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Chapter 1: Ordox's Scheme Setting: Vuryal's Prison

Ordox seems to blend into view from the shadows, making his way to each cell, one at a time. First to Nia's, to which he simply peers in to check on her well-being. Satisfied with her status he turns and makes his way to the former Paladin's caging, pushing his body through the bars and forcing his entry, only to have his flesh solidify upon reaching the other side, "Greetings again, my friend."

Kelovath eyes the Shifter and before the 'thing' is even able to finish his greeting, the, now wraith, lifts and tosses the empty bottle at Ordox's feet. "There is something more...Inside of me, isn't there?" The armored figure slowly stands, which is the first time he has since being around the Shifter. Standing at an even six feet tall, the prisoner lowers his gaze. "Thank you, for the water, by the way." 

Ordox smiles in reply. He had felt the connection between the two as Kelovath had consumed his essence. It might take a few moments now, but soon, in the human's spiritually weakened state, he might feel the effects. Strange thoughts may creep into his mind, desperately itching to convince the man that Ordox has been right all along. That he should submit to his virus, and that he might feel the urge to believe in all of Ordox's words as if it were gospel handed down by his former god, "Yes, my friend. There is." He takes a few steps toward the upright man, showing no fear and feeling supremely confident that his scheme now has a proper beginning and that it would only be a matter of time before Redovian's acquired cure goes to waste, "How do you feel, Kelovath?"

Kelovath could feel the thoughts starting to grow stronger within his mind. He knew there was something else inside of him, besides the virus, that is, although at first he was quite unsure as to what it was. Now, he knew. The former paladin locked his eyes on the shifter and simply shrugged. "I feel different. Stronger, but an unwanted strength. I think..." His head shook and his eyes lowered once again. "We are..." He paused, not really sure how to continue with that statement.

Ordox is quick to finish Kelovath's broken statement, "One." His footfalls never faltered, now close enough to reach up and rest a hand gently on the man's shoulder, "We shall share this connection forever. Does that not bring you joy? You have gained a brother." A quaint smirk of honest joy would paint pallid lips as the Shifter continued, knowing that he must act quickly so that his words might be sponged up and sink into the former paladin's mind, "I think...I think that we should go visit your former 'friend' Redovian. The man who did nothing to save you. He was too weak. You know in your heart that this is for the best. In fact...Should Redovian hand you the cure, I think that you might destroy it. Should he force it into your mouth, you will want to spit it out. Should he touch you, I'd expect you to react quite violently towards him, being that he betrayed you. Don't you agree, Kelovath? ...Brother?"

Kelovath listened to every word spoken by Ordox. He understands what the man was asking and before he would even be able to do anything about disagreeing, the connection to the shifter made itself more present within his mind. "Yes. I agree." And truthfully, he did agree. Not because he wanted to, but because he was forced too. 

You nods as he turns his back, making his way to the door, "Come, then. Let us seek out Redovian." The shifter knew that were it up to Kelovath, that he would indeed have refused, though a forced agreement was just as good. He approaches the cell door. Reaching back and then thrusting forward, Ordox slams his malleable fist into the lock, his flesh molding and melting to the correct contours of the lock. The pliable digits form a perfect match to whatever key might be required and solidifies. With a wince of effort, turning his forearm, there is a loud 'click' that rings into the prisoner quarters, letting all be known that the door was now unlocked. He makes a motion with his head, beckoning for Kelovath to make his exit while the door is held open for him.

Niawtu hears the click from the neighboring cell and wanders over to see what was going on through the brick-like hole in the wall. She sees that Ordox had unlocked the door, but simply shrugs. "Mr. Shapeshifter... I hope you don't get in trouble." she says as she walks back to her bed.

Kelovath slowly nodded his head and exited the prison. Even with all of these new thoughts within his head, the former paladin could not stop himself from following the shifter. Really though, seeing Redovian was a mixed thought. He would be happy to see his friend again, but at the same time, he was starting to believe that maybe Redovian truly did leave him here to die. With a deep breath taken in, the newly changed wraith looked at Ordox and nodded, waiting for the shifter to lead the way.

Ordox said to Kelovath, "He is most likely in Larket. We will need to draw him out of his temple. Come." With these words, the Shifter takes his new 'brother's' hand and disappears, leaving Niawtu, once again, alone in her cell."

Chapter 2: The Search Party Grows

The two appear in Kelay Tavern.

Ordox quickly motions to Kelovath to follow, not wanting to be bogged down by those who may interfere with his plans as the Shifter swiftly exits, making his way toward Larket.

Ordox made his way into the crossing, "This is far enough..We are far enough away from his temple that his god may not bring him any further aid. Call out to him, brother. Call out to Redovian."

Lataad appears from the south.

Ordox turned his head sharply as he sensed another joining them in the area. He is quickly relieved to see that it is an ally and not one of Redovian's minions, "Greetings, wraith." He pauses and turns to his new 'brother' "Say hello, Kelovath. It is our ally."

Ordox shouted, "Redovian! I have something that you may want!"

Lataad has indeed joined the other two, gliding along silently across the flagstones. His pale eyes regard each face in turn, utterly blank. "The Master allowed him out of prison?"

Kelovath remained silent and simply nodded to Lataad. The wraith looked familiar, but for now, a nod was all Lataad would get.

Ordox eyes Lataad, frustrated with his persistent inquisition. "Lord Vuryal has ordered me to make sure that Redovian's cure goes for naught." He pauses to stand on toes and place an arm around Kelovath's neck, "And my brother agrees.."

Lataad , not bothered by Kelovath's simple greeting, speaks again to Ordox. "Your brother? He is in a fragile state; we would not want him to end up like that foolish child. I will accompany the two of you, to ensure his safety."

Ordox did not have a qualm with Lataad joining them on their search. It was another set of eyes and another pair of arms to assist should the Shifter's plans go awry. It had been a few moments with no paladin arriving, "Well..I suppose that Redovian is not here." He begins his trek toward the tavern, perhaps to gather more information, "Come, brother. We will find the man who betrayed you. Wraith, perhaps you have some way of discovering where Redovian is?"

Kelovath nodded to Ordox and followed him without a complaint.

Lataad nods his head absently. "He reeks of the pathetic gods these unenlightened ones worship. Their tainted filth oozes from his every footstep." Without any further speech, the wraith begins to chant, his monotonous voice calling to the dark magic he commands. From his mouth, a trail of black smoke begins to ooze, seeping its way over his chin, down his chest, traveling all the way to puddle on the ground about his feet. Still chanting, still producing the thick, evil smoke, Lataad gestures, sending out tendrils of the magic to seek the trail of Redovian, the dark smoke surrounding each footprint the paladin has left behind.

Someone in Larket heard the shout, telling them that Redovian is in Frostmaw. The three immediately leave, on their way to Frostmaw. They appear in the tavern.

Chapter 3: Redovian: Champion of the Light

Redovian is here, eating something.

Ordox shakes his head as he appears in the Frostmaw Tavern, the cold already stinging his flesh, even though they are indoors. He nods as Kelovath appears, as does Lataad, only to come face to face with the one that they were seeking, Redovian. The smirk of knowing a secret no one else does draws onto his expression, "Well, well...Look what we have here." He places an hand on Kelovath's shoulder, "I think we have something you may want, Redovian."

Lataad follows behind Ordox and Kelovath, showing no visible signs of discomfort from the cold, although he wraps his robes more closely about him, and stomps his feet methodically, to keep them from numbness. The paladin is eyed blankly and, after a cursory glance around the room, the wraith's attention returns to Redovian, and there it pauses.

Redovian continues to eat, not paying Ordox and Kelovath any mind. The paladin seems different from his and Ordox's last meeting. The massive zanbato that he carries rests next to him, and he is garbed in white-leather and cloth rather than the platemail from before. Perhaps, he did not hear Ordox?

Kelovath stood silent after following Ordox into the tavern. His once amber eyes look at Redovian for a long moment before they are shifted to his 'Brother'. The former paladin says nothing to his 'friend'. He actually wasn't sure what the relationship between himself and the paladin of Cyris current was at. All thanks to Ordox, of course.

Kirien's quiet as he slips through the door of the tavern, freshly-fed and desiring a more varied meal to go along with the blood. So he's paying little attention to those wandering about the place and has the audacity to stride right by the three strangers, passing between them and Redovian with little more than a whisper and the clunk of boots against floorboards as he makes his way toward the counter for food.

Ordox allows his hand to gently push Kelovath into Redovian's direction. It was more of a gesture to approach the paladin than a shove. "Go ahead, Kelovath. Confront the man who betrayed you. Witness as he does not even lift a finger as you arrive." With Kelovath's back to the Shifter, he turns to Lataad, a soft nod is given, alerting the wraith to be ready should any trouble arise.

Lataad begins to fade. His form takes on the coloring of his surroundings, making him hard to spot even as he moves, coming to rest some distance from where he had been, and trusting in his camouflage to keep his current whereabout a secret, giving him some small advantage if said trouble does, in fact, arise.

Kelovath took notice of the motion and took a few steps towards the paladin. Already, the former paladin could sense the increase in power coming from within Redovian. With a slight smile, he spoke. "You have grown, Redovian. As have I." Again, Kelovath took another step towards his former friend. "You left me to die, Paladin." Finally, with those more harsh words, the new wraith reaches out and throws the food across the tavern, more towards Kirien, which was unintentional, that Redovian was eating.

Kirien 's head cants slightly to one side, but his back's to the others. It's an odd feeling he picks up from all three of those strangers and it's captured his attentions, if somewhat belatedly; most especially Lataad when he fades from normal sight. Food is distracting, after all, and he's currently berating Drargon for dinner. "Ah, Drargon. Hold the drink, aight? Don't want any wasted et such…" Right then he's struck on the back of the head by a plate and what appears to be food, much to his surprise and incredible bemusement. His tail might have given a particularly agitated swish by this point, ears pinning back.

Redovian remains quite calm during such actions of hostility, the paladin showing no outward signs of emotion at all really. In fact, he continues to sit, only saying to Kelovath. " Have you fallen?" It was a simple question, though perhaps most may be confused. Who knows. Redovian's face is a blank canvas, its hard to get a read on at all.

Ordox takes the opportunity to make an approach toward the table Redovian was seated at. Few may have been able to see a substantial portion of the Shifter's flesh that has disjoined from the lower portion of his body and began slithering underneath tables to relocate behind Redovian's...a wild card should it be necessary. "He has not fallen, Redovian. He has risen. He has embraced the gift Lord Vuryal imbued him with."

Lataad simply waits, now, unseen gaze fixed on Redovian.

Svark entered the place shortly following Daeron. He had wondered around these land very shortly and had somehow found himself wondering through the icy wastes of this desolate land. Smiling as he felt the warmth suffuse his body from the innards of the tavern he looked around for a place to sit, there were few tables with the groups of people that were there. He saw a table near the middle with a single person sitting there, so moving solidly through the establishment he came to the table and asks, "Do you mind if I join you?" His words were chilled through chattering teeth.

Kelovath eyed the paladin of Cyris and more or less ignored what Ordox spoke of. He knew the question was asked to him and he would answer it. Based on what he was told to believe. "I have grown, Redovian. This virus has given me power. More power than you'd even know what to do with." He continued to stand his ground, waiting for the paladin to make his move. All thanks to Ordox, Kelovath was obviously not in the right state of mind. Nor did he care. Which he could also say about where the plate he threw had gotten too. Kirien was far from his mind at this point.

Kirien 's quite all right with being out of mind for the time being. He murmurs, "Virus…" under his breath and momentarily looks a mite thoughtful, prodding at the food brought by Drargon after he's brushed the remnants of Redovian's own meal from his shoulders. Attentions remain fixed upon the trio in their respective positions but Kirien lets on nothing and is actually still facing away from them all, apparently more focused on his food than anything else.

Daeron 's gaze turned upward to the elvish visitor. He did not recognize the man, and he knew not why the man approached him. "Uh, yes." Daeron said. He nodded in the direction of the chair across from him. About this time, Drargon arrived with the stew and water he had ordered. Daeron flashed a brief smile toward the bartender and paid him. Daeron returned his gaze to the newcomer. "Hello. Should I know you?" he asked, his face remaining expressionless.

Svark nodded and took the seat offered to him by the other elf. "I would think not, I am not from around here." His skin was tinted with a copperish tint, like that of a human that has been in the sun for many years. "I am Vark." (Spoken differently then spelt.) The man seemed older, but not to the end of a elf's life. His red hair looked like it had been changed by magic as it was kept in a small pony tail behind him.

Redovian pays Ordox no mind, or so it seems, as the shifter makes his way spouting off at the mouth about the timelord, and dropping words like wraith in a place like this. More than a few frost giants turn to face the two, Kelovath and Ordox, the third having disappeared somehow. Redovian, though, only says one thing. " A shame." As those words leave his lips, the man is in action. With speed far greater than the human norm, the paladin is up. Passing Kelovath perhaps with him not even knowing to stand, sword at the ready. It is here that Kelovath would be pushed again, as Redovian attempts to utilize his new position to shove Kelovath right towards Ordox. This of course, is just to keep Ordox busy, while the paladin unleashes an attack upon the wraith, whose vile presence alone can be felt by the paladin. Evil can never truly hide from good. A dagger is tossed towards Lataad, tumbling blade over hilt towards the spawn of the timelord at startling speed. This, of course, is but an opener to a much larger fight as the paladin leaps into the air, sword raised up to strike. Having trained to use the divine power given to him, Redovian has augmented his own combat abilities far beyond that of most men. And by naught more than concentrating upon it, the entire length of the mighty blade he wields erupts in holy fire as he descends upon his form, retribution being the goal this day as the paladin sends forth the sword in a powerful downward slash in an attempt to cleave his hated foe in twine. It is now that any who are magically inclined could feel it as easy as one does a breeze in an open field. Redovian has grown stronger, in both martial prowess and spiritual faith. Indeed, the man has become quite the champion of the light.

Kirien simply turns a casual look upon Drargon and says, "This is where s*** hits the fan et such. Aha. Paladins." Shoulders roll in a light shrug. "They're always so...in your face."

Ordox's arms are quick to act, despite the cold, reaching out to grasp Kelovath as he is shoved by Redovian into his body. While held closely, the shifter whispers additionally tainted words into his ear, "Brother...He is attacking our ally. And he intended harm to you. We cannot stand for that, can we?"

Daeron said to Svark, "My name is Daeron." He adjusted his seat to be a little closer to the table as he prepared to eat. "You aren't from around here? What brings you to this frozen hell?" Daeron smirked. "I'm assuming you arrived by force?" Daeron dipped his spoon into the steaming and presumably delicious concoction and brought it to his mouth. Daeron sighed. The warmth of the stew was an invited contrast to his new snow-covered surroundings.

Svark smiled to the man as his eyes flitted across the room as the rising hostilities were going on. "I actually woke up on the beach of this pretty town called Rynvale. One of the captain's of a ship gave me a life to as they called it." He took a small breath. "It's has just been an interesting journey." His hands rested inside his robes like he was trying to keep warm.

Daeron quickly rose from the table as soon as Redovian drew his weapon. The sudden act of violence was unwelcome by the elf. "Put down the weapons, or fight outside." One could sense extreme irritation in his voice.

Kirien says in lazy tones to Daeron as he slips away from the bar, "Let him be. You've far worse to worry about than him, y'know." Once, he taps the blade in the elf's grasp before coming to a pause nearby him, staring blindly at the paladin. 

Kelovath fell back into Ordox and easily heard the words whispered to him. Quickly, the new-wraith nodded his head and right away, unsheathed his, now normal sword, and made his way towards Redovian, his sword tightly gripped in his hand, anger easily showing on his features. Kelovath lifted his sword into the air and without too much control, did his best to attempt to cleave Redovian from shoulder to hip.

Lataad begins to move even as Redovian rises from his seat. His voice sounds in a sibilant hiss, calling to bear the powerful magic his Master has given him. The dagger is deflected as scornfully as it was thrown, with a quick flash of the elongated, blackened claws that sprout from the wraith's fingertips. The oncoming sword, however, is not so easily ignored. His voice rising in volume, Lataad completes his spell. The flames in the tavern's hearth begin to stir, twisting and writhing as if truly alive. With a sudden grasping, jerking motion, the former high elf tugs, as if at invisible cords. Flames burst free from the logs that house them, spiraling, black, through the air to form before the wraith's body. Thus, when Redovian's sword comes swinging down, his holy flames meet Lataad's own, corrupted blaze in a belch of smoke and muddied light, sending the wraith flying back to strike the sturdy wall, his face and arms scorched by the power of the paladin's god. While Redovian himself might be likewise affected by the collision, Lataad is by no means willing to leave it at that. He speaks out again, his words as foul and dark as the spell he now casts. The tavern's door bursts open, a gust of wind sweeping through the room, carrying with it a rush of snow. This, Lataad twists, changing it from pure white to deepest black, sending it flowing across the floor to the paladin's side, where the darkened force attempts to climb up the human's leg, to eat away at the divine power that fills him and, ultimately, to reach the hated sword, freezing its flames forever.

Ordox hangs back while Kelovath and Lataad go into motion, making their individual strikes for the powerful paladin. The Shifter knew better, though. He was no match for the might of these tested warriors, what with their fighting prowess and magical abilities. He would simply lurk in the background, shifting his feet to position himself for an opportunity to strike a perhaps distracted Redovian...knowing that this tactic might be his only valid contribution to the brawl. In the back of his mind, he is curious, though...~Why did Redovian not attempt to use his cure on Kelovath? Ordox's arms begin morphing into sinister curved blades, side-stepping whatever chairs or tables that might be in his way to attain the best position.

Svark stared at the people causing a ruckus. "I really hate violence." His hands glowed with a pure power of light. "I will not interrupt, but if this contest of their powers continue I am going to put up a barrier of light. I am tired of destruction of other's homes." His eyes were not normal as he stood there. He was passively waiting to see if he would have to try and protect this building.

Ordox sensed that his mental connection with Kelovath was still in tact. He need only think something and Kelovath would be able to think it as well, and what's more is that in his state, he would believe it. ~Kelovath...Ask Redovian for the cure. Beg for his help...You know what you must do after.~

Kirien 's suddenly lost in a whirlwind of ice and fire but he's enough out of the way that neither is much trouble for him. His focus switches from Daeron to Kelovath when the paladin turned wraith makes his move against his former friend and the terramancer sniffs a little, scrunching up his nose. As Kelovath draws his own sword, Kirien's working on his own, lifting a ruby from his pocket and flicking it skywards. Only once does the jewel spin before it's wrenched horribly out of shape, twisted and morphed into the form of a hovering broadsword that Kirien sends arcing out to intercept that swing for Redovian. Precious stone slams against steel but surprisingly it does not break, subtle enchantments allowing the sword to withstand and deflect the blow as its creator takes a step closer to the fray, raises his other hand to his mouth, and gives a shrill whistle to draw Kelovath's attentions. "Oi~. Come play, baby." There's a flicker of a broad grin before Kirien's hand, clenched into a fist, opens suddenly and his ruby blade responds in turn. Kelovath might think he's bested the thing as it shatters against his sword into a myriad jagged shards; but those vicious pieces of shrapnel simply hang in the air instead of falling and briefly swirl about the wraith's sword before they rocket upwards with every intention of burying themselves deep into the man's face and neck.

Daeron made a quick glance to Kirien, who had suggested not to get involved. "I'm irritated they have to do this in -here-." Daeron furrowed his eyebrows in agitation. To Svork, he said, "Perhaps we should continue this conversation over there." He pointed to a table as far away from the action as possible.

Svark nodded quickly as to get him and Daeron out of range of these hostilities. " I agree." He grabbed his stuff and they would move further away from this group. "I wonder what clawed it's way up their butt." He seemed to get a small laugh out as they moved away.

Ordox had spent enough time standing idly as he observes the enchanted ruby, seemingly being controlled by someone in the tavern. His eyes scan only to recognize Kirien as he taunts the former paladin now. Unwilling to allow this man to interrupt the carefully crafted conclusion to this saga, the Shifter leaps into action, his arm-blades brandished wildly, as he makes his approach toward Kirien. It is with a quick whip of the shoulder that additional flesh tears from his body and the left blade is sent spiraling at the body of the distracted meddler. It is immediately followed by Ordox's approach, seeking to end Kirien's life, if not disrupt his control of the ruby with a fatal slash to his neck with the still in tact arm-blade.

Daeron didn't laugh at Svark's attempt at humor. He was too peeved to be cordial. Daeron grabbed his glass of water with his right hand and the bowl in his left. He balanced the two effortlessly as he followed Svork to the new table. After placing his items down, he sat. "Now, why are you here again?"

Redovian watches as his blade meets the corrupted flames of the wraith, and feels the battle rage between the two opposing alignments. The resulting shockwave crushes furniture under the power of the colliding elements of light and darkness. The paladin lands in a defensive posture as Kirien deflects Kelovath's assassination attempt, leaving Redovian able to focus upon the wraith with his full attention for now. Just as Lataad delves into the occult arts once more, Red would begin to channel the divine power he possesses into his blade. The flames seems to increase tremendously, just as the tainted black snow is sent forth to do vile deeds, the paladin unleashed a powerful slash towards his opponent. Kirien would notice this as the same attack used upon the exiled frost giants in the cavern, not long ago.

Lataad would only see a man swing his sword at him from across the tavern, before the realization of what is unleashed comes into fruition. Having focused his divine magic into the blade, the power stored within lashes out, cutting through the air in much the same manner an actual blade would. Everything is its path is cut through, the powerful divine magic leaving a trail of destruction in its wake as it goes forth towards Lataad. The tainted snow now reaches Redovian, and it is in this moment the celestial guardian that follows him comes into play. A wave of light, like that of water upon a beach in midday, crashes about the paladin, shielding him from the vile occult magic of the former high elf. The spiritual guardian uses her own magic to create a wall of divine magic about the man now, the utter radiance of her presence illuminating the tavern like never before. Frost giants shield their eyes, and perhaps those closest, like Kelovath and Ordox, would be temporarily blinded by such sudden eruption of light. Kelovath's connection with Ordox may wane just a bit, perhaps allowing the paladin to regain some of his own thoughts, even if momentarily. If any dare look, the figure of a beautiful woman can be seen hover over Redovian, protecting the man as he stands before the servants of darkness and evil, once again.

Svark sat down across from him at this new table. He looked across the table. "I really have a distaste for people who like to blow things up...." He sighed gently but still ready to protect if needed.

Ordox's back was luckily turned to the explosion of light emitted from Redovian's spiritual guardian of defense, having turned his attention to the terramancer. What would possibly have been a blinding strike is merely a tweak thanks to the Shifter's peripheral vision, perhaps enough to send his strike upon Kirien off of it's mark.

Lataad 's pale eyes follow that path of destruction, recognizing it for what it is and, could the wraith fool such emotions, he might even have feared it. Instead, he reacts out of instinct, shouting the words to his spell in a bone-chilling voice. The remnants of the furnishings, smashed to splinters by the collision of forces, rise up, dancing to the corrupted call of Vuryal's creation. They bunch together before the wraith's figure, bolstered by the evil essence that is Lataad, to stand in the way of the holy assault. Again, an explosion follows the meeting, Redovian's attack wrapping around the shield of pure evil, then rebounding, while the furniture shatters into a haze of splinters and dust, nearly as shadowing as the paladin's light is blinding. It is under the cover of that strange combination that Lataad makes his escape, knowing that once outside, he will be able to lay false trails, pockets of evil to keep the paladin from detecting him. Better to find Redovian later, when there are no others to save him.

Daeron turned his head once more to the violence, and nodded. "This... is distracting." He looked to the door, and then back to the fighting. Daeron took another bite of stew before he decided the tavern was no longer safe enough or quiet enough to chat. Daeron stood. To Svork, he said, "This is not the ideal place or time to be here. I'm leaving. You can follow if you would like."

Kelovath heard the request by Ordox, but before he was able to do as asked, the attack aimed for Redovian was easily intercepted by the odd blade formed by Kirien. Before the former paladin could even start to defend the next attack by Kirien, Kelovath noticed Ordox doing what he could to get the unknown mans' attention. After the blinding light given off by Redovian's guardian, Kelovath really did become slightly blinded. He stumbled backward a few steps before finally kneeling down, which made the gems being controlled by Kirien mostly miss. There were a few that slammed into his shoulder armor, which only forced him down faster. The connection between himself and Ordox did weaken somewhat and asking for the cure, which was requested by Ordox, was quickly forgotten. "Where..." He started to ask, but was unable to finish the question because of the light coming from Redovian's guardian. At the moment, the former paladin could barely even think for himself, let alone participate in the battle.

Svark Looked around for a few minutes. "I think I may stay. I need to eat still and find lodging. " His words were a little short as his eyes wondered about that room more and more.

Kirien might have shouted over all the clamor at the two further back, "Oh aye, because I -want- to be in this situation all right!" That being said, it honestly looks as if he's having fun. Sort of. Instinctual exhilaration and all that. He pivots smoothly on a boot heel to face Ordox when the shifter moves, his focus on his ruby blade failing although it seems Kelovath's attention is distracted elsewhere by this point. The nearest table, the one Daeron and Svark have only just left, is grabbed by a leg and hauled up in front of the vampire, the sickening thunk of that first blade sinking into wood heard. Kirien probably grins a mischievous grin over the top of it before whirling into action again. By virtue of his vampiric strength, and possibly due to a sneaky tip or two picked up by his sire, he's spinning his table-shield about himself and transforming it into a veritable bludgeoning weapon, swinging it with as much force as he possibly can for the oncoming shifter. There's not enough spare concentration to muster up another weapon right now but the terramancer needs little to cause a tremor - so that's what he does, and the tavern begins to shake and jerk as chairs are knocked over, the erratic shift of ground beneath feet likely enough to send those not watching themselves entirely off-balance. 

Redovian deflects his rebounded attack, and sends it out of the tavern to dissipate into nothing before it causes anymore damage. With the wraith sent back on its heels in retreat, the paladin was free to focus on other matters, namely Kelovath who was down and out, so it seemed. Maybe with the spiritual presence of the paladin, and the celestial guardian, the paladin that lies beneath the darkness will gain even greater foothold, and Redovian can reach him. The much larger man grabs Kelovath by the scruff of his neck, and forces him to rise yelling. "If you're in there, Kelovath, answer me! Arkhen's light is hard to conceal even in the darkest night! Awaken champion of the light! Awaken and receive the cure!"

Ordox 's mind is quick to act, even while in the throws of battle with Kirien, the Shifter can feel his mental connection with the newly created wraith slipping away. Though the two would be united forever, it would only be a matter of time before Kelovath could think and act on his own accord. ~Kelovath! You must get the cure from Redovian! You must not let your brother fail. Resist Redovian's powers...He is your enemy. You must fight back. He will try to destroy you!~ These thoughts, though Ordox's to begin with, quickly formulate inside Kelovath's head, seeking to become his own.

Redovian ||| It would be during this time of need, in which Kelovath's status as paladin of Arkhen would come into play. Kelovath would feel it suddenly, as it being awoken from a dream. Arkhen's presence, the connection with the god, is re-established, even if only for a moment. Being a paladin, and being surrounded by such divine power that Redovian possesses, would increase the chance of Arkhen once more establishing a solid connection with his loyal subject once more, if Kelovath was willing. But, even if it is only a bit, perhaps everyone could feel the aura about Kelovath, as his god tries to reach him through the darkness.

Ordox had known that the time would come for his disjoined flesh to come into play...It was only a matter of time with Redovian in action. The forgotten portion of his body that was neglected by all at the beginning of the fray now sets into motion, slithering its way quickly toward Redovian, seemingly growing with speed as it lunges off the ground, acting with a mind of its own to transfigure itself into a twisted dagger as aimed at piercing through his boot to slice at his Achilles tendon, hopefully able to do enough damage to send Redovian crashing to his knees, or at least to release Kelovath. Meanwhile...back in Ordox's more whole body...his bladed arm crashes into Kirien's table, the impact being enough to shatter into a volley of splinters upon impact due to the previous damage from his flung flesh. Ordox knew that he could not spend too much time dealing with the man and had to focus on Kelovath and Redovian, hoping that he would not fail and face the wrath of Vuryal. He lunges quickly once more; at such close range, either both Kirien and Ordox would be effected by the terramancer's upheaval or neither of them at all. A powerful kick is then issued, aimed for Kirien's gut, hoping to knock the wind out of him and put him out of commission from spell casting until the battle has concluded.

Kelovath was doing what he could while kneeling down. Which, in all honesty, there was very little he could do. With the light coming from Redovian and the thoughts coming from Ordox, plus with the fact that he had only recently transformed into a wraith, the paladin's body was having a more than difficult time handling it all. So obviously, when Redovian reached out and grabbed Kelovath, there was nothing he could do to stop him. Once feeling the sudden presence of Arkhen, it was then that Kelovath, the wraith, attempted to fight against the grip. Inside, his heart and soul, accept the Touch of Arkhen. The acceptance of Arkhen once again, like he remembered feeling in the past. Yes. His memories flushed into his mind. Everything returned, except the holiness that he needed. And the cure, obviously. Before anything else happened, inside of Kelovath, he spoke. "The cure..." He was stopped there, wanting to speak his friend's name, but it was then that he felt the sudden shaking of the tavern. Because of the terramancer's magic, the newly turned wraith pulled himself back and away from Redovian, but if the grip of the fellow paladin was strong enough, he would also be pulled toward the wraith.

Redovian is indeed of strong grip, such is needed to weild a blade like the one he has. So when Kelovath pulls back, the wraithen strength pulls him along with it, thus causing the flesh turned blade daggers to miss their intended mark. With a scowl the paladin turns about, and swipes his massive blade out, burning the foul flesh of the shape shifter into nothing. Turning to see Ordox is busy with Kirien, Redovian turns back to Kelovath and says. " Your god is with you once more." He could sense it, clear as day. So, with the speed he can muster, Redovian is before Kelovath, cure in hand. Hoping Kirien can keep the shape shifter busy, the paladin hands Kelovath the cure and says. " Let us be done with this, brother!" The warm smile upon his lips, the sheer holy presence of the paladin, coupled with the reconnection of Arkhen, Redovian is positive Kelovath will take the cure.
Redovian gave 1 wraithen-virus cure to Kelovath.

Kirien finds himself dealing with a face full of table splinters as his makeshift weapon and Ordox collide, the furniture unable to stand the meeting forces. Some of the more irritating and larger shards pierce and scratch his face and shoulders, the vampire's eye screwing shut on instinct even while safe behind his visor. Doing so does not hinder his actual vision but the surprise of these unseen flying objects hitting his face causes Kirien to flinch for long enough that his guard is down. He's sent flying by Ordox's kick to his gut, skidding back on the tavern floor but managing to remain upright. Still, he's not about to allow the man to interfere with whatever it is Redovian is up to; and Kirien, breathless and in pain as he might be, does not require words to cast spells. It takes only a shaky stamp of boot heel against the tavern floor for the earth to react, moving to the terramancer's silent call to intercept Ordox. Floorboards splinter and tear underfoot as an undulating wave of rock thrusts itself up from underneath the tavern, rolling toward the shifter and throwing yet more woody shrapnel all over the place in the process. Kirien, meanwhile, clutching at his stomach with one hand, draws another gemstone from his pocket, quickly twisting it out of shape to form a blade that's a sapphire twin of the broad sword he created earlier. It's this sword he sends forth for Ordox, just to give him something else to worry about as the blade arcs out in a horizontal slash to the shifter's torso. 

Ordox 's mind is racing, what with dealing with Kirien that he can barely make out Redovian's bellowed words. His eyes tear to the scene in horror as the Shifter hopes that his previous thoughts have sunk in enough to allow Kelovath to do what was suggested. Though, further encouragement couldn't hurt. His thoughts once more invade the former paladin, his 'brother'. ~Destroy it! Smash it now! Break the vial! You know that this is for the best!~

Kelovath took hold of the cure and simply stared at it. He could hear the thoughts of Ordox, but with the light coming from Redovian and also the slight reconnection from Arkhen, the thoughts were pushed off to the side. But even still, the former paladin stood there, ignoring yet another quake and wooden splinters sent throughout the tavern. Lucky enough, he was still wearing his armor. "I am sorry...Brother..." Speaking the words, it was impossible to really tell who he was apologizing too. Shortly after he spoke, the vile was lifted to his lips and slowly drank. His eyes closed and while standing there, empty vile in hand, the reversal of the wraith virus instantly began to take hold. Right away, the change was apparent. His eyes changed back to their brown, more amber color. His skin also returned to it's normal state, although basically his entire body was covered in armor. Feeling more like himself and knowing that the connection between himself and Ordox was still there, he sent his own thoughts to his 'Brother'. ~Please, run, my brother.~ It was a curious request, sure, but even now, the paladin had a plan in the works.

Derry appeared in the Frostmaw tavern wrapped in his cloak of flames. Although, upon entering the establishment, the flames recede back into the mantle on Derry's shoulders as the glowing brand on his right arm fades back into a dull red. The sight of Kelovath draining the cure from the vile that Redovian had won previously, a very quiet,"Damnit.." Escaped from Derry's lips as he had apparently arrived just a tad bit late.

Kirien might have waved cheerily to Derry as if they were not currently surrounded by chaos, but sadly they were and he was still mostly concentrating on directing his blade at Ordox. 

Ordox was unable to witness Kelovath's consumption of the liquid. Kirien's blade had obtained his entire focus as it slices and dices at his body, causing massive tears within his flesh. Backstepping and unsuccessfully attempting to dodge every blow, he can only hear the thoughts of Kelovath in his mind. The steps trying to avoid Kirien's sword can only cary him so far as he is sent dancing and dodging completely out of the tavern. In the back of his head, the Shifter thinks that he his plan was successful, why else would Kelovath advise him to run now? The lost portion of his flesh that was the detached arm blade is quick to slither out of him, seeking to be rejoined with his owner's body and trailing him into the cold.

Chapter 4: Kelovath's Freedom/The Hunt Is On!

Redovian watches as Ordox flees, and Derry appears. With his zanbato still drawn, the paladin readies himself should Derry, an unknown, desire to attack. Looking to Kelovath he says. " Welcome back."

Kasyr s' arrival to this party is a fair bit late but the Revenant is going to at least make a token appearance, dashing with all due haste towards the commotion occurring with the city (and more importantly, near Coterie). Incidentally, this has him sprinting straight past Ordox, the ensuing stare sent in the strange creatures direction nearly ending up with Kasyr slamming face first into the door. A quick glance over the area only leaves two question, "What happened in one sentence. And es everyone responsible dead."

Kirien 's Gospel mimic swings in vicious alternating arcs for Ordox but the shifter still nimbly escapes most slices for his flesh during his retreat, much to his ire. The vampire's not about to follow him when he ducks out into the cold, however, though he makes sure to impale the sapphire broadsword roughly into the tavern door as a warning should the thing ever return. His feel against the ground is memorized briefly before Kirien's turning toward Redovian and Kelovath, mentally yanking his blade out of the door in the process. "No worries," he says to Redovian while raising a hand, glancing briefly to Derry. "It's fine. I think." His sword swirls back over to him and spins once about the terramancer's body before shrinking with a flicker of blue and returning to the form of an unassuming, if large, jewel. 

Kirien said to Kasyr, "Wraiths and a weirdo appeared, I think someone got smashed in the face with a table and, er, he just drunk that cure. And no. He just." He waves a hand, "…Left. So did another." "

Redovian said to Kasyr, "The shape shifter lead a wraith here. I was able to drive it back with its tail between its legs. He *nods to Kirien* Fought the shape shifter, while I gave him *nods to Kelovath* The cure of the virus."

Kelovath drops to his knee as soon as Ordox leaves. The paladin, obviously in a very weakened state, looks up to Redovian and can only nod. Once Kasyr enters the tavern, the holy knight looked him over for a few seconds before shrugged his armored shoulders and ignoring him. Right now, he did not feel like explaining. Thankfully, everyone else did it for him. Though, he did laugh out loud, when nobody actually explained what happened in the form Kasyr requested. 

Kasyr goes from looking shattered at the lost opportunity to murder something- and mildly confused due to Kirien's explanation, "Weirdo? Broad topi- Oh." Redovian's explanation unfortunately clarifies that particular portion a fair bit more for the Revenant, his expression darkening considerably. "Oh. If you're done here, I think I need to run out in the cold. I left something. Out there." And as a quiet amendment, "Alive."

Redovian said to Kasyr, "I'm joining you."

Kirien toys with his sapphire a bit before he blinks up at the others, expression curious. "You're goin' after him? I'll come too." He spares a glance for Kelovath again before his gaze raises to Redovian. "Maybe you should stay here. With him." A pointed stare. 

Derry looked at Redovian and Kelovath both, he had a dislike for paladins, for good reason. As for the scene that he had happened upon with the segment of body that slithered outside of the tavern, Derry knew exactly who this was,"You guys won't get far with the shifter... By now he could be anything..."Turning towards Kasyr,"He also worked for Jolie.."

Kirien huffs and says, "I have his general feel. Unless he can change his heartbeat, I can find him." 

Redovian said to Kirien, "Fine. But make sure it dies."

Kelovath heard the words of Derry, who he didn't know at all and started to stand. "I think I can find him...No matter what he might be." Using a leg of an overturned table, the paladin balanced himself before speaking again. "I have a connection with him now..."

Kasyr cricks his neck, and begins to start out the door. "Derry, If he's in Frostmaw. I will find him. It's that simple. If he's not, I don't care, for now."

Kasyr said to Kelovath, "Or you know, maybe we'll just hope he leads us straight to the castle, et we can just march right in. I like that plan."

Kelovath said to Kasyr, "Then let him run, for now."

Kasyr offers a broad shrug to Kelovath, before turning his gaze over towads Redovian, "Does this mean a training session es off the menu?"

Redovian said to Kasyr, "I'm game if you are, King Consort."
 Derry merely watched onward at the discussion of possible chase, and then castle Archmosia, causing Derry to shake his head, so much over a simple timelord striking out at everyone...

Kirien stretches his jewel back out into its broadsword form again, and huffs a sigh. "Well," he says, casting a cursory glance about him, "…at least we didn't wreck -too- much." He looks entirely dejected at having been unable to fight further and starts picking splinters out of his face, his sword swirling absently about him.

Kirien possibly grins at Kasyr during the process of splinter removal.

You || Kelovath might be able to feel something in his mind, the pain of Ordox tending to his injuries and charred flesh from Redovian's blast of fire. He was far away by now, perhaps he flew off to a different city in the east, mending his wounds.

Kasyr feels the tattoo'd flesh on his arm churn and wriggle upon 'recognition' of Kirien's weapon, though a few harsh words manage to quell the sensation to an occasional dull tremor. "Alright. So do we wait, or do we pursue? Because we're either doing that- or I'm cracking a skull before I head off to catch up on some errands." The Kensai -is- saying this with a foot out the door, however.

Kelovath remained standing and quietly observed everyone else within the damage tavern. It was right before he was about to speak, when he suddenly felt the shifter. "East. Outside of Frostmaw by now. He has stopped." Slowly, the paladin shook his head and tried to see more. "He is trying to tend the wounds...Not sure which ones..."

Derry said to Kelovath, "He may be in Vailkrin or Rynvale then..."

Kasyr said to Derry, "By the by. Whether or not you -vote- to come along..if we do end up going. Well, you're coming along, then."

Derry turned towards the revenant, a brow arched in question,"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Kirien , shoving his visor up off his face, squints curiously at Kasyr for a moment before his flitting attentions shift to Kelovath, now standing, much to his bemusement. He probably expected the man to rest after his ordeal, but he says nothing of it, busy placing the splinters he picks out of his face onto the flat of his blade as it whirls lazily round him. "If you go after him, I'm comin'." It's all he says, scrubbing at his face a couple of times to check for further wood shards and blood. 

Kasyr said to Derry, "Simple- I'm giving people the opportunity to bide, or not. You may feel free to have your input. I'll just likely veto it. Especially since I'm going to be dragging tu with me to Vailkrin, later."

Derry said to Kasyr, "What are we going to Vailkrin for? Recruiting?"

Kasyr said to Derry, "And to see your business with Jolie resolved. Anyways, to hell with this waiting. I'm going to follow now. I'd highly suggest everyone hurry up, non?"

Derry said to Kasyr, "I see."

Kirien 's shoulders rolled in a nonchalant shrug as he makes his way doorwards. "Derry, you should come too for sure~. Burn somethin' other than a book, maybe." There's the slightest smirk. But, as flighty as he is around fire personally, he's sure such an ability would likely be useful. 

Derry sighed, he hated being drug around places, glancing towards Kasyr, he'd nod,"The choice is yours then.. Vailkrin first or Rynvale?"

Kasyr said to Derry, "We'll go where all of us hunters feel...strongest. If you desire to go to Vailkrin first, it es up to you. As for moi..."

Kasyr casually shirks his trench coat, before lazily hefting it over onto the nearest table- an action which causes the wooden item to groan in protest. The trench coat is, after all, simply a shell to the mithril mesh and preklek plating underneath. "I'm going to put to use my wings, et see if my particular..knack, might divine his location." And it's on that note that the vampire heads out the door. "Do try et stay together..."

Kirien 's ears wiggle a little. "That mean we're waitin' for you to get back?" He huffs a breath and then promptly sits down, dejected. 

Kelovath simply shrugs and makes his way out of the tavern, quite slowly.

Kirien puffs his cheeks and unceremoniously mimic-Gospel stabs into the floor at his feet. He's toying with its hilt as he looks toward Derry, raises a hand to tap lightly at his temple, then tells his coven mate, "He says we should check around et stay together.." Gaze shifts back toward Kelovath. "Oi." It's meant to halt him, even if only briefly. "You sure you're all right an' such?"

'Chapter 5: Brothers Reunite

Setting: Gualon Arena- The scent of sweat mixed with blood wafts through the air, filling your nostrils with a stench so overpowering that you stop in your tracks. The flooring is made of a loose compound of crushed rock and sand, an easy mixture to make and cover up whatever horrors lie beneath it as you notice you walk up a slight incline every few feet. The high spiked walls surrounding this enclosed arena are stained with crimson, azure, and other various tones from all the diverse creatures that have met their death or lost a limb or two. Ragged clothing, blemished with drips of blood hang from a random spike as cowardly foes tried to escape, only to meet their end in a gruesome fashion from unruly crowds. A mysterious orb is locked within a crystal ball atop a single pillar to the extreme north, its effects known as you remember seeing a plaque upon your entrance: No Magic Allowed. In a cage to the north, you notice a creature gripping onto a barred door, eagerly waiting to escape though appearing as if he could do so at anytime. To the south lay a similar enclosure, but with a different monster letting out a repulsive cry as it waits for battle. This is the arena. Victors and losers are born here. Turn back, or step up to the challenge. A Large pulsing portal hovers in the centre of this arena.

Ordox could be seen on his backside, his body propped up against a wall, wincing in slight pain as sinews of his malleable flesh yearn to string themselves back together. It is at this time that he felt his brother approaching and stood up just in time to greet him, doing his best to hide the torn portions of flesh, "Brother...You've come back. Though, you..." He left this accusation unfinished as he looks onto the restored form of the paladin.

Kelovath quickly made his way to the nearest preklek as soon as the pain came to his mind. Having made his way through his area many times in the past, he knew exactly where to go. Once arriving to the area, the paladin used his link to easily locate Ordox. "Brother..." He softly called out, his armored left hand resting on the hilt of his sheathed sword. Once spotting Ordox, he closed the distance and nodded to him. "Yes. I am cured of the virus." He paused there and sighed gently, trying to figure out the best way to explain himself. "Ordox...We are linked, as you obviously know. I know what you did for me. What you attempted to do. If we are to be connected, then we should make the best of it." More or less, he was leaving the choice up in the air for the shifter to decide.

Ordox 's face, usually devoid of emotions could be seen breaking down, the hint of sadness, though vague was still visible to the restored Paladin, "M-Make the best of it... But how?" Though Ordox already -had- a brother in Movdon, most of his life was spent fighting with him and trying to avoid assassination attempts. With Kelovath, though, there seemed to be a stronger bond forming, perhaps because a portion of Ordox was inside Kelovath. "What are you suggesting? Turning on the Time Lord would prove a swift demise for me..."

Kelovath needed to speed up this conversation before Kasyr finally found the shifter. "Going back to the Timelord, after what happened, will result in the same demise. I will find a place for you...Somewhere." His gaze lowered and his eyes closed. He could sense Kasyr, whom is getting closer. "Kasyr is coming for you, Ordox. He will not stop. You have to run." Before he could even say much more, the paladin finally started to walk backwards. "I'm sorry. If he sees us together, he will kill us both. I have to leave..." A series of emotions flooded through his features before he finally turned and left the shifter, his brother, behind.

Kelovath exits east.

Chapter 6: Survival At All Cost/The Flames of the Revenant

Kasyr appears from the east.

Ordox was still at his feet as Kelovath retreated before he could even muster up a response, his face a disjoined jumble of uncharacteristic emotions. It is at this time that Kasyr appears, the Shifter remaining stoic. He knew that this would be his safest spot from danger, seeing as magic was strictly prohibited due to the crystal orb upon the pillar. His stance his firm even as his body continues to recover, feet parting to a defensive stance, "Well, well...Look who it is."

Kasyr is, apparently, the only person within the assorted group that went searching that decided to look somewhere -other- than the two regions that Vuryal targeted. Still, the currently winged vampire doesn't look particularily concerned by this development- casually landing within the arena, one hand resting upon the pair of obsidian katana's that are currently resting within their sheathes. "Shouldn't that be my line, enfin? We did just have to evict tu from the area." The Revenants tone is casual, even as he begins to step towards the shifter, "So, should we bother we any sort of diplomatic pretense- or do I just skip to the part where we try et kill each other?"

Ordox needed to stall a bit, his body still aching and on the mend from the encounter just hours ago. There were still some visible wounds that had yet to fully seal, cracked and scarred flesh from the flames of Redovian is evident upon his form. Rather than back down, the shifter's mind goes to work, forcing out words through a wincing expression, "Are you that much of a coward that you would attack someone in my state? Come then...I shall take anything you can offer." His eyes scanned once more up to the orb, knowing that with it in tact, that Ordox's doughy body would still be able to absorb any sort of physical attack Kasyr threw at him. The shifter may be in weakened condition, and Kasyr powerful as is, but they were now on Ordox's battlefield. Here, he was everything but invincible to whatever could be thrown his way.

Kasyr has fought in this arena before- though last time the stakes were far more 'rigged' as it were, his opponent having ensured that the anti-magic orb was specifically fine-tuned to ignore their magics. That being said, the Kensai doesn't particularily choose to pursue it as yet- merely continuing to advance towards Ordox, "I'll do whatever es necessary to achieve my goals. Et you, monsieur? You're just an obstacle- As I doubt you'd divulge the location of Vuryals castle forthwith." And that's the full extent of warning that Ordox earns, the vampires' casual air discarded in a sudden flurry of motion- hastened footsteps bringing the Kensai barreling straight towards the shifter. Yet even as the vampires right hand falls into position, his thumb pressing up against the hilt of his katana, a forceful push of his wings sends him promptly careening off to the side- so that Kasyr can hastily draw Gospel from it's sheathe and use his generated momentum to try and drag the unnaturally keen weapon through Ordox's torso. Preferably near an arm, really- he was curious how he'd deal with dismemberment.

Ordox's visage had reverted back to something he was used to, an expressionless stare as Kasyr approaches. Already had his arms begun their elongation and slendering into that of an identical set of twin blades, eyes following Kasyr as he makes his approach. It becomes a blur of movement as the Revenant's course changes, allowing him to attack from the side. Ordox had allowed a smirk to paint his pallid lips as he raises both arms, at first one might think in defense, but then lets them hang without purpose above him, "You fo-.." His insult is cut off as Kasyr's blade slices through his midsection, cutting cleanly through his doughy flesh. "-ol..." The final syllable is sputtered out as his stomach is cleaved in twine, allowing the upper section of his body to helplessly tumble to the earth below. There is a moment of pause as Kasyr might think himself the easy victor, though this notion is immediately put to rest as the Shifter's body begins remorphing. What was once the upper half of his body now grows legs from adjusting mass from his midsection and likewise, with his lower half, mass is abducted from portions of his thighs to form a chest, arms and a head, leaving there to be a set of half-sized shape shifters. They both mimic a sinister grin as they approach, circling around Kasyr, brandishing the same arm-weapons as before. Diving in from opposite angles, one from his front, the other from behind the midget forms make their strike, slicing and dicing wildly, their flesh hungry to pierce into Kasyr's.

Kasyr , quite honestly, looks bored at first; the seemingly simple severing of Ordox eliciting little more than a click of the Revenants tongue. This look of ennuie does not last long, however, the Kensai allowing a look of morbid curiosity and unmatched glee creep across his features as he observes Ordoxs' shift. His reaction to the joint attack is met just as enthusiastically, the Revenant leaping straight towards one of the 'twins' as it were, a secondary flap of his wings serving to send him barreling out of the range of the one at his rear- and hopefully just a bit above the one before him, so that he wouldn't collide in midair. It's only than that the vampires other hand finds use- his second katana drawn out with all due haste, if only so he can swipe both blades in an ascending diagonal fashion- abusing the reach his arms and blades afford him to attempt to 'disarm' his opponent whilst only needed to suffer a few gashes upon his forearm.

Ordox 's one half is sent tumbling away, the gust created by Kasyr's winged force enough to easily knock his lighter form back, leaving the other mini-dox to sustain the full brunt of Kasyr's next strike which indeed does meet it's mark, severing the weaponized limb of the midget shifter and leaving it to fall to dusty arena floor. An ear-piercing, almost humorous shriek, not of pain, but of surprise is emitted, the tone a few octaves higher than normal. Upon such an assault, the pint-sized shifter makes a few swipes in vain, unable to reach the flying foe. It is at this time that the one-armed shifter's twin is back in commission, making a charge for his partner. Acting almost as if they had one mind, an immediate plan is formulated. Leaving his feet, the fully 'armed' miniature Ordox leaps onto his counterpart's shoulders, using him like a springboard to leap higher into the air, able to come to the Revenant's chest level and lash out with thrusting arm-blade. The shifter below does not remain idle however, as after his other half had made his arial assault, he reaches for the dismembered arm which still holds it's blade-like form. Like a javelin, it is thrust high into the air, spiraling just off to the side of Kasyr, just in case he manages to avoid his brethren's attack.

Kasyr can't help but crack a wry grin, the faint utterance of, "..ucking weirdo, indeed." coming from the Kensai as he hovers in place- wings beating lazily. Still, the vampire doesn't waste time, even as the miniature-hyper-deformed shifter flails futilely at his position. Even as the secondary Ordox charges at the Revenant, Kasyr simply drops the blade in his left hand to the ground, before diving his now freed limb into his pack- fingers grasping upon the desired item in mere moments. Ordox's leap is met with a triumphant grin from the vampire, the procured potion shattered across Gospels surface. Placing his now empty hand upon the base of Gospels' blade- the Kensai merely bides his time until the springboarding shifter arrives within arms reach. With every ounce of celerity that the vampire can muster, the mithril mesh glove of his left hand is abruptly dragged across the length of the blade- the action serving to both generate sparks to ignite the liquid spilled upon the blade, and to enable the vampire to plant his hand into the midst of the shifters arm and redirect the path of the arm blade. Nonetheless, Ordoxs offense still strikes somewhat true, the weapon dragging a long slash up along the vampires limb- though not without a price. For one, the vampires act of redirecting places him in a position where he can attempt to grasp the shifters arm to extinguish the flames that had burst to life upon his left palm- and hopefully prevent the shifter from evading the rather abrupt upwards cleaving motion the Kensai makes with his now -flaming- sword. The javelin, on the other hand, simply sails off to the side. "..Huh."

Ordox 's smile of glee at the success of his catapulted assault is abruptly erased from his visage, having been caught by the powerful grip of the Revenant. Helplessly he dangles in the Kensai's grasp, unable to combat the blazing blade as it easily slides through the mini-Ordox's malleable limb. Where the sword cleaved, at the base of his shoulder, there is left a scar of charred and sizzling flesh, the smell of which is quite a pungent aroma to whomever's nostrils might sense it as the blackened skin folds in on itself, dead and useless now. The airborne mini-dox, now having nothing to keep him aloft now drops to the earth below, a kicked up dust cloud and a loud 'thud' accompanying his landing. Merely by chance does the half-shifter land upon the weapon which was forsaken by Kasyr in exchange for his plan. When the fallen shifter drowsily makes it to his feet, one might be able to notice that the dropped blade is now missing from the ground, perhaps absorbed into the midget Ordox's flesh. Now on the earth there are two one-armed shape shifters, who run to each other, eager to meld their bodies back into whole. They are quick to do so as the arm that Kasyr had grasped begins to act on it's own, thinning and wriggling itself out of the clutches of the revenant the doughy mass that was once an arm goes to work, wrapping itself around the wrist which once held it captive. It's stretchy qualities allow the displaced former limb to reach out, hungry to meet the other arm of Kasyr, to which it also quickly wraps around. It then works to reform it's bonds, pulling together in an attempt to handcuff the Revenant. The Ordox's below, meanwhile, have completed their solidification, combining to become almost the same size of the original trickster. Looking up, he notes how well his flesh has acted on his behalf and follows suit, now tall enough and armed enough to reach the Kensai's feet. Should he be able to reach those flying feet, Ordox would be quick to pull him down and throw him to the hard earth below, hoping that his 'hand'cuffs would secure Kasyr and prevent him from retaliating.

Kasyr doesn't seem particularly bothered about the fact that his sword is missing- but than, the reason is about to become -quite- apparent. Gospel is, after all, not merely a sentient weapon but a creature of and unto itself. With a sibilant shriek its' guise of a Katana is shed in favor of it's familiar form, reducing the odious blade to a furious and still quite -blazing- serpent, albeit possessing a durability matching the weapon. For the price of scorch marks about the vampires wrists, his hands are free by the time the shifter grabs hold of his ankle and pulls- allowing the Revenant the luxury of flinging his arms out to reduce some of the force of his fall- and the means to quickly rolling onto his stomach and shoving off into the air again. Except, the vampire isn't pressing the attack, currently. No, Ordox is left to play with the enraged sibilant inferno that's try to lash out at him, whilst the blade that he's absorbed into his being tries to worm and needles it's way out- all the whilst the Revenant flies up towards that magical orb upon the pillar. After all, whilst it is certainly an effective counter-measure against an entity without wings... The only thing that has prevented the vampire from dealing with it has been curiosity. Something which is about to change with one particularly forceful kick that ought to send the orb spiraling off into the swamp somewhere, to get lost in the bog.

Ordox is filled with a fire. Literally filled with a fire as Kasyr's sentient weapon takes its effect. Though the Shifter might wonder how this weapon magically ignited into a blaze and was able to magically sustain it within his body where no oxygen resides, in a place where magic is disallowed for the moment, he has no time to ponder these philosophical quandaries. His body expands and quickly explodes, sending shards of his being in all separate directions, showering the arena floor with bits and pieces of Ordox's charred blackened flesh. The orb that Kasyr disposed of is, as he said, dealt with, launched into the far off swamp. With the revenant's back turned during this casual execution, he is negligent to the limb that had been launched into the air but moments ago and was easily avoided. As if acting on a mind of it's own, assisted by a set of miniature wings to glide it to it's mark, the former limb of Ordox dives in for Kasyr's back. Should the Kensai not notice nor be quick to act, it would be a fatal mistake as the portion of dismembered flesh seeks to impale his foe. The healthy bits of Ordox which have been scattered about are set into motion now, reforming themselves over the blackened flesh to mask it, allowing the useless portions of his body to remain in a state of healing during their transformation into an army of hundreds of micro-Shifters, some no bigger than a fingernail. All the while, the orb that was kicked away begins to levitate, as if attracted by magnets. The creators of the arena were not fools. They knew that someone might try to dislodge the orb. Though it may allow magic for a bit of time, the orb quickly makes its way back to the arena, seeking to return to it's perch atop the pillar.

Kasyr himself was only aware of the blazing blade, turned scorching flaming snake~ but he's hardly going to question providence, the fact that there's a rather nasty sounding explosion of 'stay-puft' marshmellow goodness behind him. Really, he's likely just going to blame it on providence, and the serpent that had been absorbed by Ordox having decided that burrowing was likely less effective than invoking magic the first second it became available. And on that particular note, Kasyr isn't quite as deprived of perceptions anymore, as it were- those empathic abilities of his which had been blocked off by the arena now re-emerging in full force, and providing him with the location of ordox..'s limb that is currently flying at him. Caught flat footed as he is, the vampires sole reflex is to slide one foot off to the side so that the side of his body is facing the oncoming Ordox- providing the shifter a much narrower target. Hence prepared, the Kensai simply recalls Gospel to his position, both blades misting away if only so that they can reappear within his grasp, neatly poised to intercept the limb. Impacting as it does against crossed blades, the revenants spared the brunt of the things momentum- the ensuing 'remains' continuing their errant flight, though to no more effect than removing a few more chunks from the vampire. As for his rebuttal? With nothing preventing his magics, he simply plunges both blades into the ground, the swords serving as conduits to force his energies into the terrain- so that countless pockets of fiery energy could be created about the arena. Eight particular pockets are formed, in total, each one betrayed by the pungent smell of cooked earth, and a rapid rise in temperature- before the arena promptly erupts into numerous pillars of fires meant to spread discord amongst Ordoxs' remains. "By the way, Diplomacy? Es an option now."

 Ordox's connection to Kelovath went into effect: |||Sharp pains of burning may fill your mind, your body perhaps suffering from the effects of believing you were set aflame. The shriek of Ordox during this might be prevalent within your ears."

Ordox's bits of body, were luckily scattered about far enough to avoid the majority of the flames, some bits able to scale the walls into the seating area of the arena. They can be felt slowly losing their form, browning and melting at the same time as Kasyr's incurred holocaust makes it's presence clearly known. Tiny screams of agony that can be heard from all directions is eventually subdued as the crystal has completed it's trek back to it's location above, almost immediately extinguishing their inferno as if throwing a blanket over them. The wounded portions of flesh, now all about have no choice but to spend their time in hiding, recovering from the attack. The limb which had been battling with Kasyr's enchanted gospels, meanwhile was free to dive back in for another assault, hoping that the Revenant would be occupied for the time spent retrieving the buried blades to be able to parry the encroaching limb once more.

Kelovath --Desperately calls out-- ~Brother...Where are you?~"

Ordox gives No response, though it does not seem as though he has moved from his previous location--"

Kelovath appears from the east.

Ordox : Kelovath might be able to see the disembodied limb of Ordox making another attack on Kasyr. Though the rest of his body is nowhere to be found, scattered about into hundreds of bits. The stinging aroma of his burnt flesh might reach the paladin's nostrils.

Kasyr frowns at the haste in which the crystal ball returns- and yet, he can't overly complain. Even as the anti-magic device settles back into place, the vampire simply hooks his foot underneath it, and promptly nudges it up into the air- counting on the levitation magic (likely fueled by it's siphoning of the ambient magics in the air) to prevent it from shattering upon meeting his hand. From there, the vampire simply cups the orb within his hand before slamming it down upon the limb- heedless of the manner in which the crystal ball cracks in protest- and the orb inside begins to agitate in place. The limb, persistant thing that it is, at least manages to spitefully jam its' fingers into the hybrids foot- though it's not long for the before the orb is dragged across it to flatten it like a rolling pin might flatten dough- the remains than hucked into the midst of the arena. And the orb? It's punted again, hard enough that the crystal quite near shatters. Which leaves Kasyr free to retrieve his blades, the supernaturally sharp weapons cutting through the stone as though it were butter on a hot summers day. A few moments short work is all that's needed to carve out a few bits of debris, the likes of which are than settled against one of Gospels blades. From there, he once more begins to pour his energy into the sword- a solid mass of condensed air forming around the weapon and incidentally pulled the debris in its wake. Hence prepared, the Kensai simply thrusts the weapon in the anti-magical spheres direction, a slight grin of satisfaction slipping onto his lips as the earthen debris is promptly propelled forward at an absurd speed. After all, even though the anti-magical properties of the spell will invariably leech away the energy that has initially propelled the earth debris, their ridiculous forward momentum is simply a product of that, thus forcing the poor item to be promptly assaulted by those stones. Incidentally, somewhere within it's vicinity, a good dozen pixies die, the magic which had kept them aloft suddenly lost- their bodies left to plummet to the unforgiving ground. Obviously, Aerial tag at certain heights has its' downfalls. Literally.

Kasyr said, "You know. As much as I admire perseverance, I am fairly certain you'd have to be magical in nature if you're like Anshera. And me breaking that near tu would likely kill you. Et I'd rather get answers first, you know."

Chapter 7: (Saving The Day!)

Kelovath appears from the east.

Kelovath swiftly came into the arena and took notice of Ordox. Well, what seemed to be left of Ordox. Seeing the shifter in this way was horrifying. And that's putting it lightly. Right away, the paladin was shouting and attempting to stop whatever was going on. To the paladin, it looked like Ordox was about to be no more. Because of the connection, Kelovath was unable to allow that to happen, by his own choice. Although he assumed using his sword would probably be the best way to end things, he decided to try things the peaceful way. "My King(speaking to Kasyr, obviously), stop this! If you want information, then I will get it for you!" His gaze is then shifted to Ordox, almost pleading the shifter to stop for now.

Ordox 's limb, after being steamrolled by the orb, was slow to reanimate, slowly slithering from it's pancaked form away, making its way to Kelovath. The tiny, browned forms of Ordox had begun their decent as well, sliding from the edges of the broken arena and making their way to attempt to join the largest portion of his body all of which that was left was the aforementioned arm.

Kasyr once again dons that intrigued look, a moment spent glancing between the charred remnants of Ordox, and the supposedly-cured Kelovath. For a brief moment, the paladin would find himself under the Kensais' scrutiny, the expression containing a certain degree of cattishness- including the half-lidded predatorial look reserved for 'Arkhens Champion'. "I -did- warn him. But noone listens to my warnings, not even after I spend years honing myself to stop Vuryal, or Solaris. Mon dieu." Pausing, the revenant simply shrugs, the action causing his wings to flail outwards before tucking back in-"So, is information the sole thing you're willing to barter against his life? I don't see what would prevent me from killing you, and than finishing my job with him. After all, you..are..in..the..way. Comprend? What do you have to offer, uniquely?"

Kelovath returned the look given to him, but without the cocky-ness attached to it. After giving the shifter a quick glance, his amber eyes returned to Kasyr. "I understand, Kasyr, but I am connected to Ordox. You killing him would be like something happening to your Queen. The pain you would feel. The suffering. Do not misunderstand me. I am not threatening Satoshi. She is a friend of mine. I have healed her once, from a Kraken attack." He stopped there, hoping that that little bit of information would sink in. Whether it did or not, the paladin continued on. "As I'm sure most of Hollow knows, I have faced off against Vuryal. The new Vuryal. I do not doubt your power, but without a massive force of holy magic, there is no way anyone can defeat the parasite. You will need all the help you can get, My King." Once noticing the limb of Ordox, Kelovath knelt down and slowly lifted it from the ground. "And believe me, Kasyr, Vuryal will be after Frostmaw. Once he learns about what happened in the tavern, he will come. Him and his damn wraiths." The limb within his grasp is held tightly and his attention stays on Kasyr. "We will need everyone, My King, to finally kill the Timelord. Let us use Ordox as bait. Vuryal will want revenge on him. And me." 
 Ordox was helpless within Kelovath's grasp, exhausted, beaten and burned throughout the fray. The micro bits of flesh had begun crawling up his 'brother's' foot, seeking to make their way to the largest portion of body and reform once more. Through their mental connection, the Shifter called out, ~Brother...No! We can take him..~ Even though his words betray Ordox's mantra of 'survival at any cost' certainly the paladin would be able to sense the notion of self-disbelief within them as well.'

Kasyr sighs audibly, the blades which he's been clutching till this point once more losing solidity, if only to clamber back into the flesh that serves as its' mooring- the vile beast once more inking itself onto the Revenants arms. "I am more than aware of most of this- though I will not rest my hopes upon the power of 'light' as it were." A particularily sharp glance is shot in Kelovaths direction, before the Revenant simply sits down on one of the arena steps and leans back, "What guarantee do I have that you'll be loyal, that you won't seek to backstab me the first time it presents itself as an option, that tu won't simply return to Vuryal- seeing as you're aiding one of his lackeys at this moment. Vraiment- why shouldn't I just murder you, et get this pretext of civility out of the way. What assurances do you have, that might hold true beyond the shadow of any doubt. Give me some reason to believe you, Kelovath- et that..partner-in-crime of yours, J'suppose. Why should I expect you not to strive towards killing my lady, or destroying Frostmaw. Why shouldn't I raze and destroy you, and everything you care for?"

Kelovath said to Kasyr, "I am a servant of Arkhen, My King. Arkhen, the God of Light and Honor. While in the damn prison that Vuryal locked me in, waiting for me to turn, I did everything I could to fight it. Over and over again, I was told to accept the virus. To accept the power. I would not be here now, if that were the case. As for your lady, Queen Satoshi, she has agreed to give me passage to the forbidden libraries of Frostmaw. If something were to happen to her, that journey would be lost. All information that I seek on my deity, would also be lost within the library. In other words, I am currently in her debt. She dies, my purpose dies. I have escaped the attempted death, by Vuryal's hand, three times. I believe it is time that the attempts on my life, are returned to Vuryal ten-fold. Larket is my home. I betray you, I betray Larket. I was apart of the negotiations between the two. My word, made it possible. My loyalties are with anyone who is against Vuryal. As for the Shifter, it was not my choice for us to be connected. With the power I have, he will be under control. Vuryal will want him dead as much as he wants you dead, I'm sure."

Kasyr gives Kelovath a particularily firm look, before he pushes himself back to his feet and swaggers forward, hands stuffed into his pants, "Keep him outside of Frostmaw. Away from her, et those important to her court. Do you understand me? He's only to be there with Satoshis' express permission. Or I'll go through both of you. You do not want to become a lasting or reoccuring obstacle, to me. I can assure you, I'll make sure you either suffer a bloody death, or a painful rebirth at my hands. After all, I have to wonder if Arkhen would accept tu as a vampire. It would certainly be the only way I could trust tu however, if you fu.." The Revenant stretches briefly, before finishing, "up one more time."

Kelovath while still keeping his balance and also holding the weakened body of Ordox, the paladin nods at the words of Kasyr. "He will be banned from Frostmaw, unless Satoshi says differently. I understand, Kasyr. And no, Arkhen would not accept me. I would not accept me if Arkhen would abandon me." With those words, the paladin adjusted the almost limp body of Ordox. Even still, he would wait for Kasyr to allow the two to leave. Or until the Revenant left himself.

Kasyr makes a shoo'ing motion at Kelovath, the vampire apparently done with him. "As it es, I leave that to you, to discuss with her. For the moment, I bid you good luck on your ventures if it will provide me peace of mind, at least for the immediate moment." The revenant doesn't particularily seem to be paying all that much attention to Kelovath currently, a quick roll of his shoulders and extension of his wings indicating that Kasyr is likely about to leave as well.

Kelovath carefully leaves with Ordox, or what's left of the shifter, giving Kasyr his peace.