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The Whaler's Bar

Alice stands at a table to the back, her hair held back in a ponytail as she works away on what appear to be a set of blueprints. Her goggles were down, slightly magnifying her eyes, in a sort of a buglike fashion. She didn't seemed too focused on that, instead every now and then looking over at the pieces of metal she had next to her. It appeared she was working on was important, at least to her.

Alareik entered the bar with a small frown. In his right hand was a dead lycan and in his left was a barely alive woman. He simply dropped the dog on the ground and ran sat the woman down in a chair. The healers would be here soon. Without paying attention the lycan just shook his head plopping down at the bar. If any one would lok they'd see his back was little better then ground meat. His left arm was a mangled mess and his nose had been rebroken. Earlier in the day some of the lycans decided it would be fun to play with the cenril women...Alareik had put a very brutal stop to it. But then again...Five young lycans versus one old lycan..Well it had been fun at the time, but now...It just meant he was down five pack members." Whiskey....wait ale...Has tp be better the that watered down swill anyways..."

Alice turned her eyes to the mess, and grunted lightly. This is exactly why it was important that she came to power in this awful town. She needed to turn it from town to kingdom. Things like this wouldn't happen anymore once she was in charge. She practically was already. A flick of her wrist was given in the direction of the bar, and the bartender gave message that Alareik would be drinking free today.

Alareik slowly turned his gaze to the woman as his drink came for free. Ideally his foot stomped out one of those weird little snakes that had appearrd recently. For the love of the gods....this is why he was going to take over...Military take overs where always so much fun. Ideally the man sipped at the ale counting off his fingers until the next full moon. s*** it was closer then he thought. He quickly stood and made his way to alice. " Ms Al....I have a request to make of you...In three days...When night falls I need you to hide...Lock your doors bolt your windows and for the love of the gods....Don't come out."

Alice shook her head no. "I know yer type, an' I know the damage they do. Unfortunately, since I plan on' runnin' this joint, tha' means when the danger comes, so do I." She taps the bridge of her nose, where the scar is. "Reckon I can protect myself by now." She looked up at him with a little grin. "But the lasses and children, they'll be safe home."

Alareik shook his head lightly then took a seat. " If your going to be running this place...then that puts us at odds...." The lycan didn't wish to fight the woman before him but... if she wished ownership of a town like this then it would be hard." The guard force...Half of them...Maybe more or less are like me....They listen to me...Why? Simple I tore hunks from their flesh and infected them....Im only telling you because....The wolf moon is coming...And it will be bad."

Alice's lip curled slightly, and there was a flash in her eyes. She pushed up her goggles, her look stern. "You realize, no one will obey someone who allows themseleves, and their men, to slaughter in the streets? You will not have Cenril. My Guard will not allow it. Neither will I." She lowered the goggles again, and with a chortling tone tone, continued. "No matter how attractive ye are."

Alareik gave a small laugh. It was rought with the rage laced through it the moon was close. " Your guard won't be able to stop it....Your guard is my guard..." the lycan ran a hand through his military short hair. " On any other full moon it wouldn't be a problem. But sait wait did you call me attractive? I think we have this reversed...I wont let you stop me regardless of how attractive you are. " The lycan thougbt over her words and gave a weak grin. " Then maybe a compromise can be worked out... You bring your guards...And bring my lycans...We wait for the full moon and see who can keep their clothes on longer?"

Alice quirks her brow. "As enticing as getting naked in the moonlight sounds, it begs the question. Do ye know who I am?" She placed the quill in her hand down, and pinned down the blueprints with one of the hunnks of metal. It appears that these might just be traps... for them snake thingies. She raises the goggles right back up. "Ye know how I got me this scar?" She then patted her shoulder. "'Er what this tattoo's supposed ter mean?" It was a ribbon depicting a battle scene, all round her arm, runes basically telling the tale. In that tattoo there is a large man, and a thinner figure, short in stature, holding a hammer in one hand and an axe in the other. Seems she's immortalized herself in a battle with someone clearly important. "I don' think ye do. An' as pretty as the face is, this little lass ain't lookin' ter let her home just... be run o'er like it ain't no thing."

Alareik grinned he liked tattoos he liked scars. " Your a blacksmitb that wprked with eborics warband. You call cenril home just like me. You see the place over run with thugs and people of less then good intentions. You migbt care for this town. But there is one thing you should know...At the end of the day vuryal is back. I've talked to the man. Hell he freed me from my prison. And for all the good he has done me he is still going to throw the world into chaos....Tbe only way to stop this is to turn this port town into a military power house... " The lycans blue eyes slowly shifted to a burning yellow of the beast inside. When he spoke again it was lowed the before the beast refused to back down from any challenge. It simply pointed to his arms. Both shoulder coverrd in runic markings. " Do you know who I am little smith? Im not wanting to destory this town i want to remake it into something that is powerful. I remember days when cenril was a booming city...Now look at it."

Alice shook her head with a sigh. "Men'r much the same. Thinkin' a gal can't hold a hammer, thinkin' a smith can't hold an axe." She looked up at him with a blaze in her eyes. "If'n yer sidin' with Vuryal, then I'm 'gainst ye already. Sure, I smithed fer the band. But I also fought with 'em. An' we won. An ye know what me title is? Ambassador. What're ye te the darkworm, eh? Yer bait. Yer bein' a damn fool if ye think he'll let ye keep whatever tis he's promised ye." She moved a piece of paper to her workspace, and scrawled something down. A whistle was given, and a wolf slowly padded into the tavern after a while. She placed the paper down. The wolf snatched it up in his maw, and ran off, as if knowing exactly what to do. She looked back at him. "Orderin' supplies fer yer order, by the way." She tilted her head to the wolf, then went back to looking at him. "I've seen what tha' creature kin do. An' t'was his lightnin' what killed me brothers." Her eyes were blazing. "There were weak. No' me."

Alareik gave a deep rumbling laugh at her assumptions. " Your wrong. I warn you cause I dont want to fight against you. I hate vuryal with a passion that burns hotter then your forge. " The lycan's hands shattered the mug he had just picked up. " Im doing this to have a force against vuryal. He makes boasts and promises....And I want him dead. " The beast had to hold back its own transformation in its anger. " Listen Al your a strong woman and damn easy on the eyes. " He'd watch the wolf run off with the order form. " Supplies...I thought I had given you most of what youd need..." He didnt want a blade that would break again. " And al....call me bait again and we will have a bit more of a problem then your habit of flashing those lovely legs at me."

Eboric enters the bar. The warlord had been checking in with his eastern outpost near the gorge when the wolf appeared, and so it was but a short ride from there to the bar in Cenril. Venturil's king is clad, as ever, in his war gear, with a gleaming hauberk and leggings, his arms bright with golden rings, matched by the circlet on his head. Over it all, he wears his black bearskin cloak, despite Cenril's relatively warm climate. He enters in time to hear Alareik's words, and the heavy brow knits in anger. Slowly, the big man's hand drops to the hilt of Eidhur, the black sword of his ancestors, as he focuses his attention on Alareik.

Alice lets out a sigh of irritation. "See, ye say that, but yer still allied with 'im. Ye can't aim ter beat 'im if yer allied with 'em. Ye don't just ally yerself with the time bastard if ye don' think yer gonna be sidin' with him. An just cuz I got me a pretty face an nice legs don' mean I don' know a lie when I hear'un. Yer buddy Desparrow what sent these snakes all o'er the place here once tried convincin' me he weren't out to kill neither." Sapphire eyes glimmer with mischief. "Pretty boy, ye may have the loyalty o' the wolf, but I got me the might o' the bear." She straightens up as she hears the familiar sound of rather heavy foot-fall, and turns with that, brows raised, rather surprised, but glad to see him nontheless. "Ye know, bears seem ter have a sort o' loyalty themselves. Then again, I ain't no bear, so I can't rightly say, now ken I?"

Alareik turned his head towards the sudden stench of ...A bear? Before catching a glimpse of a rather large man with his hand upon his sword. With a sigh he addresses alice's words. " Desparrow is my fault and mine alone. He js a rabid dog that needs to be put down. The time lord...Well the nest way to counter the plans is to know them now isn't it?" Slowly Alareik turns his head about the bar. Of all the times to have neither sword with him. " And desparrow has no loyalty except to himself...." His eyes leave the imposing form of king eboric to turn his gaze to the blacksmith. " On my word...The day that sword is completed is the day i kill desparrow. "

Eboric keeps his eyes on the lycan, but speaks to Alice. "I was at the fort, and received your message. I thought it prudent to stop by." He turns back, dropping the heavy bar over the door, locking it. "Trouble," he asks, turning back to his thegn.

Alice grimaces lightly. On one hand, she'd rather liked this lycan fellow. He's fun. On the other, loyalty to Eboric, loyalty to Cenril, and her hatred of Vuryal... she didn't have much of a choice here. A slow nod of the young woman's head was given. "Aye. It seems my... friend here's gotten 'imself thinkin' he's sidin' with the right people. Workin' fer the Time Worm. Says 'es gonna try'n run Cenril, says 'es gonna try'n kill Vuryal, from the inside. Inside job, 'E says." She rubbed her forehead. "Dinnae if I should be believin' whatever yarn it is 'es tryrin' ter spin me here, ter be frank." She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed slightly. "What de ye think we should be doin' 'bout 'im?"

Alareik gave a side long glance at her then back to king eboric. " Im not looking to cross blades king bear... I have a job to do....Vuryal is a plague upon the world and will only let his people close enough to stick a sword between his ribs. " Slowly the lycan backed awat from tbr table he had no reason to explain himself again. This town needed to be honed into a weapon. Forged from the pitiful lump of metal it was into something that could spearhead the attack on vuryals forces. The only way alareik knew to do that was to give the fighters the curse of the lycan. His muscles tensed amd he readied himself for just about any physical altercation that would go down. His eyes slid over to alice for just a moment. " Pretty and willing to throw me under the chariot...your the whole package."

Eboric sighs, as if Alareik's words weary him. "What is the problem, Alice, with double agents?" He makes the question sound like a lecture from teacher to student, although Alice doubtless knows the answer already. Eboric himself supplies it in the next breath. "Once a man's word is made suspect, once he voices any sort of interest in such a role, then all around him can only wonder which side he is lying to." The werebear laughs, a harsh bark, before focusing his barbaric glare on Alareik. "I will tell you how this will unfold, pup. You will not run Cenril. You will tuck that mangy tail between your legs, and stand down. I honestly do not care about you, or Vuryal, or any of it, but Alice is my thegn, sworn to me, and if you stand in her way, or do -anything- to hinder her plans, I will tack your worthless hide on Cenril's gate. Do I make myself clear?" The king's tone is that of a man used to having his orders followed, the final question given an underlying threat that the man's burly frame appears to be fully capable of carrying out.

Alice grinned lightly at the chariot comment, running a hand through her hair. "Oi, only when someone's bein' a twit." She then listened in as Eboric spoke. Her chest puffed lightly at his words, she was proud to be his thegn, clearly. She then leaned against the wall she had been near. "Look, Alareik. The problem here ain't even jes that yer tryin' ter worm yer way into Cenril and this whole idiotic idea that ye kin kill Vuryal with these forces untrained." She rubbed her forehead. "It's yer damn wolves too. It's like I said before 'e showed up." She juts a thumb towards the King. "Ye can't be havin' yer mutts killin' all over the place at night. 'S no' good. Ain't proper."

Alareik gave eboric a hard glare before turning to black smith. " My wolves are not untrained. They are not a storm of might...yet, but we get better all the time. " Once more his eyes turned to the king bear. " Then lord eboric...I do not wish to rule if you have a plan to form this town into a weapon....I have a proposition for you... Right here in front of your thegn....I'll pledge my loyalty to you in the most binding way the war blades know how... " The lycan lifted up his right arm a sword of black flames burst to life in his hand. He dropped to on knee before the king. " My sword...mind and magic ....Ill be your attack dog...Ill destroy your enemies ....in exchange you train me, and help me rid the world of the time lord. " His blade of flames was held towards the king. If he took the blade from the lycan the flames would not burn him but s rsther large brand would appear over his heart. A war blades word was his law.

Eboric looks to Alice in amazement. "He's not a very good listener, is he?" The werebear adopts a patient sounding tone, although it is clear that such patience will not last long. "The lesson that I gave just a moment ago, mutt, broken down into small, simple words, means that you cannot be trusted, that you seem to babble loyal words to whoever stands in front of you at the time. Besides, I need no attack dog. I destroy my own enemies." He shakes his head, a disdainful sneer the only acknowledgment he gives to Alareik's weapon. "And Alice brings up another good point. I have received reports on a growing number of lycan attacks of late. That ends. I do not wish to hear of any more attacks from you and yours. Again, I will speak plainly, as you clearly lack the ability to understand subtleties. If I catch wind of you or your pack killing anyone in Cenril, Venturil, Larket, or Xalious, or biting and turning anyone at all, anywhere, I will find you, and I will kill you. Your yapping puppies will not save you, your worthless magic will not save you, even abilities gifted by Vuryal himself will not save you." The patience is clearly at an end; the king's voice is a snarl by the end, as if perhaps he, too, can feel the nearness of the moon. "I encourage you to take some time to think about your next course of action. Perhaps go to Gualon, and learn the story of Hadrian."

Alice rubs her chin lightly. "I jes' can't think o' why ye'd even thought ye could get away with tryin' ter double cross Vuryal in the first place. From what I've heard, he's no' too forgivin' on tha' sort o' thing." She grunted, glancing over at Eboric, nodding to him in thanks for the command for the killings to stop. That was one step in the right direction. If she could get the wolf-related killings to stop, if she could get the cultists to stop, and if she could get these damned snakes out of town... then she could focus on finding... the artifact. She had no idea what it was, or where she'd even find it... She shook her head. Now wasn't the time for that. She turned her attention back to Alareik. "Ye agree ter be peaceful, no' cause no problems fer us, an' I think ye'll be fine, yeah?"

Alareik sighed merely standing then giving a shrug towards the king." Before...I had nothing against your kingdom eboric. I had no qualms or even a care for you and yours. And to be honest I still dont give a flying rat's ass about your opinions and threats. We have no business to discuss. "With that the lycan would attempt to leave. Of course seeing ss how eboric still blocked the door way that might prove difficult. Either the kong would attempt to cut him low or he would let him leave. Over his shoulder he'd address the human. " Stop the killings? Maybe...Only time will tell. " If he was allowed to he'd simply unbar the door and leave.

Eboric 's fist slams down on a nearby table in a sudden burst of sound. "I have little time to waste these days, wretch, so I have absolutely none for your insolence. You have had a chance to back down, to obey, and you have let it pass you by. You know the consequences should you decide to continue. And rest assured, whelp, once I begin my hunt, nothing will stop it. There will be no pleading, no discussion." He steps away from the door, allowing Alareik to exit if he wishes. "If anyone at all is attacked by any lycan, I will ascribe the blame to you, and you will pay the penalty. It would be best for you to ensure that no one, not even a lone wolf, breaks my peace."

Alice tsked, not believing that Alareik could possibly speak out against Eboric. It certainly wasn't the smart thing to do. She rubbed her neck. "Don' go bringin' doom on yerself when it's so damn easy ter just... not." She rolled her shoulders, and tilted her head to Eboric. "I've seen what 'e kin do. Yer wolves, as brutal as they are in the streets, aren't nothin' compared ter what 'e'll do if he's mad."

Alareik simply slid the bar from the door a passive eye watching and hearing the kongs sudden outburst of anger. Calmly the lycan reached into his pocket and pulled a few gold coins from it. He simply tossed them towards the broken table. After all couldn't have king eboric having a bad reputation of breaking things without paying for them. " Then I guess Eboric you should have shattered me and not the table. For your words tsll me I must go and put down at least two of my kind...One I agree with he's a rabid animal that enjoys the depravity of the beast. And another that simply will have to be put down for being a wolf. " The lycan wouldn't adress Alice there was no need to. As he had ssid only time would tsll to see if alareik went through skth his plan of a mass turning. Two days was how long he had to think about his plans. With the thoughts weighing on his mind the lycan left.

Eboric watches the lycan leave before turning to Alice. "I will send a detachment of men from the fort, armed with silver weapons." The werebear grimaces, as if the idea leaves a bad taste in his mouth. "If he attacks, we'll put his dogs down, and then I'll hunt him myself."

Alice nodded her thanks to Eboric. "Thank ye. Too bad we couldn't of dealt with it now, aye?" She grimaced lightly, her hands on her hips as she watches Alareik leave. "...Just another problem te deal with before I step up..." She grumbled lightly. "Thank ye, though, as I said. The troops are appreciated. I'll have the Guard be on the lookout as well."

Eboric shrugs his shoulders. "There may yet be a use for him. I certainly don't want him near me or mine, but it may be that we can make use of his existence one way or another. Besides, it would not do for a king to debase himself by killing vagrants in taverns."

Alice hums lightly. "If he weren't lined up with Vuryal, I'd say ter stick 'im in the Guard... 'er somethin'. Maybe a huntin' crew, ter help with trade. I don't rightly know what to do about him." She rubs the back of her neck. "Seems like once ye solve one problem another springs right up... good thing I'm stubborn. Just startin' te keep me further'n further from the real goal."

Eboric shakes his head. "I would not include him in anything, if I were you. He is a snake. He has no honor, no morals. He will serve his own interests and those alone, no matter what you may want. If he attacks, we'll kill him, but if he does not, I would just let him leave, and be glad that he didn't manage to mess anything up too badly."

Alice let out a little sigh, but nodded. She had a feeling he was right. "Aye. I'll do as much." She crosses her arms over her chest and looks at the gold that the wolf had left. "...Sassy."

Eboric smiles, glancing as well at the gold. "He is a fool, nothing more. You will find that they are as thick as the fleas on a mangy lycan's pelt, particularly when you are working for a larger goal. I have had to deal with my fair share of them. Hell, I'm saddled with a whole town of them as my neighbors, out in Chartsend."

Alice laughed merrily. "I didn't think him as much o' a competitor, it was the Vuryal bit that has me worried. With'r without me, Cenril ain't equipped fer attacks by him. Not yet at least." She rubs her forehead. "Ye did warn me this'd be hard."

Eboric shrugs his shoulders. "You have my gold and my men; Cenril will be safe. Vuryal is of no consequence, I think. Ignore him, and he'll likely leave you alone." He glances out the window. "I must return to Venturil, but I may be here on the full moon, just to make sure."

Alice nodded. "I hope yer right. And thanks. Yer always welcome here, of course." She grins up at him.

Eboric raises an eyebrow. "I should hope so...you are sworn to me, after all." He smiles, and exits the tavern.

Alice just chuckles to herself, and heads her own way as well.