easier to play flutes with bare skin and instead of playing the tune to the many songs Corny probably knew, he played an upbeat jig sort of tune; it would most likely fit with any tavern song. "My only lute was taken by an Avian, so excuse my flute," Roytoc said in-between a few long notes. Roytoc quickly threw a bottle up to the dandy at his request and resumed his playing just as fast, giving the slight, "Heads-up," Before resuming.

Rowen sings the lycan song once more. Her little rat voice is almost, but not quite completely out of tune.

Ranok gives up, since apparently nothing he can do can even glance the drunken dandy. Instead, he opts to coil the grapple back up and remain silent. He'd reached his level of give a damn for the evening.

Rowen said to Roytoc, "You can make a good flute from an avian's femur you know. They have hollow bones you see to help with the flying. It seems to me that that might be poetic justice. I believe Cerinni has one leg made from mithril, however. I am not sure that prosthesis would make such a great musical instrument. "

Rowen whispers to Jake to hand Ranok something to help him. Rowen gave 1 fishing pole to Ranok.

Tysinni gives Ranok a sympathetic smile. "I'm sure that if it were anyone else who needed to be pulled from the ceiling, you would've pulled them right down." Turning her attention to the spontaneous festivities, She taps her foot along to the beat of the song, humming under her breath.

Roytoc grinned at Rowen's remark and tried to stay with his playing as he laughed a bit, it would be poetic justice indeed he thought to himself. Since Roy couldn't speak at the moment he instead nodded to the rat.

Cornelius plucks the bottle out of the air, and, holding it upside down (or upright, for those still floorbound), he removes the lid. "Alas! A quandary! Drinking wrongwise could prove difficult"

Rowen said to Svilfon, "It must be a great honour for you to be in the presence of the supreme empress of the known universe." She gestures to Jake to bring the mage a bottle of ale. And waves a paw at the dandy floating upside down near the ceiling. "My beloved servant Cornelius seems to be enjoying it." Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Svilfon.

While Cornelius had caught Roytoc's thrown bottle, he isn't quite so lucky with the second bottle thrown by Jake, given he is fumbling with the first, and he has no idea where that one lands. Consumed with the dilemma of drinking upside down, the inebriated and elevated dandy decides to give it a shot anyway. With disastrous effects. Some managed to make its way up the dandy's internal plumbing as it were, but a good half cupful would freefall from above onto those below.

Svilfon gives Rowen his most wizardly bow, with every flourish imaginable. "It is an honour indeed to be in such exulted company, Oh Mighty Supreme Empress Of the Known Universe, And Mayhaps Some Of The Unknown Universe. I am at your eternal service." He bows again, before looking at the floating dandy. For once in his life he seems at a loss for words towards the man.

Rowen enjoys the sensation of having levitation ale rain down from the ceiling. "Thank you dearest Cornelius. That is quite cool and soothing on my back."

Rowen graciously nods her head to acknowledge Svilfon's bow. "Yeah I don't know whether I rule the unknown universe or not. I may be omniscient, but that doesn't mean I know everything."

Roytoc 's head is pelted with a few specks of the ale but it really doesn't seem to bother him even if he had noticed, he seemed to be absorbed in the music, concentrating on the notes that he had to play, he was more adept with Lute but the flute was still doing nicely, and besides his hair was thick enough to take more alcohol than that.

Svilfon is saved from the raining liquid by his most amazing hat. Yet another use for the highly prized headwear.

Rowen :: A few of Rowen's fleas, having been doused in the ale, begin to float upwards. Rowen calls. "Hey, get back here, you have not been granted permission to leave my royal presence."

Tiphareth offers a nod toward Svilfon as he enters the establishment, perusing the boards for a moment before he makes his way to a seat near the northeast corner of the bar.

Tysinni jumps as several drop of ale land on her head. Reaching up, She frowns as her hand brushes through damp hair. "Hey! Watch out up there." Ty begins muttering to herself, taking a moment to wipe a few drops from her face and neck. "Drunks should not drink upside down, I'm thinking."

Cornelius was equally unimpressed by the fleas' absence without royal leave, as the little blighters seemed headed his way. He retrieves a kerchief from a pocket and starts shooing at them, using the slight breeze generated with the motion to try and blow them to the other side of the ceiling. The bottle that Jake threw, and that Cornelius missed, lands on the head of a local patron sitting at a table near Roytoc. The stocky worker, specialist in landfills, complains at the treatment "Ow, you lot are bloody nutters! It ain't right, floatin' 'round like that. 'taint natural! Bad enough that wivout throwin' bottles 'round willynilly!"

Svilfon tips his hat to the eldermage.

Rowen is shocked by the language used by the unfortunate landfill worker with a bruised noggin! "My good man! Do not refer to me as a bloody nutter! I am an imperial bloody nutter if you please. Do not forget your manners in my royal presence!"

Roytoc stops playing the flute for a second to look back at the man who had complained, "Join in if you so wish then, there's enough room," He said with a grin as he took a large breath and began playing again. He promised that he would buy a lute next chance he got, he might be made to play again once day.

Cornelius ignores the worker below as he paces along the ceiling, determining the best way to continue drinking. A plan of true genius pops into the drunken dandy's mind, and he tries for another sip of the levitation lager. Planting the bottle's opening between his lips, he performs a backwards somersault, trying to force the alcohol up, and then down, his throat where it belonged. A more successful tactic, barring the slight choking fit as some of it almost goes down his lungs. Below him, the worker, a man of blunt intellect, stares at the rat which just talked back to him, jaw agape for a moment "I think I got hit in tha 'ead a bit too 'ard." Putting the bottle on the table he wanders out like a stunned man muttering "Imperial bloody nutter my hairy..." as the door closes behind him.

Tiphareth stands from his position for a moment to approach the wizard, growing closer before he offers hushed words to Svilfon.

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Rowen comments "I think perhaps the poor fellow did get hit it the head to hard, The unfortunate man did not even recognise the supreme empress of the known universe." The rat offers up a prayer to Daedria, asking for the man's addled mind to be healed..

Svilfon replies in hushed tones to the eldermage, without taking his eyes from the floating dandy. Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Tysinni watches warily for more falling bottles from the man on the ceiling. "I think falling bottles may be worse than thrown mugs..."

Gwenilyn raises her head from where it had fallen upon her arms. The fae appears stiff and uncomfortable, to say the least. Rumpled in appearance, hair tousled, Gwen would seem to have slept where She sat last night. One would think that all the commotion would have a wakened her sooner, but the fae must have been dead to the world for certain. Had it not been for the confrontation between a worker and her friends….wait. Gwen cranes her neck upward, exacerbating a knot that had formed between shoulder and neck. She gives a slight wince, reminding herself to get some salve on that directly. Her mouth goes a bit slack, eyes rounded. On the ceiling? What the….? Disbelieving of what her eyes plainly show her, Gwen asks, 'Rowen? Cornelius? For the love of Daedria, what in blue blazes are you doing on the ceiling?

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, "Cornelius is just hanging around up there. I have told him that as a personal servant of the supreme empress of then known universe he should comport himself with more dignity, but he seems to have trouble with the concept. Daedria loves you too, my dear friend. I am sure it is a great honour for you to once more be in the presence of her high priestess, and the supreme empress of the known universe. You are so fortunate dear one.""

Tysinni waves to everyone in the tavern before quietly making her way out, perhaps to be seen later in the day.

The singing and merrymaking continues

Cornelius was, as a matter of fact, drunkenly trying to remember the rest of the lyrics to 'wolfdance' by Van Haven, an renowned bard of old Vailkrin. Naturally, he had to start at the beginning again. Somehow, being upside down made it easier to focus on one thing, as everything else seemed to swim out of focus. His crude tenor starts the first verse "Well it's a marvellous night for a wolf bite, 'neath the glow of a full moon's delight - a spectacular night to go roaming on a four-legged furred kind of flight - and all the people of Vailkrin are fleeing for the fleas hop and scratch at them so - and you'd think that it's kind of amusing, for with Lycans the fleas always show" And then, a moment of epiphany! The chorus! Yes, the dandy had recalled it after three hundred years! He lustily breaks out into the chorus "And the cuuuurse's magic seems to howl, crack and crunch - And all the sooooft people's flesh is so juicy to munch! Oh won't you come transform with me in the moonlight, my love! Oh won't you chance for wolves' romance in the moonlight, my love!"

Roytoc quickly waves to the woman before returning to the flute, there didn't even seem to be a pause, so fast was he. Although his lips were starting to get a bit tired, he was having too much fun to stop.

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Svilfon resists the urge to applaud Cornelius's magnificent song as he continues to speak in hushed tones to the Sublime Master of the Mage's Guild.

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, ""Isn't it kind of dear Cornelius to sing a tribute to us wolves." In actually neither rat nor fae are technically wolves. "We must tell Leoxander."

Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Gwenilyn said to Rowen, "*listens to her little friend, incredulity ablaze on her features. She closes her eyes for a moment and passes a hand over them, to look upward once again. Yep, still there..... With a soft sigh, Gwen murmurs,'Aye, thank you, dear one. Ummmm, I think perhaps the better question might be how did you get~ on the ceiling in the first place?' Gwen can't help but laugh at Corny's serenading. 'Oh dear....."

Cornelius calls down "Yes, yes, this must be sung to Cap'n Percy the Parrotless Puncher hee hee heh" The dandy trails off into laughter as he once again ponders the logistics of continuing to drink while upside down

Gwenilyn said to Cornelius, "*laughing* Cornelius? Dear one, that was..... amazing. (amazing, yeah, that's word....) I... are you feeling quite well?"

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, "Some pixies gave me some Levitation ale, as a tribute to their beloved empress. I gave some to Corny." The rat calls over Jake. "Get dear Gwenilyn a bottle would you?" Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Gwenilyn.

Gwenilyn takes the bottle from Jake, still a bit stunned.

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Cornelius chortles "Why, I'm feeling just dandy, M'dear!" He once again locks lips to bottle and performs a backwards somersault to apply centrifugal force to the alcohol, compelling it into his throat. Regrettably, the potent enchanted liquor was throwing off the dandy's balance, and he bounces off the ceiling and a couple of rafters before righting himself. Or wronging himself, which may be more appropriate for a man whose feet are resolutely planted on the ceiling

Gwenilyn puts the bottle on the table for now. When She looks up at Cornelius to find him bouncing off rafters and such while trying to consume more of the ale, She leans back in her chair and begins to laugh. Softly at first, then with increasing vigour. The sight of her friends up there is rally just too much! She points a shaking finger to one of the beams with a shaky 'Ware the beam!' then winces as her warning comes a tad bit late......

Cornelius states, with great dignity and aplomb "Ow."

Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Gwenilyn :: That tore it! Gwen is now in a giggling heap, head down on the table, arms wrapped over the back of her head. And this, even before a single sip~ of ale..... Evidently the petite woman does not need such things to devolve into silliness.....

Rowen throws a spoon up to her upside down servant Cornelius. "Perhaps you can try using this to get some of the booze in your mouth dearest."

Rowen gave 1 spoon to Cornelius.

Beata whispers to Gwenilyn "How are you? What is happening?"

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Rowen the rat with the broken leg limps over to sit upon her dear friend Gwenilyn's head since the fae has so conveniently collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Beata smiles as She watches Cornelius in the rafters.." What'ch ya doing up there?"

Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Cornelius peers intently as a spoon seems to embrace gravity and then... defy gravity as it falls away from the ground to all the people on the ceiling with their strange tables "Dash it all, stop dropping spoons if they're going to fly back up again. Gravity is there for a reason, you know. To stop people from spooning inappropriately in taverns!" He salutes the two hazy figures in dresses whispering sweet nothings to each other "Romance... romance is a wonderful thing"

Roytoc grins as his flute's tune seemed to be amplifying the hilarity of the moment as a whole, though it also uplifted spirits as well as certain moments, the tune was a jig of sorts, so of course it went with the moment, actually it would go in any tavern.

Cornelius gave 1 spoon to Gwenilyn.

Gwenilyn turns a tear-stained face to Bea. Tears of laughter, that is. Gwen does try to answer, She really does. 'It would seem that Rowen gave... gave Corny.... some.... some. levitation ale!' The fae ,makes the mistake of looking upward once again. That was the fae's downfall. Giggles erupt once more as more tear start to leak from merry sapphire orbs. 'Oh no,...... oh no, please!' This time Gwen grabs Bea by the arm to hold on to, She gasps between giggles, 'Have a seat, dear one. And some ale, if you dare!'

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Beata drank an orange juice.

Svilfon whispered something to Tiphareth.

Tiphareth whispered something to Svilfon.

Svilfon tips his hat to Tiphareth and nods his head in agreement.

Tiphareth exits south.

Beata giggles at her friend .Then looked up also..Cornelius did really look strange up there..Bea sat down beside her dear friend . She looked around the tavern seeing some familiar faces....

Rowen the rat is atop Gwenilyn's head She waves cheerfully to her beloved friend Beata and has Jake bring her some gifts. Rowen gave 1 chocolate heart to Beata. Rowen gave 1 apple pie to Beata.

Gwenilyn pulls small silver flask from a pocket and takes a swig. Hanging around pirates has definitely caused Gwen to modify some of her behaviours of late. She might eye the levitation ale, but for now, prefers to keep her feet on the floor rather than the ceiling, thank you very much. Cornelius speaks of spooning..... The fae's gaze lights up, She offers him a toast and murmurs to no one in particular, 'Spooning? I like~ spooning!'

Rowen gave 1 cheese to Beata. Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Beata.

Beata leans over to pet Rowen.." Thank you . What have you done now my friend?"

Beata whispers to Gwenilyn My friend What do you know about the flute player?

Gwenilyn leans close to Beata to offer a private word.

Cornelius had hit upon a dilemma. The bottle was half full. Which made him one and a half times full of a bottle. With habitual eloquence, the dandy gave voice to his revelation "Methinks there is significance in the algebeeric equations of capacitation vis-a-vis gravitation. Precipitation. Elevation? Celebration? Disputation? Damnations..." No, there was something missing. The dandy had hated fractions as a child. If you were going to have something, he had rationalised, it was best to have all of it. A philosophy which he proceeds to apply to the bottle at hand. This time, with a one-handed handstand, arm angled awkwardly to keep the bottle from spilling ale anywhere except up his throat. Or down his throat. Really, at this point, relatively speaking, spatial awareness was proving to be a waste of the man's time. "Jake. Bottle." Gwenilyn's words then filter through. He looks at her quizzically "Cutlery, wot. Takes all kinds"

Gwenilyn whispered something to Beata.

Roytoc stopped playing for a second to call up to Cornelius, "My friend, we have seen your singing, let us see some good old dancing, none of that classy dandy material, just a tavern jig, the audience would love it," Roy said with a laugh as he wetted his lips once again and began playing.

Beata smiles as her foot taps to the flute's notes..She hadn't felt so lively for months. Thinking of what Gwen said about spooning Bea blushes.

Gwenilyn :: If She looks up again, that will be it. The fae will never recover. As it is, the fae's voice is a tad wavery in an effort to keep from laughing. (I will not! look up at him, I will not~!) In order to keep from doing so, Gwen places one hand over her brows, as if shielding them from the sun. To the flute player Gwen calls out. 'Then I hope you intend to play loudly and fast. For I fear it will get far more noisy in a moment if he is to start dancing on the ceiling!' Oh no! A careless glance upward and She's off again. The fae has not had good reason to laugh in a long time and is now taking full advantage of the opportunity. She does notice Bea's blush and quirks a brow in her direction. Bea really is beautiful when She blushes, as any fool can see... Beata ate a chocolate heart.

Rowen said to Beata, "I just gave Corny some Levitation Ale is all. Though I suppose that technically as supreme empress of the known universe I am responsible for the actions of my upstanding or rather upside-down standing subjects."

Satoshi seems to appear from out of nowhere, spontaneously generating next to you.

Cornelius is faced with another dilemma. The man on the ceiling with a flute wanted him to dance. "You are being entirely unreasonable, Monsieur Flautist. A gentleman does not dance alone, yet everyone persists in remaining upon the ceiling with their upside down tables and flagrant abuse of natural law. I shall dance, M'sieur, when I have someone to dance -with- and no sooner! Hah!" He couldn't have said it better himself, the dandy decided. Clever chap, that fellow doing the talking. Might hire him as a speech writer, apply for mayordom.

Roytoc flashes his eyes toward the fae, he had lungs of steel and he wasn't even playing half as loud as he could, he took a huge breath and as if on cue he began blowing at the flute again, this time though it was noticeably louder, much so that outside he could be heard playing. Although it was loud, it wasn't blaring and the tune still sounded jovial and upbeat.

Gwenilyn :: (What the hell?) Gwen may regret this one but oh well. the fae grabs the bottle of levitation ale and downs it quickly, offering a slight burp when She finishes. The effect seems immediate as the fae slowly rises to meet her friend. Feet touch the ceiling lightly as She gives Corny a raised brow and a laugh. To the flute player. 'Well, I'd say he has a partner now, wouldn't you?' Gwen looks at Corny as if daring him not to dance with her.

Beata said to Rowen, " You my friend are quite the thing.. Not sure just what yet,"

Rowen now throws a sponge at Corny. "Soak the ale into this, then you can consume in more conveniently my beloved Cornelius." She has to concentrate to keep her footing on Gwen's head, the fae is laughing so much."Did anyone else feel an earthquake?"

Rowen the rat on the Fae's head is carried up with her "Wheeee!..Hello Corny dear. You look even sillier up close."

Rowen said to Beata, "Thank you dear one. You always know what to say to make me feel loved."

Beata laughs joyfully as She watches Gwen dancing on the ceiling with Rowen clinging by a hair. " Hang on Rowen.'

And then they were dancing on the ceiling

Cornelius releases his empty bottle to watch it levitate up towards Jake's downturned head as he reiterates his earlier request as both request and courteous warning "Jake. Bottle." A pause "Also, gravity isn't working. Someone should call a man who repairs gravity. Be a good fellow, wot. Yes, capital idea." As Gwenilyn descends towards him he gently catches her around the waist and assists her in landing on her feet as opposed to her head "Careful there M'dear, it looks like you've remembered the gravity of the situation. The flute beckons... Komm, lass uns tansen!" And with that, the dandy takes the lead in a spirited, whirling waltz - with Rowen along for the ride

Rowen hangs on!

Rowen whistles along with the dance music while clinging tightly to Gwen's hair with her one fore-paw.

Beata whispered something to Rowen.

Rowen whispered to Cornelius, "Sorry I can't call the man to fix gravity cos you have not got around to inventing the tele-bone. Your empress is disappointed young man."

Roytoc continued his avid flute playing, the tunes having to be heard outside the tavern and beyond, and the best part was, it was genuine fun, no brawling or fighting, just dancing and merry-making. But damn him for not owning a violin, that would have been a much better tool for playing than his flute, it seemed to be working pretty well though, Roy continued with a smile.

Rowen whispered something to Beata.

Beata whispered something to Gwenilyn.

Gwenilyn gives a little eep! as She is suddenly whirled into a waltz. One hand to his, the other at his shoulder and away they go! Thankfully, for modesty's sake, her clothing appears to stay where it should, otherwise voluminous skirts would be tossed over the fae's head, affording a wonderful view of her undergarments! Gwen offers her inebriated partner and silvery laugh and a 'Why Corny, you actually dance rather well for a drunkard!' A wink accompanies these words. Diaphanous wings flutter happily as they dance. Gwen belatedly remembers Rowen! 'Oh dear! Rowen, sweetie, are you alright?' Giggles threaten as Gwen imagines the sight of a rat clinging for dear life to a fae's auburn hair. 'Mind the wings, dear, they are fragile.'

Gwenilyn whispered something to Beata.

Rowen drops a load of Confetti down on Beata. Rowen gave 1 confetti pouch to Beata.

Gwenilyn calls over to Jake, 'Jake, dear, please be a darling and give Beata some ale...' She winks down (or is that up?) to her friend. 'Come have a turn, Bea! It's mighty fun!'

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, "Eh? Oh don't worry. I don't have any wings."

Rowen gave 1 Levitation Lager to Beata.

Gwenilyn said to Rowen, "*laughs* I meant my~ wings, silly empress!"

Beata laughs as the confetti falls over her. her foot continues to tap with the flute..She is surprised how She felt here with friends.

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, "Oh right. Can't you look after your own wings? I mean I know I'm responsible for the entire known universe and all, but do I have to do Everything!""

Rowen the rat beams down happily at Beata. "It is so wonderful to see you dear one."

Cornelius murmurs to Gwenilyn "M'sure, I adear you, I am no drunk card" He shifts the steps slightly, spins her out to an arm's length as Jake finally remembered to throw him a bottle. He plucks the descending lager out of the air while Gwen is at full extension, and draws Gwenilyn back in to comment "Besides, M'dear, cards can't drink."

Gwenilyn said to Rowen, "*laughs merrily* Rowen, you are a mess, you know that?'"

Rowen looks down at her lil' furry form. "A mess? No I'm a rat dear."

Rowen said to Gwenilyn, "Cornelius has the honour of being a personal servant of the supreme empress of the known universe. I am sure he would never disgrace that sacred trust by drinking while on duty."

Cornelius whispered to Rowen, "How am I meant to invite a tally-bone if it won't talk back?"

Beata removes her helmet and shakes out her hair running her fingers through it.. " At least Rowen you don't have to worry about your hair."

Rowen suddenly can keep hold of the Fae's beautiful auburn locks no longer. The lil' rat plummets "Beata! Please save me!"

Roytoc smiled at the merry-making and wished he could join in, if Lady Eilyo were here She could take his spot and play even better than he by a long shot, "The musician better get a kiss when this is all done and over with!" He called out quickly then resumed his playing, he of course was just jesting but if he did indeed get a kiss, well… he wouldn't be complaining, he would quite like that.

Rowen whispered to Cornelius, "That is your problem. It is your job to invent the tally -bone. You can't expect your empress, no matter how wonderful She may be to do everything for you now!""

Beata walks over to the flutist and handed him a drink.. " You are probably in need of this,"

Gwenilyn :: Sapphire eyes sparkle merrily while they dance. It takes her a second to decipher what Corny is saying to her, but once She has all the syllables in the correct order, She laughs softly. 'Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification....' Noting the bottle in his hand, the fae attempts to steal if from him in order to take a sip. However, She loses her balance slightly and falls directly into his chest. A muffled 'Oh dear....' can be heard coming from the direction of his cravat, in which the fae's face seems to be buried at the moment.

Mesthak grumbles "Stop puttin' ruddy footprints on me ceilin'! There's no way Nancy'll get to that wi'a broom!"

Beata gave 1 orange juice to Roytoc.

Rowen continues to fall shouting"BEATA dear PLEASE CATCH ME!"

Beata turns and catches Rowen as She drops..

Roytoc smiled to Beata, though he couldn't stop playing now, he was just getting towards the speedy part of the jig; he took a huge breath, produced a rather blaring note then continued in a speedier fashion. Roy nodded and winked at Beata, he couldn't say thank-you, his lips were too preoccupied at the moment, though he would have given her a grand thanks if they were not.

Rowen the lil rat empress beams at her elf friend. "Beata you have done the entire universe a great service by saving the life of the supreme empress! How may I ever repay you!"

Beata whispered something to Rowen. Rowen whispered something to Beata.

Cornelius carefully slows the tempo a moment while he shifts his grip on the bottle to the hand around Gwen's waist "Waist not want not, as the saying goes, wot" He blinks as he feels her fall against his chest and the cravat obscures her "Oh, I say, careful there, you don't want to suffocate on a well-starched cravat!" He slows his pace further to give her a chance to regain her balance, stopping a moment if needs be. "What would they put on the headstone, after all? 'Fashion Victim', perhaps? No, it must not be"

Rowen hands Roytoc a note.

Beata smiled back to Roytoc. realizing he was busy Bea turns blushing returns to her table with Rowen in her arms.

Rowen throws a glittery drink up to the fashion victim

Rowen said to Beata, "I handed him an Imperial proclamation dear. I am sure he will read it as soon as he has a spare moment in between playing the flute. " Rowen gave 1 Glitter Ale to Cornelius. Rowen gave 1 Glitter Ale to Beata.

Roytoc takes the note quickly, with the speed of a well trained Drow, nods to the empress and sets it down in front of him, then went back to playing, there may have been a slight pause but no one would have noticed unless they were listening carefully. He would read the note when he got the chance. Roy could feel sweat trailing down his forehead and dripping onto the table.

Rowen snuggles up happily, safe and comfortable in her dear friend Beata's arms.

Gwenilyn :: Thanks to the slightly slower speed just now, Gwen is able to successfully retrieve her face from the interior of the dandy's cravat. The fae blushes furiously as She does her best to straighten first his cravat, then her hair, which had gotten a tad more dishevelled. Nevertheless, Gwen's good humour remains intact in spite of the embarrassment. She laugh and murmurs, 'Twould be a shame to have that as one's epitaph.' A slight giggle might be offered before She has the good manners to simply ask, 'Corny dear, may I have a sip please?' Gwen's brow creases only for a second as Mesthak's words filter upward. The fae can be heard to mutter to herself something that might sound like, 'Oh, don't get your knickers in such a wad, willay?' Definitely. Too much time around pirates.....

Beata smiles happy for the first time in a long time. She snuggles her furry little friend whispering "Thanks." then She looked at the flutist again,

Roytoc noticed the slower speed of the two up on the ceiling and in turn turned his tempo down a bit. If one were to listen closely they could probably hear the change in tune and in notes as he began a tune similar to a waltz of sorts, though it was still cheery and not slow enough to be a true waltz. Roy couldn't remember the last time he had played the flute for so long, maybe he would see Lady Eilyo about joining the bards guild, that would be the day.

Rowen snuggles comfortable up to Beata "I love you Beata dear."

Beata listened to the slower tempo and swayed to if holding Rowen snuggly .

Rowen feels like She is rocking in the most beautiful hammock ever. Her beloved friends arms.

Gwenilyn hears the slower music and smiles downward to the flutist in thanks.

Rowen said to Beata, "May Daedria bless you my dear. You have the most comfortable arms ever." Rowen gave 1 expensive canapé to Beata.

Cornelius murmurs as he resists the urge to pick up the pace once again, and keeps time with the music "I would M'dear, but for two minor details. Quibbling little quid pro quo, as it were. Catastrophic caveats, one could say." He takes Gwen for a spin around the candelabra, but far enough away to ensure wings are in no danger "Firstly, the bottle isn't yet open - which, let's face it, puts quite the stopper on the idea to begin with." The dandy blithely ignores the dwarf barkeep's complaints as he continues "Secondly, with gravity working about as well as Mesthak's sense of humour, actually attempting to imbibe the stuff on the move would cause us to wear it rather than drink it."

Rowen said to Beata, "Those canapes were made especially for the royal family. You deserve one though."

Rowen throws an elastic wristband up to the dandy. "Use this to tie your cravat out of the way, Cornelius, dearest. This wristband is from the latest Jean-Paul summer collection." Rowen gave 1 old wristband to Cornelius.

Gwenilyn sighs, just a touch sadly, at Cornelius' explanation. She had so wanted another sip of that ale..... However, it is impossible to stay sad with one such as Cornelius around. Sadness is transformed into a merry grin and a toss of auburn curls. 'I beg to differ, my fine friend.' The mischievous gleam in the fae's eyes might give some indication of her intent. A soft word is spoken to the bottle, which rises from the dandy's grasp to transfer to Gwen's quite easily. A tiny digit is waggled, allowing the top to be popped, as it were. Being a magical sort, Gwen is able to manipulate the liquid into her mouth and down (or is that up?) into her stomach. Once finished, the fae hands the now-empty bottle back to her dance partner with a sweet smile. 'There now. Thanks so much for sharing!'

Roytoc finally stops, his fingers hurting a bit, but not that much because nothing was as hard as learning the silent Drow handcode, and his lips ached, he set the flute down and rubbed his sweat soaked forehead, "I cannot play anymore Cornelius, not one more note shall leave these lips tonight," Roytoc said breathing heavily.

Cornelius chuckles at Gwen's clever use of magic, even as he feels himself growing heavier. The dandy starts descending headfirst as the Levitation Lager's effects wear off, and he pikes and uncurls in midair to land on his feet with a slight stumble. "Egads, it wore off! I suppose you could call that a let-down, wot." He glances up at Gwenilyn "I say M'dear, it looks like you need a new dance partner! He picks up the bottle which had earlier struck the worker's head from the table where it had been placed, and hands it to Roytoc. "Marvellous playing, old bean. Jolly good show! Now pop up there and dance. Don't need a note to do that if you keep to the music in your head" He then winks at Gwen "I'm afraid I have to dash, M'dear! Didn't I tell you I could be insufferable?" He blows Gwenilyn a kiss, offers a slight bow to everyone, then grabs his satchel and strolls out into Kelay Way, a smile on his face

Gwenilyn laughs merrily at her defecting partner and calls out, 'Insufferable? Aye, but adorable too.!'

Cerinii entered the Tavern in a less than 'dashing' state. Her face was considerably mucky, as well as both hands. It would appear as though She had been spending some time in a grimy cave or mine of some kind, her trousers mucky and covered in the various dust of minerals and stones. Cerinii wandered over to the bar, mulling over what to drink. Something refreshing or something rewarding.

Roytoc looked up to Gwen, standing on the ceiling as She was, and grinned, "Don't suppose you're done dancing are you? If you are I completely understand, I am tired you see and either way suits me," He called up to her, picking up the note that Rowen had given him, about to read it.

Gwenilyn :: Roytoc has stopped playing, her partner has left her high and dry... well at least high. And the effects of the ale are still there, leaving the fae hanging, as it were. Ah well. With an amazing amount of grace, She manages to sit down (up?) on the ceiling,. She glances about her, looking for scuff marks. Finding none, She calls out to Mesthak, 'See? No marks whatsoever! Stop your complaining, hear?' To mitigate her words, She offers the barkeep a wink.

Gwenilyn chuckles softly down to Roytoc. 'Sir, if you are wanting to dance, I will happily oblige. But I would not want to weary you further, after all the grand playing you have done for us just now.' She smiles sweetly to the flutist.