RP:Ilydia Becomes A Vampire

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Summary: Ilydia helps heal Jolie and meets Kasyr, leading to her becoming a vampire

Characters: Ilydia, Kasyr, Rowen, Jolie, Satoshi, Cornelius, Spawne, Uchawiman, Ordox, Zira

LOCATION: Magical Herb Shop, Hanging Corpse Tavern, Coffin Maker,

Magical Herb Shop

Dimly lit and thick with the murk and haze of burning incense, the little shop overpowers the senses, causing your head to reel with the dizzying effects. Candles abound, some ensconced in plated silver, others set about small tables or under earthen bowls filled with herbs. All contribute to the flickering light and dancing shadows. Towards the back, a door stands partially ajar, blackness and more haze beyond. Stepping forward to greet you with an ageless stare, the pointy eared, robed proprietor directs you toward a list of wares being offered.

Camthalion, with a novice mortar and pestle is here.

Cornelius enters, and speaks to the elf "We've use of your wares and your expertise with them, Camthalion. Please assist my wounded friend. The gold, as always, is good."

Spawne looked around for a place to lay his thrashed companion, finding nowhere he would deem suitable amidst the jars of dried, powdered and stewed flora.

Jolie didn't mind what space might be cleared for her. She needed to be stitched up. And fast.

Rowen pokes her tear-stained little rat head out of Spawne's pocket. She whispers a prayer to Daedria, quietly unsure if any others present save Kasyr are worshipers of her lady.

Jolie said to Spawne, "You're always patching me up."

Ilydia || Eager to see what would happen, she had followed them, yet now she could see there was precious little she could do. Still, she quietly allowed herself to be seen as she spoke, "Is there anything I may do to help?"

Spawne lowered Jolie into the only available seat, in a manner so that the lashings on her back were accessible, "Yeah, well... You'll return the favour soon enough. If you ever beat me." He turned to face the onlookers, waving a massive hand at Kasyr, "Make yourself useful, guy. Clean water and a rag, come on!"

Zira slips into the room silently, waiting to see if there was anyway she could help the woman or her healers.

Kasyr is still in tow, and doing his utmost to retain his composure. Which is to say, maintaining his murderous mood from before- and trying not to let aggravation or sarcasm envenom the words he carries for Rowen, "I did not assume that you were the source of the plight, Rowen. I just find your news...disturbing given the pragmatism Jolie has always displayed. That she'd chose to bargain with him..." Shaking his head, the vampire's pace slows to a halt, his gaze turning towards the door, "..Late again..."

Cornelius nods to Ilydia "Have you skill with needle and thread? Camthalion will apply the poultices to aid Lycan healing, but some of these wounds could be guided by suture latices to minimise the scarring"

Jolie 's broken-nailed hands wrenched together, bracing for the aftermath of cloth sunk deep into wounds by the razor-tipped whip. Blood soon ran to pool in the seat, and her shoulders hunched, making her seem even smaller than she was.

Jolie said, loud enough for Kasyr to hear, "If you were still Cabal, I'd do the same for you, Kasyr. You know how we are."

Camthalion, with a sigh at the crowd in his humble store, gets to work with mortar and pestle. He preferred quiet while making his remedies, but sometimes the fates were not so kind.

Ilydia said, "I have only minimal skill with needle and thread, but if none else here has the skill, I will do it."

Spawne said to Cornelius, "I've stiched Jolie up a few times... If you have a needle, I'll get to work."

Spawne said to Jolie, "Scars from amateur surgery make you look tougher."

Rowen is feeling pretty angry, at Kasyr's earlier words, but after some soul searching decides it is her duty as High Priestress of Daedria not to quarrel with one of Daedria's other most loyal followers, as the goddess may have need of them both. "It's alright Kasyr, we are all in shock at seeing the brutal way Tenebrae was tortured. I understand."

Kasyr snaps out of his reverie, before he abruptly turns to look at Spawne- staring blankly for a sparse few moments. it's only when the 'orders' sink in that he stirs into motion, the vampire haphazardly hopping over the shops counter, to sift for the requested items. To the shop owner there was a simple, "..Don't mind me."

Jolie said to Spawne, "You know how to stitch well enough. Get on with it. The girl can fetch me a whisky."

Cornelius nods, and provides Spawne with needle and thread. "It's not cat gut, but it will have to do the trick. I've had to sew myself up on occasion."

Ilydia spoke as she stared at Jolie. "I once again offer it. I can do little but dull the pain, but I have a magic, not holy, that may help and I offer it if you will accept."

Jolie said to Ilydia, "Dulling the pain seems a good idea. I'll accept that. And a large slug of Mesthak's worst whiskey."

Zira nods, "I'll fetch the whiskey for you." she offers, turning towards the door.

Ilydia nodded as she began to fade from sight to grab the strongest brew she could find.

Jolie gratefully took the drink and made short work of it, dribbling a bit since she could not straighten herself, hunched over to allow the Catastrophe's ministrations as she was.

Jolie used Mesthaks strongest-brew.

Kasyr jerkedly a bowl, water...and some fairly nice looking towels that are probably more the store owners personal property. Not feeling particularily up to wasting time bartering, or improvising, the vampire simply plunks a pouch of gold on the counter, alongside the items- before hopping back over the counter, hand resting gingerly atop the pommel of his blade, "...So at what point did tu stop considering me as one of yours, madamoiselle?" Kasyr is doing a very good job of keeping the edge out of his voice.

Zira reappears and sets the whiskey near the woman before drifting into the background once more.

Ilydia now that she had given Jolie the brew, she closed her eyes as she touched Jolie's hand softly. Her power had weakened but she would still use her power. She allowed the power to activate and she could feel a little of Jolie's pain and took just a small amount of it into herself to dull the pain. She winced, her head pounding from the effort and her back stinging from the pain she had taken. It would do little but every little bit would help.

Cornelius staggers over to a wall, and slides down it. It was strange, the dandy thought to himself, to be covered in so much blood which wasn't his own.

Spawne tucks the items between his teeth, and turns again to inspect the wounds. He tore away at swatches of cloth, clearing his workspace from garments left tattered by the lashing, "Sure know how to bleed, don't you...?" He stared at the viscous stream pooling in her seat, contemplating whether to clean the wound or cauterize it first. "Drink deep, kid... Whatever I do next is going to sting."

Jolie said to Kasyr, "You're such a dolt, teifling." She grinned, even as another stab of pain wracked her. Perhaps the booze was helping. "You and your wife are stronger than either of those who were," here, she shot an apologetic glance to the Queen of the Universe, "... I was protecting those who needed it. He'd never have bargained for Satoshi."

Cornelius ||Camthalion works rapidly to produce the first poultices, designed to help numb the flesh and prevent infection. His terse instructions to Kasyr are "Apply liberally."

Rowen said to Kasyr, "Once Cabal, always Cabal, we know that. But I know you would not have preferred Tenebrae to suffer a third terrible lash to have you removed from the list also. We all know you are a mighty warrior, who can protect himself."

Jolie said, "Ow.. dammit!" Spawne had not been kidding. She noted then the girl who was suffering beside her, and guessed the cause of her pained expression. "Thanks, chick. Thank you."

Jolie used Mesthaks strongest-brew.

Jolie took up a second round, one of the bottles Zira had brought. To the vampire, Jolie hissed through her pain, "You better be studying that book, girl." All business, was Jolie, as usual.

Ilydia looked away, obviously unused to being thanked. Her words were quiet, yet clear, "A healer's duty is to help those who are hurt no matter what side they are on."

Rowen said to Ilydia, "May Daedria bless you my dear."

Jolie said to Ilydia, "I am on the side of the Cabal. No other."

Zira cocks an eyebrow, "Of course milady." the vampiress says stepping forward, "As you suggested."

Spawne smirked as the colour began to return to Jolies voice. He dabbed at the largest of the wounds with the cloth, soaked in water. Gradually, crimson streams would lose their colour, and remnants of thread in her woulds would wash away. Wringing the cloth between his fists, he set the item aside and plucked the needle from between his teeth, puncturing her flayed skin across the bloody gap, and bringing it together with a gentle tug of thread, "This is gonna take a while..."

Jolie said to Kasyr, "We are, then, to war with the fold. As one of my people, will you help this cause?"

Rowen said to Jolie, "And the Cabal are on your side."

Kasyr's look softens considerably at Jolies words, a drawn out huff coming from him, before he turns back to the counter to retrieve the first of the poultices, a nod given to Camthalion, "Thank tu." Once the items are retrieved, he simply moves over towards where Spawne is, head tilting between him and Joliette, "Tell me when, Oui? Or should I work around tu?"

Jolie patted Spawne's knee. "I'm tough as old boots. Take your time. I'm too pretty for nasty scars."

Kasyr said to Rowen, "I'd have sooner died a dozen times...et honetement..being removed would do my machinations more harm than good."

Spawne said to Jolie, "you're gonna look like old boots, if y'keep taking everybody's licks for them."

Jolie waited for the next bout of agony to pass, and then winced toward Rowen. "I'm sorry I took your hand off, little rat. I really am." Then to Kasyr, went that haunted gaze. "Now. We go to war now. We'll smash them where we find them."

Ilydia shook her head as she took in the words. "It matters not what god, what side, what money. You were hurt and I acted accordingly. Still..." She paused as if unsure what to say next, her mouth opening then closing, repeating her actions several times as if testing different possibilities. Finally, she spoke again, "I do not see why you must suffer from that one, why you should be forced to be in pain. I do not like him."

Jolie added, "And then we'll see to the Parasite."

Satoshi enters at that moment. Emiur might not be as swift a flyer as Kasyr's dragon, but the serpent is fast enough, and serves as a double pair of 'eyes' when it comes to locating her wayward husband. He's gotten the kit where she needs to be, and while she grimaces at Jolie's state and the heady reek of blood in the air, she reaches the kensai's side with determination, without seeming to notice the rest gathered. "Is it true, then?"

Rowen smiles as her old friend Kasyr's face becomes less agitated. "You have the blessing of Daedria, also, sir. Though I am sure you have no need of her priestess to tell you that.

Kasyr said to Jolie, "...I thought I had heard something to that effect. Would you allow me the priviledge of working to keep tu safe, whilst not furthering the parasites objectives...Or do you insist upon my participation in your cause. ...I will not deny you, if you ask this of me, nor begrudge you that favor, Cherie."

Rowen said to Kasyr, "I know, old friend..that you would sooner have dies a dozen times..I know.....I can you imagine the guilt I feel, that she suffered so to have me spared."

Jolie said to Ilydia, "Once Cabal... my people are my people. I would die for them, if I had to."

Rowen said to Jolie, "What's a hand between friends."

Rowen said to Ilydia, "And we would die for Jolie."

Camthalion nods to Kasyr, already retrieving jars of herbs and liquids from his shelves, deftly mixing ingredients into three different mortars, applying the three different pestles in a languid yet methodical fashion, switching between them as was required. He glances to Spawne and Kasyr every now and then, carefully timing his preparation to match the progress of large man's needlework.

Zira sees no reason to remain, things had progressed past the point where she could be of use. Without a word the vampiress disappears out the door.

Jolie said to Kasyr, "The Rynvalian .... hordes will not be pleased that I am taking out their friends. Those at the doghouse might need dissuading from leaping into my business.""

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "...Take heed et listen, mon amour. It's hard to miss, a ce moment."

Jolie 's eyes narrowed. "Or I might have to start on them, too."

Jolie almost let herself flinch under the passage of needle and gut through already ragged skin and torn-into muscle. But she would manage a nod to Satoshi, anyhow.

Camthalion finishes the first of the three mixtures. He speaks to the person nearest to him, Satoshi in this instance "Feed her this. Have her wash it down with whiskey. It will burn, but encourage her own powers of regeneration, perhaps taking a day or two off her overall recovery time."

Satoshi returns Jolie's nod, forcing all of her attention away from the needle threading through the woman's flesh. "When you've a moment then, Lady." A pointed pause. "After, that is."

Her body rigid, shaking slightly, Ilydia stared at the two as she spoke, "That is foolish. If you die, then who will save your friends next time. He himself said a life buys not a life. I can understand that you would take the lash for your friends, but death is too final."

Satoshi is abruptly made healer's assistant, and nods numbly in response.

Jolie groped about for another drink, the liquor doing much not only for her constitution in general, but to keep her inner and most despised wolf at bay. "Now is good, Sato. It'll keep my mind.... ow!"

Rowen said to Ilydia, "Sometimes it in necessary to die to save your friends, if they die instead, what does it profit you to yet live."

Satoshi taking a kneel before Jolie, the kit offers the mixture forward. "You heard the man, Lady," she coaxes.

Kasyr takes that moment to begin applying the poultices, seeing as Spawne hasn't told him anything to the contrary- and Camthalions instructions certainly provide him an alibi, "...Which es, of course, what the parasite is counting on. For you to go to war with the fold, et in turn draw out their allies, and your allies- so that he'll have some long drawn out conflict to bare witness to, as those who would normally focus their attention upon him, instead waste all their energies murdering each other." Pausing the vampiric kensai quirks his head to the side, the bare ghost of an amused smile creasing his lips, a thought flickering through his head. "But than...I'm fairly certain he es banking on the displeasure you have for the Rynvalian whore...des."

Cornelius flinches almost imperceptibly at Ilydia's repetition of Vuryal's words. The dandy remains hunched over against the wall, still coated in Jolie's blood.

Jolie 's torn nails might've dug hard into Spawne's knee, then.

Satoshi adds quietly, "And not here. After. Alone."

Spawne dug into his pocket to fetch a cigar. Lips pressed against rolled tobacco, he'd light it on the closest candle and return to his work. He'd puff twice on the cigar, the second merged with a grunt as Jolie voices her pain. The rest of the cigar would be offered to her, in exchange for her silence.

Kasyr takes one look at Jolie's hand and tsks. The advantages of not mincing words are sometimes very readily apparent.

Kasyr said to Ilydia, "...As a note. I'm a...similar sort of Monster to Vuryal. Death is inconvenient..but.. Merely that."

Jolie said to Satoshi, "Aye, aye." And caught herself, and frowned at it, but took the drink. After a swig, she said to Kasyr, "He'd be right. I had plans to make her life a living hell anyway. But... " another sip, as the needle and poultice both stung her. "... I needed my kinfolk out of harm's way. I cannot be everywhere at once. Who knows who will be next on that list of his. And Shishi has the children.."

Camthalion busies himself with the two final mixtures, adding more reagents and herbs as he continues. The elven apothecary takes down two empty jars from his shelves in a brief moment of respite, waiting for the mixtures to settle somewhat.

Satoshi flicks a look Kasyr's way, but remains silent.

Jolie took that cigar, which might offer the Catastrophe some relief from her nails, and puffed, the bottle still in her other hand. "Girl," she said to Ilydia, "See to the dandy moping over there." Harsh as the words were, her brow creased further on noticing Cornelius' state of being.

Ilydia stared at the ground, her frustration showing. She did not enjoy this talk as she understood what they said, yet she could not allow lives to be so easily lost. Even so, she held no power to stop the gears of time nor had she the power to oppose the man. She growled with anger, not at the two but at herself for being so weak. "One day, I will be stronger. One day, I will make you eat those words and all who suffer with no losses. Yet this is not the day." Her eyes lowered for but a moment before she began to stare at Kasyr. "I ask that you teach me to be a similar sort of monster, to have similar power that I may protect those who are suffering."

Satoshi said to Ilydia, "Monster and protect rarely prove a workable marriage..."

Rowen regards Ilydia with interest as she makes her request of Ashen, she is brave, certainly, though ....foolish might be a better term.

Kasyr takes a moment toshrug at Satoshi, and mouth the words, "It's true." at her. That being said, the majority of his attention remains fixed upon Jolie, both for the sake of tending to her as per Camthalions instructions...and the conversation at hand. "Again, Cherie- I do not begrudge you for your choice. However personal your vendetta es against her, I also am aware that he es holding our kin 'ransom' as it were. Et so, I must ask- just what exactly did he ask of you? I am intent upon understanding the...particular nature of the bargain you made with him. The details..the wording. He never was too bright when it came to contracts. He's simply talented at manipulation and gauging peoples reactions."

Jolie said to Ilydia, "Brandy would not go to waste on him, methinks."

Kasyr said to Ilydia, "...You think I obtained power without suffering? The pacts I've made have ensured that in the end, my life is not entirely my own- and consumed much of who I've encountered. Ask elsewhere- I won't help you."

Spawne had sealed the largest of the wounds, albeit not perfectly. These were not the hands of an adept surgeon, and even with whatever healing agents would be applied, there would always be the possibility of some scar tissue forming. He'd proceed to the next with a short muttering, "Y'aint ever sending pretty girls to see to me..."

Ilydia || She nodded quietly at Jolie before looking at Kasyr, "Please consider it, I do not believe you gained your power without suffering, but to obtain my goals, there is little I would not consider." her words flowed quietly as she moved towards Cornelius. "How may I see to you?"

Jolie said to Kasyr, "We are to war with the Fold. I paid for Shishi and Rowen. But the wolf child will die, if we fail to smash them. And that child is now a Von Penzance and Cabal, and must live."

Jolie muttered to Spawne, "You get to grope me for an hour, what're you complaining about?"

Jolie didn't add the part about all of Cabal becoming targets, nor the price she herself would pay. The pain was getting through the liquor, and that was excuse enough.

Rowen said, "We are to banish any surviving members of The Fold to Craughmoyle. I know not what the dwarves have done to anger the time lord that he should curse their kingdom so."

Kasyr gets a particularly pensive look, before shrugging, "...Smash is such a vague term. What es to stop me from say..contacting someone I know who has influence in the fold- et simply having them wager the existence of their little grouping, against vous? Quand meme- I mean, an organisation that ceases to exist because their champion es felled could certainly be considered smashed- thereby fulfilling your oath, non? The stragglers are not your concern..after all. I do believe that would keep Rynvale out of this little debacle...until the parasite es...dealt with. What you do after that es your prerogative, vraiment."

Cornelius looks up at Jolie's words, bloodshot eyes dark in the shadow of the herbalist's store, locking ice onto the healer's face. His voice rasps out like boulders down a hill, crashing against offers of sympathy or aid "You can do nothing for me. What's done is done" The dandy assassin, in centuries past dubbed the 'Remover of Obstacles' for the Penzance family, laughs coldly "Besides... I must prepare for my appointment with Kuzial."

Kasyr said to Jolie, "I'm married...though that es not so much a complaint- as much as a statement that I can't let my hands slip. ...Er, Not that I would, otherwise. Or...Anything."

Spawne runs a bloody finger across Jolie's shoulder, "You're right, I should be counting my blessings..."

With his last statement, Cornelius forces himself to his feet.

Rowen said to Cornelius, "Try not to let the drow bastard kill you, my friend, it would be most inconvenient."

Jolie narrowed her gaze on the former tiefling, whom she applied the word to by habit. "I'm in no fit state to battle anyone, Kasyr. Let me think on it." She was terribly pale, now, but would offer Spawne a wan smile. Cornelius' words drew her to gravity again. "The House Penzance has my best wishes, Cornelius. And so do you." And here, she drank her whiskey for want of better words to express how she felt about it all.

Camthalion glowers at Cornelius, if only because he expects it means another visit at unusual hours for herbal remedies for sword wounds. Despite that, the elf finishes up the last two mixtures, and carefully decants them into the different jars. The apothecary states "The brown jar contains more poultices for the wounds, to assist in the next change of bandages. The green jar contains more of the remedy to assist in the lady's regeneration. Do not take it for at least three days hence, lest you poison yourself. It takes time for even a Lycan's metabolism to flush the residue from the body, and too much of this constitutes a toxin."

Satoshi makes written notes of the herbalist's instructions, because something tells her verbal directions concerning potential poisions given to a woman drunk on whiskey and pain is an unwise decision.

Jolie said to Spawne, "I'd like to go home. As soon as possible."

Kasyr offers Jolie a grin that seems almost serrated in response to that look, "Ma chere damoiselle- you do moi a grave injustice in thinking that I would fail to consider your current plight, and contemplating means by which to even the scale. Though, were you feeling more sporting, it could simply become a matter of simply pitting one champion against another." As quickly as it appeared, the grin fades, the hybrid simply slouching. Only than does the hybrid cast his glance back to Ilydia, "...Why would you be so intent upon becoming a monster? Do you think power would solve all your problems? It begets as many as it resolves, unless applied carefully, and the severity of these problems seems to scale with the degree of power you hold, often times. Especially since you have very little choice in embroiling yourselves in certain..situations."

Kasyr said to Jolie, "...Permission to deal with Rynvale as I see fit, for now? I'll leave them to your ...tender administrations after Vuryal is dealt with, if that es your desire"

Jolie sighed and puffed the cigar, sending a blue-ish plume of smoke across the apothecary's shop, much to his chagrin. "Let me rest a little, Kasyr. I would speak with you further on this, then."

Spawne said to Jolie, "Almost finished. For just a couple of lashings he did a pretty good number on you."

Cornelius nods to Jolie and Rowen, before speaking to Jolie. The scarred man's voice remains devoid of emotion "If I die, somehow get someone to force Ranok out of the Fold before things escalate. Niawtu listens to him, and she now carries the Penzance name. My will is in the first draw of your office desk, but today's developments are not accounted for" As the dandy leaves, he adds "Your estate needs better traps. The current tripwires are far too obvious." With that, the blood-soaked dandy walks out into the fresh air of Kelay, scent of roses overpowered by his gore-wrecked apparel.

Kasyr said to Jolie, "...But than I can't park a dragon into the place I'm pretty sure they are with as much dramatic effect..."

Jolie said to Kasyr, "I can't think. Speak to me tomorrow." She nodded to Spawne. "It had metal tips. And he's strong, for a worm."

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "Park her on the Timeleech's face, and it'd fix your problem?"

Kasyr said to Jolie, "..As you desire."

Jolie had nodded to Cornelius as he left, her lips thin as string. "I promise."

Satoshi adds, "If the gods loved me, those two would cancel each other out."

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "...There is a reason I did not bring her to that confrontation. I had originally believed I might have the opportunity to challenge him. ...I made sure she wasn't nearby. I remember what his capabilities were like the last time I crossed blades with him."

Rowen said to Satoshi, "The gods do love you Queen Satoshi. How could Daedria not love one who has rubbed shoulders with her high priestess."

Ilydia looked at Kasyr and considered his words carefully before she spoke, "If becoming a monster would give me the power to help those in need, then I would be willing to do so. Yet I know that power will not solve all of my problems. I can do little with what power I have now and I need more to solve my current problems. Yet I understand that by gaining power I would gain more problems where I would need even more power to fix. One could consider it an endless cycle, but what is living but a constant cycle of problems and solutions? It is not that I wish to become a monster but that I wish to have power to solve my current problems. Then when more problems occur, I will seek even more power to solve those. If wisdom or knowledge could help me here, then I would take that too." She smiled, not of happiness or foolishness but of sadness. "I may seem to want a life of suffering, but it is simply that I want a life where I have helped others."

Jolie said to Kasyr, "I may have information to help.." her words broke off, and she looked to Spawne. "How much longer, Red? I want my bed, and a barrel of rotgut."

Spawne lifts himself to his feet, "That's the lot of 'em... We can apply the salve and bandages at your quarters."

Jolie said to Spawne, "Carry me?"

Jolie looked to Satoshi and Kasyr. "I'd meet with you at the Corpse, at your earliest convenience."

Satoshi regards Ilydia with a blank expression, but it's Rowen's words that tug a smile from the kit. "If only, Whiskers~. We'll see, won't we?"

Satoshi said to Jolie, "You'll find me there, then."

Rowen beams at the nickname 'whiskers' "We shall indeed see Tiddles my friend. I am here for you in any case."

Kasyr cants his head slightly "Wisdom, Knowledge, and the careful application of allies... 'friends' if you so choose...can oft resolve most conflicts you would normally encounter. And often you need to exercise guile to gain power, anyways. Thus, a teacher or a book, even practice could serve you as well. Or are your current problems so grave that you would potentially risk anything to resolve them? ...Is it for the sake of someone else that you're seeking this? Friends, Family, or perhaps someone near and dear to your heart? A love~ Unrequited or otherwise?"

Satoshi said to Rowen, "Sometimes I think you're the only sane one among us."

Spawne wipes the encrusted blood from his hands, tossing the rag aside afterward. In a fashion similar to how she was brought to the apothecary, she was again scooped up in his right arm.

Rowen said to Satoshi, "Too right. It's a great responsibility being the only sane person alive, that's why they made me the supreme empress of the known universe."

Satoshi said to Rowen, "...but were 'they' sane when they made the choice, little Empress?" Chuckling, Satoshi leaves the rat with that and glances at Kasyr once before heading toward the door. "I don't imagine I'm getting much in the way of sleep this evening..."

Ilydia said, "Nay, it is not for friends, nor family, nor anyone dear to my heart. It is not for simple love. I do this for the sake of myself for I cannot stand by while others are hurt around me. You are strong, you have power, if you would teach me, I would take that, but I cannot stay this way." Her smile began to tremble, small tears forming in her eyes, "What I truly desire is to make my power stronger. I could do so little today, I was so helpless. I cannot stand that. How can I live as a healer while those around me suffer while I can do so little?"

Rowen is about to answer Satoshi, then pauses, her paw to her mouth, deep in great thought, about this matter.

Kasyr said to Ilydia, "So you would instead learn to take lives? Could your creed really support such a thing..? Could you bear to do such a thing? Day after day? Sometimes numbering in the dozens..perhaps far more? ...Hundreds may even be possible- if you grow far too familiar with the arts of butchery." Biting down softly on his bottom lip, the hybrid adds, ".. Do you have anything or anyone you live for? Is there family, or anyone else that binds you, or ties you to anything? A creed or promise that guides your actions?"

Satoshi stumped the rat. Her night is complete, however tomorrow turns out.

Satoshi whispered to Ilydia, "A hint, child. That's what separates the heroes from the monsters."

Kasyr glances over to Satoshi, "Shall we venture to the Corpse? I'd visit Rynvale for my own machinations- but I do believe I owe la belle Damoiselle Joliette an audience first."

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "Tomorrow. I need to think. We need to compare notes. And she needs to rest."

Rowen said to Ilydia, "Beware on that path lies much danger. Those who desire only power may become truly evil, true monsters. I do not consder Kasyr here a monster, for all the evil he has done, there is yet good in him, beware you do not become far worse with power as your only goal."

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "I have made most of my thoughts clear here. I am solely missing the Lady Joliettes perspective now."

Satoshi waves a finger at the kensai. "Notes and thoughts aren't the same, and I've not put forth either of -mine-. Tomorrow I'll speak with her."

Satoshi adds, on her way out the door, "She's not the only one that made a deal concerning that list. She's just the first to bleed for it."

Ilydia said to Kasyr, "I do not know if I could bear to take lives, but if I must bear it then I must. It is less painful for me to do something and suffer for it than to do nothing." Small drops of blood dripped as she clenched her fists tightly. "The only thing that I live for is to save those who are truly in need. That is the only thing I have found to make my life worth living. Unless you have a better idea for what to live for, then yes, I would bear taking a few lives to save even more."

Kasyr blinks, than lifts one eyebrow and focuses on Satoshi, "Oh! Yes. Note Comparing. Oui. I suppose that es different. Well, I'll be -very- certain to...debrief tu after I've had my talk to Joliette. I wouldn't want to have any other...pressing matters to attend to."

Ilydia said to Rowen, "power is not my goal, merely a way to reach it. Yet I understand for I have seen that man with such power."

Rowen said to Ilydia, "Can you really justify taking lives in order to save lives as a healer? Go join my friend Marcellus, and his pacifist ilk at the Champions of Kanos. They are healers who work only to defend the defenseless. They are good people, are they not, Kasyr."

Kasyr is currently picking at one of his fangs, and looking agitated- something which is made -especially- apparent by the appearance of both Calico coloured tail from amidst his trenchcoat, and the like coloured cat ears which had cropped up from his hair at some point during the conversation. "...I don't know..It ...es sort of tempting to see if anything could be done with her drive. With the fact that she es actually here, standing, et talking, et trying to barter with moi~" Drawing his tongue across that tooth, he simply moves his hands behind his back and begins to rock back and forth in place, "Rowen's solution -es- an option, however. The perfect solution for gaining knowledge and wisdom, for acquiring bonds...et, there would even be opportunities to refine yourself in your arts. To play devils advocate et all~"

Satoshi backtracks to the shop's doorway abruptly. That tricky wedding band of hers is giving off vibes she doesn't entirely trust, if the look she's delivering Kasyr upon return is any indicator. He's doing that plotting thing again, she can feel it...

Ilydia said to Rowen, "I was once a pacifist, but I have seen too much. I wish not to just heal the defenseless. I wish to heal everyone. If I must hurt others, then I will share their pain. Still, you are right that as a healer, taking lives would hurt me. Perhaps I am just being foolish, perhaps I am wrong. Yet I will take everything I can." She looked at Kasyr before she spoke her reply, "Perhaps that is true, but you are here now and I may not see you again. A single person may be hard to find while a group may be easy. Should I not then grasp the more elusive teacher while he stands before my very eyes?"

Rowen said to Ilydia, "It seems that at least you have some wisdom. I will not attempt to disuade you from trying to learn from Kasyr, should you, howver unlikely it may seem be able to persuade him to teach you. As I say there is good in Kasyr, He loves the goddess Daedria greatly, as do I."

Kasyr is looking particularly cattish in this moment, partially due to both his ears and the tail which was currently forming a mock halo above his hands, but also because of the intensely amused expression which was flickering across his features, most notably the intensity which his gaze held in these moments. "If I said your creed would be broken and lost? That you might lose the will or ability to heal? If I said the cost would be terrible...would you still agree?" Kasyr is -definitely- plotting, his wife shouldn't even be doubting it for a moment. "I pray you speak honestly. Were I to say you would have to sacrifice the friendships you have, the loves you might be

Satoshi just... buries her face in her hand and growls a quiet, "Oh no..." into her palm. This isn't just plotting. This is Campaign for Evil Vampire of the Year Award.

Satoshi says to her hand, "Just run, kid. And don't look back."

Ilydia now paid full attention to Kasyr, her eyes locked on him, studying him. Slowly she lifted her hand towards him as if to reach for him, as if to see how far away he truly was, "I would be afraid, truly afraid. What would my life become without my creed? Without my will to heal, without my power to heal. Yet friendships have little meaning, loves have little meaning." She closed her eyes to picture herself standing where he was, to picture herself in his situation. "But I say to you then that I believe that healing is the core of who I am. It is not a blessing but a curse that I use willingly, but painfully. As such, I say to you that I may lose my way for a little, I may even lose my way for a long time, but eventually I will find it again. I will not lie and say I will not lose my creed, my power, my will; however, it will return in time for it is my burden to bear." She paused there, her gaze still fixed on Kasyr as she bit herself in the palm of her right hand-just enough to break her skin. "As I feel this pain, I may lose my path, but as this wound will heal, I will find it again. And so I say that even with a terrible cost, I would likely still agree. But I ask you this: What would be my price? I will pay nearly anything, but for my life. Not because I would not be willing to give it but because my life is not mine to give though many may come to take it." She moved her hand to her hair before she continued, "But yes, I would pay the price so long as I could pay it ."

Rowen this rodent wouldn't hurt Kasyr. He is a friend, 'once Cabal always Cabal' and the 'Blade of Daedria to boot. Fear not Sato cat.

Satoshi stares rather pointedly at Kasyr after Ilydia has spoken, and simply states, "I'm going to the Corpse." She leaves it at that.

Rowen leaps into Satocat's pocket for a journey to the Corpse

Rowen said, "Ilydia Do you know the way? Want me to show you?"

Satoshi does one better and upgrades Rowen's seat to first class: her shoulder!

Kasyr gives Satoshi a very amused glance, before bowing partially and blowing her a kiss, "I'll see you shortly than, mon amour." And just as abruptly his attention is back to Ilydia, that same cattish amusement still alight in his eyes, "Well than, we are quickly carving our way to the heart of this matter. If I said the cost would perhaps be the absolute destruction of your first and initial creed- that you may in fact briefly lose your life, before regaining it...That your fate would be inexonerably tied with mine..would you be able to endure that price?" Almost as an afterthought, he has to ask, "...Would tu care to come along to the tavern? I have business there anyways..."

Ilydia nodded for a moment before she spoke again, "If I would then regain it then it would not truly break my creed, now would it? A temporary death might as well be simply a grave wound that was healed. And yes, I would come along."

Kasyr is smirking, "Your nature may change, perhaps be warped, it may even shatter entirely. ...If you earnestly follow this path, you will be as a sword, a tool that will be reforged & tempered. You will inevitably become something far different than the base components that made you, and far more deadly- Should you survive all the changes and challenges. ..And should you have the strength and perseverance to find your own path. Could you live with that? The loss of what you are.. the gestation from a humble healer, to a devoted dealer of death?"

Ilydia spoke with a calm, graceful smile, "I may become something far different, but what is there to say that I cannot eventually find my way? It is a gamble to be true, but if I let my fear take over, then I might as well not have lived at all. I will take that risk and if you are willing, I will leave reminders for myself to eventually find, to help bring me back to my path should I truly stray." Ilydia added to her words, "Of course, that part is up to you."

Kasyr looks an odd mixture of amused and saddened by Ilydias response- something which is quickly overshadowed by his chesire like grin in but a few moments. With a careless shrug, the kensai simply removes his coat, before sling it over his shoulder, and extending an arm over towards Ilydia, "If you are truly intent upon this path, than feel free to take my hand. I'm bound for Vailkrin to speak to someone..and they might be able to tell you just how irrevocable certain changes may be." Whether or not Ilydia takes the Kensais hand, an unpleasent shredding noise pieces the relative silence of the night- filling the brisk evening air with a gruesome cacophony of grinding bone, torn flesh and ripped muscle~

Ilydia took Kasyr's hand, her decision already made. "No point in waiting, now is there?"

Kasyr offers Ilydia a faint smile, before moving to pull her in closer to him, whilst his other arm quickly moves to encircle her waist. As fluidly as that motion began, a secondary one appeared from behind the hybrid- two looming shapes slowly extending out from behind the Kensai. Sanguine stained, and dripping giblets and gore, they'd whisper past the vampires shoulders, moving to encircle Ilydia, before they abruptly pushed outwards- Kasyrs wings extending to their full length. There really was no real point in waiting, and the hybrid had a fair bit to do, today~

Kasyr s' arrival is made apparent by a soft thud, and the rather pointed set of curses that accompany him as he finds the process of entering the Hanging Corpse a fair bit more difficult than normal. To be exact, the Kensai seemed to still be a bit unused to the exact speed in which his wings retracted into his back- something made markedly apparently by the manner in which they nearly catch upon the door, before he simply shimmys inside- donning his trenchcoat again the very moment it's a feasible option. "Et voila. I'm here. Madamoiselle er.. It's occured to moi I haven't caught your name. But, the last person who you might want to talk to about this little choice of yours..is the lady Joliette. She'll likely give tu some food for thought. ...She might even guess what I'll do. Well, the various options. There are some fairly obvious ones- starting points as it were."

Jolie said to Satoshi, "We can go to my house as soon as Kasyr arrives. It's not far." She would mutter under her breath, "Thank goodness."

Jolie looked at the once-teifling. "Speak of the devil."

Satoshi said, "At least it's the devil I married. I've seen enough of the other one to last me a month."

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "You brought your pet, then? She's not allowed in the house, I don't care if she is already housebroken."

Jolie shuffled toward the door. "Rowen can keep the girl entertained, perhaps, while we speak."

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "..She's not my pet, currently et all. I'm making sure she has proper food for thought first. More than what I was given."

Rowen said to Satoshi, "better the devil you married, eh?"

Satoshi removes Rowen from her shoulder and places the rat upon the bartop, saying as she does, "Indeed. At least I have tricks that work on this particular monster." Glancing at Ilydia, she adds, "Keep an eye on his pet while we talk, eh?"

Satoshi tails the hobbling Jolie, falling in behind the woman... or rather off to the left, where she won't be downwind of the scent of blood.

Rowen nods her little rat head. "Anything for you dear Tiddles." She turns to address Illydia. "You have my permission to approach and pay your respects to the supreme empress of the known universe young lady."

Jolie shouted, "Move it, teifling."

Satoshi shouted, "Bite him, Whiskers!"

Kasyr glances over towards Ilydia, "Stick around, or don't. It's your decision- You ought to talk to the lady, however. She'd provide the best insight, je vous promets." And that said, he simply falls in line behind Satoshi.

Ilydia stared at the rat for a moment as if unsure what to do or say before she smiled, "Hello, supreme empress of the known universe."

Rowen nods approvingly and cleans her whiskers. "It must be a great honour for you to meet me my dear. Pray tell me about youself, I am sure you have dreamed of meeting the empress since you were a little girl. " The rat beams."Here comes Cornelius, one of my most loyal of subjects. Hi there Corny!"

Cornelius ascends from the cellar with silent, wraithlike steps. He remains in the clothing soiled from the day's travails. He turns his pallid, emotionless visage to Rowen. "Empress. I must needs inspect the grounds on which I am to fight tomorrow. You will excuse me, of course." With a grave, elaborate bow, Cornelius proceeds out to Hemlock Way.

Ilydia || not one to lie, ilydia still tried to choose her words carefully before she spoke, her smile wavering as she thought , "If I may be honest, I barely remember my past, much less names. Today was the first I've remembered hearing of you. If you don't mind my asking, if you are the empress, why did you not stop that man?"

Ilydia smiled wryly, "I meant the other man, the one that hurt that girl."

Rowen said to you, "Oh you mean Vuryal. He really is beaneath my notice. I find the people of benighted backwater worlds such as Hollow develop so much better if I let them solve their own problems when in comes to such minor squabbles. If I step in and help them everytime, how will they ever learn and grow?""

Ilydia said to Rowen, "So you'd allow that girl to be hurt? Should an empress not care about her subjects enough to feel their pain? How could you stand there as she suffered so? Honestly, if you call that minor, then I'd rather not see your major squabbles."

Rowen said, "You may not be aware of this but the child's life was not actually in danger. It had been spared earlier that day when my loyal subject Lared got a promise from Vuryal to spare the lycan child's life. Vuryal is many things but he is no oathbreaker."

Ilydia considered the words, but she then spoke, "Perhaps, but there are ways around many oaths. A simple wrong word could change many things. What if he had said 'I will spare the lycan child's life' but there was another lycan child that he was referring to? I do not believe much in oaths for trying to find every possible problem would take far too long."

Cornelius ghosts back into the Hanging Corpse, the large expanse of dried blood on his clothing causing him to strongly resemble the tavern's famous mascot. He strides silently up to the bar, his voice a chill whisper "Black-Fire wine. Two bottles. Two squares of cheesecloth." Steadman, having witnessed what Cornelius typically uses those bottles for, glowers at the man, but takes his money nonetheless.

Cornelius bought 4 black-fire wine.

Rowen sighs I my dear am the supreme empress of the known universe. If you think you a better wiser ruler than I why not ask the people of the universe to elect you next year.

Rowen said, ""Ah my dear champion Cornelius. I have a small gift for you to carry into you valiant battle tomorrow, a token of you ladies great esteem, the deep affection which she feels for her doomed loyal subject er did I say doomed ey I meant er ..domed on account of the shape of your head, yes, yes that's it!"

Ilydia frowned with those words, "I did not mean that you are not a wise ruler, I am merely saying that if that man truly is evil, then he is likely very sly and sneaky. Surely if you are the supreme good then he is likely the supreme evil and he would likely try to slip past your defenses."

Rowen said to you, "Vuryal is far from the supreme evil, he is merely a big fish is a small pond, if I continue my policy of allowing the people of Hollow to grow and develop their strengths, they shall be free of him in time."

Cornelius smiles, a mirthless grimace in truth, but the intention was there. "As ever, my Empress is most magnanimous, and accurate in her appraisals of reality as it stands. Doom comes to all men in time, and thus we are all doomed from birth." Cornelius approaches Rowen, offering the rat another elaborate, if slightly stiff, bow. "Your generosity is ever boundless"

Rowen gave 1 Blessed-Unbreakable-Glass Hamsterball to Cornelius.

Ilydia said to Rowen, "perhaps that is true, but even so, would it not be within your power to grant a favor to your subjects? Perhaps a simple gift? I fear for what this Vuryal would do to the people. As the supreme Empress, you should have enough power to speak with him, to make a deal with him to make him relent, to make him see reason."

Cornelius accepts the gift with gravitas and a dignified "I thank you for your well wishes, Empress. The house of Penzance shall fight fiercely on your behalf."

Cornelius turns to Ilydia "The Empress' time is not to be wasted on such frivolities. All die eventually. The law of nature ever forges strength in people and civilisations through the crucible of conflict." Another ghastly grin "Besides. Vuryal has yet to accept her marriage proposal"

Rowen said to you, "You are correct I could, and in the short term, the people of Hollow would indeed be better off were I so to do. However in the long term the good people of this land would be the weaker for not being given the opportunity to grow and learn. I won't be around to protect them forever you know I am a mere mortal, a mere humble supreme empress of the known universe. I am no goddess."

Rowen said to Cornelius, "I fear the poor fellow is too afraid to be joined with me in matrimony."

Ilydia stared at the counter as she considered the words spoken. "Then why not become a goddess? Perhaps you call upon Daedria for power, but could you not pay respect to her as a goddess?"

Cornelius looks at Ilydia "If wishes of godhood were horses, then we'd be flooded with nags. Cease such foolishness, and focus on what you can do with your own hands, rather than lament what you cannot."

Rowen said to you, "That would not be right. I am the high priestess of Daedria, my position is to serve her, to act as her emissary among the mortals. It would be most un-ethical indeed the height of hubris for me to become a goddess myself, equal to the one I have sworn to serve my whole life."

Ilydia nodded in understanding. "I see your point and it is definitely informative. And you are indeed correct, I must be able to do things with my own hands."

Rowen said to Cornelius, "Oh, it isn't that I am incapable of becoming a goddess, my dear chap, for one so powerful as I, nothing could be simpler. I just choose not to because that is the right thing to do. The only choice that is respectful to Daedria, who has done so much for me, whey it was my beloved lady Daedria who blessed me with this rat form."

Cornelius murmurs to Rowen "But of course,my Empress. It is such humility that instils the greatest loyalty within your most loyal subjects. We only lament that you choose not to make yourself immortal, even though understanding your reasoning on the matter"

Rowen nods glad to she that the young woman has at least a little wisdom. "It has been a pleasur teaching you politics and philosophy dear one, but I am afraid I have many weight affairs of state to deal with, You of Hollow should be thankful your only major worry is little Vuryal.

Cornelius watches the departing Rowen, and comments "She's quite mad, of course. But the happiest creature I have ever seen. How could a person not envy that?"

Ilydia glanced at Cornelius with her kind smile still on her face like a mask, "Perhaps she is saner than the rest of us in some senses. Still, at least she enjoys her existence. Some of us are not as fortunate. So? What will happen with Vuryal?"

Cornelius shrugs "Fortune willing, Kuzial will not fail me for a third time, and I shall soon fall to his blades, rendering the entire question moot for me. The damn drow had better have been practicing." Emerging from his own morbidity, the man realises he failed to answer the actual question, and endeavours to do so "There are those with power on Lithrydel who, in small ways at first, but eventually in more forthright fashion, will oppose the Timelord. He will eventually fall, but not without doing untold damage. Many will die, as happened last time he rose to power." Another grim smile "Read the histories in Rynvale, before the Island succumbs to his depredations. You shall learn of the horrors all shall soon face."

Satoshi doesn't even stop to see if Ilydia has survived her evening being babysat by Rowen. The kit simply makes a beeline up the stairs, where beds await an exhausted mage. You nodded slowly as she took in the words, still, she was curious, "Why would you wish to fall to this Kuzial's blades?"

Kasyr appears from the north.

Cornelius smiles that pallid smile, a mockery of mirth, and speaks in a deadened tone "I have been seperated from my children for far too long." The bloodied gentleman sighs, and straightens his stained cravat "But I fear that Kuzial is not up to the task, and it is unseemly for a nobleman of Penzance to fall in any way save by an enemy's blade or old age."

Ilydia took out a small copper piece and tossed it into the air as she closed her eyes, "I see, so you feel your time is up. Then I wish you proper passage to your final sleep."

Ilydia ||Catching the copper piece, she smiled, "But if you do not fall, then perhaps there is a need for you." Kasyr meanders back into the tavern, hands jammed deep into the pockets of his trenchcoat

Ilydia ||Seeing Kasyr return, ilydia rose and curtsied politely, "Welcome back."

Cornelius blinks "Regrettably, there has always been a need for me. And that need invariably leads to bloodshed." The dandy's garments attest to that simple statement.

Ilydia said to Cornelius, "Well, on the positive, more bloodshed is always something a healer needs. A healer cannot heal if nobody is hurt."

Kasyr nods to Ilydia, "My many pardons, I do fear business robbed me of your company, and thus deprived me of the opportunity to learn your name. Might we be properly introduced this time, Madamoiselle? Et merci for the greeting- I hope your time has at least been eventful and enlightening, despite the fact that I deprived you of the opportunity to speak with Joliette."

Ilydia looked carefully at Kasyr as she spoke, her words flowing calmly as if her voice was a gentle stream, "My name is Ilydia Ze Arl Infinitum, but you may call me ilydia ZeArc Infinitum. It is sad perhaps that I did not have chance to speak with Joliette, but I am glad you returned." She wondered if Kasyr would realize the importance of what she said, but she doubted it. Still, she felt it necessary for some reason she could not explain.

Jolie enetered the tavern - it had taken her that long to hobble back - and headed for the fireside and a chair to gingerly collapse into.

Jolie looked toward the girl. "Talk to me about what?" Her chill gaze would wander to Kasyr, then.

Cornelius || With Ilydia now entertained by Kasyr, Cornelius walks to his favoured patch of wall, and leans back against it, likely leaving traces of Jolie's dried blood there to be cleaned off later.

Jolie followed Cornelius' motion, her perusal leaving Kasyr for that purpose. "Von Penzance," she said, formally, in greeting.

Jolie is a bloody mess, currently, with the back torn off her vest and the skin revealed there a rough mess of leaking stitches and welts.

Cornelius stares thoughtfully at the clear orb gifted him by Rowen, rolling it around in the palm of his hand, over his fingers, into a deft display of prestidigitation, seemingly enchanted by its construction. He responds formally to Mistress Joliette Thorne. "Jolly-girl."

Kasyr scratches up behind one of his ears, before simply falling forward into a deep bow, "Kasyr Azakhaer, also know as Ashen. Either works- et I do believe those are the most polite of my nicknames." Jolie is given a glance from the corner of his eye, a none too subtle inclination of his head given in her direction. A few moments later, the inclination becomes an outright look at Jolie- the vampire straightening up and folding his arms up behind his head, "Oh, she was just considering making a pact with moi of sorts. You've known me the longest, beyond Caedan- so I figured you'd likely be able to give her the best insight into what it es she's asking of moi, exactly."

Ordox silently enters, his footfalls never seeming to touch the floor as the Shifter glides across the wooden planks of the tavern. /silently enters, his footfalls never seeming to touch the floor as the Shifter glides across the wooden planks of the tavern. His movements being propelled via a river of snakes. He calmly eyes each individual, studying them within moments of each passing glance as he makes his way to the bar...the Orcish form of Movdon a familiar face to the land.

Jolie blinked toward Kasyr, "What is she asking, exactly?" She did not -want- to get up again. But she had to speak to the dandy, so once more risked splitting her back open to rise. "Cornelius, a word?" Jolie snapped her gaze upon the newcomer, the string of expletives leaving her lips ending in - "Impossible! You're dead!"

Jolie said to Kasyr, "He is. Dead. It's not," she was pointing to 'Movdon', ".. possible.""

Ordox notices the board near the entrance, pausing and pivoting to inspect it. Then, taking a spare moment of time, scrawls upon a message, leaving it to resume his route toward Steadman.

Cornelius silently departs his wall, several swift steps leading him to Jolie's position "Stay seated, you dashed fool. Don't ruin O'Bannion's hard work."

Cornelius comments drolly, a touch of his old humour coming back to him "He's dead, says the Necromancer. It's not possible"

Kasyr glances clueless between Jolie and the new comer, "Er. We're Cabal. Isn't the impossible being possible..well.. Not exactly new?" Casually the hybrid adds, "I figured she could tell you what she was asking- since you might be able to provide her better insight, et..well, I'm far too blunt."

Jolie might lean on Cornelius, so she did not fall over, from the pain or the shock of seeing this apparent 'walking corpse' of an old enemy, wasn't certain. "He's dead, Corny." Her bloody fingers probably caused the dandy's tailor another tantrum to come. "Everything's just... have I gone mad, finallly? Have I?"

Ordox gives a quick glance to Jolie's outburst, never making a sound as he pulls up a chair and seats himself. His hands fold together in a gentlemanly manner as he simply watches.

Kasyr said to Cornelius, "Et she said it to me, of all people. Hah!"

Jolie said to Ordox, "Movdon? Are you really... is that you?" Ordox 's intricate mind goes to work...the cogs spinning intensely as he witnesses the unfolding scene and reactions. The former Tenebrae clearly recognizes the Shifter in this form. ~But how..? How does she know Movdon?~ He ponders, patiently awaiting further information.

Cornelius knows he is already damned, so he does the practical thing: gives Jolly-girl a jolly slap and says "Pull yourself together woman. Leave such hystrionics for thespians"

Ilydia ||With a few glances around her, she had observed the situation carefully before finally speaking, "Kasyr decided that he was willing to help me find the power to accomplish my goals, but he also said that I might lose who I am."

Ordox said to Jolie, "*he allows a long pause before responding, as if trying to weave his way through her maze of a question. Finally he takes a blind shot.* ....Yes. It is I."

Kasyr said to Ilydia, "Tsk Tsk. You left out the part where you essentially asked moi to make you a monster. That was the important part, Cherie."

Ordox immediately fires a low hiss in the dandy's direction as he assaults the unknown woman. She could be the key to his answers and he would not allow her to be harmed.

Ilydia ||After speaking, she glanced at the 'Movdon' person and frowned at the reaction Jolie was having, "Be calm or you will hurt yourself worse. And yes, I should also mention that I did indeed ask Kasyr to make me a monster if that was the price to pay."

Uchawiman you know how sometimes you just miss something happening, like a person entering, and then you notice them later and they're wearing a gigantic really frikkin' silly hat -on top- of the normal allready silly hat they wear? The frog is a master of that. He just did it, too. And seriously. It is super-silly. Beyond me even describing it. I have a limit to how traumatic a post I am allowed to narrate, you know. So there. Frog. Silly hat. React.

Jolie managed not to topple by virtue of another blood-rusted grip on a once spectaculaqr waistcoat. "Ow... quit that?" She tried not to cry. "Hurts, you know? Of course you know, you're the one slashed my fricken arms to ribbons..." she paused, blinked, looked to the apparent 'orc', then to Kasyr, then to the girl. "Who you are is nobody important. I'd probably take the offer, if I were you, so that might change." Ordox' lie brought her back to staring at him. "You old..... bastard." And off she went, hobbling toward the 'orc'. "You incorrigible.. horrible... stinking old....sonofa....." On reaching him, she stopped. "I missed you. Haven't had a good fight since you .... " She blinked again. "Died."

Ilydia said to Kasyr, "Well, she was there when we started the conversation, I figured she might have remembered a little about hearing us."

Jolie said to Cornelius, "It's Movdon. You missed all the fun of that, being.. a statue. But he was the terror or Lithrydel, for a time.""

Jolie said to 'Movdon', "But then you... died.. how exactly are you -sitting- in my pub? You don't look... undead."

Cornelius looks at the little hat. And the larger hat on top of it. With a grimace the gore-smeared dandy hurls the unbreakable hamsterball at Uchawiman's hat in such a way that it would bounce back to Cornelius after impact, guided in part, no doubt, by Rowen and Daedria's blessing. "Damn Jersher, I am trying to convince Jolly-girl she isn't insane, and -you- show up? Lousy damn timing" He continues to act as a crutch for Jolie, catching the hamsterball after it conveniently ricochets off a table-edge.

Ordox saves an expression of grief...he had a feeling that such a fate might have beholden his brother after losing a mental connection with his whereabouts. It is instead replaced with a coy smile, allowing his orcish features to contort into something abnormal. "Yes. I -did- die, I suppose. Might you remind me of whom was responsible for my demise, my dear...?" He pauses, searching for a name that he knows not, hoping that Jolie will fill in the blank for him to keep his ruse alive.

Cornelius mutters "Oh sure, harp on about how I cut you up. Pansy. You never bitched like this when you were younger"

Jolie was seriously having.. one of those days. She stared at the 'orc'. "You don't remember?"

Jolie muttered to the dandy, "You never horsewhipped me after. Perhaps you should have."

Cornelius murmurs "I preferred poisoning you to horsewhipping, if you recall. It lasted longer."

Jolie grumbled, "So how's the wife?"

Uchawiman ever had anyone call you a figment of a madwomans imadgination? You have!? where the -heck- do you live!? Well, since you have you should know how to react to it. Stare at the person as if your grandfathers rabid horse had built their brain using wheat and manuer! Yes, that stare. The one you use on old ladies walking trought the -one- really slim corridor to the commuter trains when everyone behind her are in extreame hurry. Everyone knows old ladies move in slow motion. That's the point here. Anyway! Back to the frog, yeah? He blinks at Cornleius and grins. Frogs -still- do that. Stop beeing surprised at it. "Wut, Mi? Mi perfectly sane, Maan."

Jolie cleared her throat, and reattached her attention to the seemingly undead orc, who displayed no sign of undeath at all. Oddly.

Cornelius loses the brittle humour he had regained, and lapses into silence. A palpable victory for Jolie.

Jolie chose to believe the frog was a sign that she had actually begun to go a little mad.

Jolie said to Cornelius, "Don't sulk. You'll ruin your waistcoat, dropping your lip all over it like that.""

Ordox is confronted with the test that he knew would eventually come with his choice of mutation: the prying questions. He had originally hoped to find his brother, Movdon before such inquiries so that he could return to his 'true' form as soon as he could. Though this opportunity to gather information through the hideous orc features intrigues him. "I...I simply pretended to die, my dear. Through an intricate form of dark magic that I had acquired, I managed to survive. Though such a process incurred deep memory loss. I have forgotten much of everything..."

Ilydia simply let out a calm breath as she turned back to Kasyr. "It seems that Joliette may be a bit busy at the moment."

Cornelius notes the state of his waistcoat. "I'll take that risk." Jolie narrowed her eyes on the orc. "What a terrible shame. Then you won't recall how the paladin Kalid and her friend Leoxander butchered you? What a mess. So shameful an end to such a fine ... orc." She shook her head. "Pissing on your skull was just.. too much? I thought so."

Kasyr isn't sure -why-, but there is something about the frog giving him a headache. Taking a moment to rub at his temples, he simply turns his attention back towards Ilydia, looking somewhat bemused, "I suppose you're as resolute as I left you, than."

Ordox stares past Jolie, his eyes coming to focus upon the striking features of Cornelius. The Shifter still did not trust him for his actions upon his current 'map key', but a quiet smile drifts onto his features, admiring his handsomeness.

Jolie flicked Kasyr a green and shining look. Then said to Cornelius, "I won't let anything happen to that pup. I promise you, on Garath's sweaty backside, on ... Vailkrin. I swear it."

Ordox 's attention is snapped back into place by Jolie's revelation, "Paladin...Kalid? Leoxander? Hm...Such familiar names, yet so distant..." He continues, hoping to extract more information, "Could you remind me of what they look like? Where they are? I may wish to pay them a visit."

Ilydia nodded in response before she spoke, "Indeed, I have not heard anything to deter me thus far. I think I understand a little about what you intend to do even if I don't know the details, I at least know that you, for now, are not going to try to permanently kill me. Though being bound to you, I assume that means you expect me to work in servitude for some time?"

Cornelius || The blood-drenched dandy returns Ordox' smile with a ghastly rendition of his own macabre grin, his skill at interpreting body language and microexpressions making Cornelius well aware of the subtexts of that smile. His drawled comment has a warped edge to it, a slight hint of something amiss "I'm sorry dear fellow. I'm already married to the necromancer Leifong. He's the jealous type."

Jolie said, "Kalid's a ... well, she looks like any blonde holy type. Sort of uptight, you know? And Leo? He's..." Her lips pressed tight together. It had not escaped her how absent any of his known associates had been, today. "He's a pirate. Got a shop and a hole in the dirt out in Rynvale, where kalid hangs out. Tight as a fish's butt, those two. I'd kill 'em both, for what they did to you. Shameful." she shook her head. "Of course, they'll never admit as much.""

Jolie added, "But Leo? Leave him to me. He's my bullseye. Take the paladin."

Kasyr grins very, very pointedly at Ilydia, "Mon chere, I'm sad to say that if you entered into a pact with me, the nature would be fairly permanent- though that would not exactly work to your...detriment. It would not exactly be servitude though. Somewhat, complique. Er, complicated even. You'd become a fair bit more powerful from it though- especially granted my peculiar nature." Jolie isn't really paid too much attention, save for a half-smile and a shrug she might miss if her current companion is consuming her attention at the time.

Cornelius turns to Jolie, a hint of bleakness flashing through his pale features "If fortune smiles, then it may be so. But the Timelord is not one to keep his word. And there are many more children that he can and will kill in the times to come. We could not save the first. What hope for the rest." His inflections renders the last a grim indictment as opposed to a question.

Ordox lets his tongue slip from his mouth, now paying little attention to Jolie...he would wish nothing to do with the woman should she not have such vital answers. A flirtatious wink is offered, a truly disturbing image through orcish eyelids, as the Shifter announces to the dandy, "As am I..."

Jolie stared hard at 'Movdon', flickering a glance between he and the dandy. "The undead do not lust. Nor was Movdon..." Well, the orc had often expressed what he'd like to do to Joliette, given a chance. "... something's not right."

Ordox said to Jolie, "I see. We were...friends? Allies, were we not?"

Jolie pursed her lips. "We had our little.. spats. Lots.. and lots.. of those. But I think we had an understanding, of sorts, yes."

Cornelius || The grotesque grin on the dandy's face widens to a mad, cheshire thing as he responds to the orc "Well, then, by all means discuss it with Leifong. If Leifong falls to your power, obviously he was not a suitable wife." It may be important to note that, compared to Leifong's melted features - wounds inflicted courtesy of Cornelius himself - the orc is positively dreamy.

Ordox escapes his world of fantasy, images of the dandy dancing bare in his mind. "You are correct, my dear. Something -IS- not right. I have not yet had my revenge, nor you yours."

Kasyr casually cocks his head off to one side, offering Jolie a curious look as one hand falls into his trenchcoat.

Jolie , as truly horrid a day as she'd had, managed a grin at Cornelius' words.

Ilydia said to Kasyr, "As long as you are willing to, after some time, allow me to return to pursuing my goal should I choose to at such time, I have no complaints. But perhaps we should discuss terms first. What are your conditions, purely out of curiosity?""

Jolie narrowed her glance on the 'orc' and stared at him hard enough to make sure he knew that she knew he'd made a terrible error. "Then perhaps we can help each other... Movdon."

Ordox said to Cornelius, "Surely I could not ask for your assistance in betraying your...'wife'?" The Shifter reveals his most seductive stare to fall to Cornelius, hoping that this would help to ease his decision, "That is unless you are...unsatisfied?"

Uchawiman walked around the room now. Didn't think the frog ever just stood there for very long, did you? Hah! Naive! Poor thing. Want some candy? Get in the van! anyway. Yes. Walking around with his stick-for-a-staff grinding along the floor after him, leaving a strange black line on the floor. He was making a strange sorta-creepy pattern. Voodo, y'know? Do it in your occasinal-employers house. Never fails.

Ordox said to Jolie, "*not even gracing her with a glance as he responds, passing her beauty in order to continue eyeing the dandy* Yes. Perhaps we can."

Ordox said to Jolie, "What do you suggest?"

Jolie was -- and not without cause -- suddenly suspicious that none of this day, none of its various bizarre and painful and... bizarre... events had actually happened anywhere outside her own poor, derangedly drugged mind.

Cornelius said to Ordox, ""Ah, but I am ever a faithful spouse. I only ever get a new one when the old one dies. That two have tried to kill me and failed simply shows I have good taste in brides, no? And the first, well, the first was killed by the second, so there is precedent for my third falling to a fourth.""

Jolie said to Ordox, "We ought to speak of it tomorrow, when I am not so.." mad? "... tired. But I think you could start by taking down the Fold. Kalid's people, goody two shoeses. Like Leo's girlfriend, Arien. She isn't Fold now. But she used to lead them. Yes - attack Arien. I'll find a way to bring Leo down.""

Ilydia flinched for just a moment as she heard the words spoken. She was a healer and did not take sides, but even so. Now she had even more reason to hurry.

Jolie wasn't sure if this was just a wish-fulfilling dream.. Movdon, in lust with Cornelius.. set upon the bitch elf... while Kasyr apprenticed a child to be a monster. Okay, that last part was mor believable but all the same, she had to wonder.

Jolie said to the frog, "She's shacked up with the pirate, in that stinky doghouse in the hills. It's a wonder she's allowed to govern at all."

Ordox nods, seemingly in understanding to both Cornelius and Jolie. His words directed toward the latter, "I see. The Fold? A group of sorts? And Arien? Perhaps you should assist me with those simply pertinent to my fall." His former good mood turning to that of disgust, "It almost seems as though you are presenting me with a death 'wish-list' of sorts."

Kasyr offers Ilydia a broad shrug, "Well, to be blunt- one of the various things I could do, to twist your nature, would be as simple as turning you. I'm what es referred to as a..er, Revenant, je suppose. Er, vampire, to be exact- not that undead thing like the noted in the books of the black library, but... Well, I suppose I am undead, but well, specific type of vampire undead, not...zombie..undead. Oui, that sounds about accurate." Quirking his features, the hybrid simply proceeds to scratch at the side of his head with the hand not currently resting at his side, underneath her quote. "Whatever the case, what I want es simple. A vassal. Which would be tu. Specifically, the only one since I've taken up the particular guise I have." The tiefling offers an aloof shrug, before his attention slips back to Jolie- trying his utmost to ignore the Jersher unless his scrawlings are going to make the Tavern spontaneously combust into flames.

Jolie shrugged lightly. "I care not for any of it. I wish the pirate brought down, for my own reasons. I can do that with or without you." Uchawiman pats poor Jolie. oocly. You must be tired if you think the frog would speak with those words.

Kasyr said to Uchawiman, "The tavern isn't going to spontaneously combust into flames because of what you're doing?"

Ilydia said, "If that is all, then I hope you don't mind me doing something that may or may not remind me of my current nature. I am willing to take the risk either way." She closed her eyes and her next words were simple, "So what must I do to become your vassal?""

Ordox pauses to study Jolie, her being his only trail for the future. The Shifter turns to the door, annoyed words spoken over his back, "I will see what I can do..." With that, he removes himself from the tavern.

Uchawiman stopped and looked at Kasyr as if he was a overly worried grandmother of her prescious little kid in the pillow-toss team. If that sport existed. It should! would be fantasticly awesome! Admit it! Anyway! The frog looked to... well... can't find any better words for it but: derp out for a breif moment. Then he said. "Mi dun kno. Dun tink so." and shrugged. Then he went back to pulling the stick-staff around.

Jolie staggered back toward her chair, and would take a seat on it unless any further dead-ish blasts from the past wanderd in... Cornelius waves, if only to annoy Jolie "Au Revoir, Loverboy."

Jolie said to Cornelius, "I always suspected, you know. Those waistcoats? Really."

Cornelius walks with Jolie back to her chair, helping her settle into it. "You needed to speak with me?"

Jolie nodded. "Only to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I'll be there, to sew you up if... " she coughed. ".. afterwards." Uchawiman oocly digs out one of the hearts (also known as <3's) that the frog carries around and bestows it upon jolie for that comment to cornelius.

Cornelius || The expression on the dandy's face darkens and he mutters "If the bastard fails me a third time, I shall ensure he suffers."

Zira vanished before your eyes, perhaps never to be seen again.

Kasyr looks amused at Ilydia, before he starts to casually meander over towards Jolie. Still, he can't help but abruptly lean backwards, head tipping back enough that he can look at her, "Well, given I'd be your sire et all, madamoiselle- et quite the powerful one at that, J'pense the role of a vassal es one that will come quite naturally to vous. I don't doubt that in the slightest."

Jolie said, "I should bloody hope so." She backtracked a bit. "Fails you? Anyone'd think you were -trying - .." The necromancer scowled. "Cornelius.""

Cornelius arches an elegant brow above dead eyes. His query is delivered in flat tones "Yes?"

Jolie eyed him. "I need you, you know." It hurt, almost as much as that flogging, to admit it aloud. "Tell me you're not -trying- to die?"

Kasyr idly muses, "What es it, those of house ..er...what have tu need to fall by enemy's blade or old age? Sounds like someones too impatient to wait- not that I was eavesdropping ou quelque chose." Sprawls out in a chair near Jolie, and just positively -beams- at her.

Cornelius lies with ease "Of course not. That would be ridiculous."

Kasyr is hopefully out of reach. It would positively ruin the effect of smirking cattishly from a chair if his grin get's slapped off his face and around to the back of his head.

Ilydia looked away, knowing the man's plans but also realizing that he hadn't told Joliette. She simply smiled and spoke, "Well, the choice will be yours, the second name I gave you, should it ever come time that you decide to say it to me, it may remind me of my nature if you say it directly before the first name I told you. I cannot be sure, but as I said, the choice is yours." She carefully walked towards Kasyr and spoke, "Will you be my sire?"

Uchawiman stopped. Drawing done. And pointed at cornelius with his stick. The lines on the floor exploded in god-knows-what-that-is and formed an really wierd looking figure that seemed to be some odd-as-heck kinda strange dol of chaos and spirit-stuff. it pointed at Corny too. And both said in unition: "Liar!"

Cornelius spins on his heel and glares at the Uchawiman "Damnations, you fool! I was trying to ease her bloody mind! Keep your deuced magics to yourself!"

Jolie was too sore to slap any of them. Cornelius for the lie. Kasyr for the cattishness. The girl for blathering.. whatever she'd been blathering. The necromancer merely sighed. "I think I popped a few stitches."

Kasyr said to Ilydia, "I doubt, truly, that your... momento will save you. Thus, if you accept this contract, you must do so whilsting being aware that the path you take will be one that es perilous, permanent, et will change you the further down you go. For the worst. Et that I will do very little to curb it, save to make you as efficient as possible."

Cornelius mutters "You'll heal fine. Follow Cathmalion's instructions"

Uchawiman said to Cornelius "Naa." there. Shot down. -you- keep your... deu-something... dandyness to yourself! So there! Hmph! And the frog turned to the... thingy...thing..thing. "Naa, yu! Mi naa call yu! Gowai!" and snapped his fingers at it. Poof. Now he was holding the thing in his hand and put it away in a pocket. That made it harder to hear it's mad-man cackle-thing laugh.

Ilydia said to Kasyr, "I accept that. As I said, I accept the risk and understand the dangers."

Jolie muttered, "You'd best survive this fight. Or your new boyfriend might cry."

Cornelius turns to Ilydia with a snarl "Understand the dangers? You are truly naive! You have little comprehension of what you would become. Even I don't understand what went through Anastasia's head when she killed our children. Oh yes, eternal life and power. Sounds wonderful on paper. But the change warps the very essence of a person's being. Better for Kasyr to kill you now, before your essential goodness is burnt away in the fire of that particular embrace."

Kasyr makes a careful beckoning motion over towards Ilydia, before pointing to a spot near where he's seated. "Well than, if you're so willing, I may as well. Turbulent times do call for certain..measures. Especially since I've been gone for so long." That settled, he simply turns his attention to Jolie, "Par chance, what was that look for earlier...when you were talking to that...Movdon..thing. Undead Orc aberration, or however it goes."

Uchawiman said to Cornelius, "Oh hey, Yu smart, maan."

Kasyr said to Cornelius, "Hey. I'm still good. To a point. Anyways, I already told her that part. Though not quite with as much flourish." Jolie said to Kasyr, "It was because I think you're very aware of who will defend the Fold."

Ilydia moved to the spot where Kasyr had pointed and even as she moved, she spoke, "I understand the dangers more than you may realize even if I don't understand it as well as I would like." She looked at Kasyr as she reached her destination. "I am ready."

Cornelius spits into the fire "I'd drink dragon's blood rather than suffer such a 'blessing'. If she was smart, she would too. But then, idiots are more malleable clay for 'vassels', aren't they."

Kasyr said to Jolie, "I told tu, I leave things at your discretion. I will, of course, still try my route- but well, I can hardly be held accountable for the choices people make, for what they believe is right, on either side. Even if they are friends, allies, or acquaintances."

Jolie blinked very slowly at Kasyr. "I see."

Kasyr places a hand over his heart, and gives Cornelius his best impression of a hurt look, "You, sir, wound me. I'd kill her myself if I thought she'd be intolerable. I won't argue with the naivete part. Though, that's not particularily a terrible thing. Better to have some changed with the best of intentions, rather than the worst. Quand meme, I'd be loathe to take a butcher for a vassal. A healer es a much more interesting Dichotomy. Anyways, It's not like I intend to have use of her 'all' that much...I'm rather fond of getting my hands dirty, Monsieur."

Kasyr said to Jolie, "There are some people I am sworn to protect. You're not threatening them. Others, I have faith in, others still, their fate is their own, and of their own deciding. Whichever case occurs- I have my own things which need to occur for the safety of those I care for. Which, if tu haven't forgotten, includes you et yours."

Uchawiman turned to Ilydia and... oh god, not this. Here we go. Voodoo, talk. Feel free to -not- read this if you want to, allright? I mean... "Do yu understand dat yu naa understand da danger in a understandable way, Lady? yu gettin' it? Yu fear wut you don't understand untill yu kno and understand yu naa understand it, then yu go crazy and charge, ja? Yu strange. De unknown holds secrets. Secrets naa secrets when yu no dem. Yu no everytin, when yu no naa nuthin'." ...my head... I think I'll go pour myself a glass of my brain. See if I can get back some of my mutliated... word-for-what-you-use-for-thinking.. see!? He killed my vocabulary! Whatever that is!

Jolie said, "I haven't forgotten. I just want..." The bleak, black look she wore might tell him what she wanted. "I want it all to end, Kasyr. All of it." "

Cornelius comments to Kasyr "Jolly-girl calls you friend. That is enough for me. But as to this..." He waves his had towards Ilydia "Such foolishness sickens me. Indeed, I shall now take my leave before I act in undue haste." The dandy would then descend into the cellars to retrieve his equipment for duel with Kuzial.

Kasyr's cattish grin slips away, "And I'd much prefer it if people didn't make mistakes, and forced me into a role of spectator as one of my oldest friends tries to kill another friend. C'est la vie. But, it es because of how life works that I seek to find my path, one belonging neither to your particular wants, or Vuryals- but the one I believe works best. To salvage as much as possible." The kensai briefly flicks his attention over to Cornelius, "...I bid you good luck, as I would be dreadfully dissapointed were you to leave Jolie lacking another friend during this trying time. Enough so that I would find someone to re-animate your carcass so I could kill tu." There isn't a smile accompanying those words, nor when the vampire flicks his attention back to Jolie, "...How so...exact..ement?" The vampire is stealing a quick glance between Joliette and Cornelius, given the former subject that was still lingering in the air.

Kasyr supposes his comments are more called after Cornelius, and glances in the general direction of where he's looking- but that's splitting hairs.

Cornelius || An echo of the dandy's muttering may be heard trailing from the stairs "...dy Vampires. ...em all...ty neckmunche...."

Jolie 's face had twitched as Kasyr said 'another friend'. "It doesn't matter, Kas. Never mind. Do what you need to, as shall I."

Cornelius vanished before your eyes, perhaps never to be seen again. Kasyr tilts his head back at Ilydia, "Well, I suppose we're going to be departing soon. Just bear in mind, if you do become some sort of irreconcileable monster with not a single redeeming capacity, solely bent on the destruction of other things. Well...A good vassal tu will not make, though that little rampage would end fairly quick, je vous assure." Towards Jolie, there's a simple frown, "Cherie, trust me when I'm saying that in the end, what I'm doing I believe es the best for the people I care for? I'd like to think I've always proven myself loyal et dependable over the years...even if I can be a bit of a ..dolt, in my dealings with tu."

Jolie nodded, the merest motion. "Just. There's one way all of it, Kas - all of it - could be sorted, with as little bloodshed as possible. I can think of no other so expedient."

Ilydia said to Kasyr, "I am sure that you will not make nor choose a failure of a vassal."

Kasyr gives Ilydia an almost amused look, before faintly shaking its' head, "You're fawning already, and you're not even turned...Mon dieu." Drawing his attention back to Jolie, he'd simply push himself out of his seat, eyeing her carefully, "Oh?"

Jolie said, quietly. "I could challenge Leo. To the death. Stakes - well, you know. Whatever. Like I truly care. It'd ease me, whichever way it ended."

Ilydia simply accepted smiling, "A little fawning never hurt anyone."

Kasyr s' expression darkens considerably, "Carthasis...or..however it es said..or release? That es the idea, correct? ...Do tu actually believe he wants to see tu dead? That he would agree to that? I'm not sure tu could die at his hands if you tried...which would simply leave tu with ..well, murdering him." Kasyr draws his tongue across a canine, frowning the whole while, "Do you honestly believe that it would hurt less...Killing him..personally?"

Jolie 's face was near chalk white. The blood loss, the seeping wounds, had only half to do with it. "I read Satie's letter, Kas. He knew... and he stayed with his whore, while I was whipped in the street. He is dead to me, alrerady, and obviously I, to him, as well." Her gaze held all the light of a crypt. "Does it matter which corpse walks away?"

Kasyr glances down at the ground, before quietly glancing aside, "I..doubt that he will accept that challenge, cherie. I can't claim to speak for what he feels, or thinks- I have been absent for far too long to claim to know much at all as to the way his mind works. But I firmly doubt he'd kill tu. Please, don't dwell on this thought..this..morbid hope. I won't appeal to vous, to be strong for the sake of those who follow you- all I'm asking is for you to hold on for a bit longer. To have faith that we'll give tu something more than..this."

Jolie looked, for a moment, every bit of her three hundred and twenty seven years. "The dead do not have faith, Kasyr." She once more rose, and the faint sound of ripping came from her flayed back. Her empty gaze drifted to the stairs, as though it was a million mile march. "The dead only want to lie down. I must do so, right now, before O'Bannion catches me out of bed. Goodnight, tiefling. Good luck with your lackey there."

Kasyr pauses, before he starts towards the door, beckoning once towards Ilydia for her to follow. Still, he does turn back, if only to call back, "I can only prey that my solution becomes an inevitability, rather than a matter of hope, Cherie. I pray some form of respite finds tu in sleep."

Jolie offered no reply, but made her slow way to the stairs and ascended in silence.

Ilydia followed Kasyr obediently, almost like a pet.


Coffin Maker Within this building are many, many coffins. All of them vary in color and size, some finer than others, but all of them seem in good quality. In the back of the room you can see a deranged little man hammering nails into a large piece of wood, constructing another sleeping place for the dead, or undead. Finally noticing you the strange being turns and flashes you an almost toothless grin, but he doesn't seem to speak. Instead the odd little person simply gestures various things to you, before he writes down on a piece of parchment 'I am Varen'. After this you come to the conclusion that this man is a mute, and seems to be the only coffin maker in town. Despite his shaggy clothing, you feel he has a horde of riches, for many of the undead here, and even the dead, do need resting places, and this is the man to see.


Kasyr meanders into the room, before simply leaning up against one of the coffins, head tilted over towards Ilydia, "I Suppose this es about as good a place as any."

Ilydia nodded at Kasyr. "Wherever you choose is fine for me."

Kasyr extends an arm out towards Ilydia, his gloved hand serving as an open invitation, "Than I suppose tu ought to take my hand. I can provide tu this, et help tu seek out other routes as well, though I do not doubt there will be times when you need to walk this path alone. There is, after all, very few paths to cheating death."

Ilydia || Staring at the hand for several moments, ilydia finally moved towards Kasyr, slowly and gracefully with an air of dignity. Her hand seemed to glide towards Kasyr and as she finally took his hand, her voice came as if a gentle melody, as if a stream of succulent wine, "I take your hand and all that you offer and I give you what I may give." Her red eyes seemed to glow and flicker as they began to focus on Kasyr's hand.

Kasyr takes hold of Ilydia's hands, before he pulls her in with the same care as one might use with a dancing partner- guiding her to him so her back would face him, and her arm would be drawn over across her chest. Hence positioned, his other arm curls about her waist, "I accept this gift than, cherie. Your life et loyalty, I'll take these both, to do my utmost to see you surpass your current nature." That said, the vampire simply rests his chin upon her neck, his teeth briefly grazing against her neck, as he awaits to see if her resolve holds true.

Ilydia took care to allow Kasyr to guide her. The teeth grazing did not scare her, thought that was more due to her lack of knowledge than fearlessness. "I give you my loyalty freely. Though my life, I cannot give what is not mine, I will not stop you from taking it if you choose to do so."

Kasyr just grins mildly, "I will do my utmost to see the request you've made of me seen through, and only hope you never learn to regret it. Now, I pray, bare with me- I should hope this does not prove too...uncomfortable." It's upon those words that the Kensais' lips meet Ilydias' shoulders, barely brushing against her skin, before he begins to place them up against her neck. It's only when he would reach the mid of her neck that he would hesitate- a brief pause in his motions before he'd carefully tighten his hold upon her, and begin to sink his fangs into her throat. The motion is careful and deliberate, measures taken so as not to make the bite more painful than it need be.

Ilydia struggled to stay still as she first felt the fangs sinking into her. Her eyes glazed over for a moment as she began struggle mentally, her very existence urging to run away. Still, she held herself in check and did not run. She had accepted this, she had to accept this. She could feel the chill entering her body as her life left her. But she would not struggle, she would not run, she would only accept it for she had given her word. Her body weakening, she began to feel heavy and she began to rely on Kasyr to support her as her surroundings turned fuzzy. Her mouth opened as if to speak, but no voice came out. She could feel it, her power turning insane. It felt familiar, this feeling as if she had done this before, many times. Finally, everything went crystal clear and she could feel everything, see everything, hear everything. The pain intensified, becoming increasingly painful as her power activated, this time on herself, amplifying everything. Then everything blanked and it was as if she was drifting in a sea of emptiness. There was no color, no reds, no whites, no blacks, no blues, just pure nothingness. Her mind began to snap, the insanity sinking in as the memories began to return then faded. After what felt to her like years, she returned to the blurry world still with Kasyr.

Kasyr almost feels sorry for Ilydia, the vampire having done very little to dull the initial pain of this process to his would-be 'vassal'. It's only when her conciousness starts to ebb away that he'd cease his ministrations, drawing away from her neck with naught more than one last greepy lap of his tongue to her throat. Unforutunately for Ilydia, he's hardly done with her- the vampire simply needs the time to bring his own wrist to his mouth, harshly biting through the skin to draw blood- if only so that he could press it to her lips. "I'd suggest drinking, cherie, unless you find the idea of oblivions embrace romantic." At least this time, Ilydia would have the benefit of the bite feeling a fair bit more pleasent- the vampire having decided to allow her the benefit of the bites naturally intoxicating effect, one which would likely take hold as long as she didn't try and resist it. That, and the blood loss would likely go to her head as he sought to drain her until her heart simply ceased to beat.

Ilydia allowed herself to drink from Kasyr's wrist, or perhaps her state of stupor simply made her easily manipulated. Even as her mind passed between existence and oblivion she could feel her weakening body beginning to fade from her. Still, it frightened her as she felt herself changing from a state of life to death and it would be something she knew not what to expect. Everything that had happened today violated her very existence and now this... The healer within her fought to the surface, wanting to heal her yet it did so in vain for there was nothing to be done. She had no herbs to heal, no bandages and her power was not a true healing power. She felt it searching, seeking a method to heal her, but to no avail. Her wry smile showed her acceptance of her fate. If she died, then she accepted that. Yet, if this man spoke truly, then she would not truly die. One way or another, she accepted the facts. She understood that much of her would change. Perhaps even her power, but what would remain... She paused her drinking but for a moment and from her mouth came the words, "Please, teach me." Yet her voice was like a dying whisper no more powerful than a feather drifting to the ground.

Kasyr takes the hand he had originally clasped and draws it further up, near cradling Ilydias throat as he continued to drink from her- her own arm being used to nudge her chin upwards so that she wouldn't be able to waste any more time with words- forced instead to drink or choke. "Don't waste words." An almost affectionate press of lips is placed to her cheek, a crimson stain left on her skin as though in consolation for the fact that she'ss soon to die- her mortal existance extinguished in exchange for the curse she's chosen for herself. A few more moments of drinking, and he'd allow his hold on her body to grow somewhat lax- choosing that moment to instead slide down to the floor- with his fledgeling to be.

Ilydia ||Forced to drink, she did so, taking the blood into herself. It seemed to her it was like a cycle. She drank from him while he drank from her as if the blood flowed in a circle. She mused on that for a short while as her sight became clearer, her hearing became sharper-her own heartbeat seemed to her as a drum against her head. And out of the corner of her eye, she could see a small, thin thread leading to her, the end of the thread visibile, steadily nearing her. An illusion perhaps, a trick of her mind. Indeed, as she blinked, the line no longer existed, her eyelids fealt as if they were made of lead, weighing down on her. And finally, a darkness came for her and she began her sleep.

Kasyr actually allows himself a smirk when Ilydia finally loses consciousness, almost amused at the manner in which she'd incited curiosity in him. "Et now, mon cher, I suppose we wait." Positioned as he is, the Revenant simply moves to lift his hand out from under her chin, and casually drawing his fingers through her hair, seemingly heedless of the sanguine spatters which trickled from his wrist to her forehead. Kasyrs other arm simply hugs her close, the kensai waiting to see if the process of her body changing would be as unpleasent or sudden as others, "I wonder how much the opportunity to choose will make this different..."

Ilydia ||A few minutes seemed to pass and it almost seemed as if she would not return when finally she began to stir. Her eyes were unfocused as she stared, everything blurry. She felt strange, as if something was not right and then she placed it. Her memories were still there, she was still herself. Yet, she could feel it, the darkness now flowing through her as blood once flowed. She felt the healer inside fighting still, unwilling to give up and die. She tried to smile wryly but found herself unable as if paralyzed. She remained there, in the boundary between life in death. Fear caught her now, and she could hear... stillness... her heart did not beat yet she had not been truly changed. She realized then why-the power within her to heal from many years past fought to keep the darkness at bay and thought it fought a losing battle, it struggled. Minutes seemed to pass as the little power she once had ebbed and finally the darkness consumed it. Then the darkness truly began to flow, permiating into her very bone. It was painful but still, she could not scream, could not draw breath. Yet she could not faint, she could not lose her consciousness. Her mind drifted rapidly between sanity and the lack thereof. Finally, her bones were filled with the darkness and it began to continue, entering her muscles as they changed them slightly, filling them. Yet, through all this, the darkness seemed to avoid her mind, as if tormenting her for her choice, as if doing what it could to make her regret. It came and went, teasing her, taking just a small hold, then releasing the hold, playing with her. Her mind buzzed with fear, panic, would the darkness torment her forever? Would it go away? What would happen if it left her? Finally, it came and filled even her mind and she met with oblivion once more.

Ilydia||She awoke, her mouth moving to gasp for air. She could move now, but she felt mostly unchanged. Her mouth opened, but no words came, but she was still the same. The darkness had hidden itself. And in the corner of her eye, she could see just a brief shifting. She felt it even before it truly happened. She could tell-the shadow that now resided within her-it had waited. She felt fear like she never felt before, this entity that now shared her body-it was evil personified and a cruel evil at that. The change came painfully, the shadow twisting itself into her body, forcing her body to change. The muscles twisted within her, ripping apart before new muscle filled the void. The pain, filling her caused her to curl into a ball, her entire body on fire as if someone had soaked her entire existence in oil and lighted it. Her bones seemed to crack then reshape, and her teeth fell out, replaced by stronger teeth, sharper. Even as all this passed, she could feel the shadow whispering to her though it was not truly a whisper but a feeling. A feeling of sadistic glee as it slowly plucked at her memories, the memories vanishing before her eyes until finally, all that remained was what had transpired that day. Strangely, it stopped there, leaving her feelings and just those memories intact.

Ilydia||After several more minutes, ilydia had faded, replaced by the shadow, though it was simply that she had been pushed to a corner of the mind. From that corner, ilydia could watch helplessly, her feelings intact but her control now gone. The shadow now took her place as the one in control. 'Ilydia' started then to move, first her fingers, then her hands, then finally the rest of her body. She smiled and looked at Kasyr and opened her mouth to speak though no words came out as it seemed she still had trouble with that.

Kasyr is not idle during the time his newly 'born' vassal changes. More than aware that there is little he can do for her pains, the first few moments are spent taking her to an open casket propped along the wall near the back of the shop, taking measures to place her up against it so she is out of sight from anyone that might pass by the shop...and so that she might have something to prevent her from thrashing too violently. Once settled as such, he simply takes a seat beside her, occasionally stroking at her brow- unforunately quite aware of the emotions she's feeling due to the empathic gift he possesses. It's a relief on both their parts when oblivion takes her once more, the Vampire taking the brief pause in her suffering to slip outside of the coffin makers shop- though not before Varen is given a steely glance, and a few hushed words. From there, Kasyr simply makes his way over to the Hanging Corpse- to start and end a bout with a particularily inebriated and inconsequential patron. With a nod to Steadman, and a pouch of gold left in his wake, the Kensai simply returns to the coffin makers residence...alongside his new and very unconscious companion. It's like this that Kasyr awaits Ilydias return to consciousness, comfortably seated atop a closed casket on the floor, an unconscious gentleman lain across the floor beside him.

Ilydia looked at Kasyr and pointed at her throat before giving off a wave of emotions that seem to have a pattern suggesting her problem. After which, she made a polite bow before she knelt before him in a stance of fealty.

Kasyr can't resist this particular turn of phrase when presented with such a grand opportunity, and so with a wiggle of ears, and a particularily amused looking grin, he simply says, "Cat got your tongue, Ma Cher Damoiselle Ilydia?" Still, however much amusement was held within his voice, there also seemed to be a degree of affection, reflected in the care in which he places his hand upon her brow, Kasyr's finger tracing down to her chin, if only to tip her head up towards him, "Well, I pray tu are able to speak soon- it would not do to have a student who can't speak, their mind or otherwise. First things first, Madamoiselle, I would highly suggest to take a bite at the wrist of the poor fellow present. Try not to glut yourself, or kill him accidentally. I'll be sure to...remind tu of my request if I believe tu are likely to forget. "Which is to say, he'd be keeping a very close eye on how well her impromptu first meal was doing. After all, he simply need tell her stop, and she'd be compelled to follow his orders, given his nature as her sire. And it didn't hurt that he was a particularily powerful vampire at that, either.

Ilydia turned to the unconscious creature and moved to the wrist, a small twing of pity at the situation. A pity that the creature could not feel her bite fled her shortly after and she moved the wrist to her mouth, biting down on it, yet she did so with a subtle grace and refinement as if she had done it all her life, which, in a sense, she had. Still, an extreme hunger did fill her as she fed, only her will keeping herself in control, albeit barely. Her neat eating almost made her feeding appear to be simply an odd kiss; though as she fed, it became harder and harder to maintain her control. Finally, after a short time, she could feel 'her' urging and she realized how hard it was to stop. She slowed her feeding, but there was just a small edge that compelled her to keep feeding, just a little more even through 'her' urges to stop. Finally, she felt that perhaps she had gone too far and looked upon Kasyr, her eyes watching even as she continued to feed, slowly now, she stared at Kasyr as if asking for help.

Kasyr is rather grateful for his fledgelings' desire to please him, the manner in which she adhered to his word altogether heartening as compared to those he had given...free reign, as it were. In response to her stare, he offers her an amused half-grin of sorts before lifting up one hand and waggling his finger at her, "I believe tu are adequately sated, mon cher. Best not to kill your food, if tu don't need to. Vampire hunters are less likely to take notice of tu, if you are discreet, et don't leave a trail of corpses in your wake." Reclining so that he's almost sprawled across the coffin he'd been sitting on, he simply offers her a glance, "I suppose I ought to ...underline rules to the particular..er, 'coven' you're part of, oui? Et peut-etre a bit as to your nature."

Ilydia || Carefully lifting herself away from the creature, she now sat down in front of Kasyr and looked at him expectantly, awaiting whatever rules he had to speak of.

Kasyr nods once she has readied herself, his tail creeping over to his head, if only to begin swaying in time with his speech, "You are now part of my...Cadre. For the moment, this simply includes myself, et the lady Satoshi. Et to be frank, 'lest I choose to add another to that number- it shall likely remain as such. Thus, Short of my explicit permission, you shall -never- turn another individual. Should you accidentally turn an individual, it would be in your best interest to inform me of this, so that I might be able to..amend your mistake." He pauses there for a moment, his tail currently in the process of drawing itself across his throat as though it further enforced his point, "I'm sure this need not be said, but you ought to forget about friends and family you had before this day. I intend to hold true to what you desire, and to make you something that might be able to influence this world through force, a course that could and likely will draw you into conflict with individuals outside of our little..Coven, and most especially of your former life." Nodding, the Revenant pushes himself up at this, tail moving to curl about Ilydia before flitting back, instead flickering in front of her face, "You're of our blood now- the only family you need to be found with us. Though the path may be at times be one of solitude, we shall remain with you, so long as you hold true to us, heart and soul." Nodding, the vampire moves his hand over towards her face, idly tucking some hair that had been displaced by her earlier spasms behind her ear, "And Through us, you will find new companions to walk alongside as you navigate the dark path you have stepped onto. Individuals who will help you discover a new creed befitting of what you might endeavour to achieve- and guide you along that path." Tilting his head, he simply taps his index finger to her forehead, "Do you understand so far?"

Ilydia shook her head and pointed at Kasyr's wrist, then, her mouth, then tilted her head slightly as if asking a question. Her eyes stared at him for a moment, then she began to concentrate before she released strong feelings of curiosity and twisted emotions to suggest a questioning of how she would turn an individual. Of course, with her change, her natural power weakened and a normal person would not have received her message, but she did not know that nor did she know why she tried to communicate in such a manner. Perhaps 'she' would know, but it was not the time to bother.

Kasyr gingerly taps her forehead with his finger again, before drawing his finger across his lips. The advantages to being an empath were definitely more noticeable in certain situations than others, even if it infuriated his wife to no ends. "You needn't concern yourself with it, cherie. Just know that in normal circumstances it should almost never happen by accident, d'accord?" Leaning back, he would simply give her cheek a pat, "I suppose, before I further elaborate on what might be required or asked of you, I ought to give you some advice. I am aware that I will not always be present to give you food- thus, the only thing I can suggest to vous, es to do one of three things. Either hunt intelligently, chosing those who are unconscious, secluded, the young and those upon the verge of death et with noone to save them. If fortune should not grant you those, mon chere, than you might have to rely upon your more...natural of advantages, because an inebriated man within a tavern will have very little qualm with offering his neck to a beautiful lady, if all he's expecting is soft lips. Just be very cautious as to how it es you meet. If they are a wolf, or a dragon, a mistake could end your life... Just as might any trained warrior. The last option, es to simply hunt alongside myself, or the Lady Satoshi." It's on that note that Kasyr pauses, a particularily mischievous look creeping into his gaze, "Should you ever need to speak with the Lady Satoshi, or deal with her, be courteous, respectful, et be certain to bear a gift if at all possible. If you cannot offer her something of value in hand, than be sure to have a kind word ready for her- a problem a ce moment, given your current predicament. Most of all, be sure to bear her your love- she es a cat at heart after all, et adoration tends to make her much more ...favourable to individuals." Pausing, the hybrid moves his hand within the depths of his trenchcoat, before procuring both a piece of parchment, and a quill, "Unless you have anything you need elaborating upon, j'suppose I will be able to finish this little...debriefing soon."

Ilydia shook her head to imply that she did not need anything elaborated upon. Even as she listened, she began to plan different possible methods of feeding herself. She did take note that writing would make things easier but for a slight problem. Being as such, Ilydia went still for a short bit, retreating into her mind to talk with 'her' returning moments later with a rather glum feeling. She did not know how to write and 'she' could barely read...

Kasyr lofts his eyebrows, able to pick up upon Ilydias glumness, but less capable of discerning the source. With a shrug, and a slight cant of his head off to one side, he simply picks up where he left off, "Ah, well, I suppose you'll...find the words, if you have any issues." The revenant is probably done making terrible puns, honest. "All in all, Madamoiselle, there is little I ask of you, beyond your loyalty et love. I am certain, so long as you do not stray, et make machinations against myself, or those of the Cadre, you will find in moi anything you need. So long as you are mine, in seek in me your everything..." Giving her a firm pat on her head, he simply leans back, "I will give you some time to follow me around, and learn your new senses and surroundings, before I try and ascertain the extent of what tu can do, and whether we need to make any alterations to this. Do you find this..fair?"

Kasyr is frankly satisfied...at least in regards to the subjects that had been broached over the course of the evening. There's not really word on anything else, but than, it's not exactly something on his mind, currently. Whatever the case, beyond whatever repercussions might come from his words, there's not really any other bits of mischief coming from the vampire..today, anyways.