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The Restaurant in Kelay 27 Oct 2011 The constant chink of wooden and glass plates is sounded. Stools have been pulled up to counter and tables, and constantly through a window near the door. The floor is boarded with mahogany slats, matching the ruddy color of the countertop, and nearly all else. Quaint and homely smells emit from the kitchen to the south, hidden behind big, red double doors. Upon each door is a windowed porthole. A list sits atop the counter, ready for your perusal.

A ton of scented candles is here. Kasyr is here with a Writhing Aura-Of-Twilight

The Revenant is busy dancing an Archmosian Daric between his knuckles

Kasyr has returned, just as he said he would. And, obviously enough, cloaked in the same manner as he was before. The only difference is that this time, the Revenant is busy dancing an Archmosian Daric between his knuckles. Given Vhys had been publically announced as part of Vuryals (failed) empire, the association is obvious enough. Beyond this, however, the veiled vampire is acutely interested in discerning just what, and who, is waiting for him.

Theo has had many kitchen hands assisting him in the preparation of the wide variety of fine dishes spread out on the several tables joined together in the centre of the room. The chef has now sent everyone else home, and closed the restaurant, however. A descision he may live (or perhaps not live) to regret. He may be cursing ever having met his lycan friend, the guild target before the day is our. The rather plump cook puts his hands together and simpers sychophantically. "Would you care to peruse the winelist sir?"

The Kensai takes a moment to enjoy the 'fruits' of his ruse

Kasyr seems to exude an aura of disinterest, the cloaked Revenant drifting further into the restaurant, if only to take a seat at the table. It's only when he's settled himself that he bothers to address Theo, his voice ringing out with the same chilly tonelessness as it had earlier, "Do you have anything from Vhys? I have a ..preference for elven vintages." Generally of the sanguine kind, but that's besides the point. Beyond that, he simply places the Daric down upon the table, and waits. After all, whilst he's certainly here for business- the Kensai is at least going to take a moment to enjoy the 'fruits' of his ruse.

Theo bows and pours his important vampiric customer a glass of the finest elven blood wine. "Warmed to body temperature, sir. I hope this is to your satisfaction." He gestures proudly at the mouth watering display. "Might I suggest beginning with oysters, a little caviar, then moving on to the Roc's egg omlette perhaps sir?"

Kasyr more than happily accepts what's presented before him, the chefs suggestion heeded with a minute sip from the glass. From there, the kensai simply begins to pick at delightful assortment of foods scattered before him- quite readily sampling those 'delicacies' that have been lain out before him. It's only when the vampire finishes off one of the plates, that he bothers to set it aside with the fixed request of, "Remove this, please." Really, the Kensais just trying to get Theo to turn his back and start heading towards the kitchen. Should the Revenant be so fortuitous as to achieve the result he desires, it won't be long at all, before he draws one arm up and flicks it downwards, a slight electrical charge being used to coax a scalpel out from one of the slats in the hidden preklek plate. A charge that is displaced into the scalpel itself, so that it can promptly be sent hurtling right through Theos chef hat, and pin it to the wall. "And then take a seat, sir." It does help, that the Kensai is near the main exits to this edifice.

All the 'good' vampires hanging around Kelay really have a lot to answer for

The chef obsequiously hurries to remove the plate, trustingly turning his back on the Kensai. All the 'good' vampires hanging around Kelay really have a lot to answer for, perhaps it is all an elaborate ruse to dupe the public into trusting bloodsuckers and make hunting easier. In any case Theo has no qualms about turning his back on this fellow, at least not until his hat, starched and pressed immacualtedly for the occasion whizzes off his head and is pinned to the wall. Hastily depositing the plate he returns, but does not yet sit. His tone is worried, but not yet fearful as he address the envoy from Vhys. "Is everything to your satisfaction sir? Anything I can do to make your dining experience more pleasant?"

Kasyr is somewhat glad his time in politics have allowed him to maintain a neutral expression nigh constantly, if only because he finds himself slightly surprised and irked by the manner the chef takes the event in stride. Nonetheless, the Kensai simply returns to sipping at his wine, before curtly replying with, "Sit. Now. S'...If you'd please." Though toneless, there still seems to be an edge to the Kensais voice- one that is made literal with the appearance of yet another scalpel, the likes of which is pointed towards Theo. "I'd like to speak with you- whilst I enjoy this offering." Which is to say, the kensais' still eating, once he's settled down his wine glass.

You ooc Theo has had to deal with a lot of drunk and unpleasant even threatening customers in the past. I doubt anything in his past experiences have prepared him for Kasyr though :D No You ooc Noone expects the Spanish Inquisition..I mean the French ... Kasyr oocly xP's

Are the sauteed baby unicorn's kidneys to your liking sir?

Theo takes the seat now, glancing at the scapel, his expression showing some apprehension. "As you wish sir." The chef's voice is still calm composed and professional, betraying no sign of the fear he feels. His mind races for a suitable topic of conversation, the cuisine being the most obvious. "Are the sauted baby unicorn's kidneys to your liking sir, I didn't over do the chilli did I?"

Kasyr had been wondering what that bit of meat was. As it is, beyond contemplating just how delicious the slaughtered youth of a beast representing purity and innocence is- the Revenant is back to pointing at the chef, "Delightful. I appreciate having something like this to sink my teeth into. As it is, my ...problem rests with something else. You see, I had the fortune of bumping into one of my colleagues-" The scalpel is at this point tapped against the daric on the table, " She had mentioned that one of our own had a particularily unpleasent encounter with a dog. He had, in the past, caused us a bit of trouble...before simply dissapearing." The vampire simply allows this words to settle in the air, idly taking another swig of the wine in the meanwhile.

Theo regards the Daric, symbol of the evil parasite Vuryal and swallows nervously. Before replying. "I blame the owners, letting their mutts roam around loose, bothering decent folks, they are for ever getting into the kitchen bins and making a mess. They ought to be kept on a leash. Perhaps you should take your associate to Gwenilyn's clinic in Chartsend. She is a fine healer, fixed me up good as new when I broke my arm once."

The unicorn kidneys are (lack of) sinfully delicious

Kasyr sets the glass of wine down, before casually going back to the unicorn kidneys. He can't help it really, give that it's (lack of) sinfully delicious and all. Its' only after a few more mouthfuls that the cloaked Kensai speaks once more, "Well, I certainly hope I can find what I'm looking for there- It would certainly be a shame were you to come to such harm that even this Gwenilyn would be unable to alleviate your suffering. Why, I do fear that such an injustice as wasting my time may in fact result in a rapid termination of any employment options, and require your prompt reassignment..as a meal to go." It's on this note that the scalpel is casually scratched against the table, "That would certainly be unforunate, non?" Really, what the Kensai is looking for at this particular moment, is an empathic resonance- Specifically, to confirm whether the man is spewing fact or fiction. "Especially if you were left in no condition to depart this location, whilst I searched for a missing mutt, non?"

Theo is hardly the sharpest spoon in the drawer

Theo is hardly the sharpest spoon in the drawer, but even he has worked out that this bloodsucker isn't looking for any ordinary dog, and that he is going to get pretty badly hurt if he doesn't co-operate. The chef has not yet made the link with his lycan friend Berenic, however. Wiping sweat from his brow with a trembling hand he pleads. "Please don't hurt me. What do you want of me sir?"

Kasyr isn't sure what vexes him more, the question posed to him- or the genuine feelings which reside behind it. Whatever the case, the vampires fairly quick in drawing up to his feet, the Scalpel now being used an impromptu-pointing-device. "...Sweet mother of f." That last word is ponctuated by the slamming of the Mithril scalpel into the table, "Berenic. You can give me his location, or I'll see you fed to the fermin, piece-meal."

The chef holds up his two hands palm outwards in a placating gesture. Shuffling his chair back a little away from both dining table and diner. "What the hell has that fool Berenic got himself mixed up in this time? Why do you want him?" His eyes dart fearfully around the room as he adds. "I'm certainly not going to die for that jerk!"

Kasyr threatens to cook the unco-operative chef

Kasyr draws his scalpel wielding arm up once more, before an electrical charge is effectively invoked so as to dislodge even more scalpels from within the Revenants sleeve. Two, to be precise, which abruptly slide down into the Kensais waiting hand, to be caught between his fingers. Still carrying the residual charge put through them, the vampire simply gestures the items towards Theo, "Allow me to repeat. A mutt did a disservice to one of those in the employ of your potential future employer. If you value your life, et this opportunity- you would help me in ascertaining the location of this mutt. Unless you like the idea of your shop being burnt to ashes, and you being roasted alive inside it. Your shop is, after all, quite empty- and no one is here to spare you of what I have in mind for you, should you waste my time."

Theo shudders with an agony of indecison. Torn between fear for, and loyalty to his friend, even if he is, as he mentioned earlier a jerk and terror at the idea of being burned alive. From the cold, pitiless way the diner speaks he is convinced this vampire is fully capable of doing such a thing. The cook briefly considers trying to flee, but he is no great runner, and vampire speed is legendary, besides his customer's intimidating presence seems to have fixed him in place with fear. After several moments he stammers out, guiltily. "He's disguised himself with that funny potion from enchantment, and he's taken a job with Pey the merchant imp." The chef looks down at the table, wondering if he has just effectively betrayed Berenic to one who wishes him dead, the lycan jerk never did know how to stay out of trouble.

Kasyr is satisfied, at least for the moment. After all, The poor chefs empathic resonic effectively seems to imply that what he's stating is the truth. It's thus on that note that the Vampire simply flicks one of the scalpels down into the table, a toneless taunt to ensue, "The meal was adequate, the information satisfying. Once I have finished my business with Berenic, I will deliver someone to this location- so as to escort you to your new employment opportunity. Perhaps you'll find solace, with new purpose and ample gold." Or agonize indefinitely, given that no one is ever going to come, but that's entirely besides the point.