RP:Is It A Truce?

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Large Inn

Alice stood at the front desk, in the motion of heaving a large wrapped package onto the counter. The package made a clanking noise as it hit the counter, and she grunted lightly, in conversation with the owner. "Aye. I... don' know if we'll really end up needin' 'em, but ye need the protection." She continued conversing, rubbing her face tiredly every now and then. "Silver. It's in there. An' don' be afraid to dirty no dishes, miss." She glanced at the owners wife. "I dinnae if they'll do anythin', but he did say he goes wild when the moon rises. Jes. It's a precaution, aye? Protect yer assets, protect yer family." The owners back and forthed with Alice like this for quite some time, Alice each time giving a weary answer, her voice heavy, as if she was carrying a great burden. She was, in fact, feeling as if she was carrying such a great burden. She just had a bad feeling. She'd learned, in the past, not to really trust anyone, or to take anyone's word for a grain of salt. In any case, the woman was armor-clad, and on her back was strapped her weapon of choice; a great battleaxe, given to her by her father. It was the very one she had used in the war with Eboric, the one salvaged from the shipwreck in Rynvale so long ago. It appears it had been cleaned up and polished. She attempted to continue comforting the innkeepers, unaware that anyone was with them.

Alareik appeared from north of the building. Exiting the room he rented from the lovely couple. As he stepped from the dining room he had a feral smile to his face. He heard the conversation and the voice of Alice long before he ever entered." Why Al... Thats not very nice...Handing out silver like that..." The lycan gave a small wave to the couple behind the counter. And oddly enough they waved back." Ma'am the biscuits this morning where perfect ..LIght flakey and fluffy... I don't know how you did it but they where fantastic. " The woman seemed to glow under the praise the lycan gave her. The sword alice had made for him was no where to be seen instead he simply had the silver sword strapped to his back. Or the first time in almost all of there meeting the lycan was fully dressed and looking as if he was preparing for a fight. The odd clawed gauntlet covered his left arm from shoulder to clawed tips. A weird combination of metal covered the vital positions on his body. The lycan merely shook his head at the woman and then stepped past her to a table. With a grin he pulled a chair out for the red head then moved to seat himself. Perfectly at ease for the moment... After all...everyone should enjoy the calm before the storm.

Alice motioned to Alareik, and gave the inkeepers a nod, eyes looking down at the blades she had just provided. A look of understanding crossed their faces, and they both looked at the lycan warily. Al turned her eyes to Alareik, a strange feeling growing in the back of her throat. She gulped it away, ignoring it. No time for that. In any case, she moved towards him, standing instead of sitting. She didn't want his kindness at the moment. "...Tha' blade was a mistake." She grunted lightly. "Shouldn't o' made it fer ye. An' I shouldn't o' let ye stay in town as long as I 'ave." She sounded faraway as she looked at him, an unreadable expression on her face. She too, was still all manners. Or, rather, as much manners as she could manage, given her situation.

Alareik calmly stayed sitting as he noticed her small play for a power spot since she kept standing. So without much thought for his actions the lycan reached up to his chest and unsnapped the buckle of his sword. He laid it carefully onto the table with the hilt pointed towards her. " This blade has taken the lives of fourteen lycan's... I'm not here for a fight with you al... I like you to much to let my furry problem out on you. " The lycan turned his gaze to the inn keepers a slow sad smile to his face as he did. Those two had been so nice to him... Such a lovely couple even provided him a bar to lock himself into his room on the worse of the nights. " The blade wasn't a mistake umbaroth is a truly magnificent sword. It is neither evil nor good... Merely a tool to be used like anything else." The lycan reached up and pushed the blade free from the sheath just the barest amount as if to ensure it was free from the sheath." So I guess.. What I can tell you All... Is we have three choices before us.... You can take that sword... And run me threw...We can try to come to a peaceful agreement for something... Or we both leave here and meet somewhere on the field of battle on the morrow..... "

Alice's gaze was cold, and her hand grasped around the hilt, slowly taking it from him. Her eyes darted between the sword and him. She was tempted. So very very tempted. For now, she kept the weapon in her grasp, staring at him with a slightly pained expression. "Yer me enemy, if'n ye plan on hurtin' this city. No way round it." Her eyes glanced over his face for a bit. "I'd like peace. I... don't want ter have te kill ye, that's fer damn sure. Yer fun." The expression on her face darkened. "Attackin's a fool's move. The Guard's already on the hunt. The Warband's already on the streets. A fool's effort. An' fer what?" A gauntlet-covered hand raised, rubbing her face. "Tomorrah, if ye come here, I won't show no mercy. No matter 'ow much I like ye. I won't hesitate ter end ye as quick as a blink. I don' want ter do tha'. 'Ave some sense."

Alareik slowly spread his hands wide and lifted his neck a bit for her if she wished to strike him down. " Nu uh... Thats not how this is going to work Ms al.... I need a reason besides its stupid. Have of the things I do are considered stupid until I win....It was stupid to climb onto the back of a dragon before it took off into the sky. It was stupid to chop its head off and ride its body to the ground... I live for stupid fun things. If there are more people here to fight... Then I guess its more people to bite and convert." The lycan gave a wide cocky smirk the scars once more making his face look terrible. ' Or ms al you and only you can give me a reason to call off the lycan's....And I don't want to kill you Al.... I told you to stay indoors when the sun falls. Besides like you said... We are enemies at the moment... You shouldn't pause to cut down an enemy. " And still his neck was such a wide open target no amor... His hands down at his sides and he was sitting against the wall. He had no where to go she could end it all with a single swing of his sword.

Alice rolled her eyes. "An idiot'd fall fer a trap like this, Alareik. No' me. I ain't stupid." She threw his sword down, with a little hiss, before crossing her arms over her chest. "What reasons could I give ye te stay out o' here? Te not kill a bunch o' innocent people fer no reason?" There was a pain in her voice. "We've been spendin' time together, we've been laughin' an jokin', an' tha' was me biggest mistake. Hell, I even let ye..." She waves her hands about looking for the word. "I let ye hug me, fer cryin' out loud." She glared at him. "I put my trust in ye, an now, ye just go about spoutin' this shyte. What's it you want from us, eh? What'll keep ye sated?"

Alareik gave a small smile as she tossed his blade down and away from her. He simply reached over and pushed the blade back into its sheath." There is nothing you could do besides kill me to get me to leave cenril i've told you... This town needs to be strong... " He stopped when he heard the pain in her voice. The stray though ran across his mind that maybe she cared for the lycan more then she was willing to admit. " Why was it a mistake Al?" Slowly the lycan stood from the table, still weaponless." I need a reason to not fight Al...Or at least to not fight with you... We could do alot better together then apart..."

Alice jabbed her finger against his chest, her temper suddenly flaring. "Yeah, tha's right, we could've fought better together, but ye had ter go ally yerself with a Time Worm, an' ye had te go start havin' yer mutts slaughter everyone, didn't ye? An' ye shut yer trap about this town. This town's already strong. This town won't be strong if ye kill everyone in it. Tha's a fool's errand, I keep tellin' ye. Have ye no wits about ye?" She pushed the finger harder, her volume increasing. "An' it was a damn wrong move o' me ter trust ye, ter think ye could maybe be a little differen' than what the other's 'ave been like, but damn it all if'n ye ain't out ter break a girl's heart an' kill everyone she cares about, aye?" She finally dropped her hand, huffing air out from her nostrils, much like a bull. "Me pals were right tellin' me no' ter get too excited. Yer dangerous. Don' be attackin' tomorra. Don' want ter 'ave ter kill ye. I... I like ye too much." She repeated herself, her arms slowly returning to their position, crossed over her chest.

Alareik felt the finger press into his chest. Ideally his eyes flashed between blue and yellow for the longest moment. The beast didn't enjoy having something talk down to him in that way. " I didn't know you when I accepted the time lord... I was only worried about being hung from the city gate. The lycan took a step closer towards her even as she continued to press that adorable finger into his chest harder and harder. " I never asked for your trust al... But i'll do what ever I can to have it... " The lycan seemed to be genuinely upset about something she had said to him. " Your friends are right... I'm very dangerous... I'm a rabid dog that has been off the leash for a while now... But thats alright Al... I like you to much too." The lycan suddenly made a face... the hell had he just admitted. " Al I don't think I could even raise my sword against you... The fang you wear in your ear thats my fang.... I...want you..."

Alice took a step back, a snarl leaving her. It was less of an angry snarl (though, to be sure, she was furious), and more of a nervous one. The female wasn't used to affection, and she definitely never knew how to react when it wasn't just flirting. She also wasn't especially prepared for being enemies with whoever it was she was interested in. "If ye raise yer sword against this city, yer raisin' yer sword against me. Tha's just how it is. These people are me new family. These people are... they're part o' me. An'... An' ter be frank, whether or no' I be wantin' ye back, I can't. I can't have ye if yer gonna make me choose between my city, my people, an' you." The fiery passion slowly returned to her eyes as she remembered that the love she held for her city was stronger than any love she'd ever harbored for any individual (that at least, she was aware of.) This renewed passion gave her the strength to turn back, and stare him in his eyes. "Ye have a simple choice tomorra. Even now, suppose. Ye can choose me'n my trust, 'er ye can choose yer plan, an attackin this place." She placed out the ultimatum. "Me, or the attack. Simple as tha'. An' believe me. Ifn' ye try an backstab me, we'll be ready. Choose wisely." Her voice was strong, she had decided.

Alareik gave that same sad smile that he had cast to the people earlier. When she turned away from him then started to speak he listened with rapt attention." Then...If thats how you fell..." The lycan's right arm reached over and grabbed the sword that was strapped to his back. He simply offered the blade to her. " I'd kill myself before I raised my blade to you... I told you... I want you..." The attack was discarded he would have to do something else to strengthen the town. " I know your strong Al... I know you will do whats right for this town... " If she took the sword he'd simply let her have it . A war blades weapon was his honor... His word his law. He was tired of fighting evil with more evil. Hell he was tired of fighting the attraction to the red head before him. He was tired of a lot of things at the moment. Oh so tired...and with the moon so close it wasn't a good combination in the least.

Alice took the weapon, weighed it in her hands lightly, and kept it by her side. "I hope ye know that won't keep me from keepin' an eye out. Tomorrow, if a single drop o' blood is shed. I'll know. The king'll know. An' this truce of ours'll be broken." The look in her eyes softened lightly. "I ken only hope ye'll keep yer word." A sigh left the redhead's lips, and she finally sat down in the chair he had offered. "I hope ye know, me mistrust o' ye ain't jest 'cuz yer a git sometimes. I've jes seen enough o' war ter know wha's right an wrong an' up er down." She looks up at him, shining in that armor of hers.

Alareik took a seat beside her. The blade she held would be enough to kill him in a heart beat since it was a hollow internal blade with alchemical silver. " I've seen war... I've seen death and i've seen the depravity of it all..." He gave a small huff at the thought of not being able to fight." Then i'll tell ya what... If your up to it... I'll spend the entire day with you... I wanted to go search under the old castle anyways. I've heard all kinds of fun things could be found down there. And you can leave me there when the moon rises.. Shouldn't be anything down there that I should be able to attack." Alareik didn't care for the kings threat of death. For all he cared eboric should have cut him down the other day. He did , however, care about alice enough to ensure he wouldn't be the cause of her problems.

Alice kept his weapon at her side, it seemed she had no intention of returning it, for whatever reason. She was quiet for a long time, before finally responding. "Aye. But I have errands te run first, before I ken' go off a-wanderin' with ye." She yawned lightly. "Ran out o' milk at home." She slowly stood, and gave him a nod. "I'll send word when me shoppin's done, aye?"

Alareik gave a small grin and shrugged to her." If thats what you want...dear..." He stood from his spot and headed slowly back towards his room that he rented from the couple. " I have nothing but time... Well... not nothing but i'm sure you get my meaning..."

Alice nodded and gave a small grin before turning her heel, and leaving. She had shopping to do.