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How Gwen, Mara and Allan helped. « Reply #5 on Jul 12, 2008, 5:49am » Gwenilyn told you, "*smiels warmly* Hello, dear friend. How are you this night?"

You told Gwenilyn, "Better for hearing from you. How are you and Valkor, and Allan?"

Gwenilyn told you, "*with a wry grin* Well, I'd be lying if I said I was completely healed and well. Still, I feel tremendously better than I did yesterday. Valkor certainly looks less like a giant ghost! *chuckles* And Allan has his father's nose in his grip right now...*laughs* Does that tell you, dear?" You told Gwenilyn, "It does indeed. I am so happy for you all, my dear!"

Gwenilyn told you, "You must come see us soon, dear one."

You told Gwenilyn, "I would love to come to see you my dear, but I am afraid to, you see, I was recently bitten by a werewolf. I am terrified that I may have contracted the disease. Thea says she thinks it is so, though luckily, I have not yet changed, I am hoping I never will. I love your family dearly and dare not risk your safety by visiting you, just in case" -Sophie cries-" I was so looking forward to seeing Allan, too!"

Gwenilyn told you, "*very softly* Oh Sophie, no...*sends her friend a hug* Dear one, please do not isolate yourself so. I do not fear you, nor does Valkor. Mara is more than enough to take you on, should...should anything happen."

You told Gwenilyn, "The hug you sent me, means a great deal, my friend, I have been feeling so lonely since this happened. Are you certain, Mara can protect you from anything I may become? I am still not sure I dare take the risk, but any advice Mara can give me on how the beast inside me could be restrained would be gratefully recieved. My friends are working on a place where I may be safely confined during the full moon!"

Gwenilyn told you, "There is no need for you to feel lonely, Sophie. Not so long as you have Valkor and me as your friends. *smiles warmly* Mara may very well have some advice for you, should you care to receive it. Valkor and the baby and I are in the mines at present, if you'd like to come visit...Mara is with us."

You enters the cave and smiles, her face full of joy to she her good friends who will trust her despite her condition and the beautiful baby who is with them. She sits down on a rock some distance away, still terrified that she could possibly be a danger to them. " He is such a sweet baby!" she calls softly, thank you so much for inviting me, my friends!

Gwenilyn turns as she hears a footfall to discover Sophie. Gwen's smile brightens and she motions Sophie closer, 'Come see the little Prince!' *chuckles fondly* Valkor smiles to the embrace, "Thank you Gwen. She will enjoy them much I think. Shall I tell her where they are from?"

You replies "I would love to come closer, my dear, but I am too afraid, I have yet to turn, but Thea confirms that I do indeed have Lycanthropy I would love to see Allan, closer, but I am far too concerned about my condition. How could I live with myself if I were to cause him any harm?"

Gwenilyn returns her attention to Valkor, her smile dimming a bit as she shakes her head softly. 'Nay, my love. SHE would not want them then. Tis better if they come from you, for she accepts you without reservation....*looks down for a moment, 'Tis better so, I fear.'

Gwenilyn, With a determined look in her eyes and Mara at her side, the fae walks steadily closer to Sophie, stopping perhaps a foot away from her friend. SHe offers Sophie a sweet smile and these words, 'I do not fear you. You are my friend and as such would never hurt either me or my baby.' ,she leans down a bit and holds Mara's eyes with her own, silently communing with her friend. Mara nods, then pads over to Sophie and sniffs her hand, then licks it, her warm tongue conveying a sense of friendship to the terrified woman.

Sophie is glad to be welcomed so kindly, by wolf and pixie alike, tears of gratitude run down her face. "Mara?" she asks "Could she tell if I were about to change?"

Valkor forgets his own question and joins the small group touching Sophie's back in comfort.

Gwenilyn nods solemnly, 'Aye, dear one. She has that ability. She may be a little smaller than you will be during your transformation but worry not., She will help you and she will defend us well.' with those words she unfolds the blanket, so that Allan's auburn curls are visible along with his sweet face. His wings are not visible for they are tucked back tightly, not yet strong enough to bear his weight. The infant trains earthen-toned eyes on Sophie and smiles, a small fist waving in an imperial manner. Gwen places Allan in Sophie's arms and steps back with a smile, not giving the woman a chance to refuse.

Kanti walks into the Deeper Mines, grinning at the sight of two dear friends." Hello, you two!" he says happily to them as he approaches.

Gwenilyn turns and smiles warmly to Kanti and gestures him to her side. 'I promise you will have a turn once Sophie has had her fill of him.' she chuckles and offers Kanti a hug.

Sophie falls in love with Allan at first sight. She stares in joy and wonder at the small child in her arms, smiling back at him."Do you know how beautiful you are, dear one?" she says to him, she is entranced and momentarily forgets all her own problems.

Kanti laughs and warmly hugs Gwenilyn. "It's good to see you again, dearest Gwen... and I am glad to see you so happy, and with a child as well! I must say, this has brought light to some... dark times."

Allan grabs for Sophie's hair as it comes too close to his world and yanks, a slight smile coming to rosy lips. To look at him, you could swear he is thinking, 'Aha! Got one!' Gwen chuckles softly and murmurs to Sophie, 'If he does not, he will before too long.' ,her eyes are soft and loving as she gazes at her son. That glance is turned to Kanti. She murmurs softly, 'Thank you, my friend. He is light and joy to his parents and with the grace of the Divine, he will be so to many others.'

You has fallen completely under Allan's spell, she croons softy to him, before turning to Gwen. "Your dear child has made me happier than I have been at any time, since I was bitten, Thank you so much, my friend!. I am sure he will make us all very proud of him." She returns to gazing lovingly at Allan.

Kanti smiles from Allan to Gwenilyn. "I hope that you and Valkor will enjoy parenthood like Myncia and I have ours," he offers encouragingly.

Gwenilyn smiles radiantly, the praise of her son warming her heart tremendously. In gentle tones, 'Sophie, love. I am glad we can be of any help to you at all. It would appear that Allan is as taken with you as you are with him..'*sure enough, the babe keeps his oddly pentrating gaze fastened completely on Sophie, to the exclusion of all else. Turning to Kanti for a moment, she grins, 'WE have been parents for a while you know. My daughter Analise is four.' ,her smile softens as she thinks of her daughter.

Sophie realises that she is being a little greedy monopolising the sweet child, reluctantly she turns to Gwen and says “ I am sure your friend here would like a chance to hold the baby too.” I have a pretty seashell in my bag that I found on the beach in Chartsend. May I give it to Allan, please, my friend?

Kanti disappears with a magical aura surrounding him.

Gwenilyn laughs merrily as Kanti disappears in much the same way as her husband, just moments ago. 'I'd say you can hold on to him, until he needs feeding. That, unfortunately is not a task I can delegate!' she winks. "I'm certain Allan would love it...I'll hold it for him til he gets old enough to appreciate such things, shall I?"

You gave 1 pretty sea-shell to Gwenilyn.

Gwenilyn takes the sea shell, shows it to Allan for a moment, then quickly stashes it in a safe plce. 'When we get home, I'll put it on a shelf in Ana's room where it will be safe.'

You is delighted to be able to continue to hold the precious bundle in her arms and talks nonsense baby talk sofly to him." A thought occurs to her. Gwen, you say that Mara can sense that I am not about to transform, do you know of another creature who has this power, who I may persuade to help me. If only I can be warned in time, I need never be a danger to anyone, Sanmichel and his friends are building a safe place for me to be confined, should I change.

Gwenilyn watches Sophie and Allan fondly, lost in her love for her child. Sophie's next words bring her to full attention and she pauses to think. 'I am not certain, Sophie. Do you know Guerin, a clanmate of mine? He was recently turned. I know he struggles with his transformation, but he seems able to control it somewhat. He might be a good one for you to speak with.' ,she turns her gaze to Mara, offering the wolf a quizzical look. The wolf's response is to nod slightly, tongue lolling to one side in her wolfish attempt at a grin. mara then turns and sidles up to Sophie, sitting on her feet.

Gwenilyn nods with a smile to the avian. 'Greetings, sir paladin.'

Damion returns the nod politely, his armor and wings catching and reflecting light even in the shadows of the mines as he does so. "Greetings, Lady Fae, how fair you?"

Sophie's face fills with delight as Allan wraps his, seemingly impossible tiny, yet perfect, hand around one of her fingers. “I love you so, my dear,” she tells the child. Allan smiles at her, and tears of joy begin to run, down, Sophie’s face once more. As the wolf comes to sit next to her, Sophie, making sure that Allan is securely supported by her left arm, reaches out with her right hand and gently strokes, the beautiful creature. “I am so grateful for your help,“ she tells the intelligent wolf “Without your wonderful senses I could never dare to hold this dear child.”

Gwenilyn smiles warmly and offers the avian a slight curtsey. "I am well, I thank you.' she indicates Sophie who is holding an infant. Considering I am just newly recovered from childbirth, I am quite well, I thank you.' she offers a diminutive hand in friendship, " My name is Gwenilyn Racmonvik."

The wolf Mara, Gwen's companion from a pup, will stay with Sophie awhile.

Gwenilyn whispers to Sophie "Dear one, Mara has agreed to be your companion for the while. She will be able to guide you and protect you from harming others, should it be needed."

Gwenilyn gave 1 gray wolf to you.

Sophie continues to talk lovingly to the infant, and to stroke, the gentle wolf who sits next to them. " I must seek Guerin out, and ask his advice, then Gwen. Do you know where I can find him?"

Gwenilyn sighs softly at Sophie's question. 'He is at war, I fear. But gods willing he will return at the end of next week....

Sophie is so relieved, that Mara chooses to come with her and help, her. And of course that Gwen should be willing to give up such a loyal companion. " Your presence and fine senses, will bring me much needed peace of mind, my dear friend, she solemnly tells the wolf." On hearing of Guerin, she replies "Then I shall pray for his safe return, too"

Gwenilyn sighs gently, her energies beginning to flag. She moves closer to Sophie and takes Allan into her arms once more. 'Forgive me, dear one, but I am weary. I think perhaps I overdid it slightly.' the fae sighs, then grins ruefully, "You know me, I always think I have the strength of my giant husband!" she chuckles softly. To Mara, she cautions, 'Guard her well, my friend. We shall see each other again.' Gwen kneels down to nuzzle the wolf a bit, then offers Sophie a hug.

Sophie hugs her friend, and thanks her from the bottom of her heart for all she has done to help.

Damion watches the interactions of the other two miners, though he does not intrude upon them. He leans against the wall of the mine, water trickling down his arm out of the rock wall as he does so. Ever few moments he stands erect from the wall and mines with no prior warning, and after a set of swings resumes his nonchalant posture.

Gwenilyn murmurs softly as she releases Sophie from her hug, 'Dear one. Just remember, you are -never- alone. I am here for you at any time.',with a soft smile and a nod, she turns from Sophie, Allan wrapped up securely in his receiving blanket. The weary fae makes her way slowly from the mine, with a nod and another smile to the avian.