RP:Gwenilyn treats Arkanya in her clinic in Chartsend.

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Gwenilyn's clinic in Chartend

4th Sept 2011

Not the best patient in the world

Arkanya wasn't being the best patient in the world. While she was still weak from her ordeal earlier, Sophie had done a wonderful job on her. Her ribs were still cracked, possibly broken, and her skin was still tender, but she wasn't at deaths door, and she didn't have any scars or truely burnt flesh. She was currently wearing a simple gown given to her. Her raven hair fell loose and she was sitting up in bed, her armor in her lap as she worked to clean it, and if her horse was here instead of in Larket, she would have been replacing the lining as well, though the task of cleaning the charred armor was going to be a long one.

Gwenilyn :: It has been ages since Gwen has had the time to even think~ about getting to the clinic. So when she enters, there is a considerable amount of consternation on the faces of the two healers already working. 'Gwen!' One of the healers, Thomas by name, calls out. The fae moves quickly ot embrace him for a quick moment before asking, 'Anything I need to see about?' Thomas hooks a thumb in Arkanya's direction, his rather sour expression indicating that perhaps he has had a bad time with the woman. 'Sophie tended her earlier. Broken ribs, lots of burns. She..'He is about to possibly say something he shouldn't and Gwen hushes him quickly with a soft, 'I'll see to her. You go on with what you were doing.' With that, the healer approaches Arkanya's cot with a soft smile. 'I think it might be best if you put your armor down for tonight. I need to see to your ribs.' Though kind, the fae's voice suggests that the elf do as she is told.

Cleaning armor in her hospital bed

Arkanya was in some ways a bad patient, and in some ways a good one. She did what the healers told her, for the most part, and wasn't one to overdo it, like some people whom could never let themselves be hurt or weak, over doing it and hurting themselves worse. She'd been clever, the healers had said she could sit up, maybe even move around a bit. Of course when she drug her armor into bed and started cleaning it, well thats about when she'd started to be a bad patient. When the woman entered she looked up, looking the fae up and down before biting her lip. She had a feeling that this one she didn't want to piss off, "But if I don't get it clean.... it might stain..."

Gwenilyn listens quietly to what the woman has to say, nodding in apparent agreement. Without a word, Gwen picks up the piece of armor in Arkanya's lap and lays it carefully to one side. And takes the rag from the woman's hand as well, laying that on top. The healer proceeds to pick up Arkanya's wrist to check her pulse and lay a hand against her forehead to check for fever. This done, Gwen sits in the chair beside the cot and murmurs, 'Aye, mayhap it will. But think on it this way. If you do not get completely well, when the time comes and you need~ a sound body you might come to regret the time you spent cleaning instead of healing, yes? Armor can only do so much after all. And a couple of days without your care will not hurt this strong metal, I promise. Now come, let me look at your ribs.'

Arkanya bit her lip and looked up at the Fae. She was a lovely woman herself, with her long raven black hair, her rosy lips, large two toned eyes with silver starbursts about the pupils that faded into a sharp jade, and the delicate features and fine bone structure of her kind. Normally her skin would rate with that, but it was currently a soft red in color, instead of her usual porcelain coloring. She didn't protest when the other grabbed her armor and the rag and set it to the side, well much, "But I'm sitting here, not doing aything vigorous." And that had been the crux that had driven the others here mad. But she wasn't going to win this one, so when the other wanted to see her ribs she nodded, "Should I remove the gown?" Her cheeks flushed a little more, she wasn't naked underneath, she wore undergarments, but she still wasn't used to stripping for strangers.

Gwen heals Arkanya's ribs

Gwenilyn chuckles softly at the girl's rejoinder. 'Aye, I know. Tis a tedious thing to have to lie about and do what seems like nothing. But in truth, byt justly "lying around" you are allowing your body to work in ways it cannot when you are more active. And no, you don't need to disrobe.' Gwen rises and sets a screen around the cot to allow Arkanya a modicum of privacy. 'Lie back and be still, please.' Assuming the elf obeys, Gwen will gently probe the woman's side to feel the state of her ribs. The fae's eyes are closed so there might be no distraction while she concentrates on the task at hand. Gwen will frown softly for a moment. Arcane whispers occur. A glow appears at her hands. Arkanya might feel a bit of warmth, perhaps a bit of tingling but that is all. With her magic, Gwen will manipulate the ribs back into their places, gentle as ever. This is accomplished with minimal effort. A slight increase in the heat might be felt as Gwen's magic fuses the bones whole once more. This done, Gwen will release her magic, open her eyes and smile. 'there now. Give it one day of rest and you will be well enough for whatever activity you wish, other than a brawl or some such nonsense.' Gwen will offer the woman a grin and a wink following those words. 'Now, any questions?'

Arkanya sighed, as that was the crux of it for her, while members of her family had no problem lying around and doing nothing, as they were entitled to, being members of a royal house, she couldn't stand it. She had to be doing something, sure she understood that the healers had their reasons for wanting her to lay about, but that didn't mean she liked them. But she also understood that aggrevating an injury could cripple a person for life. So she laid back, wincing a bit as it tweaked her ribs, and let the other check her ribs. It was a small effort to keep still as she felt the magic start, but she held herself still and let the other work. When the woman spoke once more she turned her head and almost growled, "Not my fault that I ran into a drow," but she kept her voice soft, as she wasn't angry with the fae. Fianlly she took a deep breath and turned to look back at her, "Got any books?"

Gwenilyn 's lips twitch slightly as she does her best to hide a grin…. And fails. 'It occurs to me to inquire, (and this she does in a perfect imitation of the girl's voice, down to the growl) 'Got any manners?' One brow will rise a good bit as she looks down on her patient.

Arkanya hadn't growled the last part, but she could understand the woman's ire, or was it amusement. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning her two toned eyes to the Fae's, "Yes I do, though they seem to be in short supply at the moment. My appologies, and thank you for healing my ribs."

Gwenilyn smiles warmly and nods. 'Thank you, I do appreciate that. As I appreciate the fact that you find waiting an onerous task. Truly I do.' Deep sapphire orbs look with compassion on the woman lying on the cot. 'I would like to apologize as well. it was poorly done of me to mock you in any way.' There can be no doubt in the elf woman's mind that Gwen indeed regrets her actions. The fae holds out a hand in friendship. 'Shall we start over? My name is Gwenilyn, though doubtless you heard Thomas call me Gwen. Tis a name I prefer to that long one I was stuck with at birth!' Light laughter peals forth as she says that.

Once in a while a person needs to be humbled

Arkanya shakes her head at the woman's appologies, "It was meant in kindness, once in a while a person needs to be humbled, and right now I'm being far more difficult than I normally would." Carefully she sits up, likely to earn a frown from the woman, but it just felt wierd shaking a persons hand while laying down. Taking the womans hand she nods, her rosy lips turning up in a smile of understanding, "Arkanya Duvette de Paravein, but you can just call me Ark, I too prefer that short thing to the god awful thing I just spewed out."

Gwenilyn does her best to undestand the whole name, but simply laughs and murmurs, 'Ark it is, then.' A sudden weariness overcomes the healer to the extent that she sits down a bit hastily. She offers Ark a rueful smile. 'I think it should be I who is in that bed just now. I have been up for some time what with one thing and another. I will com back later to check on you. For now I must away to my own bed.' So saying, Gwen rises slowly, smiles at her patient and murmurs, 'Til tomorrow then. Rest as much as you can. THomas will get you a book if you need. Good night, Ark.' The fae smiles once more, turns to set the screen aside and moves gracefully to the door. Along theway she will make her wishes known to Thomas then off she will go to another part of town to catch a few hours of sleep.

Arkanya is worried for several moments as the fae sits down suddenly. But she listens and nods, offering a wave and, "Good tidings till we meet again," As the woman makes to leave.