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Setting Kelay Tavern

This was rped on 29 August 2011

The Hamsterball Memorial Empress Rowen's Favor.

Rowen said to Ordox, "You have my permission to approach.."The little rat scratches behind her ear."...and pay your respects to the supreme empress of the known universe."

Ordox nods and begins slowly making steps toward her, coming to but a few feet away before initiating a one-knee'd bow. Though only a short movement is executed before he quickly catches himself, as if the Shifter knew that he would not do it all along. Through his morphed orcish lips, in the form of his brother Movdon, he says, "Wait, now...You are only the empress of this universe alone?"

Veriun crashed in trought the window, spreading glittering shards over the tavern. He hit the floor and rolled straight up to his feet in a flowing motion, coming to a stable balance. As he stands up, the shards of glass stop in the air and hang harmlessly hovering before slowly returning to their original spot, melting togather into the window that had just been broken. Showing no sign of such now. "Hmh. Was a while since that happened..." said the avian and brushed his sleeve free of nonexistance glass.

Rowen's Lowly status

Rowen nods her little rat head seriously."Indeed I am but the humble empress of this universe alone. Though I work hard on diplomacy to maintain good relations with the rulers of the other universes in the multiverse." The rat beams at Veriun as he enters. "How is the memorial to the best dressed man of all time coming along my dear?"The lil' empress seems completely unsuprised by Veriun's means of entering the tavern.

Veriun turned his gaze to the rat empress "It's done." he replies and sticks a hand inside on of the many pockets in his coats interior.

Ordox said to you, "That's funny. I do not recall seeing you ever pass into my dimensional rift. You would, of course, have met either my brother or myself."

Veriun took out the glass hamsterball and handed it over to Rowen. It was the same as before except for the carved message she's requested. With carefully syred letters in the style of the dandy themselves. Fancy, if a bit old fashioned.

Rowen peers at Ordox, twitching her little pink nose. She seems to be trying hard to see if she can indeed recall ever having met this fellow on one of her countless majestic state vists to other dimensions. Such visits involve vast amounts of pomp and ceremony, and being introduced to countless beings. "Do please forgive me, my dear sir, but I do not recall you name. One meets so many wonderful people when one is a supreme empress. Please do forgive my lapse of memory, I assure you, that I have no intention of being rude, and that of course it must have been an immense honour for you to meet me." She turns back to the clever chap who has engraved her little hamsterball in memory of one of her most beloved and loyal subjects,the dandy. "May I see please, Veriun, my dear subject?" She runs around the blessed orb reading the sparkly diamond filled inscription. "In memory of my dearly beloved, loyal subject, Cornelius Von Penzance." Tears well up in the little rat's eyes. "I am sure the style and elegance of the carving would have delighted dear Cornelius."

Ordox nods, "No worries. My memory is quite accurate and never do I recall having such the..'honor'." His last word has a thick coat of sarcasm attached.

Veriun placed the glass ball down infront of the rat, thusly handing it over. "I admit having taken inspiration from his letters. It seemed apropriate." before nodding acknoladgeingly to the 'orc' and returning his hands to their place in his pockets.

Ordox glances down to the ball, his ears perking at the mention of Cornelius. Slowly his orcish features fade away, his green skin rapidly decreasing in color as well as his malleable body. Morphing and stretching and sinking in on itself, the Shifter's body gradually reconfigures. The face chipper, the body leaner and brandishing a charming smile to boot. Within a few moments, the former orc Movdon has made a complete transformation into the former dandy. "A pity to waste such a perfect body.."

The return of the coat rack

Rowen stares in delight at what appears to be her beloved friend Cornelius returned to life. She had missed the 'orc's' transformation having been engrossed in reading the fine inscription. The litle rat jumps for joy and beams at 'Cornelius' "My dear chap! How is life..er I mean death treating you? I hear you have found gainful employment as a coat rack for Jolie."

Ordox has no response, not ever knowing Cornelius' better relationships, only having witnessed a few in person. Although the Shifter could mimic every single facet of a person's life, he could never fully imitate their personality, nor their memories. He makes an attempt, though, "Y-Yes, your highness. Though the pay is awful."

Rowen twitches her whiskers thoughtfully. "I really must issue an imperial proclamation ordering Jolie to pay you sufficient money to continue to dress in the very latest fashion. Outfits from Gunther and Raoul perhaps? We can't let a little thing like dying get in the way of you retaining the title of best dressed man, now can we?"

Ordox sighs lightly, already getting bored of talking to a female, though he continues the ruse in an attempt to see what benefit it could bring to the Shifter, "Yes. She does indeed keep me in rags, haha." The smirk at his truly awful attempt at a pun an honest one, "That would be appreciated, your highness. Perhaps you could provide a stipend until then?"

A small stipend to provide suitable clothing

Rowen nods and cleans her whiskers, "But of course my dear chap, but of course. I can think of no finer use to which to put imperial funds. I am sure every taxpayer would be extremely honoured to know that they have contributed to you maintaining your unique and elegant syle." She scrabbles around on the table top until she finds something to write upon. The back of an advertisment for a miracle new treatment for piles. The tiny empress writes a short note. "To the Imperial Chancellor of the Exchequer. Please provide a small stipend of five million pieces of gold per day to my loyal coatrack, Cornelius Von Penzance, currently residing in the Hanging Corpse Tavern Vailkrin.' The rat looks at the 'Corny-formed' Ordox grave concern in her face. "Do you think five million a day will be enough my dear?"

Ordox shrugs softly, an attempt at playing coy, still unsure of how Cornelius would deal with this delirious woman. Though he has no personal use for the gold, it is always nice to have some to pay off or bribe others. "I suppose it would have to do. Perhaps you should include a few mules and a cart as well."

Rowen generously agrees to provide the carts and beasts of burden requested by her most loyal of coatracks. This time she writes in the margins of a yellowing old newspaper 'The Hollow Times.' 'To the Imperial Quartermaster please provide my loyal subject Cornelius Von Pensance with a dozen mules with finely combed coats and delicate pink ribbons plaited into their manes and tails. Also a fine gilt inlayed imperial coach such as I use on formal state occasions.' She hands this second note to 'Cornelius' too.

Rowen feels deeply for the lover and the widow both

Ordox said to you, "And to my former lover...See that all donations from my memorial go to him. His name is Ordox. I believe he was just here but a moment ago before you saw me."

Rowen nods magnaminously "I shall indeed make sure that your lover is kept in the style to which he has become acustomed and which one who has earned the heart of the great Cornelius Von Pensanze so richly deserves. However..." The rat shuffles her feet nervously as if unsure how to mention a rather delicate matter. "Cornelius did have a husband you know. Poor grieving Leifong must be cared for also."

Ordox shakes his head, "No. Leifong was cheating. Ordox was my true lover. A man who always satisfied my hunger."

Veriun is sitting off on a table with an amused smile. In fact, the avian is almost laughing. Which would be rare enough to make most somewhat alert, should they know him

Rowen shuffles on her three little rat paws some more. "I am sure that is the case. I am sure that you are indeed the only man who dear Cornelius ever truly loved. That his heart shall be yours for all eternity. However as supreme empress I have a duty to see that widows and orphans are well cared for, so I must not neglect Leifong, regardless of how enraged I might personally feel about his dis-loyalty to my beloved friend, his husband Cornelius."

Ordox pauses to muse, "And if Leifong were to no longer be alive as well?"

The rat empress looks a little concerned. "I do hope you are not considering helping poor Leifong on the way to non-aliveness. Hasn't the poor fellow suffered enough? He cannot bear the loss of dear Cornelius."

Ordox smirks as he turns to the door, "Of course I would never consider such a thing. I may simply convince him that death can be much more attractive if he is in such pain from loss." Ordox exits south.