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Kelay Tavern Some time in 2009 or 2010 During the time when Vuryal had a price on Kazuma's and Rikailin's head .

Mostly ooc Silliness Cyll the new admin having to move all of centril six inches to the right.

Rowen stares at Rikailin in terror, then staggers over to a corner where she wraps herself (and Nigel) in a blanket. She hopes her beloved Morvious will arrive soon.

Rowen is a mess, her face is all swollen up, and she is covered in nasty purple bruises. She is also faint from lack of blood and has bitemarks on her neck, courtesy of Kazuma. She recognise her old friend Natalie "Hi Natalie."

Parsithius said OOC, "Jacklin! The three lines would be about how it should be such a big bio! And.... /approvedbeforeyouwereadmin. 'No longer' don't work, mizzriz. :P" Vuryal said OOC, "I concur with Jacklin. It should state. "Parsithius. Less than Vuryal. Vuryal gets the ladies. Parsithius is sad now."" You said OOC, "THat is really all that needs to be said, eh Vury?"

Parsithius said OOC, "Vuryal! You're married!"

Vuryal said OOC, "Yes. Everyone's bio needs changed immediately. It should follow this simple template: " BLANK (fill in your name) is less than Vuryal. Vuryal gets the ladies. BLANK (fill in your name) is sad now.""

Jacklin said OOC, "His being married only makes him all the more irresistible."

Vuryal said OOC, "Women still lust after me. Men want to be me. And horses prefer me to ride them."

Parsithius said OOC, "Why would you wish that? And, I know; I'm too awesome for anyone to be me."

Natalie looks up at Rowen upon hearing a familiar voice but is soon dissapointed by a face she doesn't recognize. "Umm... hi?" she ventures, "Do I know you?"

Cyllarus said OOC, "(to Vuryal) Please can I mute him?"

Vuryal said OOC, "Yes, the glow from your bald head and the shrivled raisin in your... *pauses to think for a second* ... possession are just entirely too much for anyone else to want to have."

Hans said OOC, "Oi who unmuted Cyll? He no get to talk until he done moving Cenril."

Sergio said OOC, "moving centril say what?"

Rowen can't understand why Natlie doesn't recognise her. She only has a swollen puffed up purple bruised face and a watermelon smashed on her head. "It is your old pal Rowen!"

Nigel is scared by the strange noise from the Chaos Shards

Rowen hugs Nigel who is scared by the strange noise from all the nasty chaos shards.

Rowen said to Guerin, "Hello Guerin, how are you my loyal desert Legion Captain?"

Guerin perks up at the name Rowen and turns to look at her. "Rowen did you say?" The large man turns and approaches her quickly pulling an old stale biscuit from his pack. "Commander of the Desert Legion, Rowen?" Drawing back, he hurls the biscuit at her aiming to sink the hardened biscuit in her open maw as she responds. "Perhaps that will help you keep from spreading any more of your madness."

Natalie sets her legs upon the ground and braces her arms against the seat of her chair, stretching towards Rowen as if intently studying her face. A few seconds later, the teen leaps from her seat and pounces, yes pounces, the other girl. "Row!" she squeaks, "You're still alive!" This might be considered an odd greeting to some, but to anyone who has the fortune of knowing Rowen, it would make perfect sense.

She presumes to call herself the Commander of the Desert Legion

Cerinii said to Guerin, "Guerin! Why did you do that to her?" Guerin said to Cerinii, "She presumes to call herself the Commander of the Desert Legion!"

Rowen spits out the biscuit "Thank you for your kind gift, but I am still not well enough to eat solid food after Rikailin beat me up, also I am quite dizzy after Kazuma took advantage of my weak state and feeded on me, stealing my blood. Could you bring me some soup perhaps please?"

Cerinii said to Guerin, "Und that warrants you to do harm to her? "

Guerin pulls his beard in frustration and turns back to the bar, red-faced and sullen.

I've found it almost impossible to convince the guard that she is not their Commander

Guerin said to Cerinii, "You have no idea the trouble that her assertation has caused in Chartsend. I have spent the last several days trying to convince the guard that she is not responsible for my men and that I have control of the city still."

Rowen Hugs Natalie "Be careful, I hurt where a nasty vampire beat me up."

Rowen occly giggles at Guerin's post!

Natalie stops mid leap and instead simply returns Row's embrace. "Sorry about that!" she says, "Need any help... exterminating the guy?"

Zeneth can't help but snicker somewhat at Guerin's plight, though she does feel rather sympathetic.

That tells me your men are easily confused

Cerinii said to Guerin, "That tells me your men are easily confused. You should be able to assure them of your command without hurting this girl. Can you not see her delicate state of mind?"

Guerin said to Cerinii, "Is that what we are calling utter madness these days?"

Cerinii said to Guerin, "Ja. Look, her state of mind is easily changed. She could be stable und then mad. Delicate." Rowen said to Natalie, "It is a woman, Rikailin and she has gone into hiding cos she is terrified of me.""

Natalie said to you, "Well of course! I would if I beat you up!" Then, taking Rowen by the hand, she says, "Come on, let's go... somewhere."

Rowen said to Natalie, "We can go somewhere soon, but I have a matter to deal with with dear Guerin. I fear he is suffering sun stroke, he seems to believe himself commander of the Desert Legion, when that is one of my responsibilities." Natalie nods gently. "Do what you have to do then. But, uh... don't expect any help out of me?" The girl offers a small smile as she sits back down, "I'll just watch from here."

Guerin slams a heavy fist on the bar as Rowen's words catch his ears, overturning a few mugs of ale at the other end. Ignoring a sour look from Mesthak, the paladin turns quickly and shouts. "I am the Commander of the Desert Legion! Apply your madness somewhere else and leave the Legion alone!"

You gave Guerin a cool lemonade. "Drink this dear, it will make you feel better, perhaps we should ask dear Gwenilyn to take a look at you."

You said OOC, "Row thinks Guerin has sunstroke cos he is claiming to be commander of the Desert Legion! Yesterday, she drank a love potion and fell in love with Morvious! ( only about 700 years older than her!)

Let me make this clear to you, little miss Watermelon

Guerin takes in a deep breath, trying to control his rising temper. "Let me make this clear to you, little miss Watermelon. Stay away from the Desert Legion, or you and I shall have to replay what happened to you in Mrs. Mallard's." The paladin's teeth are clenched tight and the muscles of his jaw bulge. A faint twitch seems to forming abouve his right eye.

Cyllarus said OOC, "*shudders* The other admins are talking about me behind my back. *cries*"

You said OOC, "So are we Cyll. "

Cyllarus said OOC, "*sniffle* *looks at Hollow with big ol' puppy dog eyes* Why are yoo so meen to mee?"

whisper* horse man *whisper* Can't even move Cenril right *whisper whisper*

You said OOC, "*whisper* horse man *whisper* Can't eveen move Cenril right *whisper whisper.*"

You said to Guerin, "You are going to eat a cheese bread and drink some water again, like you did when we were at Mrs Mallards?"

You told Guerin, "ooc I only just noticed it and replied , sorry, I was making fun of dear Cyll on the ooc."

Rowen said to Zeckar, "Are you alright my friend? I was worried Rikailin or Kazuma would have hurt you, Nigel has been having nightmares!"

Zeckar said to you, "I.... Am fine. I am in training, and we must speak about your little problem dear."

The red-faced paladin strides closer to the watermelon clad girl

Guerin 's mouth moves in an attempt to form words that will vent his anger, but nothing is forthcoming. The red-faced paladin strides closer to the watermelon clad girl, his hand twitching involuntarily toward his sword. . You said to Zeckar, "My friend Guerin here is suffering from delusions."Rowen scratches at the two fang marks on her neck, she seems weak."Can you give him some of that nice purple medicine that helped me please?"

You looks at Guerin in alarm "You are scaring poor Nigel Guerin!"

Zeckar said to you, "Dear, Take your freind, and Nigel, to the Spring of Vitality. I am not sitting around these people. I will meet you there."

Rheven said OOC, "I wasn't fully awake just yet."

Alicia said OOC, "Try *Rheven, Venturil is now an annex of Chartsend.* He might respond then."

Aston said OOC, "*hugs Rowen, then returns the comfort of darkness in his ditch*"

Guerin finds an avenue to vent his anger and shouts. "The shark is dead...It's body is decomposed... You..." As he speaks, he grabs the shark by the tail and slams it down on the table with a loud wet slap. "You are crazy!"

Rowen said to Guerin, "I is too weak from loss of blood, woud you carry me to the spring of Vitality please Guerin?"

Help Guerin is beating up poor Nigel

You shouted, ""Help Guerin is beating up poor Nigel!""

Cerinii said to Guerin, "Guerin. Put down the..shark."

Natalie sighs. The teen stands and makes her way to Geurin. "Could you put the shark down? Please?"

You ooc I laughed so loud at Cerinii's post!

Guerin flings the dead shark across the room where it splats loudly against the wall and slides down leaving a slimy trail in its path. An angry, gutteral sound escapes the apoplectic man's mouth as he turns on his heel and stalks out of the tavern heavily.

Rowen is distraught. "Poor Nigel, he has already been feeling ill." Cerinii sighs, approaching the dead shark and lifting it. She approaches Rowen, and holds the corpse out to her. "I think he'll be alright.""

Natalie said OOC, "Rheven, Venturil is now an annex of Chratsend? What's an annex?"

Cerinii smiles faintly and dips her cranium, "You are welcome, young Frau. Perhaps, you should be off to see ein healer."

Alicia said OOC, "I'd RP it with Rheven but he would kick my ass out of Hollow. So, I'm going to seduce him and make him my willing slave." . You said to Cerinii, " I know, but I is too weak to walk, I think my friend Zeckar is going to take me to the chickens of the sea, though."

Guerin told you, "ooc: That was good. Still chuckling over that rp."

Alicia said OOC, "Guerin belongs to Alicia. That doesn't mean Alicia belongs to Guerin! *nods firmly*."

Guerin said OOC, "I have laid claim and marked my territory!"

Alicia said OOC, "Guerin's only making plans for Nigel." Guerin said OOC, "*rubs his hands and laughs maniacally*"

Cyllarus said OOC, "I can't build up admin-cred if I'm not heartless, cold, and occasionally randomly cruel." Eyren said OOC, "Naw, you've already got a rep as being all warm and cuddly Cyll."

You said OOC, "*cries* Don't go hurting poor Nigel. "

Vuryal said OOC, "Cyllarus took that one guy for doing that one thing and... *shudders* No one should be subjected to eating his momma's rhubarb and molasses pie."

Cyllarus said OOC, "Hey! That's good pie!"

Guerin said OOC, "Just so you know, Ali. If I had a p-room, I'd put you in it too."

Guerin said OOC, "Alicia belongs to Guerin! *nods firmly*"