RP:Raphaline Is A Good Friend

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Elevated Lookout To Sea

Raphaline needed a view of the cliff side before she set off on her next journey. High above the ocean, it always felt like the whole world slowed and there was just her and her thoughts. As she rounds the corner and heads up the cliff, she spots a certain red head figure with a weapon heavily scented with silver and a bit of blood. As she approaches Alice, the bard reaches out to gently slide a hand over her shoulder. She stands there, beside the other woman, silently for a few moments before canting her gaze to Alice, "Are you alright love?"

Alice was silent for a long while, just staring out at the nothignness. She didn't jump as the hand rested on her shoulder, but she certainly hadn't expected the other to be there in general. "Yer back." She sounded happy to see her, she just clearly was having a hard time communicating properly. "Do ye ever think bout where everyone goes after it all?" She asked rather wearily. "Er if we even go anywhere?" She finally turned and looked at the other. Her eyes were slightly red, and there was evidence on her face that, though not doing so at the moment, she may or may not have cried at some point in the day. Which of course, would be incredibly unusual for her.

Raphaline gives Alice's shoulder a gentle squeeze of reassurance, "I don't know, love. I believe in living life while we have a hold of it, worry about where ya go when the time comes." The hand on her shoulder drifts up to gently cup the other woman's cheek as her thumb gently runs just beneath one of those reddened eyes. "Don't cry, I hate to see a gorgeous lady cry."

Alice smiled a little, but it wasn't that usual bright grin that she sported. "'Spose yer right. Don' mean it makes it feel any better that I had to put 'im down." She glanced down at the axe, and sighed lightly. "I shouldn't dwell on it."

Raphaline shakes her head, killing is never easy and she won't lie to Alice and claim as much. Instead, she moves to slip her arm about her shoulders and offer a one armed hug. "You can't dwell on it love, it will only eat you up inside." She reaches down to tap her satchel, "Instead, let's have a drink and watch the beautiful waves come in."

Alice turned to the other woman who she most definitely considered a friend, and nodded, turning away from the edge of the cliff, and the rather depressing scenery it offered, now turning to face the way you could see the waves. "Aye. That's a good idea."

Raphaline rustles around in her bag for a moment before producing two bottles of rum, one of which is offered in Alice's direction. The bard makes her way over to a spot and plops down, eyes careening over the waves with a gentle like caress. "I love the wind and ocean at night, so quiet and relaxing."

Alice gingerly takes one of the bottles, and uncorks it, raising it to her lips as she sits. "I agree. I think once I get this city all cleaned up, I'll focus on a beach cleanin' effort. Get some o' that trash out o' there. Make an area of it reserved too, so no touristy people get in there'n ruin it." She smiled


Raphaline nods, she likes this idea. Sipping on her bottle of rum she gently nudges the other woman, "Gotta say, I am really impressed with your efforts so far. Your drive, its quite sexy." Even tacking on a wink there at the end of her sentence.

Alice laughs a little, and brings the bottle to her lips yet again. "Aye. An' ye won't be seein' me give up, neither. There's jes somethin' about this town." She motioned off to the North and West, where you could see civilians slowly beginning their bustle again, even though it was nearly night. "...Kinda reminds me o' a place I used ter know." She nodded. "Plus it's so close ter the sea... makes me feel close ter everythin' I used ter have." She smiled, this time much more genuinely.

Raphaline is happy to see the other woman finally smiling again, that she just sits and listens to her describe Cenril. Sipping down a bit more rum she nods, "It's got its own charm really. And the beaches, are absolutely amazing too."

Alice nodded once more, watching the people that she had just a moment ago motioned at. "Now tha' I've got the wolf infestation under control, it's time ter turn me eyes ter the next job. I got ter get te some o' them gang leaders... I figure if I kin strike a deal with 'em. No more killin's, an' they can have free access to the sewers. The guards'd have ter turn a bit o' a closed eye ter it fer now... jes... it's safer fer everyone that way...." Her voice trailed off. The redhead was deep in thought.