RP:Nigel thinks he is a rat

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Meeting Skylei in Kelay Tavern

Rowen said to Skylei, "Hello, my friend. How are you? Nigel sends his regards."

Skylei said to you, "Ahhh, yes. I am quite well. How are you? And of course Nigel ~ is he still a member of the, uh, Venturil Guard?"

Rowen said to Skylei, "Yes, yes, he is, but to tell you the truth I am a little worried about him. Not just about his career, though that is part of it, I am more generally concerned. You see, it all started after I landed my dream job, in Larket." . Skylei said to you, "You are working in Larket? How does this relate to uh... poor Nigel."

Rowen the rat pulls herself up to her full height, of a few inches. "It is a very responsible post, working for thequeen, protecting the citizens from stolen food, and from disease. You are looking at the new Larket rat catcher!" . Skylei said to you, "That -is- impressive, Rowen. Congratulations!"

Rowen grins broadly, thank you, my friend. Anyhow, poor Nigel, soon after I got the post started believing he was a rat, and now he wants me to catch him...only I don't think I'll ever get a watermelon for him, but I don't wanna disappoint the lad!

And then Satoshi in Frostmaw Tavern

Rowen scampers over to greet Satoshi, completely fearless, even though cats and rats are natural enemies "I just landed my dream job, but now, I have a problem, I think Nigel is delusional."

Satoshi is just slipping into the tavern to escape the marketplace crowds outside when she's assailed by... a rat? A talking rat no less. Three blinks and a quiet, "Uhm" are required before memory clicks into place. "Oh! Right. You. The one with the books." After a few blinks as she processes Rowen's words, the kit-vampire is still left staring dumbfounded at the rodent. "Erm. Dream job? Nigel? Am I supposed to be following this..?"

Rowen sighs, the last time she spoke with the assaasin, Rowen, had not realised how slow on the uptake she was. My dream job is larket ratcatcher. Nigel is my best mate, the fine looking shark, being carried by my human servant there. Only now he thinks he is a rat, and he wants me to catch him...only I don't think I'll ever get a watermelon for him, but I don't wanna disappoint the lad!

Satoshi blinks, again, because it's all she really can do in face of the peculiarities thrown her way. But she's in a compliant mood and after a moment of thought, she offers in a tone of perfect seriousness, "Why not catch him, to make him happy, get whatever reward you can for him, to make you happy, and then... somehow convince him he's a..." a glance toward Nigel, "...shark. Again..?" Insanity is harder than it looks.

Rowen said OOC, "Brilliant quote from Sato ..Insanity is harder than it looks."

Rowen said to Satoshi, "But all the stuff I've got is designed for restraining rats. It won't fit Nigel. Also I am scared I might get into trouble with the Guild of fully liscensed Shark Catchers and flower pressers...and what is going happen if Nigel here turns up to his job as guard shark at Venturil Castle and tells em all he is a rat, they'll laugh at him!""

Satoshi promptly stoops... then kneels... then hunkers down to Rowen's level to whisper in her rat-ear.

Satoshi whispered to you, "Well, you get yourself a fishnet, make a big fuss around Nigel sayin' it's a special tool for catching extra slippery rats. Of course, the Shark Catcher's Guild can't pester you then, since you're obviously catching a rat with rat-catchin' tools. Et those folk that'll laugh at his guard post? You tell them Rheven cast a spell on Nigel. Only those that are intelligent and powerful can see Nigel in his true form of a rat, the rest will see a... shark. Thing. Ahem, right."

Rowen gazes at Satoshi with Awe! "That is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I can't thank you enough! You may just have save Nigel's career!"

Satoshi straights up only to bow, feigning modesty. "Oh, it was nothing. Happy to help a rat and sha-... rat, in need."