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RP:Ilydia resumes her search

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Part of the Returning Niawtu to Vuryal Arc

Summary: Ilydia sees Ranok and talks with him.

Characters: Ilydia, Ranok

LOCATION: In front of Kelay Tavern

With her ragged dress and collar on, Ilydia walked to the list and read it, frowning. "Master is on this piece of paper. What does this Vuryal want anyways? He seems so boo." Ilydia sighed as she brought her hand to her head. "I never did find that silly lycan child. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her, that Vuryal kept running away with her whenever I found the courage to talk to her." Ilydia pouted seeing as how she was nearly alone and nobody would take note of a small elven child of her small size. After all, she barely came up to most of these people's waists and with her markings, she was even harder to see. Still, she remembered earlier where so much happened. She followed those two to a cabin in the snows, but they never came out-one lead gone for now. She had to find new leads and soon or it would be too late for her, her time ran short and she could easily tell her limits now came closer. She had always been evil by her nature; yet though not quite as pure as ilydia, she had not chosen to be evil but instead acted as her nature. She drifted off into a trance as she dove within herself, seeking 'her' out. ::ilydia, what do you think?:: :I know not, but you will lose control soon, fanged one: ::As little help as ever.:: Waking from her trance she bit her lips lightly. This could prove troublesome...

Ranok was walking on the way back from Cenril. He had returned to visibility, the duster around his shoulder's no longer using the enchantment upon it. He looked...very unpleased. But then, he usually did. Whether it's just an extra ordinary case or not remains to be seen. Ilydia was paid little mind, though her mutterings did cause the man to furrow his brow. A mention of a lycan child and Vuryal, and his expression darkens further. His pace slows, trying to eavesdrop a little more.

Her mind wandered for a bit when she noticed that someone had slowed. ::Strange, a shift in movement.:: :Suspicious activity, perhaps...: Ilydia shook her head before she continued to muse. "If master is on this list, then perhaps Vuryal is master's enemy. That makes Vuryal dangerous. Then the lycan girl is in danger. That man hurt that woman, though I suppose... I do owe Vuryal a lot... I would never have met master if he didn't hurt that one. Time is definitely running out and if I can't find the lycan girl soon, I may lose all my hopes at learning what I need to know." Ilydia sighed at that point and brought out a small dagger, etching some symbols into the ground. The symbols were similar to words though not exactly easily recognizeable as such though for those who could read it, they would see the words: "I, the fanged child, seek information about the lycan girl who may be in danger. If anyone would find me information or lead me to her, I would be in great debt." She looked now at the sky. "Time, it passes against my will. How long do I have to live? It soon shall be cut short, don't you know? If I don't find this lycan girl and speak to her soon, I soon will die and for nothing. Silly old man, he died in such a way and left so many to mourn his loss. If only that one had not died, then perhaps, but he wished to die and who was I to stop him? Now to find the one he made family." of course, that last part she spoke with full intent to be heard by the one who listened.

Ranok thins his eyes further. He didn't like how he was regarded as he slowed, even the little bit. It made him suspicious, as well. His pace remains steady. The words scratched onto the ground read. He didn't offer his information. Her ramblings were noted, as well. Ilydia didn't look harmful, as seemingly a child as he thinks she is, but appearances are deceiving. Especially with the shape shifter about. A few possible methods of action wheel through his head and are discarded or examined in turn. He opts to keep moving.

So he didn't take the bait, guess I'll simply have to keep an eye on him, unless... We want to force it out:: :Dangerous one. We cannot fight him until it is to late for you: ::Well, that makes things difficult:: Ilydia moved carefully now, as if a deer approaching a lion. If needed, she would bolt for the one thing she still had skill in was running-running very fast indeed. She seemed serious though as she neared Ranok, her hands by her side then behind her back. "Good sir, how is your day?" She kept her body just slightly tense and kept herself reasonably outside his immediate range, assuming he wielded a sword like her master. She would bolt upon a sign of danger but until then, she needed to get information and soon.

Ranok looks down at Ilydia. His jaw works just slightly. The man exhales, and halts his progress. Hands straighten the duster about his shoulders slightly. The weapons on his body were hidden by it. But he wasn't reaching for one at the moment, at the least. "It iz goink quite fine." His words were a little tight, perhaps.

Ilydia could feel the tension from the man, the emotions not being too well hidden. It seemed that she was getting a little better at it though not by much. She would need to probe cautiously. "I am what is known as a vampire, and I remember you from before though a few details are missing. You wouldn't recognize me though, I'm rarely noticed and usually ignored. It is quite surprising you didn't ignore me yourself." She smiled kindly at Ranok as she spoke, "Do you know anything about a Von Penzance lycan girl who was kidnapped by some jerk named Furry Al? Vurgal? Something like that." Her smiled disappeared there as she realized that she had mixed up the order of her questions. "I suppose I should have asked you this first since I doubt you'd tell me the truth now if you are friends with that monster. Are you friends with or enemies with that monster?"

Ranok turns fully to look at the vampire that addresses him. He looms at his full height. Normally, he did it naturally and unintentionally, But in this case he exercised the full extent of his stature, bringing it all to bear. Feet apart, shoulders set, duster lending even more width to his already huge shoulders, and leaning slightly to get that perfect 'intimidating loom' look, "Hyu ask very dangers questions, liddle gurl." He wasn't going to trust her just because she seemed innocent. In fact, he trusted her even less because of it. The 'cute and innocent' shtick was an old one. And perhaps he was just a little more pissed off at the world then usual.

"Dangerous? I suppose they are dangerous considering if I am wrong about you, then I may soon be on the list myself and unlike master, I cannot protect myself from the monster. Yet, if I am correct, then you would be, for the lack of a better term, good." She brought out a small bottle and opened it carefully. "And I can tell you know this information and while I can see that you are very dangerous and easily stronger than mine self, I don't have the time to beat around the bush." She allowed her markings to fade slightly and cut herself lightly, allowing a little 'blood' to drip from her, catching it in the bottle. "If you have dragon's blood, you can mix it with mine, you will see that I truly am a vampire." She carefully looked at the man as she continued, "I ask you this again, do you know where the lycan girl is? She is in danger and so am I. I must speak to her before I am punished and before she is harmed." Even as she spoke those last words, she closed the bottle and rolled it towards the man.

Ranok casts a glance at the vial. His brow raises despite himself, "Hy believe dat hyu are a vampire. Vy vould Hy not? Und vat doze it matter?" A booted foot clamps down on the vial. He doesn't pick it up. He wouldn't. Part paranoia, part unnecessary. A gloved hand flexes, once. "Obviously, hyu know zumtink about me. Oddervise, hyu vould not be askink me dese questions. Perheps Hy do not. Perheps Hy do not. Tellink hyu vould do me little goot."

Ilydia sighed, she had little desire to fight someone she could not beat, yet she would likely need to. "True enough it would not do you any good to tell me and I don't know you personally, I've only seen you in action a few times. Yet, if you will not tell me out of kindness, then perhaps you will... They say men can tell the hearts of others through their blades. Would you be willing to fight me later? Not with straight blades, it would not do for me to hurt you by some beginner's luck and I would much rather not face you with live ones lest I be a head shorter, I fear my height is dreadfully undermatched as it is, but with dulled ones?" She looked at the ground carefully then, "Though your refusal to tell me says more than I had ever expected to hear from you. You know where she is and I say to you, out of the kindness of your heart, would you take me to her, bound, blindfolded, whatever you feel is proper precautions. I do wish to speak to her, just return me whole after."

Ranok is unfortunately merely a man. A paranoid one, at that. It has helped him survive more times then he's ever cared to count, but there are times when it obscures the truth. Sadly, it applies here. "No. No reason to fight. De obvious aside, it kould be a diversionary tactic. Or a goot old fashioned trap. So far, hyu hef impressed de importance uf dis meetink vith her. But hef not eksplained vy. Hy qvestion you motives."

Ilydia kept her eyes lowered for a moment before she looked at Ranok carefully, "I believe she may be the key to what I need to know and I wish to learn more about her. They say lycan and vampire do not mix, yet enemies may not always be so. She is still young, I am still young, what would happen if we were to become friends young? An experiment if you will, and there is more." She paused to breathe, a careful breath that required great concentration. 'She' was growing tired now and would need to sleep soon. "She has been around the monster for some time and she knows much about him. She knows much about the certain people that I have desire to learn... And she may know who it is that the monster is looking for. If she does, then she is in danger of that thing." She her hands in front of her face as if gazing at her palms. "As for why it pertains to me, I am a vampire, and a new one at that. She is a lycan and obviously young. She is free, I am not. I wish to learn from her, I wish to find ways to be truly free from my master. I must find out how before he continues or the child within me will surely die forever. I will not let her die in vain... I want to grant her wish, the wish that gave me life."

Ranok thins his mouth. A scowl forms on his face, "Information. Vague information. Und to be her friend? Ridiculous. Hyu really tink dat Nia iz more free den hyu? Ha." He shakes his head, and steps back. The boot that had been stepping on the vial kicks it back at Ilydia, making it roll across the ground, "No man iz free. Uf fate, uf chains, uf duty, uf vant. Freedom iz a very goot illusion. Zum are less free den odders." He snorts, "Hy'm afraeed dat Hy em onsympaddetic uf you...problem vith you inner child. Und de point iz moot. Hy do not know uf vere de child uf vich hyu schpeak iz. Even if Hy vanted to take hyu to her, Hy kould not." Of course it was a lie, but he sure as hell wasn't going to compromise the security around Nia for the sake of a waif of a child pleaing to him.

"She is more free than me. I have a master to whom I am bound to and I must go and be punished. I can only stay away for so long. You are a good man, I can see that, then is your heart truly so cold that you would let a child die when your action could save her? And as for being a friend, as I said, an experiment. Perhaps we cannot be friends, but I would like to try." Ilydia picked up the vial and spun it before rolling it back towards Ranok. "My master plans to place a great darkness, a pure evil within me. This child will not survive that as we are now and I believe the lycan girl holds within her, even if she does not realize it yet, the knowledge of how to protect this child from that evil and perhaps even the knowledge of how to break the bond with my master." She knelt before Ranok now before she continued, "What would you ask of me to prove myself to you? Even if you cannot bring me yourself, I am sure you know those who could."

Ranok seems to have had enough. He gives a sad shake of his head, "Yet anodder dat attributes de vords 'goot man' to my name. How liddle hyu know. Regardless. De ansver iz yah. Hy vould. Hy vould choose de safety uf her over henny odder child. Especially ven Hy hef no reason to belieff hyu." With that, he turns to go. The vial was left still. "Find you own vay. Dere iz hallvays aodder path."

Ilydia sadly moved to the vial and picked it up. She had gained what knowledge she had sought and now simply needed to go through 'her' memories. It would take some time but now the pieces were coming together. She smiled, "Very well, good man, There is definitely always another path and you have shown it to me. Thought it would have been less time consuming if you had let me use yours. Do not worry though, I have great reason not to fail as I only have so much time. I will find that girl." She changed her smile then to a small, unnoticeable but undoubtedly malicious smile. ::And I might just take her out of safety because you decided to risk this one's life.::

Ranok just replies, "No. Hyu von't." There was dead certainty in his voice. And then he was gone.